4 Best Touchless Water Dispensers in 2023 Review

To ensure everyday hydration and remember to drink enough water, you might want to get the best touchless water dispenser for your home. This innovative machine will make your life easier by turning your water-drinking habits fun and enjoyable.

Aside from being packed with useful and amazing features, the best ones also have a versatile and classy appearance. As such, you can be sure that it will fit right in with your home’s interior design.

Looking for the perfect unit for your home can be harder than you think. That’s why we prepared a guide on choosing which are the best and trusted models.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  • Editor’s Pick: Brio Moderna CLBL720SCX Touchless Bottom Load
    “Thanks to the motion sensor and customizable water temperature, you will love how easy and hygienic it is to use this water cooler dispenser.”
  • Budget Pick: Bottom Load, Avalon A6 Contactless Water Dispenser
    “For budget-conscious households, the Avalon A6 is a great deal. It is packed with amazing features but ensures you stay within the budget.”
  • Touchless Bottleless: Avalon A7
    “The Avalon A7 boasts features that adds to its reliability, including self-cleaning technology, built-in filtration system, child safety lock, and bottleless mechanism.”
  • Most Features: Avalon A8 Touchless Countertop Water Cooler
    “If you need a smaller water dispenser that can do everything a regular-sized unit can, you won’t go wrong with the Avalon A8.”

Here Are the Best Touchless Water Dispensers in 2023

To experience the hassle-free convenience of having a touchless water dispenser, you must find one that fits your home’s needs. Luckily, the market offers a wide array of choices. The problem now is finding the right mix of features to take your hydration habits to a whole new level.

To help you out, we searched, tried, and tested several units to narrow down your choices to the top four most trusted touchless water dispensers. Each unit offers a set of features that surely can be useful and helpful for you and your family.

1. Avalon A6 Contactless Water Dispenser, A6BLWTRCLRBLK

Avalon A6 Contactless Water Dispenser

One of the most leading brands in hydrating equipment is Avalon. Since 2008, it has been providing premium-quality breakroom solutions that don’t break the bank. Its goal is to create reliable water cooler dispensers for every family.

The Avalon A6BLWTRCLRBLK Touchless Bottom Loading unit is perfect for you if you’re looking for a reliable water cooler dispenser packed with innovative and useful features.

Here are the best features of this water cooler:

  • Bottom loading mechanism
  • Touchless
  • Blazing hot and icy cold temperature settings
  • Energy Star approval
  • Child safety lock
  • Sleek design
  • Empty bottle indicator

Will it meet your home’s demands?

For a water cooler that is both practical and sleek-looking, check out the Avalon Touchless Hot & Cold Water cooler dispenser. Its contactless design will make getting water convenient and easy to do. With this, you won’t even need to press any button for the machine to dispenser water. Simply push the paddle using your tumbler or glass, and you’re good to go.

More than that, you also get to enjoy two consistent temperature settings. Each spout dispenser either blazing hot or icy cold water. For safety, the hot water spout has a child lock to ensure no accidents even when your kids use the machine.

You will also like the fact that the A6BLWTRCLRBLK Avalon has a bottom-loading system. This design choice makes the machine easy to refill and install. An empty bottle indicator also lights up whenever the bottle is getting low and needs to be replaced. Unlike top-loading units, it doesn’t require you to lift and flip a heavy gallon. All you have to do is slide it in the bottom compartment and connect the pump to the bottle.

For everything that it can do, the Avalon A6 remains energy-efficient. In fact, it even has an Energy Star approval that guarantees it consumes just enough electricity. You won’t even have to worry about it inflating your energy bill.


  • Quick to set up
  • Offers consistent temperature
  • Easy to refill the water bottle
  • Quietly operates
  • Compact design
  • Good customer service


  • Not enough headspace in the dispensing area
  • Slow water flow rate

2. Avalon A7 Water Cooler, A7BOTTLELESSBLK

Avalon A7 Water Cooler

Next on our list is from the same brand but with a different set of features to offer. The Avalon A7BOTTLELESSBLK, compared to the first model, is a self-cleaning, bottleless, and touchless water cooler that is worth every penny.

Here are the most impressive features of the Avalon A7:

  • Bottleless mechanism
  • Touchless dispensing
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Reliable filter
  • Two temperature water spouts
  • Hot water safety lock
  • Built-in night light

What makes it different from other Avalon water coolers?

Let’s begin with how you can quickly install and benefit from the bottleless system of the Avalon A7. Thanks to the included easy-to-follow manual, you are guaranteed to have a hassle-free installation. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can always get in touch with your local plumber to do it for you.

This water cooler has a modern and sleek design that will blend well with your home’s interior. This machine is UL-listed and NSF-certified, too, which means it passed other health and safety standards to ensure you’re drinking from a safe and trusted unit.

Once installed, you will love its bottleless mechanism. Having a bottleless water dispenser means you don’t need to lift a heavy gallon of water to refill the machine. Instead, it connects directly to your home’s supply so that you always have clean drinking water on demand.

The built-in filtration system will make sure that all contaminants are removed from the water. From the source, the water will go through a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter. With this combination, chlorine, rust, or bacteria are removed to ensure you are drinking pure and fresh water.

You’ll love that its dispensing method is touchless. Because of this, there will be fewer contacts to avoid contamination. In place of buttons, the A7BOTTLELESSBLK Avalon has wide easy-push paddles that are easy to use. Pushing your tumbler, mug, or cup against the paddle will cause the machine to dispense water.

To add to reducing the risks of contamination, the unit is self-cleaning, too. It purifies and cleanses the dispenser using ozone cleaning technology. As a result, it prevents the growth of bacteria and germs for your family’s safety.

The Avalon A7’s tank can hold one liter of piping hot water that is 185 degrees Fahrenheit and 3.6 liters of icy cold water that is 47 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure your child’s safety, Avalon put a safety lock on the hot water spout to prevent the accidents of spilling hot water. There’s also a night light that lets you see the water spouts clearly.


  • Convenient to use
  • Connects directly to a home’s water line
  • Easy to install
  • Effectively cleans itself
  • Can be used by children
  • Good customer service


  • Makes minimal sounds
  • Takes an hour before the water gets cold

3. Brio Moderna Touchless Water Cooler, CLBL720SCX

Brio Moderna Touchless Water Cooler, CLBL720SCX

For the past couple of years, Brio has been assisting the world with its hydration needs. Being one of the leading brands in the market, you can expect that Brio’s water coolers meet and exceed industry standards. Such is the case with the Brio Moderna CLBL720SCX.

Here are its features that we know you’d love:

  • Sensor-activated dispensing
  • Self-cleaning ozone tech
  • Personalized temperature
  • Bottom loading mechanism
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Built-in LED night light
  • LED digital clock
  • UL/Energy Star approval

How does it perform compared to other units?

Unlike the first two units, the Brio Moderna Touchless Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser allows you to customize the temperature of the water it dispenses. You can set it between 39 and 147 degrees Fahrenheit for your cold drinks or hot beverages. Its neat look makes it suitable for most kitchens. It is also UL/Energy approved, ensuring quality and value for money.

When it comes to convenience, the Brio Moderna CLBL720SCX has got you covered. It has an ozone self-cleaning feature to make your life easier. The minimal maintenance of the unit simplifies cleaning in just a press of a button. Once you activate the self-cleaning feature, the machine will use its built-in ozone tech to purify and sanitize the tanks and their lines.

Also, to replace the water bottles effortlessly, this is designed to be a bottom-loading unit. Thanks to this, you won’t need to lift heavy gallons and risk spilling water everywhere. Instead, you only need to slide the gallon underneath and connect it to the pump, which is a total game-changer. Regardless if you use a three- or five-gallon bottle, it will fit perfectly underneath.

Perhaps its most impressive feature, however, is its touchless motion-sensing dispensing mechanism. Already, this feature makes it more modern and high-tech than the first two water coolers we reviewed. Another benefit of this is that it makes this machine disability-friendly. Since you don’t need to press any button for it to dispense water, anyone can use it with no problems.

The fact that it dispenses water via a motion sensor also means it is less likely to suffer from mechanical failures due to the machine being regularly touched. In a regular unit, pushing the buttons several times a day for years will eventually wear them out. With this Brio CLBL720SCX Moderna unit, a simple wave of the hand activates the water dispenser. To ensure your safety, though, it will only dispense cold water to prevent any accidental burns.


  • Easy to use
  • Disability-friendly
  • Lets you choose your water’s temp
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Eliminates the need to lift a heavy water bottle
  • Safe for children to use


  • Heavy at 46.2 pounds

4. Avalon A8 Touchless Countertop Water Cooler, A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT

Avalon A8 Touchless Countertop Water Cooler, A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT

Next on our list is another UL/Energy Star-approved unit from Avalon. The Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT underwent and passed several tests for energy efficiency and sustainability. Will its features be exactly what your household needs?

What makes it stand out from other units listed here?

  • Touchless dispensing
  • Compact countertop unit
  • Leak detector
  • Dual filtration system
  • Two-temperature spouts
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Built-in night light

How does it perform compared to the other touchless units?

Available in white or black, the Avalon A8’s minimalist-inspired look will easily blend in with your home. Despite being a compact countertop unit, it offers a set of features that would rival even the regular, stand-alone water coolers. Let’s talk about its features to find out if it will meet your home’s demands.

First, you’ll love that it has a bottleless mechanism. This means it connects directly to your home’s waterline, eliminating the need to buy gallons after gallons of purified water constantly. How does it ensure you’re drinking clean water?

The Avalon A8 boasts a dual filtration system to filter out contaminants from tap water. It uses a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter to purify and eliminate bacteria. These filters can last up to six months or around 1,500 gallons of water.

Now, who doesn’t love a self-cleaning water cooler dispenser? The Avalon A8 will let you save time by cleaning itself. As a result, you will have more free time to spend on other things, such as bonding with your family. You can clean your unit with just a press of the switch. The self-cleaning function uses ozone to get rid of bacteria without using harsh chemicals.

The A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT Avalon has two spouts for hot and cold water. The hot water reaches as hot as 185 degrees Fahrenheit for your comforting hot beverages. On the other hand, the cold water is 47 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for your cold refreshing drinks. This unit also ensures your family’s safety by having a child lock on its hot water spout.

We know it’s hard to get water late at night, especially when it’s dark and you’re not sure where the spouts are. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that the Avalon A8 has a built-in night light that helps you have full visual access to the spouts. Aside from that, there is also a filter indicator that tells you when you need to replace your filters by lighting up.

Like other models from Avalon, the Avalon A8 underwent rigorous testing and passed them. As such, it boasts both UL and Energy Star certification. This ensures you are only getting a water cooler that meets and exceeds industry standards.


  • Sleek, touchless design
  • Will look good on any countertop
  • Passed many quality tests
  • Includes an installation kit and filters
  • Doesn’t require lifting heavy water bottles
  • Great customer service
  • Con:
  • Loud noise

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to level up your kitchen is by adding new appliances that will make your home life easier. Such is the case with installing a touchless water dispenser. After all, who doesn’t want to have a convenient and modern way to access clean drinking water, right?

If you’re not totally in yet, perhaps these questions and their corresponding answers will help you decide if this is a route you want to take.

01. Are touchless water coolers expensive?

This question is probably one of the driving factors determining whether or not a person buys a contactless water dispenser. The thing is, the price will depend on the features that the unit offers.
You will find touchless water coolers wherein the “touchless” feature is a push-lever, making it more budget-friendly. On the other hand, there are models with a built-in motion sensor that detects and signals the cold water spout to dispense water. Naturally, these more high-tech units will be more expensive than the former.

02. What makes touchless units better?

Compared to regular water dispensers, a touchless unit means you won’t need to press a button for the machine to dispense water. As such, you can do this one-handedly, freeing your other hand to do or hold other things.
Because you don’t touch the machine as often as you would if it were a regular water dispenser, the risks of wear and tear are also minimized. What’s more, this design choice also lowers the chances of bacteria from growing and getting passed on from one person to another.

03. Do you need to clean contactless water dispensers?

Like any appliance in your kitchen, touchless water coolers require maintenance, too. More often than not, you will have to wipe the machine’s exterior to get rid of dust build-up.
Then, occasionally, you will want to disinfect and sanitize the interior, too. You can do this by simply running the machine with a water and vinegar solution instead of just water. Experts recommend that you do this every three months to prevent bacteria films from forming.
Even in the case of a self-cleaning unit, you would want to conduct maintenance regularly, too. In this way, not only will you ensure you are safe from water-borne diseases but that the machine will last longer as well.

04. How do you choose which unit to buy?

As with any appliance you will use regularly, your choice will most definitely depend on your preferences and needs. You might also want to take into account the wants and needs of your family.
Are you too busy to be bothered to clean a water cooler weekly? If so, get a self-cleaning unit. If you don’t like seeing that bulky water bottle all the time, get a bottleless water cooler. For kitchens with limited space, a countertop water dispenser will fit perfectly.
As you can see, every home will need a different model. Do your own research to find out which will match your kitchen perfectly.

05. Are touchless water dispensers worth it?

Compared to its counterparts, a contactless water cooler requires little maintenance. The fact that you don’t touch it as often also ensures lower risks of mechanical failure. It also comes in various styles and types, so finding one that suits your needs the most will be easy. With these in mind, we can confidently say that touchless water dispensers are worth it.


Which is the best touchless water cooler dispenser? From the four units we reviewed, we can say that we were most impressed with the Brio Moderna CLBL720SCX Touchless Water Cooler.

It is not a point-of-use unit, so you will still need to buy a water bottle to load in it. Even so, the fact that it is bottom-loading makes it all easy. More than anything, though, we like that it uses a motion sensor to dispense cool water.

Especially nowadays, having a contactless water dispenser is one of the most effective hygienic solutions for preventing the growth of bacteria. What’s more, it’s disability-friendly. From kids to the elderly, anyone can use this machine hands-free. All in all, the price is a good deal for its features.

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