Top 9 Best Black Tights for Women to Buy

Black tights are a must-have accessory, just like a little black dress. They can be worn with skirts and dresses in cooler weather for an extra layer of warmth or added to an ensemble at any time of year for more color and texture. The key is that they are incredibly adaptable. But if you’ve ever worn tights, you’re probably aware of how picky they can be—we’re talking stacking, snagging, and ripping.

Best Black Tights

Women’s black tights are a versatile and practical wardrobe staple. They not only provide warmth and coverage in cold weather, but they can also add a touch of style and sophistication to any outfit. Black tights are available in a variety of materials, ranging from opaque cotton blends to sheer nylon, and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

The ability of black tights to make any outfit look chic and put-together is one of their many advantages. They can be worn with a simple tunic or dress for a classic look, or they can be worn under shorts or a mini-skirt for extra warmth and coverage. Black tights go well with boots or high heels, making them a versatile option for both casual and formal occasions.

Another benefit of black tights is that they flatter a wide range of body types. Opaque tights can hide any flaws or bumps, resulting in a sleek and streamlined silhouette. Sheer tights can dress up any outfit while still providing coverage and support.

Finally, black tights are an essential fashion item for any woman’s wardrobe. They are adaptable, functional, and fashionable and can be worn in a variety of settings and with a variety of clothing styles. Black tights are an excellent choice for adding a touch of sophistication and style to your outfit, whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual.

Read on to learn more about the best black tights to buy :

No Nonsense Super-Opaque Control-Top Tights

Key Features

  • Snag and Rip Resistant
  • Pull On Closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Control Top for a Smooth and Slim Look


Seeking tights that can withstand the abuse of regular use? The Women’s Opaque Control by No Nonsense Throughout the course of our testing, top tights showed to be the most resilient. Even when clamps were used to pull the tights to their absolute maximum, they immediately returned to their former shape when stretched by hand.

While hard velcro required multiple passes before catching and pulling on the tights, soft velcro did not harm the tights. Furthermore, these tights resisted multiple passes of finger claws inside the tights before finally falling up to a snag; nonetheless, passing jewelry and finger claws over the top of the tights produced no obvious damage.

The lack of a tag to identify the rear of the tights is one drawback of these tights (which would be helpful when putting them on). These tights have a minimal amount of sheerness, providing excellent coverage and warmth. They are a wonderful option for anyone who needs their tights to last through a demanding job or who is wearing them as part of a uniform.

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Vero Monte Opaque Fleece Lined Tights

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Super Stretchy
  • Great for Adding Warmth Without Bulk
  • Fleece and Spandex Material


Can one be both warm and stylish? In a world where tights are lined with fleece, anything is possible. These tights have the elasticity of regular tights along with the comfort and opacity of leggings. These tights are ideal for layering in the winter since they give warmth without adding bulk to any outfit.

These tights were surprisingly supple, especially at the waist. However, they immediately and visibly snagged and pulled when we tried to fasten them with velcro. They impressively resisted our pointy jewelry and Nimble tests, though. These tights are an excellent option for people looking for covert comfort at work and are reasonably priced.

Hanes Blackout Control Top Tights

Key Features

  • Extremely Durable
  • Nice Thick, Opaque Material
  • High-Rise Waist
  • Hand Wash Only


Those who don’t wear tights frequently may prefer to stay with an inexpensive pair, and this particular pair is a wonderful choice. The legs have a nice elasticity to them, which adds comfort, and the fabric is fairly thick and nearly entirely opaque. The waistband is rather firm, which you may like if you’re searching for tights with belly control, but if that’s not what you’re after, beware that the waistband doesn’t have much flex capacity.

The tights’ resistance to the velcro and jewelry tests, which were used to check for snagging, ripping, and pilling, impressed our tester the most. Given how reasonably priced they are, this achievement is all the more remarkable because the tights stood up almost flawlessly in every test.

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Wolford Merino Tights

Key Features

  • Reinforced Toes and Heels
  • Soft and Stretchy Material
  • Insulating Fabric
  • High-Rise Waist


When the weather outdoors is making it difficult for you to wear skirts and dresses, tights are a terrific wardrobe must. These tights are constructed from materials like nylon, elastane, and wool, which aids in insulation. The tights’ softness and stretch impressed our tester, who paid particular attention to how well the waistband held its shape after stretching.

Although they snagged a little bit during the durability tests, our tester said that it was only a minor occurrence and that it required quite a bit of pressure with a nimble to cause a little tear. These tights can be an excellent purchase if you’re looking for an additional layer of warmth this winter.

Commando Sheer Tights

Key Features

  • Nylon & Elastane Material
  • Matte Finish
  • Sheer Opacity
  • High Rise


These tights are the ones to choose for a night out for our stylish buddies. They are comfortable from top to bottom and have good leg stretch. Even the waistline, despite its lacey appearance, is cozy on the stomach. These tights give any ensemble a sensual edge, as the ironic moniker would have you believe. Nonetheless, although being contemporary, the sheerness offers little warmth.

Sheer tights are less resistant to wear and tear than choices that are more opaque. These tights weren’t at all resistant to jewelry or our velcro ripping them. Our tester advises, “I’d recommend this to my friend who appreciates the sheer tight look and can afford numerous pairs. They are a lovely and cozy addition to your tights collection if you are very careful with your clothing.

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Spanx Tummy Shaping Tights

Key Features

  • Matte Finish
  • Opaque
  • Mid Rise
  • Extremely Durable


Spanx Tummy Shaping Tights are one of the greatest solutions if you need a little extra support. They don’t have a high waist, but they sit directly above the belly button and flatten your stomach without being uncomfortable. They are also incredibly durable because of their molding ability. Velcro, jewelry, and nails were unable to damage the fabric in any way that could be seen.

However, it does mean that they are less stretchy than other tights in order to offer such support. The stretch across the stomach was ideal for belly control tights, according to our tester, but she hopes the “legs would stretch a little bit more on the length side.” Although they might not be the finest choice for our tall friends, these are the best for anyone looking for a long-lasting shaping item.

A New Day 120D Blackout Tights

Key Features

  • Very Opaque
  • Excellent Stretch Lengthwise
  • Pretty Durable
  • High-Rise Waist


Finding pants and tights that fit you properly can be difficult if you have long legs. You should choose these because of their exceptional ability to expand longitudinally; our tester was quite impressed. Although having a high degree of flexibility, they do recover their shape after stretching and retain their opacity.

Our tester reported that they are fairly sturdy in terms of durability, especially given their modest price. The finger claws and jewelry tests were a fantastic value for the money because they did not significantly rip or tear, unlike the velcro test, which did cause some snags.

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Sheertex Classic Sheer Rip-Resist Tights

Key Features

  • Semi-Sheer Finish
  • Waistband Provides Light Compression
  • High-Rise Waist
  • Machine Wash Cold


Tights are often criticized for not being durable since even the smallest amount of friction can cause them to break. But you don’t need to be particularly cautious when wearing these tights because they allow you to move around freely. The velcro test did result in a few minor snags, but our tester was surprised that they didn’t develop into pulls or holes that were particularly obvious. She was taken aback when the tights passed the finger claw and jewelry tests without suffering any damage that could be seen.

In addition to their longevity, we appreciate that the waistband offers light compression that is yet comfortable and that they have a semi-sheer appearance as opposed to the sheer and opaque alternatives now available. We wish they had more stretch if we could change one thing about them.

SKIMS Full Control Tights

Key Features

  • Polyamide & Elastane Material
  • Matte Finish
  • High Rise
  • Semi-Sheer Opacity


These tights lived up to our high expectations, and we’re delighted to inform you that they were met. “They really surpassed my expectations,” comments our tester. “I was pleasantly delighted that the brand’s excitement wasn’t just empty words,” In typical Skims flair, these tights combine fashion and utility: Thanks to the built-in control top that smooths and sculpts the body, the broad waistband offers excellent support in the middle and upper thighs. They provide an extensive size chart to assist you in selecting the proper fit, and we appreciate that they are available in various sizes.

These tights will last you a long time as long as you stay away from velcro. It put up a valiant battle against fingernails and sharp nails, but a gentle tug against velcro caused it to begin to rip a little. Overall, we believe that these tights are some of the most adaptable on our list because they go well with both casual attire and formal attire.

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Final Words

In conclusion, the search for the best black tights for women can be overwhelming, given the vast array of options available in the market. However, after careful consideration and analysis of the reviews provided in this blog, it is clear that there are some outstanding choices to consider. These tights have been praised for their comfort, versatility, breathability, and style by satisfied customers. Whether you’re an avid yogi or runner or looking for something casual, there is a black tight that is perfect for your needs. We encourage readers to consider the reviews provided in this blog and invest in a pair of black tights that meet their preferences and needs. The right pair of black tights can elevate your wardrobe and provide comfort, style, and functionality for various activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials are black tights for women made of?

Black tights for women are made of various materials, including nylon, polyester, spandex, and cotton.

Can black tights be worn as pants?

While black tights are usually worn as undergarments or as an additional layer, some people choose to wear them as pants. However, pairing them with a long top or dress is advisable to avoid a potentially revealing outfit.

What is the best way to care for black tights?

Black tights should be washed gently by hand or in a machine on a delicate cycle. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, and hang them to air-dry instead of using a dryer.

Can black tights be worn in warm weather?

Black tights are generally associated with cooler weather, but there are thinner and more breathable options that can be worn comfortably in warmer temperatures.

Are black tights appropriate for formal events?

Black tights can be a suitable option for formal events such as weddings, as long as they are paired with an appropriate dress or skirt and shoes.

How can I prevent black tights from tearing or snagging?

To prevent tearing or snagging, avoid rough surfaces, and take care when putting them on and taking them off. It is also advisable to trim any sharp toenails or fingernails before wearing tights.

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