What is Self-Cleaning Ozone

Are you familiar with the ozone layer? The protective layer covering the earth and protects us from the harmful UV rays? It is called the ozone layer because it contains high concentrations of ozone.

Ozone is a pungent gas. It is formed after the interaction of the UV rays and oxygen molecules. And despite its sharp smell, this gas has the power to purify water and air.

Self-cleaning ozone is a cleaning technology that utilizes air, water, and electricity to produce a disinfecting and deodorizing solution. It doesn’t use fragrances, dyes, or any harmful chemicals to clean your water dispenser.

What is a Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser?

A self-cleaning water dispenser is just like any other water dispenser, only that it comes with a self-cleaning feature that makes it automatically clean itself.

And just like any water dispenser, it delivers cold, hot, and room temperature water on demand. The unit runs on electricity and makes a great addition to any kitchen or office breakroom.

Depending on the model, you can connect it to the main water supply or load it with a water bottle. Some models even boast a set of filters to remove harmful contaminants from your water.

A water dispenser with a self-cleaning feature uses ozone or UV technology to disinfect the pipes and water tank.

Thanks to these features, you can keep bacteria and mold at bay with just a simple press of a button.

Ozone Cleaning

Ozone cleaning water dispensers are becoming more popular by the day. The dispenser’s inner tanks and tubings become cleaned and sanitized by a self-cleaning feature.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, in fact, even more, effective than chlorine.

The self-cleaning ozone feature cleans and purifies your dispenser to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria for your safety.

So, how does this happen?

Three oxygen molecules create ozone that is generated internally and injected through your dispenser’s inner tanks and passageways.

This ozone targets bacteria and viruses and rapidly releases oxygen molecules that weaken these organisms’ cell walls.

Once the organism structure is disrupted, it’s oxidized and killed. The remaining 2 molecules are released without harmful chemical residues.

UV Cleaning

UV technology uses ultraviolet rays to destroy microorganisms that could be present in your water dispenser. The technology targets the DNA of these microorganisms and halts their reproduction.

The existing Bacteria and germs get damaged and destroyed completely.

Although UV cleaning doesn’t use toxic chemicals, most brands don’t use them on their dispensers anymore. This is because the method can only kill microorganisms that come close to the UV bulb.

This means that the UV disinfectant won’t affect any hidden area (such as the tubing).

Who Needs a Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser?

If you have a water dispenser, you know how dirty it can get and how tasking the cleaning process can get. And guess what, even after cleaning it for an hour or so with the bleach solution, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll remove all bacteria and other microorganisms that might have built up in the tanks and pipes.

So, everyone needs a self-cleaning water dispenser. But hold on a second, does that mean that you won’t have to clean the dispenser now that it comes with the self-cleaning feature?

Not at all. The only parts you won’t clean are the interiors. You will still need to clean and disinfect the outer parts from time to time, which isn’t problematic anyway.

Is a Self-Cleaning Dispenser Worth It?

A self-cleaning water dispenser is worth investing in. Compared to non-self-cleaning models, you’ll enjoy tons of benefits. With one, you are assured of the quality of your drinking water.

It also saves you time. You can use the time you’d have otherwise spent cleaning the appliance doing something else.


Q. How does a self-sanitizing water dispenser work?

Self-sanitizing water dispensers come with a manual switch in the back that, when pressed, runs a 90-minute cycle to sanitize and get rid of viruses, bacteria, and more.

Q. Are ozone water dispensers safe?

Ozone water dispensers are safe to use and pose no threat. After self-cleaning, you just need to give your dispenser enough time for ozone in the water to break down and not affect the taste.

Q. Is ozonated water safe to drink?

Ozonated water is safe to drink and cook with.

Q. What’s the meaning of ozonation?

Ozonation is the combination or treatment of a substance with ozone.

Q. What does a self-cleaning water dispenser mean?

A self-cleaning water dispenser comes with a self-cleaning feature that helps sanitize the tanks and tubings of the dispenser.

Q. How long does ozone last in water?

Ozone has a short half-life and lasts an average of 20 minutes in the water.

Q. What happens to ozone in water?

Since ozone is an unstable compound with a short half-life, it decays rapidly when produced. The half-life ozone in water is actually a lot shorter than in air. It decays in water but under drinking water conditions.

Q. Do you have to clean a self-cleaning water dispenser?

You will only have to clean and disinfect the outer parts of the water dispenser. The self-cleaning feature takes care of the interior.

Q. Should you get a self-cleaning water dispenser?

A self-cleaning water dispenser is the best for busy homes or offices. If you’re a busy person, you’ll find it worth investing in.

Q. How do you self-clean a Primo water dispenser?

Self-cleaning Primo dispensers come with a self-cleaning switch located on the back left. To use this feature, all you need to do is press IN and hold for 3 seconds, then release to activate the cleaning cycle.


The inner tanks and tubings of your water dispenser can become dirty over time, which is why getting a self-cleaning unit makes a lot of sense. Technologies such as self-cleaning ozone are the only effective way to guarantee that your unit gets cleaned perfectly.

There you have it. By now, you already know what self-cleaning ozone is and how important it is when it comes to sanitizing water dispensers. The next you venture into a water dispenser shopping spree, be sure to check the feature out.

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