Top 9 Best Food Processors to Buy in 2023

Food processors are necessary kitchen tools that simplify the process of preparing food. They include a variety of attachments, including blades, discs, and paddles, that can be used to slice, chop, purée, and knead items. Users can quickly and effortlessly produce salads, dips, sauces, dough, and even baby food with a food processor. They are ideal for time-constrained people who wish to cut cooking time without compromising the quality of their meals. Food processors are available in various sizes and capacities, making them suited for use in homes with a range of cooking requirements.

Best Food Processors in 2023

Food processors are useful kitchen tools that can reduce the time and work you must put into cooking. They are made to quickly chop, blend, shred, and puree ingredients, which speeds up and improves the efficiency of preparing meals.

The fact that food processors can do a multitude of jobs is one of their main benefits. They have a variety of blades and accessories, including as mixing blades, shredding discs, and slicing discs so that you can handle a variety of recipes. A food processor may make the procedure much simpler and quicker, whether chopping veggies for a soup or pureeing cheese for a pizza.

The capacity of food processors to process huge amounts of food at once is another benefit. A large size bowl allows you to combine several components at once, saving time and lowering the number of dishes you need to wash. Also, they work well for preparing large quantities of sauces, dips, or spreads that can be put in the refrigerator or freezer and used later.

With so many models on the market, you may find a food processor that suits your requirements and makes it simple to assemble delectable dishes. Consider the features, power, and size most important to you when selecting a food processor. Find machines with strong motors, simple-to-clean components, and a variety of blade selections.

Read on to learn more about the best food processors to buy in 2023:

Magimix Compact 3200 XL

Key Features

  • Versatile
  • 650 Watt Motor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great All-Around Performance


The Magimix Mini 3200 XL is a fantastic appliance for a home chef, coming in the right behind our best food processor and far ahead of the rest of the field. This all-purpose food processor effortlessly chopped, sliced, shredded, blended, and pureed, achieving top marks in each of our rigorous tests. This is the ideal tool for the work because of its strong motor and many blades and accessories. This machine has enough power to process even the most difficult recipes. Because of its practical bowl-stacking design, this processor accomplishes triple duty before requiring you to wash and clean its components.

Performance comes at a steep cost, and Magimix’s premium price reflects this. Still, it’s a great option for one-stop food preparation equipment for the cook who values what it has to offer.

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Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro

Key Features

  • 1200 Watt Motor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Evenly Chopped Food
  • Great at Shredding


The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro has been fending off competition since 2019 and has once again earned our best overall performance. In all our testing, this top-of-the-line kitchen equipment did well, quickly slicing through produce and handling even the trickiest processing jobs. The 1200-watt engine effortlessly shreds potatoes, cuts vegetables, and mixes bread. This processor is not just one of the most user-friendly and straightforward to clean units in our whole test fleet.

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the such strong performance also carries one of the highest price tags in our inventory. Although the Sous Chef 16 Pro is a fantastic appliance and is highly recommended for chefs who are serious about their craft, it may be expensive and takes up a fair amount of important counter space. It’s a terrific option for a dedicated home cook or someone who would use it frequently, but a casual cook might not need or desire as much machinery. But if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to choppers, this is our top recommendation.

Ninja Professional Food Processor

Key Features

  • 850 Watt Motor
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Great at Shredding and Slicing
  • Excellent at Pureeing


We highly recommend the Ninja Professional Food Processor if you’re looking for a new food processor that won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen or your money. We were very pleased with this appliance’s performance in our tests, especially given its low cost. When mixing dough, this model did an excellent job of integrating ingredients and consistently slicing vegetables. This appliance stood out in the shredding and slicing tests, producing consistent slices and shreds without leaving large bits of waste, which is unusual for cheap models.

But, when making pizza dough, this food processor sounded like it was working really hard. Making smaller amounts of things like homemade mayo might be challenging because of the dual-blade configuration and bowl size. The dual-blade design may also be more difficult to manually clean. But this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a little food processor that won’t break the budget.

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Cuisinart Custom 14

Key Features

  • Great at Pureeing
  • 720 Watt Motor
  • Solid Slicing Skills
  • 14-Cup Bowl Size


You need to look no further than the Cuisinart Custom 14 if you don’t feel comfortable shelling out such a high sum for top-tier performance. This dependable kitchen appliance is commended for its great performance in the majority of our tests and for offering outstanding value at a lower cost than the most expensive models we examined. It slices fruits and vegetables incredibly evenly, and purees, spreads, and dips to a velvety smoothness.

Despite these flaws, this model is the best choice if you’re seeking a great, all-around food processor without shredding your budget. The slicing and shredding blades aren’t adjustable, meaning you’ll need to purchase additional blades if you’re unhappy with the size of the included ones, and it’s not quite as powerful at mixing denser dough.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup

Key Features

  • Great at Pureeing
  • 450 Watt Motor
  • Inexpensive
  • 10-Cup Bowl Size


The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup is your best option if you want to spend the least amount of money while still getting good results. This affordable device performs admirably for chopping produce or pureeing dips. It does a decent job at chopping and dicing as well.

This model fails to account for mixing. It is difficult to mix the heavy dough with the less powerful motor, and it also causes the entire apparatus to shake quite forcefully. In addition, there was leaking when we tested the water. If the majority of the ingredients in your recipes are liquids, we advise choosing a different model. The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup remains our best pick for anyone on a tight budget despite these drawbacks.

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GE 12-Cup Food Processor

Key Features

  • Manual
  • Good for Peeling
  • 10 Pounds Weight
  • Dishwasher Safe


This food processor has a strong motor and sharp blades, making it a fantastic choice if you want to swiftly shred sweet potatoes or make hummus that is incredibly smooth. The main selling feature of this product is its versatility; in addition to the usual blade, slicing disc, and grating disc, it also includes a french fry disc, dough disc, emulsifying disc, mini-chopping bowl, and spatula. We were pleased with how quick and uncomplicated this machine was to set up, operate, and clean.

Although we did get cut on both an attachment and the blade, this food processor is simple to clean by hand. But because the blade is so sharp, you should exercise extra caution. We found it to be a terrific value that’s deserving of recommendation to friends and family, although it did have some consistency issues while chopping onions and zucchini.

KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Processor

Key Features

  • Compact and Convenient
  • Locking Blade
  • Two Speeds and Pulse
  • Small Footprint


A practical and tiny countertop gadget, the KitchenAid KFC3516IC 3.5 Cup Food Chopper Ice is ideal for small kitchens. It has a locking blade, handle, and pour spout for simple serving, and it can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. The stainless steel multi-purpose blade locks in place for effortless pouring, and it features two speeds and a pulse setting for coarse or fine results. Although customers adore the compact design and strong cutting abilities, some have had problems with the puree setting.

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Syvio Food Processor

Key Features

  • Two Glass Bowls of Different Sizes
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Mat
  • 400W Powered Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dishwasher Safe


A multipurpose kitchen need, the Syvio Food Processor makes it easy to produce delectable meals for your family quickly. You can easily chop, blend, puree, combine, and mince a range of items with the 400W-powered stainless steel blades. During grinding meat, the thermal protection system provides safety while the speed button and anti-slip rubber surface make it simple and secure to operate. You can cook separate meals for your family and your infant using two glass bowls of various sizes.

Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 0.84 Pounds Weight
  • Multi-Blade Design
  • Easy to Use


A manual food processor will save you a ton of money if you don’t mind using a little elbow grease to get your food diced and combined. The Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor is operated by pulling a two-foot cable that is hooked to an integrated blade rather than using a motor. This blade can handle various food processing tasks, including chopping up vegetables for salsa and even producing pesto, while not resembling the conventional S blade used in electric food processors.

We could only use this food processor to perform our onion test due to the lack of attachments. Yet, our tester was taken aback by how well it performed for a manual chopper. The onions were “very, very neatly and without tearing” sliced. Our tester commented that because it is so little, there really aren’t any locations where food can get caught inside, and we also found it to be incredibly simple to clean.

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Final Words

In conclusion, food processors are a must-have kitchen tool for anyone looking to save time and effort in the kitchen. They can make meal preparation much easier and faster due to their versatility, large capacity, and ability to handle a wide range of tasks. When looking for the best food processors, consider factors like size, power, and features. You can make an informed decision and select the best food processor that meets your needs based on the reviews provided in this blog. Don’t be afraid to invest in a high-quality food processor that will allow you to create delicious meals easily. The best food processors can save you time and make meal preparation easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a food processor and how does it work?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance designed for chopping, slicing, grating, pureeing, and mixing food. It uses a motor to spin a blade or multiple blades, which chop, slice, or puree food placed in the processing bowl.

What are the benefits of using a food processor?

Food processors can save time and effort in the kitchen by quickly processing ingredients. They can handle a variety of tasks and are ideal for making large batches of food. They can also reduce the amount of manual labor required for chopping, slicing, and pureeing food.

What types of food processors are available?

There are several types of food processors available, including mini food processors, full-sized food processors, and combination food processors/blender appliances. Each type has different features and capacities.

What features should I look for in a food processor?

When choosing a food processor, consider the size, power, bowl capacity, blade types, and ease of use and cleaning. You may also want to consider additional features such as multiple speeds, pulse function, and dishwasher-safe parts.

How do I clean a food processor?

Most food processors have removable parts that are dishwasher-safe. If not, they can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning instructions.

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