What Causes a Water Dispenser to Leak?

Although water dispensers are built to last long (up to 10 years), they require regular maintenance for optimum performance.

However, even with regular maintenance, these units are still vulnerable to damage, just like any other appliance. In addition, do you know that some of these issues can be a safety hazard if not dealt with fast?

Water dispenser leaks is one of the common problems that you’ll have to deal with if you have the unit at your home or office.

So, what causes a leaky water dispenser? A water dispenser can leak because of poor or improper installation, faulty water valves, trapped air or sediment, or cracked water bottle, among other things.

In this article, we discuss water dispenser problems that cause leaks and how to solve them. Dig to learn more.

Causes of a Leaky Water Dispenser

Incorrect Installation

Poor installation of a water dispenser is one of the major causes of leaks in water dispensers. You need to follow the manufacturer’s manual while setting the unit up.

And if you are not a handy person, get a professional to install the unit.

Ensure that all components are correctly aligned to prevent leaks from poor installation.

Faulty Water Valve

A water valve lets water in your water dispenser. Depending on your model, the valve can also be connected to the water source with a tube.

Should the valve malfunction, it blocks the incoming stream of water, forcing it out of the tube. It causes a leak. When this happens, tighten the valve or replace it if broken.

Air or Sediment Blockage

If your water dispenser is clogged by dirt or air bubbles, it will leak. If it’s dirt blockage (which occurs if you don’t clean the unit for a long time), you just need to remove it with a cleaning tool.

Removing air blockage is a little different. This is because you have to get rid of the trapped air in the waterline.

To do so, get an empty bucket and place it below the dispenser. Press the lever for 5 seconds to release the trapped air.

Broken Water Bottle

A crack in your dispenser’s water bottle could be why your water dispenser is leaking from the top. The crack changes the pressure within the dispenser leading to an overflow.

To stop the leak, you need to replace the cracked bottle with a new one(View on Amazon).

Improperly Set Taps

If your dispenser is leaking from the spout, check the taps. It might appear that the problem lies in the spout, while the leak could be from the taps.

First, turn the switch off and unplug the dispenser. Next, place an empty container under each spout and open the top cover. Check the control brackets.

Remove each spigot lever and gently lift and extend them. Depress every lever fully.

After repeating the process for about 3 times, observe whether the spout drips. If the taps continue to drip, replace them.

Loose Taps

Your water dispenser taps can get loose from incorrect installation or after using the unit for a long time. You need to tighten the taps by twisting them lightly to solve the problem.

Loose Nozzle Seal

Your water dispenser could also leak because it has a loose nozzle seal. Check the seal; does it has moisture already? If yes, you need to replace it.

Note that getting the exact nozzle seal might not be easy if you go the online way. It’s therefore wise to take the old seal to your local hardware and compare the sizes for the right fit.

Catch Pan Overflow

A catch pan is a removable water dispenser component that catches water from the unit as you refill your glass. It prevents the water from dripping on the floor.

After a long period of use, the catch can get full and start to overflow. This will actually appear as a leak, while all you need to do is empty the tray.

To prevent leaks from a drip tray, check it regularly and pour the excess water.

A Crack in the Water Cooler

Although this isn’t common, it’s not unusual. Your dispenser can get a crack during transportation, especially if struck by a heavy object.

To solve the problem, you’ll need to consult the manufacturer or get a professional to fix the damage.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice can collect in your water dispenser chutes. When it melts, it might look like a leakage problem as the water drips from the connections.

You should not worry, as this issue corrects itself after all the ice has melted.


It can be frustrating to see your water dispenser beginning to leak. The appliance is quite convenient, which is why you need to address any leaks as fast as possible.

Go through the manual and try to fix the problem after locating it. If you are having difficulty fixing the issue, you might want to reach out to an expert who can help you.

You don’t have to replace the cooler just because of the leak, which is fixable.

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