Xion Tattoo Machine Reviews 2022

Probably, the FK Iron Xion tattoo machine is the first-ever machine with an adjustable grip in the permanent tattoo industry. It’s a top machine spectral Xion from FK Irons. Generally, it’s known as a cartridge machine featuring the pen-style cartridge design which is so unique and recommended by most users. Here is a comprehensive guide about Xion Tattoo Machine reviews.

Let us introduce you to some cool features and qualities of this tattoo machine. Firstly, it allows the users to add recoil to the needles which you can alter regardless of the power of a motor or the speed of your tattoo machine that can be very beneficial for the artists and the users who have to work with sensitive and thin skins.

One more awesome quality is that it reduces the trauma of the skin. Isn’t it cool? Therefore, it allows you to spend more time building evolutions without having to worry about the pain and bleeding or irritating the skin.

So having this awesome feature can express your potential and open boundaries for you in the way that you’re gonna approach your work to tattoo a bit faster or slower with a dial speed of the machine. Yes! You can control the speed of the machine to create different effects and shades with it that you weren’t able to create before because it is the first machine with these advanced features.

Xion Tattoo Machine Reviews 2022

Moreover, the machine comes with 3.2 and 3.7 camps which are good for lining and shading or for solid black which makes your art tattoo super dope. The ergo grip is easy and comfortable to use without slipping the machine that is why it’s known as a pen cartridge tattoo machine.

Therefore, I  write reviews on the super cool tattoo machines from Fk Iron Xion with all the research and hard work. Read them out if you’re new to tattoo machines and want to buy one, it might be helpful for you.

Reviews of Xion Tattoo Machine

1.Gorilla Xion 40mm Tattoo Grip — Black

Gorilla Xion 40mm Tattoo Grip — Black

Comfortable for all sizes:

The ergonomic design tattoo machine is perfect and comfortable for all hand sizes. It’s such a smooth and thin pen-style cartridge that works for all cartridges with an amazing grip of 40mm. Moreover, it is featured with a trench pattern that is uniquely designed for the rest of your fingers. Also, it helps you from fatigue syndrome and tiredness after working for long sessions.

Built-in drive bar machine:

Additionally, the 3mm center bore is consistent with a built-in drive bar machine. Moreover, the gorilla grip helps in the lining and shading more efficiently with its adjustable needles that you can set according to your tattoo design. Therefore, the depth of the needle is up to 4mm.

Easy to handle and work:

This Xion tattoo machine is easy to handle and work therefore, it’s a favorite of most artists. That is easy to wrap and prevents spontaneous turning. Moreover, it works with a cable and special power of 6 Watts motor bolt. Further, the scientists are upgrading the Xion tattoo machines means they will be coming wireless in the future.

Bottom line:

The ergonomically designed tattoo machine from Xion is super cool and its features are worth the price that comes in all black color unique in style with a built-in drive machine. Moreover, it’s suitable for all hand sizes and relieves your tiredness with its hole pattern on the top for your finger rest. Hence, it’s easy to cover and work as well.

  • Built-in drive machine.
  • Suitable for all hand sizes.
  • The amazing grip of 40mm.
  • Needle depth of 4mm.
  • Quite noisy after continuous use.
  • Packaging should be improved.

2.Spektra Xion tattoo machine

 Pen-style rotary:

After a few years of research and development, scientists have developed the Xion pen-style rotary tattoo machine. Interestingly, it has an amazing design of pen-style rotary, that no other tattoo machine ever had that has become such easy for artists to draw tattoos with shading and lining. Also, the machine is a cartridge dedicated.

Used for long sessions:

It’s such a kind of tattoo machine that artists can use it over long sessions easily without any problem as it is light weighted, smooth to hold, and also an ergonomic grip as well. Therefore, after this machine came into development, it has been used by thousands of tattoo artists all around the world and they all appreciated it.

Special-designed power:

The special power 6W motor bolt ensures optimal interpretation of your cartridges by procuring ultimate torque throughout the session. Moreover, the RCA connection is suppressed within the motor bolt for additional protection. Not only ergonomic grip but it also has the ability to subside from 25 to 32mm.

Easy covering and handling:

Isn’t it awesome that you can use all the cartridges with the grip? Not only this but it’s also easy to cover and handle. It depends on your tendencies that how you set up the Spektra Xion machine however you want it. Therefore, being totally adjustable means that this machine gives you complete control over itself.

Bottom line:

It’s such a unique designed tattoo machine that comes in a pen-style cartridge after several years of research and development. Used by thousands of artists all over the world. Therefore they really appreciated the specially designed power of the 6W motor bolt. Moreover, it’s so easy to cover and handle with full adjustment. Therefore, you can control the machine however you like it.

  • Easy to cover and handle.
  • Used for long sessions easily.
  • Full adjustment.
  • Powering off a Special designed 6W motor bolt.
  • Unique pen-style cartridge design.
  • Makes noise after some time of utilization.

3.Spektra Xion Gorilla tattoo machine

Gorilla grip:

Amazingly, the product is the next evolution in the Xion tattoo machine which comes in a large gorilla grip of 40 mm. Therefore, in addition to the ergonomic design of gorilla grip gives the artist comfort and ease to make the tattoo easily just like a pen. Moreover, it eradicates fatigue while tattooing for longer periods.

Easy to cover and handle:

Like other Xion tattoo machines, this Spektra Xion gorilla is super easy to handle and cover as well. Also, how can we ignore the capability of this machine which can work with any tattoo cartridges? Hence, it’s such a great thing for every artist it’s a must-have.

6 watts motor bolt:

The 6 watts motor bolt is specially designed for tattooing for longer periods. Moreover, notifies the optimal performance of your cartridges by giving the utmost torque throughout the long session. For further dependability, this tattoo machine also has an RCA connection that is obscured within the motor bolt.

Suitable for a wide range of styles:

The great advantage of this product is that it’s suitable for a wide range of tattoo styles. If you wanna use pen-style cartridge rotaries that are similar to pens and easy to hold then you must try out this tattoo machine which is easy for lining and shading with its needles. Moreover, for stylizing your tattoo, you can use stroke wheels that are adjustable for your tattoo strokes and linings.

Bottom line:

Probably, this gorilla grip Spektra tattoo machine is the next advancement in the Xion tattoo machine. Which is easy to hold and cover. Best for all the artists out there who are looking forward to penning style cartridge tattoos with adjustable lining and shading. Furthermore, it is suitable for various styles which is an awesome feature of this product.

  • Suitable for various styles.
  • Gorilla grip.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Easy covering.
  • 6 watts motor bolt power.
  • Maybe it’s not what artists expected.

4.FK irons Xion stealth, rotary tattoo machine

Beautiful black design:

It’s such a beautifully designed tattoo machine from FK irons that comes in full black color which makes it different from all other tattoo machines. Besides, it comes in a packed box while no other tattoo machine has ever come in a unique pack. However, everybody is looking for a machine that works at great speed, style, design, and this machine is all you need. Therefore, it’s an all-rounder.

Dark black and gray shade:

If you’re looking for dark black and gray shading in your tattoo designs then you should go for 2.5 extra wheel camps which are not hard at all and give you smoother shade and design in your tattoo styles. Moreover, you can also change and adjust the camps according to your preferences however you like it or want your tattoo to be. Which is super easy and loved by all the artists.

Disposable Gorilla grip:

A more advanced tattoo machine from Xion is released which has disposable gorilla grips as well. That gives ease to the artists and makes their art even better and easier without any fatigue. One more good news is Xion is working and progressing gradually. Therefore, it’s releasing the lightning ball back that is wireless and needs no power.

Bottom line:

Amazingly, this machine is generally known as an all-rounder as it fulfills all the requirements of the artists who are looking for dark shady tattoos with strokes and this is perfectly the best for them which comes in with a gorilla grip that makes your work even more awesome and easy without getting fatigued.

  • Disposable gorilla grips.
  • No noise at all.
  • Smoother shade with strokes.
  • Easy adjustment.
  • Easy handling and wrapping.
  • Rubber bands pop off during usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the right voltage to run an FK irons machine?

Basically, it depends on what type of tattoo work you are doing. Mostly it’s recommended to run it on the voltage of 5 to 9 volts. Moreover, the FK iron Xion machines take the lower voltage.

2.What is the best power supply I can use with an FK iron Xion machine?

You can use any appropriate power supply which contains proper components and elements with a clean current. Therefore, it will work efficiently with proper power.

3.What is FK iron’s return policy?

Because of some issues, FK iron has no returning policy. However, it guarantees lifetime products with great durability and good customer service.

4.Who uses FK iron Xion tattoo machines?

Professional Artists from every corner of the world use xion tattoo machines and are really loving their shading and lining features which no other tattoo machine ever had. Hence, it’s highly recommended

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Expert Insights

Hence, after all the research and hard work, we are here to conclude the best three products throughout the article. The first position goes to the First and top product Spektra Xion tattoo machine which comes in a unique ergonomic design with a special power of 6 watts motor bolt. Moreover, it’s adjustable and used by all the artists out there therefore, they highly recommend this product as it’s a must-have tattoo machine if you’re a pro tattoo artist.

The runner-up is Spektra Xion Gorilla tattoo machine therefore, it takes the second position because of its great performance which can be worked with every style and design. Therefore, it’s meant to be the next evolution in the Xion brand and most recommended by the users. Moreover, it is easy to handle and wrap as well.

Last but not least comes, FK irons xion stealth, rotary tattoo machine, if you’re looking for some dark and gray shaded designs of tattoo this product is perfect for you. Hence, it’s known as the all-rounder as it fulfills all the requirements of the artists with a lower voltage of 6 Watts. Moreover, gives ease to the artists and makes their art even better and easier without any fatigue. It works efficiently during long sessions.

That’s it for this article, I hope it may be beneficial for you to select what’s the best Xion tattoo machine at an affordable price. If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to put them down below in the comment section.

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