Water Cooler Not Dispensing Cold Water

A water cooler is among the most useful innovations that man has ever made. In fact, it’s one of the most beneficial and commonly used appliances at home.

However, although quite useful, it can be frustrating if it stops cooling water. After all, that’s why you got in the first place, right?

There are several reasons why your water cooler might not be dispensing cold water. They include power issues, problems with the filter, and issues with the compressor, among others.

Are you thinking about replacing the water cooler? Wait, don’t do that just yet. It could be just a simple problem that you can fix on your own or with the help of a professional at a small fee.

In this post, we discuss why your water cooler might not be dispensing cold water and how to solve this. Keep reading.

Why Your Water Cooler Is Not Cooling Water

Listed below are issues that may contribute to a water cooler, not cooling water.

  • Power Issues

One of the major causes of malfunctioning a kitchen appliance or machine is power. This is because most of these appliances are electrical and cease to function in case of a power outage.

To ascertain whether your water cooler isn’t dispensing cold water because of power issues, ensure that it’s properly plugged into the outlet.

You can also take a few tests over the wiring of the cooler or on the plug to see if there are damages that could have restricted the power flow.

  • Refrigerant or Compressor Leakage

Another reason your water cooler might not be dispensing cold water is that the refrigerant or the compressor has a leakage.

The refrigerant and compressor are important water cooler components as they move water from one tank to another. This is important for creating hot or cold water.

In case of leaks from the components, you’ll notice a pool of water at the unit’s base.

This problem usually involves damaged parts like the pump, tubing, or compressor. Once you identify the damaged part, you just need to get a replacement.

  • Overuse

Your water cooler might also not dispense cold water because of excessive use. This usually happens in large and busy offices.

If a lot of people use the cooler throughout the day, it might be unable to keep up with the demand. Just give the unit a few minutes’ break and try to dispense the cold water again.

  • Clogged Filters

If yours is a dispenser that comes with a built-in system, it has filters. These filters get clogged and stop working if unchanged or replaced for a long time.

The filters sieve dirt from the water, making it clean for drinking and cooking. The dirt ends up clogging the filters in the long run.

The dirt blocks the passage of the water to the tubes as well as the coils that pump the water out.

How to Keep Your Water Cooler Working Properly

To prevent issues with your water cooler, you need to:

  • Unplug it if not in use

If traveling or during the weekends (for office water coolers), just unplug the unit. Leaving it plugged in means it’ll continue to use power even when no one is using it, adding to the electricity bill.

Unplugging it can prevent it from burning out too soon.

  • Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your water cooler regularly not only ensures that you have clean water at all times but also helps flush out water that has overstayed in the unit.

If a water cooler’s water stays in the appliance for too long, it gets a funny taste or smell. It can also make the unit’s inner parts start rusting.

Cleaning the unit regularly helps prevent future damage.


Always check on the power, compressor, and refrigerant if your water cooler isn’t dispensing cold water. These are some of the reasons that bring this problem.

If it is something you can deal with on your own, go ahead and do it.

Don’t throw the unit in the bin if you cannot fix the problem. Get an expert to do it for you. Also, if you can’t locate where the problem is, seek professional help.

Also, don’t try to solve a problem that you aren’t sure about. You might end up doing more harm than good to the appliance.

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