Why is My Water Dispenser Leaking from the Bottom?

Even with the most durable of water dispensers, it is still vulnerable to some issues, leaks being one of them. That’s why you need to be extra careful, especially during installation.

Water leakage is one of the most common malfunctions a water dispenser can have. This is usually because there are plenty of areas where water can escape if some parts aren’t tightened or installed correctly.

The first step to diagnosing the problem is locating where the leak is coming from. A water dispenser can leak from the top, bottom, tap, and back.

In this post, we discuss why your water dispenser might be leaking from the bottom. Keep reading.

What Causes a Water Dispenser to Leak from the Bottom?

The following are some reasons your water dispenser could leak from the bottom.

1. Incorrect Installation

Your water dispenser could be leaking from the bottom simply because you installed it incorrectly. That’s why you must follow all the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual when setting the unit up.

If possible, get a professional to install the dispenser for you, especially if you are poor at DIY.

So, how do you stop leaks from poor installation? You have to ensure that all the dispenser parts are correctly aligned.

If the components are misaligned, try to install the unit again. Ensure that they are correctly attached and tightened.

2. Loose Valve

Lose valves are a common cause of water dispensers leaking from the bottom. This happens if the valves are improperly installed, or the water pressure in the unit is too high.

You can solve the problem by tightening the loose valves or installing the valves again, following the instructions in the owner’s manual.

3. Air or Sediment Blockage

Air or sediment blockage could also be why your water dispenser is leaking from the bottom. If air bubbles block the appliance, water will surely try to find its way out.

You’ll know that the leak is caused by air blockage if it’s continuous.

So, how do you solve leaks caused by air blockage? After replacing a water filter, you must remove the trapped air in the water line.

Place a container below the dispenser and press and release the lever for about 5 seconds at a time to remove the air in the water line.

Wait until the water starts flowing in a solid and continuous flow. It will drain if you press the dispenser’s paddle and release it.

4. Sediment Blockage

Your water dispenser might also be leaking from the bottom because of dirt blockage. That’s why it’s important to clean the unit regularly.

First, check to ensure that your water dispenser is indeed blocked by dirt. Check all the lines and tubes, as these are the most common places you’ll find the blockage.

Once you’ve ascertained there’s dirt blockage, get a cleaning tool and remove the dirt.

To avoid the problem in the future, clean your water dispenser regularly (at least once a month).

5. Drip Tray Overflow

A drip tray is a removable component underneath dispensers to catch excess water. It prevents water from dripping on the floor when you refill your glass.

If the drip tray overflows, it can create a puddle of water on your floor.

To prevent leaks from a drip tray, keep an eye on it and always remove the excess water. This way, you’ll reduce the probability of having a leaking drip tray in the future.

Should I Get a Professional to Repair My Leaking Water Dispenser?

Some leakage issues, like improper installation, require professional help. Remember, you don’t want to do it and end up messing things again.

However, issues like removing sediment blockage are easy to deal with. You just need to identify the blockage and remove it with cleaning tools.

Therefore, fixing some issues requires professional help; others don’t.


A water dispenser is one of the most essential appliances in any home, which is why you need to keep it in the best working conditions.

If you notice a leak, try to fix it as soon as possible since you don’t want to destroy your floor. You also don’t want to risk injuries from slips and falls.

A leaking water dispenser wastes a lot of water as well. Every drop of water is important. And you don’t want to be the person who watches as water foes into waste, right?

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