Wax melts vs Candles – What are the Differences

Wax Melts vs Candles

Most people need an aesthetic look in their homes therefore, they look for wax melts that last longer and are denser and safer for the atmosphere as well. While consuming wax, they get quite confused and overwhelmed about which is better rather buy candles or wax melts and what are the differences and similarities between the different candles and wax melts.

However, the first thing you’ll notice in everyone’s home is candles. Ever wondered why is it so common? The scented candles seem to be the finishing touch of your home, they make it cozier and a perfect piece for decoration. Furthermore, the soft and warm light of the candles relaxes you and is a whole mood.

Well, everything is not about looks, candles are also used as air fresheners. However, they are produced from artificial aroma and chemicals that is why people look forward to wax melts as they are safe for your kids and environment and Easy and fun to use.

People are often confused about what to choose and what is more recommended and safe. So, therefore, we have brought for you this article which is both about candles and wax melts. Their qualities and all. Probably it is going to give answers to all of your questions. So for that, you gotta read the article given down below.

Wax melts vs Candles

What are Wax melts?

A lot of people do gravitate towards candles though because it creates a warm, cozy aura. It’s like an additional and effortless piece of decor that you can add to any space of your home that’s why people love candles but there are also other ways to enjoy the aroma and that is through wax melts.

Now the question arises what are wax melts? Wax melts are actually scented pieces of wax without a wick and don’t require a flame at all. They are basically used to melt on a warm plate.

Scented wax melts cubes or tarts are melted with an electric wax melt warmer or burner. They contain small lighting bulbs or some are built-in heaters that are fixed inside the warmer.

The heater melts the wax tarts and cubes in just a few minutes and discharges the aromas that you can also control according to your need and atmosphere. Therefore, it’s safe for your kids and also fun for them to learn about the wax melts.

These tarts and cubes work for a long period of time more than 24 hours by keeping your atmosphere safe and friendly with your favorite aroma.

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Qualities of the wax melts:

  • Interestingly, they are designed to melt slowly, so if you want your home to smell fragrance for a long time, just keep the wax melt into the wax melt warmer and chill and forget it for like 12 to 18 hours.
  • Moreover, using wax melts, you can also control the aroma. You can manage the vitality of your scent with wax melts because they are different in shapes and sizes are almost small that you can easily break and add depending on how sharp the scent you want.
  • Honestly speaking customers are more gravitate towards wax melts because they are very easy and cheaper for the business owner and the customer as well as compared to candles. Additionally, they are cheaper to make in terms of supply cost Also, it’s an effortless way to add extra fragrance to your home.
  • A lot of people prefer soy tart wax just because it is a lot cleaner when it’s melting. Another reason why customers gravitate to them is it allows you to be creative not only with the shapes but also with the scents. You can mix scents by putting two cubes together.
  • Moreover, wax melts are a lot safer than burning candles for the environment. However, you have to make sure you don’t leave the wax burner on. But as I said before they are flameless and don’t require any fire so you don’t have to worry about leaving your wax melts for hours because it doesn’t require lightning.
  • Another general question people used to ask is the scent of wax melts stronger than candles? And the answer is yes they contain more odor as compared to candles. As candles have also a chance to ignite because they work with flame while wax melts use electricity.

What are Candles?

Most scented candles contain a mixture of natural oils and artificial fragrance. These scents may be transmitted from the chemicals of artificial aroma or natural oils. The manufacturers make sure to produce the synthetic scents of these candles fascinating and pleasing for the consumers and are friendly with candle use.

These substances of fragrance are safe, and of high quality that is also used in soaps, lotions and perfumes.

The fragrance of the light scented candle is expelled through the process of evaporation of the aroma from the hot wax and from the sold candle. Similar to unscented candles, the scented candles will also produce water vapor and carbon dioxide when it is burned.

Well, those scented candles and those fragrances that we are using and breathing are all formed by hormone-disrupting chemicals and those hormones were disrupting candles. Many of them are harmful and dangerous for the kids. So they are not meant to be preferable for the environment but still people are addicted to it because of the different fragrances.

Qualities of scented candles:

  • The manufacturers of candles work nearly with scented companies to improve the fragrance of the candles not only fascinating but also safe and easy. Often people gravitate toward the lavender scent candles. Generally, that has the scent of flowers and it remains longer and gives a comfy and cozy ambiance.
  • Candles are the perfect gift for anyone and the most usable and loveable piece of home decor. Therefore, they make your home comfy and cozy. However, they are a bit comfy but worth the price.
  • perfumes and scents remind us of a lot of good memories. They give us a nostalgic feeling. Thus, the scented candles have a fragrance that is provocative and brings you in a good mood.
  • Believe it or not, candles switch your mood perfectly. As they are stress relievers and calm your brain that is why people love decorating their homes with candles. Honestly, scented candies are preferable because they are prepared for holistic therapeutic care. It evokes your spirit body and mind.
  • Another reason why it’s best for you is if there’s an electric breakdown or you are in any dark place, these candles can help you and save you with the light. Generally, the candles are long burning especially, a three-wick candle works more than 24 to 48 hours.

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Q1. Are wax melts healthier than candles?

Ans. Wax melts are meant to be more healthier and efficient than candles because they have no wick and flame. Moreover, they are free from intoxicants and chemicals while candles come with a wick and burn in the flame which causes allergies like asthma, especially in children. That is why people prefer wax melts.

Q2. What’s the difference between wax melts and candles?

Ans. The common difference between wax melts and candles is, wax melts are electric. They don’t have any flame or wick like candles. Wax melts are actually scented pieces of wax in cubes of different shapes and sizes. Wax melts are tarts that are melted with electric wax melt warmers. They contain small lighting bulbs or some are built-in heaters that are fixed inside the warmers. The heater melts the wax tarts in just a few minutes and discharges the fragrance that you can also control according to your need.

Q3. Are wax melts bad for you?

Ans. Most of the wax melts are 60% nonhazardous. But they depend on the wax. Like paraffin is meant to be the most hazardous wax that causes headaches and nausea. Sometimes the strong scent of wax melts can also cause you some lung diseases. However, soy wax is most recommended because it is made from natural oils and soya. That is free from all artificial scents and chemicals.


In this article, you’ll learn all about wax melts and candles and their qualities. Everyone wants to decorate their homes with candles. As warm and soft light calms your mind and relaxes your body. With that, it also gives a cozy and aesthetic look.

However, the thing is not only about the look but also about fragrance. It plays the main role and for that, people often go for wax melts. Since you can control your fragrance according to your need and change the aroma.

With that, it’s completely wickless and has no flame so no need to be worried about the ignition because the wax melts are electric and they work with warmers. That means they give you a fresh and chemical-free fragrance. Isn’t it cool what else you want?

I hope this article may be helpful to you. Thank you.


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