Top 9 Best Electric Grills to Buy

Have you been wanting to try grilling some of your favorite dishes or to improve your cooking skills but don’t want to deal with the bother and wait time involved with using a gas or charcoal grill? It might be time to consider electric grills.

Best Electric Grills 2023

For people who live in apartments or other places where gas or charcoal grills are not permitted, electric grills are a convenient and practical option. These grills run on electricity, eliminating the need for propane tanks, charcoal briquettes, or wood pellets. They are also simple to use and clean, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a stress-free grilling experience.

One of the primary advantages of electric grills is their ability to heat up quickly and maintain a consistent temperature. This makes it simple to prepare a wide range of foods, from vegetables and fish to steak and burgers. Furthermore, because electric grills do not emit smoke, they are ideal for use indoors, such as in a kitchen or on a covered patio.

Another benefit of electric grills is that they are relatively simple to maintain. Many models have removable grates and drip pans that can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher. They also do not produce ash or charcoal debris, which can be messy and difficult to clean up.

While electric grills don’t have the same smoky flavor as charcoal or wood pellet grills, many models have adjustable temperature settings and smokeless features that give you more control over the cooking process. Overall, electric grills are a convenient and efficient option for people who want to enjoy grilled food without having to deal with the hassle of traditional fuel sources.

Read on to learn more about the best electric grills to buy :

Weber Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Cooking Surface
  • Fully Dishwasher Safe
  • Infinite Control Burner Valve Settings
  • Porcelain-Enamel Cast-Iron Cooking Grates


The high-performance electric barbecue with a porcelain enamel grill pan is the Weber Q1400. The spacious 280 square inches semi-nonstick cooking surface is regularly heated at high heat by the 1560 watt electric heating element for consistently cooked food and the kind of meat searing that only cast iron can provide.

Cleaning isn’t as simple as it is for models with coated nonstick surfaces or lighter construction due to its absence of dishwasher-safe parts and the cast-iron cooking surface. But, because of its excellent performance, features like ergonomic side handles, an endless control burner valve setting, and high quality, long-lasting construction, it is a top performer for more experienced grillers who seek professional chef results in a compact package.

best electric grills 2023

Zojirushi Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Lightweight but Durable
  • Fully Dishwasher Safe
  • Cool-Touch Handles and Casing
  • Ultra Non-Stick Grilling Surface


The Zojirushi EB-CC15 is an open-top, smokeless electric grill made of aluminum with a surface that is extremely non-stick for effortless cleanup and mess-free grilling. It has cool-touch handles and housing for safe and simple handling while cooking and a modular design that separates into dishwasher-safe pieces to expand storage possibilities.

Because of the open-top design may not be the best choice for families with young children because the cooking surface is slightly less safe to use while exposed. Yet, attributes like its stay-cool handles and aluminum housing, variable heat control up to 400 degrees. An easy clean and easy store dishwasher-safe build make it a terrific all-around option for meat and vegetable grilling that’s easy to obtain consistent results on every time. It’s unquestionably among the greatest indoor grills available.

Hamilton Beach Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Built-in Serving Tray
  • Power and Preheat Lights
  • 118 Square Inch Cooking Surface
  • 450-Degree Max Heat


The Hamilton Beach 25361 is a potent stainless steel electric grill with a large, generous 118 square-inch grilling surface that also serves as a removable serving dish for six people. The cover is made of tempered glass and is removable. It is a versatile performer with precise temperature control that can cook delicate vegetables while producing magnificent meat sears. It also serves as a griddle for breakfast sandwiches, and the drip tray and glass cover minimize messiness.

Although it’s lightweight (8.14 lbs), making it portable and easy to store, certain models with stronger grade cast iron pieces are more robust than this one. Its high heat output, convenient serving tray, and indicator lights make it an easy-to-use, multipurpose all-in-one meal maker that’s perfect for busy families or frequent dinner parties. Yet, its largely dishwasher-safe design makes it pretty straightforward and quick to clean. Yet, you’ll need to choose one of the top natural gas grills if you want that authentic, barbecued, charred flavor.

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Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Cast-Iron Electric Grill
  • Generous 118 Square Inch Cooking Surface
  • Power and Preheat Lights
  • 450-Degree Max Heat


The larger model of Weber’s high-performance cast iron and porcelain enamel electric grill is the Weber Q2400. It has the same 1560-watt heating element and an extra-large cooking area of 280 square inches, making it ideal for indoor BBQing for large groups and producing flawless, even sears on steaks, burgers, fish, and other foods. It also has infinite control burner valve settings for expert-level temperature control.

It weighs 29.5 pounds, making it quite heavy compared to other electric grills on the market. Like its little brother, it has a cast iron cooking surface, which makes cleaning it more difficult and prevents it from being put in the dishwasher. But with all the features of Weber’s premium cast iron grills plus an additional cooking area, as well as features like ergonomic handles and 3D interactive assembly instructions accessible from Weber’s BILT app, it’s a go-to for home grilling and cooking that consistently yields professional results.

Traeger Pro 22

Key Features

  • Consistent Digital Controller
  • Versatile
  • Powder Coated Steel Material
  • 572 Square Inches


We included the Traeger Pro 22 in this list even though it should really be classified as a pellet grill rather than a pure electric grill because it needs the power to run. This grill is a great choice for individuals who want to enjoy the flavor of wood-fired cooking without all of the difficulties because it drives the wood pellets with an electric augur.

You can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and Barbecue on the Pro 22 thanks to its 6-in-1 versatility. This is made possible by the digital controller on the Pro, which enables you to set and keep the temperature for whatever you’re cooking constant.

How much meat I can cook on this grill is something I like. Two whole chickens, an 11-pound ham, and a 20-pound turkey, have all been no trouble for me. I’ve been able to feed my family and our visitors because of its size.

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Bonsenkitchen Smokeless Indoor BBQ

Key Features

  • Griddle and Grill in One
  • 8 Raclette Trays
  • Fast Heating
  • Self Serve Pans


Because it serves double duty as a grill and raclette warmer, the Bonsenkitchen Smokeless is special. There is an 8-tray raclette underneath the cooking plate that may be used to melt cheese for family and guests or to keep food warm. A cool-touch handle is included with each raclette so that diners can help themselves.

A 16-inch warming rack is used in the raclette area. For those who frequently have guests at their homes, this arrangement can work well. It’s also great to know that cleaning the grill’s flat side is simple.

Kenyon Floridian Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Dishwasher-Safe Grate and Lid
  • 1300W Direct Contact Heating
  • Reaches 600-Degrees in 10 Minutes


With a cast metal direct contract heating element that achieves 600 degrees in 10 minutes for quick setup and expert-level grilling and searing outcomes, the Kenyon Floridian is a stainless steel 1300W electric grill. Particularly for camping and other outdoor excursions, its small, tank-like shape is intended for portability and simple storage. Its supplied attachments include an additional griddle-style cooking pan, and high-temperature approved nylon grill utensils, increasing its versatility.

You won’t be able to serve big groups of people at once due to its relatively tiny rectangular cooking area, highly high top temperature, and quick heating design. The high price point is justified by the device’s excellent level of performance, which includes professional accessories, heavy-duty build, and exceptional portability.

best electric grills to buy

George Foreman 15-Serving Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Extra-Large Nonstick Cooking Surface
  • Removable Stand for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Easy to Clean


The George Foreman 15-Serving is a very sizable electric grill with a spacious 240-square-inch circular grilling surface. It has Foreman’s proprietary “George Tough” nonstick coating, which is simple to clean and makes cooking healthier by doing away with the need for oil or butter. For even better outcomes, its drip tray and grooved design also remove extra fat and oil from food. There are many alternatives for a wide range of grilling applications thanks to the adjustable temperature control, which has five different cooking settings.

Its detachable stand is comparatively strong and makes it simple to convert between cooking on the kitchen counter and outside, but the much larger, heavier grill base makes it slightly top-heavy, which could pose a little concern for gatherings with young children and pets. Cooking healthy food for large parties is made simple by this appliance’s generous cooking surface, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and good performance.

Philips Electric Grill

Key Features

  • Removable, Dishwasher-Safe Surface
  • 1660 Watt Heating Element
  • 1-Minute Setup and Breakdown
  • Easy to Clean


A potent 1660 watt heating element in the smoke-free electric grill Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371 quickly raises food’s ideal grilling temperature of 446 degrees. It sets up and breaks down in less than a minute, has a drip tray for convenient cleanup, a dishwasher-safe grilling surface, and does not offer precise temperature control. Instead, it focuses on reliable high heat grilling and searing capability.

It is slightly less adaptable than some and less secure for family use due to its lack of various temperature options and open, exposed-element design. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic deal for remarkably consistent, hassle-free grilling and searing in a simple to set up and easy-to-clean packaging.

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Final Words

Finally, electric grills provide a convenient and practical option for people who want to enjoy grilled food without having to deal with the hassle of traditional fuel sources. They are simple to use, clean, and keep a consistent temperature, making them an excellent choice for cooking a wide range of foods. While they don’t have the same smoky flavor as charcoal or wood pellet grills, many models have adjustable temperature settings and smokeless features that give you more control over the cooking process.

We recommend that readers consider purchasing an electric grill for their grilling needs based on the reviews provided in this blog. An electric grill is a great investment for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious grilled food without the hassle of traditional grills because of features like quick heating, precise temperature control, and easy clean-up. So, don’t put it off any longer; go to your favorite retailer and get an electric grill today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does an electric grill work?

Electric grills use heating elements that are powered by electricity to cook food. The heating elements are placed beneath the grilling surface and heat up when the grill is turned on. The temperature can be adjusted using a control knob.

Are electric grills safe to use indoors?

Yes, electric grills are generally safe to use indoors as they do not produce smoke or release harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide. However, it’s important to ensure that the grill is used in a well-ventilated area and that all safety instructions are followed.

How do I clean an electric grill?

Cleaning an electric grill is relatively easy. Most models have removable grates and drip pans that can be washed in a sink or dishwasher. The heating elements should be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush and warm soapy water. Be sure to unplug the grill and allow it to cool completely before cleaning.

Can I use an electric grill for smoking?

Some electric grills are designed for smoking, but not all models are suitable for this. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your grill can be used for smoking.

How much electricity does an electric grill use?

The amount of electricity used by an electric grill depends on the model and the temperature setting. Generally, electric grills use less electricity than traditional ovens or stovetops. It’s a good idea to check the wattage of your grill and calculate the cost of electricity based on your local rates to get an idea of how much it will cost to operate.

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