Water Dispenser vs. Water Bottle: Which is Better for You?

Are you tired of the countless number of water bottles you purchase every month for your family? Or do you feel like you’d rather stick to water bottles than investing in a water dispenser?

Choosing between the two can be confusing, especially when you’ve used one for a very long time. What makes one better than the other? Quality of the water? Convenience? You’ll find that out soon enough. Stick around!

In this article, we’ll try to figure out which of the two is a better alternative. To do so, we’ll compare the pros and cons of using a water bottle and a water dispenser.

Water dispenser vs. Water Bottle

Water dispenser vs. Water Bottle


Although both options help in reducing toxic wastes in the environment, a water dispenser does it better. It eliminates the use of plastic bottles, a practice that greatly helps the environment.

Water bottles, on the other hand, are not a very great option. Remember that they use plastic to contain the water. Plastic doesn’t have a good effect on the environment. If these bottles are not disposed of properly, they can cause dangers to the environment.

However, the good thing is that recently, developments have been put in place allowing the recycling of plastic bottles.

In this case, the water dispenser wins.


A water dispenser makes it very easy for you to take water at any time. However, it’s not as portable as bottled water; hence not easy to take everywhere. For instance, if you want to carry water to class, you won’t take your water dispenser with you, right?

When it comes to convenience, water bottles are the best. They are more portable and easy to carry everywhere.


Water bottles are available everywhere. Walk to the nearest store, retail shop, or supermarket, and you’ll get a bottle of water. You can buy them from almost anywhere, and they are available in cold and normal temperatures.

Water dispensers aren’t that easy to get. They may not be available in the store near you hence not a great option.

Hot and Cold Feature

When it comes to this option, water dispensers are the best. Reason? They can serve water that is cold, hot, or at room temperature. You get exactly what you want from these dispensers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with water bottles; you can never get hot water from the bottles. It’s either cold water- which you get after storing the bottle in the fridge or cooler for some time, or water at room temperature.

Water dispensers carry the trophy in this case.


You want a water bottle, and with less than a dollar, you get it. Yes, it’s that cheap. This will, however, depend on the level of consumption. If you often purchase water bottles, it can become costly.

If you want a water dispenser, you need to save quite an amount. They are expensive, but the good thing about them is that they are a one-time purchase, hence cost-saving in the long run.

After getting the dispenser, all you’ll have to worry about is refilling the tank or changing it whenever it’s depleted.

In this case, both options help you save money but in different ways. If working on a tight budget, water bottles might be the best option for you but if money isn’t such a big problem, go for the water dispenser.

Easy-Sip Feature

One excellent feature for water bottles is the easy-sip feature that allows you to drink from a bottle without opening the cap. Imagine that you’re riding a bike sipping water from a bottle using a straw, convenient, right?

And yes, this feature can never apply to water dispensers. The unit is not portable. You need to dispense water into a glass or water bottle for this to work.

Filtration System

A water filtration system is a great feature in water dispensers that helps treat and remove dirty water contaminants. It converts the water to clean, pure and potable water.

This feature doesn’t work on water bottles.

Space Saving

Water bottles can be bulky, especially if you purchase them from time to time. If you have a big family, it means that you usually buy water bottles with a higher capacity, 5 gallons or 10 gallons. These take a lot of space. They actually require their own storage space.

Most people store these bottles on the kitchen floor or countertop due to limited storage space, and they can easily get on your way.

This isn’t the case with water dispensers; they don’t take a lot of space and can sit on the corner of your kitchen without intruding on usable space.


You’ll need to perform routine maintenance with your water dispenser to ensure that the filtration system works properly. Sometimes, these maintenance practices might require you to get professional help which might cost you a hefty amount.

When it comes to water bottles, you don’t have to do much. You just need to wash it clean, and you’re good to go.


Although both the water dispenser and water bottles come with both advantages and disadvantages, we believe that water dispensers are the best choice.

They are eco-friendly, durable, and inexpensive since they only require a single purchase. You only have to worry about refilling the tank after it runs out of water.

Water dispensers also give you the chance to fill your glass with water of the temperature of your liking. Whether you want it cold, hot, or at room temperature, it’s easy for you. You are also assured of drinking clean and pure water from a water dispenser.

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