Why is My Water Dispenser Leaking from the Top?

A water dispenser is supposed to be convenient, not cause you endless headaches! So, what should you do when the unit starts leaking?

Do you throw it into the bin or store it away? Not exactly. The wise thing to do is first identify where the leak is coming from and try to figure out how to fix it.

A water dispenser can leak from the bottom, top, tap, and back. Different issues bring about these leaks. Some are easy to handle, while others require professional assistance.

In this post, we’ll help you figure out why your water dispenser is leaking from the top and how to solve the problem. Keep reading.

What Makes a Water Dispenser Leak from the Top?

Here are reasons why your water dispenser could be leaking from the top and solutions to help you get it up and running.

1. Cracked Water Bottle

A crack in your dispenser’s water bottle could be the reason why the unit is leaking from the top. Water dispensers maintain a steady water level with the pressure inside the reservoir.

A crack in the bottle allows air in, which messes with the pressure. Altering the pressure in the water tank causes the dispenser to overflow.

To fix this problem, you just need to replace the cracked water bottle with a new one.

2. Improper Water Bottle Replacement

Another reason your water dispenser might be leaking from the top is; improper water bottle replacement. This usually happens if you place a new water bottle into the unit whose reservoir is almost full.

Before replacing your water bottle, check to ensure the reservoir is empty or partially empty. This will stop the unit from overflowing and wasting water.

3. A Molten Spigot Seal

Spigots in a water dispenser control the flow of water in the unit with the help of rubber seals. And although the seals are designed to last long, the one in your hot water tap might require replacement sooner.

This happens because the rubber seal in the hot water spigot can melt and block the outlet. Even if the blocked spigot allows a little water to pass through, it’ll make your dispenser overflow. More water will be getting in the unit than the water drawn out.

Therefore, check the seal if you notice that your water dispenser is leaking from the top and the water bottle doesn’t have a crack.

If the seal is molten, you just need to replace it with a new one to stop the leak.

4. A Clogged Reservoir

If your water dispenser is leaking from the top and you haven’t cleaned it for a while, chances are, the unit’s water tank is clogged.

You just need to clean the unit to stop the leak. In fact, you can prevent the problem from ever occurring again by ensuring that you clean the unit as regularly as possible.

And the best part is that cleaning a water dispenser isn’t hard. You just require a few soft brushes to remove the sediment and hot water.


The best way to prevent your water dispenser from leaking is to give it proper maintenance. Check the water bottle before placing it into the unit, drain the water tank before placing the bottle, and clean the unit as frequently as possible.

Keeping the dispenser in perfect working condition prevents wastage of water while keeping your home safe for everyone. You also don’t want the water from a leaking dispenser to ruin your floor, right?

And if you’ve tried all the techniques discussed above but still can’t stop the leaking, seek help from an expert.

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