Water Dispenser Advantages and Disadvantages

Water dispensers have become indispensable in most homes. They provide clean, tasty, and healthy water at your convenience hence worth investing in.

Talk to anyone with a water dispenser, and they’ll most likely tell you that they just can’t do without it.

Does this mean that water dispensers have no drawbacks? Not really. Just like other household appliances, water dispensers have a few cons too.

And therefore, in this post, we’ll go through water dispenser advantages and disadvantages to help you make a wise buying decision.

Water Dispenser Advantages

Water Dispenser Advantages and Disadvantages

Discussed below are great reasons why you should get a water dispenser for your home.

  • Gives You Clean and Tasty Water

Water dispensers provide clean and safe water at your convenience. Most even come with built-in purifiers that get rid of contaminants in the water.

Removing chemicals and impurities from dispenser water makes it tasty than tap water. Tea, coffee, soup, or anything else cooked using this water gets a better taste as well.

  • Encourages People to Take Water

Although almost everyone knows that taking sufficient water per day is great for their health, very few observe this. The habit is actually a little challenging to follow if you don’t have easy access to water in your home.

Health experts argue that to stay hydrated, you need to take a minimum of 7 ounces a day, and with a dispenser, this is possible.

The appliance is known to encourage people to take more water.

  • Better Skincare

Persons with water dispensers tend to drink more water. The more water they consume, the better they look.

You’ll notice this as time goes by. Water consumption helps in skincare.

Your skin will get less dull, not dry or itchy, and more vibrant.

  • Encourages a Sugar-Free Diet

Most people rely on sugary drinks like soda or juice to quench their thirst. This causes different health issues as the sugars and added flavors contribute to the buildup of toxins in the body.

A water dispenser comes in as a healthy distraction for many. It places water at your disposal and reduces the need for soft drinks.

  • Serves More People

If you like entertaining guests in your home, you need a water dispenser. Should your guests ask for water, you can serve them all at once.

They also won’t have to wait for minutes for you to boil water for them; instead, they can even serve themselves. Your loved ones can make drinks such as tea or coffee as you work on their snacks or f

  • Saves Time and Money

A water dispenser saves a lot of time for you as you only need to press the knob for the water to flow. There’s no boiling on the stovetop, plugging in the kettle, and waiting for your water to get hot.

You’ll find it convenient, especially if you usually leave early for work or if you are a working parent.

These appliances also save you the hassle of purchasing bottled water from time to time which is quite expensive.

  • Helps Prepare Instant Tea or Coffee

Did you know that you can prepare instant coffee or tea with hot water from a dispenser? You don’t have to waste time making your morning tea using a kettle.

You just need to press the hot water button and dispense hot water to prepare your hot beverages.

  • Space-Saving

With a water dispenser, you don’t have to buy bottled water, which takes too much space, especially in the fridge. It’ll save you a lot of space.

Water dispensers are easy to clean and hygienic. They provide water that is free of impurities and contaminants, thus eliminating passing on colds and flu in cold seasons.

The appliance is also easily accessible and easy to use. Most also come with a child safety lock to protect kids from hot water burns.

These units also stand stable and firm hence not easy to push down.

  • Eco-Friendly

Water dispensers have greatly changed the way the world operates. You can keep your home clean with no bottles littered around.

Water Dispenser Disadvantages

  • Cost

Although highly effective, water dispensers come with a high upfront price. Add this to the regular refilling of the water bottle (if it’s a bottled model); it gets more expensive.

You also have to factor in the frequent water filter replacement costs.

  • Require Frequent Maintenance

Once you get a water dispense, get ready to clean it regularly if you don’t want your water to get contaminated.

Regular maintenance of the appliance might not sit well with persons who lead an extremely busy life.

  • Require Electricity

Almost all water dispensers require electricity to operate. This means that you can’t use the appliance in case of a power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the aim of a water dispenser?

A water dispenser aims at facilitating an easy supply of drinking water. It plays a vital role in homes, restaurants, workplaces, hospitals, and public places.

Q: Are water dispensers favorable to tap water?

Yes, water dispensers are favorable to tap water as it provides water that is not only clean but also tasty. Although clean, water from the tap contains chemicals that affect the taste of the water.

Q: How long is the water in a water dispenser good for?

Water from a dispenser can last for as long as 6 months. Although even after the 6 months the water doesn’t expire, you shouldn’t keep it indefinitely.

Q: What should I look for when buying a water dispenser?

When buying a water dispenser, consider the type of the water dispenser, its capacity, the temperature of the water it dispenses, its cleaning and drainage mechanism, and the noise level.

Q: Is a water dispenser bad for health?

No, in fact, it provides clean, safe, and healthy water to boost the health of your body (cdc.gov).

Q: Are plastic water dispensers safe?

You need to be extra careful when purchasing a plastic water dispenser. Ensure that the plastic is BPA-free since you don’t want to leach chemicals into your water.

Q: Are there risks with water dispensers?

There are risks with bottle-fed water dispensers. For instance, if the bottle is too heavy, it can injure you when lifting it.

Q: Why should you add a water dispenser to your home?

You should add a water dispenser to your home as it gives you access to clean, safe, and healthy water all day long (source).


Water dispensers are essential appliances in our homes as they provide us with the healthcare we deserve. The appliance encourages hydration, enables you to prepare hot beverages instantly, saves space, is easy to use, and promotes a sugar-free diet.

One important factor to consider when purchasing a water dispenser is the quality of the unit’s plastic. You don’t want to end up with one made from low-quality plastic.

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