Top 9 Best Trash Cans for Bathroom to Buy

Your bathroom is the only room in the house that really needs a trash can. These handy bins are a great way to avoid accidents, ensure you’re not blocking your plumbing, and keep your area neat and tidy while removing makeup with cotton balls and non-flushable wipes and brushing your teeth with dental floss you want to keep away from the cat.

Best Trash Cans for Bathroom 2023

Trash cans are an essential bathroom accessory. They offer a convenient and sanitary way to dispose of waste products like tissues, cotton swabs, and other personal care items. There are several factors to consider when selecting a trash can for your bathroom.

Consider the size of the trash can first. Bathroom trash cans should be small enough to fit in small spaces while still holding a reasonable amount of waste. A good rule of thumb is to select a trash can that holds at least 3-5 liters.

Second, consider the trash can’s material. The most common materials used for bathroom trash cans are plastic and metal. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean, whereas metal is more durable and may have a more refined appearance.

Third, consider the trash can’s design. Some trash cans have lids to contain odors and bacteria, while others have foot pedals or motion sensors for hands-free operation. You should also think about the color and style of the trash can to match your bathroom decor.

Overall, a trash can is a necessary but often overlooked bathroom accessory. By selecting a well-designed, appropriately sized, and hygienic trash can, you can keep your bathroom clean and organized while maintaining a pleasant and inviting environment.

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Simplehuman Bathroom Trash Can

In addition to fitting well in bathrooms (or other compact areas), this bathroom trash can has a fingerprint-proof coating that is stain-resistant and maintains its shine.

With no need to worry about getting your hands dirty, you can easily toss your trash with the help of this pick’s solid steel pedal. It’s also so strong that the manufacturer guarantees it will survive 150,000 steps—more that’s than 20 steps every day for 20 years! The lid has an interior bucket for convenient trash disposal and is made to close quietly and slowly to prevent waking up or disturbing other housemates.

best trash cans for bathroom 2023

mDesign Bathroom Trash Can

This bathroom trash can is quite useful and is made of tough, shatter-resistant plastic that is free of BPA and chlorine.

With its four handles and convenient design, this little bathroom trash can makes it simple to transport it from room to room or to dump the trash. Also, it is useful for toy and small object storage. It is available in two heights—10 inches and 12 inches—and a variety of gorgeous hues, from Terracotta to Merlot, to suit every preference.

Ninestar Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

The Ninestars DZT-80-35 offers touchless operation in addition to other practical features if you’re looking for a hands-free garbage can that won’t break the bank. This garbage can is both aesthetically pleasing and practical thanks to its brushed stainless steel surface. Also, even after frequent usage, the fingerprint-resistant construction keeps it appearing shiny. This trash can is a great option for larger households because it is a huge 80-liter (21-gallon) size and measures 26.9 inches tall by 18.6 inches wide. Despite its size, it weighs less than 10 pounds, which makes it very lightweight and convenient to move and clean as required. Be aware that this device needs three D batteries, which are regrettably not provided.

A motion sensor causes the lid to open and close silently each time. Using the built-in manual mode will allow you to leave the lid open for longer if you need to handle more extensive cleaning activities. Trash bags are kept firmly in place and neatly concealed inside the canister by a removable ring liner. Standard-size garbage bags work with this device, but you also have the choice to buy specialized liners from the manufacturer. There have been a few instances of technical problems, especially with the lid not functioning. The product does, however, have a two-year warranty.

best trash can for bathroom to buy

Simplehuman Semi-Round Bathroom Step Trash Can

Simplehuman’s Semi-Round Step Can is the perfect size for practically every bathroom. Because of its fingerprint-resistant surface and attractive stainless steel exterior, it maintains its shine even after frequent usage. The steel foot pedal enables hands-free operation, which is an excellent approach to preserving hygiene where it is most needed. When it’s time to empty the garbage, you can just pull out the inner bucket and throw it in the trash.

To complement practically any design, this trash can is available in four versatile colors: rose gold, black, white, and polished stainless steel. Although this trash can’s 6-liter capacity is on the smaller side, it should be plenty for your restroom needs. Finding garbage bags that are compatible, though, could be challenging. According to several users, ordinary plastic shopping bags are sufficient. The maker provides bespoke liners. However, some customers report that they don’t fit well and don’t completely cover the bag.

Rolodex Mesh Round Wastebasket

This Rolodex Mesh Round Wastebasket is ideal for storing dry waste due to its sturdy mesh composition. It is a good option for home offices because it has a modern spherical form and can carry 17 liters (4.5 gallons) of rubbish. This device is just over 14 inches tall, and 11 inches in diameter and is small enough to fit under a desk or table. The black mesh is reinforced with a solid metal edge to increase durability. The garbage can won’t topple over, thanks to the base’s strength.

You don’t need to line this trash can with a plastic bag if you’re only using it for dry waste. It is simple to carry and empty because it weighs only 1 pound. Since this trash can is a part of Rolodex’s mesh collection, you can also buy coordinating items like laptop supports, letter trays, and pencil holders. While the majority of users laud its robust construction and useful features, some individuals found some dents in the can when it was delivered.

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mDesign Plastic Round Trash Can

Having a trash can in the bedroom may not be for everyone, but it’s practical for quickly getting rid of things like tissue boxes and garment tags. The mDesign Plastic Round Trash Can is tiny enough to fit beneath a tall nightstand or bed frame and is offered in a variety of inconspicuous and attractive colors. Although the lid of this trashcan swings shut to conceal rubbish, it might not be the most secure against nosy animals.

Also, it is really lightweight, which makes it simple to empty and transport, but it also makes it simple to knock over accidentally. Although the bamboo lid and plastic finish may not be to everyone’s taste in design, we believe it to be an excellent minimal alternative for anyone looking for a straightforward and practical bedroom trash can.

iTouchless Sensor Trash Can

A busy family with kids and pets will need this 49-liter (13-gallon) Sensor Trash Can from iTouchless, which is made of brushed stainless steel. It can be operated in a clean, touch-free manner by waving your hand over it to open it. The lid will automatically open if you’re 6 inches away from the appliance and close as soon as you leave. In order to stop pets from rummaging through the trash, you can also lock the lid. The removable activated carbon filter is another fantastic feature that efficiently blocks odors when changed every three months. The trash can comes with one filter to get you started, but this option has a different cost.

Unlike many of our other options, the trash can sensor may be powered by four D batteries or, with the purchase of an additional AC adaptor, can be plugged into a wall outlet. The manufacturer claims that because the battery life is three times longer than that of other sensor cans, they only need to be changed once every one to two years.

best trash cans for bathroom to buy

Umbra Mini Waste Can

The practical bathroom trash can from Umbra is a terrific purchase and is available in nine different colors. It fits perfectly in a small place and is simple to tuck behind a vanity or in a bathroom corner. The 1.3-gallon container is composed of recyclable polypropylene and has a traditional swing-top domed lid.

One 5-star reviewer says, “Very cute and works perfectly in our bathroom.” The garbage can is kept out of the reach of cats and dogs, according to several buyers.

GLAD Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

The Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can has a sizable 76-liter (20-gallon) capacity if you require a bigger trash can. A large 20-gallon unit might be advantageous if you have numerous children or animals or if you enjoy making three meals from scratch each day. Its model’s generous capacity and built-in Clorox protection to avoid unpleasant aromas make it a must for busy families. The stay-open lid of this unit is perfect for prolonged cleaning tasks and closes silently. It also comes with a foot pedal for hands-free, hygienic operation.

There is no inner bucket in this garbage can; internal rings hold the bag in place and prevent it from slipping down. You can conceal extra garbage bags in the section for waste bags on the back of the canister. The device dispenses trash bags on the side for tidy and simple removal. This Good trash can is available in a variety of finishes to complement virtually any design, and the stainless steel structure is fingerprint-resistant. Given its massive capacity, it is not surprising that this device is heavier than average at over 18 pounds. It’s also offered in a 13-gallon size with the same practical features.

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Final Words

In conclusion, a trash can is an essential accessory for any bathroom, offering a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of waste products. Our reviews have highlighted some of the best options available, from simple plastic bins to more sophisticated designs with foot pedals or motion sensors. When choosing a trash can for your bathroom, consider factors such as size, material, and design to ensure you choose one that fits your needs and preferences. By investing in a well-designed, appropriately sized, and hygienic trash can, you can keep your bathroom clean and organized while maintaining a pleasant and inviting environment. We encourage you to choose a trash can that best suits your needs and preferences and to make the most of your bathroom space. So why wait? Add a bathroom trash can to your essential items today and enjoy a cleaner, more organized bathroom experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size trash can should I get for my bathroom?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a trash can with a capacity of at least 3-5 liters. This should be large enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of waste while still being small enough to fit in tight spaces.

What materials are used for bathroom trash cans?

Plastic and metal are the most common materials used for bathroom trash cans. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean, while metal is more durable and may offer a more sophisticated look.

Should I get a trash can with a lid?

A lid can help keep odors and bacteria contained, especially if you dispose of items such as used tissues or other personal care products. However, some people prefer an open-top trash can for ease of use.

What features should I look for in a bathroom trash can?

Consider features such as foot pedals or motion sensors for hands-free operation and design and color to match your bathroom decor. You may also want to consider whether the trash can is easy to clean and maintain.

Can bathroom trash cans be used for other rooms in the house?

Yes, bathroom trash cans can be used in other rooms of the house, such as bedrooms, home offices, or kitchens. They are designed for easy transport and can provide a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of waste in a variety of settings.

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