Top 9 Vanity Table Ideas for a Great Investment

Improve your sense of style and beauty with these gorgeous bedroom makeup vanity table ideas.

As you might have guessed, we are discussing a vanity table, also known as a vanity. You groom yourself in front of it every morning as you get ready to leave for work. You wash off all of the makeup you used in front of it when you go back. This piece of furniture is a must in every bedroom since you groom yourself and take care of your body and mind every day.

It’s astonishing to learn that this special piece of furniture has a history that dates all the way back to the Egyptian era because it has become such a vital part of our everyday lives! Over the years, numerous cultures have given different names to what we now refer to as a vanity table. Some referred to it as the “Toilet Table,” “Lowboy,” “boudoirs,” and even the “Duchess.”

Vanity Table Ideas

Despite having different names, the majority of us mistake a vanity for a dresser. So while we’re here, how about, we clear up the confusion?

A vanity, often known as a vanity table, is a vanity used for grooming, applying makeup, and styling hair. It usually has a desk-like appearance and is relatively low. It has drawers and a mirror or several mirrors on top. In front of it, a bench or chair is kept. A “Dresser,” on the other hand, is bedroom furniture that resembles a chest of drawers. Frequently, a mirror is affixed to it.

There are countless options and variations if you’re looking for a vanity table for your home. Whether you desire a simple design, a dressing table with a mirror, a vanity table with lights like those you have seen on movie sets, or a space-saving style, today, we will talk about the best vanity table ideas for your home. Read on to know more.

Superjare Vanity Desk with Drawers

Key Features

  • Smooth Sliding Rail
  • Adjustable Foot
  • Spacious Desktop
  • P2 Particleboard and Steel Frame Material


Put this vanity table in the bedroom to make getting ready more cheerful! Then, a luxurious bedroom with an emphasis on beauty and elegance appears. By having your daily beauty necessities near at reach, you can ensure that every organized and rested morning goes off without a hitch. You can save time-consuming physical labor because all the parts are numbered, and step-by-step instructions are available.

Owning an excessive amount of makeup? Not to worry. Your beauty products, lights, and other bedside necessities can be easily stored thanks to the roomy desktop and two huge drawers.

This contemporary table blends in with any other existing furniture thanks to the striking contrast between the rounded metal knobs and metal legs. White and gold blend well together, so what you want in your bedroom is clear. This vanity table can easily stand out in any space, whether you put it in the bedroom to brighten up makeup time, the living room to keep your laptop, or the study to make studying more enjoyable.

Vasagle Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror

Key Features

  • MDF and Rubberwood Legs Material
  • Flip Top Mirror
  • Extra Structure to Keep Stable
  • Easy to Assemble


The makeup table’s delicate ring pulls, and the cushioned stool’s crescent notches both add elegance. Lift the top to reveal a fantastic vanity set for your daily beauty routine; when the lid is lowered, it quickly converts into a writing desk or laptop desk.

Maintain your makeup, jewelry, and accessories in separate, well-organized compartments with the help of detachable dividers. While minimizing space for necessary storage, the flip-top design makes it simple to apply makeup; the 110° tilting mirror gives you a better view while sitting comfortably.

Usikey Large Vanity Set

Key Features

  • Elegant Style
  • Powerful Storage Capacity
  • Vanity Stool & LED Light Mirror
  • Adjustable Side Cabinet


Your cosmetics are seeking a perch, are they? You’ll love the USIKEY vanity set as a great compliment! What a powerful cosmetic table: a 3-Drawer Chest, 2 spacious drawers, a roomy tabletop, and 2 shelves. The three-drawer chest has enough space for your creams, lip glosses, lipsticks, brushes, and other cosmetics. You’ll appreciate its versatility.

You can see every pore on your face thanks to the LED light’s two colors and four brightness settings! A comfortable stool that is the right height is set aside to accommodate the human body’s natural sitting position. You can sit back, relax, and know that everything is within your grip rather than running around like a headless chicken getting ready for work in the morning.

Why not try surprising your girlfriend, your wife, or your mother on her birthday or another special day? Adding a vanity table set in your bedroom or dressing area adds style and functionality while giving your home a warm and inviting feel.

Aousthop Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror

Key Features

  • Built-in Style
  • The Light Strip Design
  • 2 Wide Drawers and 6 Large Storage
  • With Matching Chair


Make your space cleaner and more organized. There is ample room on the vanity table with two drawers and six shelves for your jewelry, cosmetics, and other trinkets. This effective dual-purpose cosmetics table makes a wonderful Mother’s Day or birthday present. It offers light day or night, and the built-in LED light strip in the dressing table mirror is safer than regular light bulbs.

The dressing table’s mirror can be taken apart and utilized as a desk, writing table, or console table. It is used in many contexts based on your individual requirements. White medium-density fiberboard and golden iron pipes are used to construct the dressing table. To provide stability, the bottom has two vertical support rods and two horizontal support rods. The stool is the right height and has enough room at the bottom to accommodate the human body’s natural sitting position. It may blend in beautifully with the other pieces of furniture in the space and is ideal for your bedroom.

Pakasept Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror

Key Features

  • Engineered Wood & Metal Material
  • Modern, Minimalist, and Elegant Style
  • Mirror with LED Lights
  • Spacious Drawer


The vanity table’s linear design displays simplicity and modern fashion. Its golden frame and white minimalist desktop provide the ideal color contrast to complement the other furniture in the space. It is an excellent choice for your bedroom and dressing room. Your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or grandchild will love receiving this dresser with a mirror as a gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other important occasions.

With its wide mirror and 9 LED lights, the vanity desk can still provide pleasant light even when it’s dark outside. The vanity stool’s 16.5-inch height allows you to reflect your ideal self in the mirror and wonderfully complements your dressing table. The vanity set comes with three-layer side shelves for cosmetic storage in addition to five useful drawers. It gives enough storage space for you to keep your desktop organized by storing your jewelry, hair accessories, and cosmetics. In the meantime, the side cabinet’s height design allows it to double as a bedside cabinet, saving both money and space.

GreenForest Vanity Desk

Key Features

  • Modern Style
  • Computer Desk Design
  • Modern Looking
  • Sturdy Structure


This vanity table is a perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife, or daughter. The surface is lacquered with a glossy, smooth, easy-to-clean hard finish that keeps the desk appearing brand new even after extensive usage. To keep your desktop neat and organized, numerous small items can be stored in the vanity desk’s two storage drawers for everyday use. It can also serve as a console table, writing desk, and computer desk for your home office.

The vanity table’s 30.5-inch height provides plenty of legroom and is ideal for applying makeup. The computer desk includes a 25 mm thick desktop, a silver metal frame that is 30 mm thick for strength, steel bars that offer stability under the drawers, and adjustable feet that can help protect your carpet or floor.

Vanity Desk with Lighted Mirror

Key Features

  • Wood Material
  • 3 Different Light Options
  • Sensitive Touch Button
  • Quality & Comfortable


To regulate the LED light, this vanity adopted a brand-new, highly sensitive smart sensor switch superior to previous external switches in terms of convenience and intelligence. Press the button to turn on the mirror and change the light hues. To adjust the brightness of each light color, a long press.

The aesthetic options can be changed to suit various makeup requirements. The light mirror has three settings: warm yellow, warm white, and cold white light colors, and it is quite bright. It ensures the stability and sturdiness of the cosmetic table and stool by combining a solid structure, durable material, and rubber wood legs. You can apply cosmetics while sitting comfortably on a soft-cushioned chair.

Frenchi Furniture Wood Vanity Set

Key Features

  • Solid Wood and Mirrored Glass Material
  • Swivel Mirror
  • Storage Drawers
  • Multipurpose


The Vanity Set with Mirror will improve the appearance of your decor. This set is made of wood and is strong and long-lasting. You can select the finish that best complements the interior design of your home from a variety of options that are offered. The modern set consists of a bench, a mirror, and a vanity. The vanity contains a roomy drawer that can hold your necessary jewelry and vanity necessities. The drawer’s circular knob provides a secure grip that makes operation simple and efficient. It includes a bench with upholstery that is incredibly comfortable to sit on. Cleaning this vanity set with a mirror is simple and only requires a damp, soft cloth.

The 3-Piece Vanity Set has transitional grace thanks to its simple lines and gently tapering legs. One drawer provides storage for your accessories, and a swivel mirror offers a variety of angles to help you perfect your look. This combination is ideal for individuals who want flair and usefulness but only have a small amount of space.

Mat Expert Vanity Table Set

Key Features

  • Engineered Wood and Wood Material
  • Modern Style
  • Dresser & Writing Desk
  • Drawers for Storage


The dressing table’s countertop is roomy, spanning 30″ x 16″, giving you plenty of room for your cosmetics. Jewelry or perfume can be kept in the two little drawers under the mirror and the two table drawers with lovely floral carvings.

The mirror, which is held upward by two columns, can spin 360 degrees, allowing you to change the angle as needed. The top of the desk and stool are made of smooth and sturdy MDF that can serve for a long time without deforming, and the legs are made of solid wood, which ensures the stability and durability of the desk and stool. There is a 12″ difference in height between the top of the table and the top of the bench.

If you don’t need the top mirror or the drawers, you may remove them and use the dressing table set as a conventional writing desk or bedside table. This white dressing table can be used in a bedroom, living room, nursery, or even a study room, thanks to its sleek and contemporary design.

Final Words

This guide will help you choose the best vanity table that complements your home in the best possible way. Here are some of the best vanity table ideas that you can follow . You can check the reviews and buy the one that suits your bedroom and interior well. However, if you need further assistance or have ideas to share, just comment below. Don’t forget to check our blog for more great home interior design ideas and the best product reviews.


What is a Bedroom Vanity Used for?

A vanity dresser gives you a space to pamper yourself by applying makeup, matching your earrings to your outfits in the mirror, and picking your favorite perfume from the drawers when you’re in a hurry.

What is the Use of a Vanity Table?

Vanity tables were previously known as toilet tables. They had a wash basin underneath a fold-down top and were used in the bathroom for general hygiene. These tables evolved throughout time to become more delicate, smaller, and equipped with complex drawers for storing cosmetics when not in use.

Where Should You Put a Vanity in the Bedroom?

It’s a great idea to place your makeup vanity right next to your bed if your bedroom is small. Due to its location can be used as a dressing table, study desk, or bedside reading table.

Is a Vanity Considered Furniture?

Vanities that resemble furniture come in a variety of designs and forms. Every style can be matched with a countertop. A furniture-style item can be more reasonably priced if the maker includes the countertop, sink, and faucet in the vanity price.

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