Top 9 Best Console Tables to Buy

Keys, phones, address books, plants, and other items can easily be stored on console tables. A console table can fit in even the smallest of places, especially hallways, as they are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You’ll be able to locate the ideal console table, whether you’re looking for a small console table, one with drawers, or even one with mirrors.

Best Console Tables 2023

Console tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can make an excellent addition to a living room. They are usually long, narrow tables that are positioned against a wall. Console tables can be made of a variety of materials and styles, including wood, metal, glass, and even acrylic.

The functionality of a console table is one of its primary advantages. It can be used to display decorative items like vases, picture frames, or candles. It can also be used to store items like keys, wallets, or mail. Furthermore, console tables can be used to hold lamps or other lighting fixtures, which can help create ambiance in the living room.

Console tables can also help to tie a room together visually. It is possible to create a cohesive and stylish look in the living room by selecting a console table that complements the existing decor. Furthermore, console tables can be an excellent way to add a splash of color or texture to a room, especially if they are made of unusual materials like reclaimed wood or stone.

Overall, console tables are a stylish and functional addition to any living room. They can be useful for extra storage, display space, and aesthetic appeal. Console tables, whether used to display decorative items or to serve a practical purpose, are a versatile piece of furniture that can improve the overall look and feel of a living room.

Read on to learn more about the best console tables to buy :

Convenience Concepts Console Table

Key Features

  • Quick and Easy Set Up
  • X Pattern
  • Available in Multiple Finishes
  • Rectangular Shape


This Oxford 1 Drawer Console Table will quickly become a favorite for those needing additional storage and a stylish accent. With plenty of storage space and drawers for all of your belongings, this console table is the perfect addition to any dining or living area. Your house will be filled with elegance right away. This lovely console table’s dark espresso color and X Pattern design make it the perfect choice for showcasing ornamental items like family photos and plants.

Solid wood construction and a dark black finish distinguish the Oxford 1 Drawer Console Table. All you have to do is unpack it, set it up close to your entertainment area, add some flair with one of our various collections, and start living in style! Even after many years of use, the smooth engineered wood maintains its brand-new appearance and resists scratches and stains.

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Kate and Laurel Wood Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Rustic Brown/White Color
  • Versatile


A stylish, rustic accent piece for any area in the house is the gorgeous Wyldwood Table. Its appealing design and useful dimensions make it the perfect choice for use as storage and display in your living room, bedroom, foyer, or dining area. The top’s natural wood finish gives it genuine warmth, and the curving, bleached legs finish off this solid wood piece to make it very attractive. It is perfect for a multitude of tasks around the house, thanks to its 42-inch length. You can use it as a bar or service area in the dining room, where it makes a terrific entry table for the corridor.

Due to its 14-inch depth, this console can also be used as a vanity in a bedroom or to fit the second flat-screen TV you’ve always wanted in your room but couldn’t find a place for. The Wyldwood console is a functional luxury that is actually adaptable.

Oiahomy Industrial Console Table

Key Features

  • Square Shape
  • Grey Color
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Multi-Function Console Table


With its warm old wood tones and sleek black frosted steel lines, this industrial console table radiates elegance and would look great with either rustic, industrial, or modern decor. Beautiful workbench may be used for any duty around the house and provides a noble atmosphere while expertly fusing modern and vintage designs. This item works well as a console table, sofa table, hall or entry table, or even a TV cabinet. A variety of storage needs, such as extra room for books, plants, and decorations, may be accommodated by design.

This couch table is made of strong MDF wood and has a high-quality steel frame. There is a ton of storage space on each floor. When you don’t step on the floor, adjustable feet prevent it from swaying. Because of its straightforward construction and adjustable feet, your new console table will be easy to admire, even on uneven floors.

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Martin Svensson Home Wood Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Cream White with Brown Top Color
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Value for Money


A great fusion of modern design and seaside aesthetic is the Home Solid Wood Sofa Console Table. This table has two generously sized drawers to help meet your storage needs. It is made of solid wood with a pine wood top. As an alternative to TV stands for flat-screen TVs, our console table is available. You can place your TV on this console table with ease. You will have plenty of space to keep all your favorite Movies thanks to the top shelf and bottom drawers that serve as storage. Your living area or family room will be complete with the Coastal Cream White with Brown Top Console Table! On the two shelves below, stow such accessories.

Should you be searching for that final finishing touch, this table’s contemporary coastal design will blend in perfectly with any home. There is plenty of storage space provided by two drawers, and the antique bronze finish and smooth slide out drawer guides go well together. If you want to update the look of your living room, we suggest this piece of furniture.

Purlove 60 Inch Console Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Solid Wood Console Table
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • White Color


Because the structure and legs of this console table are built of solid wood, it will be durable, strong, and low maintenance for many years of usage. This couch table has a solid wood frame and legs with a wonderful distressed finish. This console table is reinforced to be durable and low-maintenance. With two smaller and two bigger drawers, this sideboard console table is perfect for holding a range of necessities and accessories. A wide, sleek desktop perfectly complements the simplicity and cleanliness of the bottom shelf.

The H sideboard table desktop is a terrific space saver for any room, especially hallways. The weight capacities of the drawer, bottom shelf, and top shelf are each 17.6 pounds, with the top shelf having a weight capability of 99 pounds. You can count on us to deliver your table swiftly, and we also provide a year’s worth of warranty coverage and professional customer support.

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Merax Long Console Sofa Table

Key Features

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Black Color
  • Solid Wood Frame
  • Multipurpose


Designed with a sleek form and a lovely, understated espresso color. It adds a touch of refinement to any space and exhibits the owner’s unique sense of taste. Two smaller and two bigger drawers on this side console table make it the perfect place to keep small items and accessories like remote controls, wires, keys, and coffee cups. These drawers’ seamless opening and closing, along with their elegant outside embellishments, will keep the dust out. It is best to display decorations on a large, elegant desktop with a basic, open shelf underneath.

With a metal frame and legs made of solid wood and painted with a stunning distressed finish, this occasional console table is strengthened to need little maintenance and be long-lasting and sturdy for many years. The lowest shelf and the four legs are the only pieces that require assembly.

Kinbor Sofa Console Long Table

Key Features

  • Ample Storage Space
  • Simple and Stylish
  • Versatile Table
  • Easy to Assemble


Our console table is a beautiful addition to any home and is stylish and elegant. It functions admirably as a console table, couch table, and entry table in the living room, corridors, and reception. The console table includes four drawers, one shelf, and one tabletop, providing lots of storage space. As decorations, you can put flowers, pictures, books, and other common items on the shelves. The drawers can be used to store small objects like keys and remote controls. Retro black is a timeless, classic color that complements every type of interior design.

This console table is the ideal piece of furniture for anyone wishing to make a statement. The modern design with nostalgic appeal and 4 storage drawers provide plenty of room while also offering solid workmanship. Don’t wait until tomorrow to pick up your sofa console table!

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Powell Furniture Long Storage Table

Key Features

  • Slimline Design
  • Good Storage Space
  • 100 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Round Antique Bronze Pulls


With four drawers, the Sadie Cream Long Storage Console Table allows you to keep blankets, board games, and other items close at hand while yet maintaining a sleek appearance. To avoid looking cluttered or overwhelming in any space of your home, the top includes hidden recessed knobs that connect to antique bronze pulls with a center floral medallion accent. Keep your living room free of clutter. The Sadie Cream Console table is the ideal place to keep all your extra items while keeping your home’s space.

For practical use of living space, this lovely console table includes 4 drawers and 2 shelves with an attractive pull design. Also, the slimline form provides enough space on either side for walking without feeling confined. Without breaking the bank, this tasteful masterpiece will add both purpose and style to your home.

Pottery Barn Sanford Console Table

Key Features

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Comes with a Bottom Shelf
  • Anti-Tip Kit Included


The ideal option if you need enclosed storage is a console table with drawers. This one includes two roomy drawers that provide plenty of area to put small items you want to keep out of the way but accessible. It has a simple steel frame that is strong, and the rest of it is composed of solid mango wood and MDF, giving it a rustic but nevertheless incredibly sophisticated appearance. Because it’s a little bigger than typical, there are plenty of drawers, a huge surface area, and a bottom shelf for books, lighting, and decor.

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Final Words

In conclusion, console tables are a great addition to any living room. They serve as a storage area, a display space for decorative items, and a stylish complement to the existing decor, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. You can create a welcoming and cohesive living space that is both functional and beautiful by selecting a console table that matches your personal style and needs.

According to the reviews provided in this blog, console tables come in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home. There is a console table to suit your needs, whether you want a rustic wooden table, a sleek modern design, or a vintage-inspired piece.

If you’re looking for a console table, we highly recommend looking at the options presented in this blog. These tables are sure to meet your expectations and enhance your living room with their high-quality materials, thoughtful designs, and positive reviews. Don’t wait any longer to invest in a console table and see what a difference it can make in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a console table?

A console table is a long, narrow table designed to be placed against a wall. It is often used as a display area for decorative items or as a surface for lamps or other lighting fixtures.

What materials are console tables made of?

Console tables can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, or acrylic. The choice of material often depends on the style of the table and the overall look of the room.

What are the dimensions of a console table?

Console tables come in a variety of sizes, but they are generally long and narrow. The width can range from about 12 inches to 24 inches, while the length can be anywhere from 36 inches to 72 inches or more.

Where can I place a console table?

Console tables are versatile and can be placed in a variety of locations, such as in the entryway, hallway, living room, or even the bedroom. They are especially useful in areas where space is limited.

What are some common uses for a console table?

Console tables can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying decorative items, storing keys or mail, or serving as a surface for lighting fixtures. They can also be used as makeshift desk or workspace in a pinch.

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