Top 9 Best Pantyhose for Women to Buy in 2023

When it comes to finishing off a stylish look, the correct pair of pantyhose may make all the difference. Pantyhose come in a range of designs to suit any occasion, from sheer to opaque, patterned to plain. Choosing the best pantyhose for women might be difficult, but with a little help, you can find the right pair to complete your outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of refinement to your everyday look, there’s a pair of pantyhose for you.

Best Pantyhose for Women in 2023

Pantyhose has been a women’s fashion staple for decades, adding a professional and elegant appeal to any ensemble. Pantyhose can improve any appearance and lend a touch of elegance, from casual to dressy. But, with so many choices available, how can you know which are the best pantyhose for women?

To begin with, the best pantyhose for women should be comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time. To ensure comfort during the day, choose ones composed of soft and breathable materials such as nylon or spandex.

The amount of opacity is another thing to consider while looking for the best pantyhose for ladies. Some ladies prefer sheer pantyhose for a more modest appearance, while others prefer opaque tights for greater coverage. Furthermore, the color of the pantyhose can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the clothing. Nude or black are common color options that can go with almost any outfit.

When choosing the best pantyhose for women, durability is also an important thing to consider. Look for strengthened toes and materials that can withstand wear and tear.

Finally, the best pantyhose for women will be determined by personal taste and the situation. However, considering comfort, opacity, color, and durability, you may choose a pair of pantyhose that looks good and feels good to wear.

Read on to learn more about the best pantyhose for women to buy in 2023:

Sofsy Black Pantyhose

Key Features

  • 88% Polyamide & 12% Elastane
  • Pull-On Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Italian-Made Quality


Sofsy Black Pantyhose can add a touch of refinement and luxury to any ensemble. This pantyhose, made of 88% polyamide and 12% elastane, is not only silky and supple but also sturdy and long-lasting. The deep, wide lace and double silicone top thigh-high stocking of this Italian-made pantyhose will give you an ultra-sexy look when teamed with a garter or suspender belt (not included).

This pantyhose, available in 15 and 20 denier hosiery, are ideal for wearing with thigh-high boots or for livening up any outfit. Another feature that distinguishes these pantyhose from the competition is the comfortable, non-irritating thigh hem. The lace silicon band top won’t irritate your skin like cheap thigh-high stockings, assuring all-day comfort. These pantyhose are also made to stay up, with the tension and suppleness remaining even after multiple washings. Overall, this pantyhose is the finest option for individuals who want to combine comfort, quality, and elegance.

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Swedish Stockings Sheer Pantyhose

Key Features

  • 79% Recycled Polyamide & 21% Elastane
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Sophisticated Smart Fashion
  • Durable & Long Lasting


If you’re looking for pantyhose that are both elegant and eco-friendly, the Swedish Stockings Sheer Pantyhose are an excellent option. These stockings are constructed of 79% recycled polyamide and 21% elastane, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious women. They are available in nude colors that complement all skin tones and have reinforced toes for further durability.

These elegant tights are created in Italy and adhere to fair trade standards so that you can feel good about your purchase. In fact, they won Elle Magazine’s 2016 Eyecatcher of the Year Award, demonstrating that they are both fashionable and environmentally conscious. These pantyhose are slightly more expensive than other options, but they are more durable and constructed of 100% regenerated nylon components from rescued fishnets lost at sea. You can be confident that they are developed by women for women who are intimately familiar with the feminine shape and seek to achieve the optimum mix of comfort and elegance.

Hanes Silk Reflections Women’s Nude Pantyhose

Key Features

  • 100% Nylon Material
  • Pull-On Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Gentle Control Top


The Hanes Silk Reflections Women’s Nude Pantyhose is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a comfortable pair of pantyhose to wear daily. These nylon and spandex pantyhose have a soft control top to help smooth out any undesirable bulges, and the sheer toe allows them to be worn with any open-toe shoes.

These pantyhose’s translucent fabric provides just the appropriate amount of coverage, making them ideal for individuals who don’t want a completely opaque look. They’re also wonderfully soft to the touch, ensuring a comfortable fit all day.

Keep in mind that these pantyhose may not be as durable as other brands, so use additional caution while washing and handling them. Nevertheless, they are an excellent alternative if you want a comfy, sheer pair of pantyhose for everyday use.

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Hanes Women Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

Key Features

  • Nylon & Spandex Material
  • Toeless Design
  • Offers Flawless Coverage
  • Run-Resistant Technology


The Hanes Women Ultra Sheer Pantyhose is ideal for women who wish to show off their legs while wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. The nylon and spandex materials combine to create a silky, seductive, and extremely sheer style, while the run-resistant technology ensures that the pantyhose will last. The toeless style is a benefit because it lets you show off your pedicure while wearing them.

These pantyhose give faultless coverage, making them ideal for any situation, whether a special occasion or a normal day at work. The high waist control top provides the ideal fit and support, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. So, if you want pantyhose that provide comfort, support, and style, the Hanes Women Ultra Sheer Pantyhose is a terrific alternative that won’t disappoint you.

EMEM Apparel Women’s White Pantyhose

Key Features

  • 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex Material
  • Machine Washable
  • Supreme Comfort
  • Chic Style


EMEM Apparel Women’s White Pantyhose are a terrific choice for tights that are both comfortable and fashionable. These opaque microfiber tights, made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex, are smooth, silky, and comfortable, with a superb fit that will not sag. They come in five different sizes, allowing you to select the best fit for your body type.

These opaque tights are available in a wide range of eye-catching colorful colors that can provide a vibrant splash of color to your outfit or costume. The color is vibrant and vivid, and the tights have been meticulously crafted for long-lasting outstanding quality. The opaque and long-lasting material will not fade, shrink, or stretch wash after wash.

The tights are so smooth and comfortable that you can move your legs freely without feeling restricted. These tights are also made with a wide, plush, sewn-in waistband that sits nicely at the natural waist. Overall, these tights are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, long-lasting, and fashionable solution.

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Sofsy Lacy Nylon Stockings

Key Features

  • 88% Polyamide & 12% Elastane
  • Pull-On Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Durable


The Sofsy Lacy Nylon Stockings are an absolute must-have for anyone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their clothing. These exotic lingerie stockings are created in Italy with high-quality materials and have a deep, broad lace design that lends a touch of eroticism to any ensemble. The double silicone top keeps them in place while also offering a comfortable fit that feels like a second skin. They retain their shape and will not sag even after many wears.

These stockings are constructed of 15 and 20-denier nylon, which is sheer, sturdy, and will not run. The silky, non-irritating lace silicon band top enhances comfort and will not cut into your skin like other stockings. You can experience all-day comfort and a perfect fit because its tension and suppleness are retained following washings.

Overall, whether you’re dressing up for a particular occasion or just want to feel a little sexier, these stockings are the perfect accent to any ensemble. Their longevity and comfort make them an excellent purchase, and the quality will not disappoint.

Silky Toes Plus Size Pantyhose

Key Features

  • Ultra Soft Material
  • Silky Sheer Hose
  • No Rip Tights
  • Good Value for Money


Silky Toes Plus Size Pantyhose are a must-have for any woman looking for high-quality, comfy pantyhose. The ultra-soft 85% nylon and 15% spandex fabric feels like a second skin, and the supportive waistband provides all-day comfort and security. The silky sheer hose has a fine 20-denier appearance that gives your legs a natural-looking finish.

These pantyhose are also long-lasting, featuring no tear or run technology and the ability to hold shape even after several washes. They are available in a variety of true plus sizes ranging from 1x-2x to 7x-8x, as well as various classic hues such as black, nude, natural, and suntan. Overall, these Silky Toes Plus Size Pantyhose are a terrific complement to any wardrobe because they are both comfortable and durable.

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Spanx Pantyhose

Key Features

  • 100% Nylon Material
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Pull-On Closure
  • Smooth Waistband


The Spanx Pantyhose is an excellent product that keeps you comfortable while looking great all day. It’s made of 100% Nylon and has a smooth waistband for a flattering and dig-free fit. The shaper is flat and undetectable beneath clothing, and the premium power leg delivers all-day strength and an airbrushed appearance.

This item also includes sheer legs, making it ideal for wearing with dresses and skirts. It is simple to put on and take off, making it an ideal choice for women who are constantly on the go. If you want to feel confident and comfortable all day, the Spanx Pantyhose are the right choice.

Silkies Women’s Control Top Pantyhose

Key Features

  • Unmatched Comfort
  • Durable
  • Light Leg Support
  • 84% Nylon & 16% Spandex Material


Silkies Women’s Control Top Pantyhose is the ideal blend of fashion, comfort, and durability. Thanks to moderate tummy control and a lightweight-knit panty, it successfully slims your tummy, hips, and rear without losing comfort.

These pantyhose have a sheer leg for even color coverage and a cotton-lined gusset to make them comfortable to wear with any footwear. The light leg support delivers a soft cuddle that soothes your legs throughout the day. The protective run guard between the panty and the leg is a nice touch that makes these pantyhose last longer. They are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe, made in the United States of 84% nylon and 16% spandex.

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Final Words

After reading through these product reviews, it’s clear that finding the best pantyhose for women is crucial for both style and comfort. From the features listed, it’s important to look for pantyhose that provide moderate tummy control, light leg support, and a durable design that lasts throughout the day. Additionally, opting for pantyhose with a cotton-lined gusset and protective run guard can ensure long-lasting wear. Based on the information provided in this blog, we encourage readers to invest in the best pantyhose for women to elevate their wardrobe and feel confident in their everyday wear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are pantyhose for women?

Pantyhose, also known as tights, are a type of legwear that cover the legs and sometimes the waist. They are typically made from nylon or a blend of synthetic fibers and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

What is the purpose of wearing pantyhose?

Pantyhose can serve multiple purposes, including adding warmth, smoothing the appearance of the legs, and providing support and compression. They can also be worn as a fashion accessory or to adhere to dress codes in certain professional settings.

How do I choose the right size of pantyhose?

Most pantyhose come in standard sizes based on weight and height, but it’s important to check the manufacturer’s size chart for the best fit. If you’re between sizes, it’s usually best to size up.

Can pantyhose be worn with open-toed shoes?

While traditionally considered a fashion faux-pas, some types of pantyhose can be worn with open-toed shoes, such as toeless or sandalfoot styles. However, it’s important to make sure the pantyhose don’t create an awkward or uncomfortable look.

How do I care for my pantyhose?

Pantyhose should be hand washed or washed on a gentle cycle in a lingerie bag to prevent snags or runs. It’s important to avoid using fabric softeners or bleach and to hang dry or lay flat to prevent stretching or damage to the fibers.

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