What Size Farmhouse Sink for a 36-Inch Cabinet?

When shopping for a new farmhouse sink, you’ll realize that there are varying options in terms of price. You can purchase a farmhouse sink anywhere from 20 inches in length to 60 inches.

Think about the size of the sink and the cabinet you intend to fit it in. Will the sink size you have in mind fit in your base cabinet?

Getting the right farmhouse sink size will save you a lot of problems. The installation will be a breeze, and depending on the type you decide to get, you might not need to get a professional plumber to set it up for you.

Get the wrong size, and you’ll be in for it! If you don’t return it for the right fit, you’ll have a lot to do, from removing the countertop to adjusting the cabinetry.

In this post, we’ll help you figure out what size farmhouse sink will fit a 36-inch cabinet. Continue reading.

What Size Farmhouse Sink Do You Need for a 36-Inch Cabinet?

To get the right farmhouse sink size for your cabinet, just subtract 3 inches from the length of the cabinet. In simple terms, the cabinet should always be 3 inches longer than the sink.

In this case, a cabinet that measures 36 inches can support a 33-inch farmhouse sink.

Can a 36-inch farmhouse sink fit in a 36-inch cabinet?

A 36 inches standard farmhouse sink can fit into a 36-inch cabinet, but you’ll have to strap it into place. For a 36-inch cabinet, a 33-inch model would be ideal, as it’ll allow enough room for the sink to be attached with ease to the countertop.

It would be great if you checked the model’s descriptions since manufacturers always provide size recommendations for the sink in question.

How Do You Know the Size of Farmhouse Sink You Need?

To know the size of the farmhouse sink you require, measure from the top of your kitchen counter to the top of the cabinet under it. Subtract 2 to 3 inches from this measurement depending on the buffer space you intend to leave.

The measurement will be as deep as your farmhouse sink can be.

Does a Farmhouse Sink Require a Special Cabinet?

Farmhouse sinks are very large and heavy, meaning that a standard sink cabinet may not support its weight. Although you can adjust the cabinet (if you have excellent DIY skills) to fit the sink, it’s too much work and will cost you extra bucks.

To install the sink, you’ll have to remove the front of the existing cabinetry to fit the size of the new sink. If you are not good at DIY, you’ll have to hire a professional plumber to complete the task.

You can also choose to purchase a farmhouse sink base cabinet.

A farmhouse sink base cabinet is a special cabinet made to handle the weight and design of the sink. Such models usually boast a long flat piece of wood in the foremost part that is precisely cut to meet the requirements of the sink.

Can You Install a Farmhouse Sink in Existing Cabinets?

Yes, it’s possible to install a farmhouse sink in existing cabinetry. However, note that since these sinks are extremely heavy, you’ll need to build a support structure.

You’ll also have to cut down the cabinet doors since farmhouse sinks are also quite deep – about 9 to 10 inches deep.

Rework the cabinet’s front face by making a new trim and adding it to the cabinet. Also, ensure that your sink is completely level, from top to bottom.

Also, prepare to remove the entire countertop and re-plumb the drain lines.

What Size Farmhouse Sink for a 36-Inch Cabinet


A farmhouse sink makes an excellent investment, and that’s why you need to ensure that you get the right fit. Remember, these models are also quite expensive, and that’s why you don’t want to get the wrong size.

Always get the cabinet’s dimensions right before you go shopping for a new farmhouse sink. This way, you’ll be assured that you are getting a model that’ll fit as intended.

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