Top 9 Best Beach Chairs to Buy in 2023

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Regular beach goers are aware that the right equipment is necessary for a great beach day. To make the most of your excursion, make sure you have a dependable beach chair once you’ve packed your sunscreen, umbrella, and cooler. Beach chairs not only make your trip more relaxing by preventing stress from getting coated in sand, but they also guarantee your comfort.

Best Beach Chairs 2023

Beach chairs are chairs that are designed for use outside, particularly at the beach. They are available in a wide range of styles and materials, from simple folding chairs to elaborate lounge chairs with adjustable positions.

The material is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a beach chair. Beach chairs are frequently made of lightweight, rust-resistant materials like aluminum or plastic, and they may be covered in weather-resistant fabrics like polyester or mesh. For added convenience and comfort, some chairs include cup holders or attached sun umbrellas.

Another important factor to consider is the chair’s design. Some chairs are made to be portable, with lightweight frames that are easy to transport to and from the beach. Others are comfort-oriented, with padded seats and backrests, adjustable positions, and even built-in pillows.

There is a beach chair to suit your needs, whether you want a simple folding chair to take to the beach or a more luxurious lounge chair for all-day relaxation. So, why not add some comfort and style to your next beach outing by investing in a high-quality beach chair? You can soak up the sun, read a good book, and relax in style while admiring the beauty of the beach with the right chair.

Read on to learn more about the best beach chairs to buy in 2023:

Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Ground Mat

To be clear up front, this is a ground mat, as the name would imply. It is hardly more than a towel that is placed on the ground. Nonetheless, if you want a cheap option and don’t mind sitting on the ground, this is a fantastic choice. First off, despite the fact that it lacks backpack straps, it is incredibly lightweight and portable. It is also simple to use while unpacking, reclining, and packing it back up. Also, it seems quite robust.

The Coleman Utopia Breeze also has a narrow breadth, in addition to the fact that it merely rests on the ground. Smaller folks, kids, or those who visit the beach mostly to play and want something a little more robust than a towel for relaxing might consider another option because of how reasonably priced it is.

best beach chairs 2023

RIO Beach Big Boy High Seat Backpack Beach Chair

The Rio Beach Chair merely has the traditional beach chair’s appearance. In our tests, it also did quite well. Our testers were particularly fond of the backpack straps since they were supportive and evenly dispersed the weight of the chair. The ergonomic headrest pillow and the four varied recline positions were well-liked features. The test subjects also discovered the chair to be pleasant after extended use. They also appreciated how simple it was to clean and maintain the chair’s material.

We appreciate the extra-wide frame, armrests, storage pocket, and cup holder. Also, we appreciate that this chair is roughly a foot from the ground, making it comfortable for reclining positions without being too low to be extremely challenging to get into and out of. It’s more expensive than average for a beach chair, but if you want something that will last for a long time, it seems like a reasonable investment.

Pacific Breeze Lounger

Beach chairs are always improving. More fashions are emerging that are made to be as portable and comfortable as possible. One of them giving a novel spin on the conventional beach chair is the Pacific Breeze Lounger. The concept for the lounger’s design is excellent. In essence, it’s an effort to combine the portability of a backpack with the comfort of a chaise lounge. It’s a challenging design objective, and Pacific Breeze has succeeded brilliantly. The lounger has a minimalist aesthetic that gives the impression that it is a beach chair for those who dislike them. In other words, it’s a huge improvement over simply spreading out on the sand with a towel.

This chair’s portability was fantastic. The straps that resemble a backpack, in particular, are a great feature. Although they weren’t the most comfortable straps in the world, they were nonetheless a cool feature to carry and allowed you to use both hands for other things (and not worry about a shoulder strap sliding off while huffing all your other beach stuff). Also, it was incredibly light. It took some getting used to remove the backpack’s straps from the chair in order to unfold it (and then folding it back up). Yet after a little learning curve, everything went smoothly.

best beach chairs in 2023

Homevative Folding Backpack Beach Chair

Our testers loved this chair to pieces. One test subject who was a Florida native and had grown up by the sea said, “It’s one of the greatest (beach chairs) I’ve ever used.” The legs glide in and out, and you can recline all the way back. It is also incredibly simple to transport thanks to the backpack-like straps.

The headrest, mesh drink pocket, and covered pocket for essentials like a phone were also praised by our testers. Bonus: a plastic device holder is included with this chair. One test subject said, “I looped my hat’s drawstring onto it while I wasn’t using it, so it wouldn’t blow away.” Our testers were able to carry other goods with their hands free thanks to the weight being evenly divided by the two backpack straps. A tester said, “It’s a bit costly but well worth the expenditure for an easily transportable and maneuverable chair with a few nice additions.”

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

All summer clothing, particularly beach chairs, are most popularly sold under the Tommy Bahama brand. Although they cost a little more than comparable chairs, the loungers from this company are built to last. One of our testers, who tried a Tommy Bahama beach chair for the first time 11 years ago, is still as thrilled with it today and calls it “top-notch” and “unmatched.” His favorite aspect is how easily it reclines and how easily the arms and back can be adjusted. This specific chair has a saddlebag with a phone pocket and a cup holder in addition to strong hardwood armrests and a lightweight aluminum frame.

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KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

According to Amazon reviews, the chair fits comfortably in the trunk and the firm boasts that it opens and closes in a matter of seconds. It comes with backpack straps and a storage case and weighs less than seven pounds, making it lightweight and portable. The chair has pockets to keep your phone, water, and keys safe and sand-free in addition to a headrest at the top, cool mesh at your back, and a sturdy frame. Many reviews mentioned how simple it was to transport from the car to the beach. Also, it is a fantastic option for tall persons or those who require head and neck support due to its taller backrest.

GCI Outdoor Wilderness Reclining Camping Chair

This outdoor recliner is ideal for beachgoers who prefer to simply relax and take in the scenery while sitting for extended periods of time. It has a mesh backrest to keep you cool, an adjustable headrest, a four-position recline, as well as a pocket and a cupholder for your drinks. One happy GCI reviewer states, “This was the only chair I could find with both camping straps and no crossbar.” He argues other chairs with a crossbar would obstruct his leg circulation. His only concern is that the dark green color of the chair makes him feel out of place at the beach.

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Kijaro Coast Folding Beach Sling Chair

Because their seats can sag too low for certain people, these types of beach chairs aren’t for everyone. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised by how comfy the Kijaro Coast Folding Beach Sling Chair was. Its seat is comprised of what the maker refers to as “diamond ripstop polyester fabric.” No issues, according to our tester. It’s high enough off the ground for me to sit comfortably and low enough for me to comfortably recline.

The Kijaro has two mesh cup holders, a water-resistant removable accessory organizer, and a built-in cooler—basically everything you’d expect from a beach chair. Our tester, however, didn’t like the removable pillow. That significantly changed how quickly he could fall asleep. The chair conveniently folds into its small, light bag when it’s time to go home. The chair itself weighs less than seven pounds.

This item is neither a simple recliner nor an extravagant one. This chair is a fantastic option if it works for your recreational needs.

Life is Good Beach Chair

The Life Is Good Beach Chair has adjustable back straps to make carrying it simple, just like the other beach chairs we suggest. With its large seat and 300-pound weight capacity, this durable chair does free up your hands for hauling food and other beach necessities, as our tester attested. “While carrying this, my fiancé had her handbag slung over her shoulder and a bag of groceries in her right hand.” But, we observed that this makes for a wide load, making it challenging to manage its 12 pounds between automobiles in the parking lot. We also discovered that using this chair as a backpack required using the majority of the boardwalk’s bike lane.

Nevertheless, as soon as our low-chair fan opened the chair and sat down, all of that discontent disappeared. He claimed that many low-quality chairs are excessively low or have fabric that stretches, leaving you with a bumpy seating sensation as your butt touches the sand. Yet this chair’s height was ideal; there was still a small space between the seat’s bottom and the sand. We also value the headrest cushion, wide back and arms with large cup holders on each, and five different positions for the backrest. Our tester remarked, “I enjoy how easy I can change the backrest level from a seat to a bed and every angle in between. For a pleasant tanning experience, you may easily extend the fold to almost horizontal. The chair is kept folded by a little red clasp.

Final Words

In conclusion, beach chairs are an essential accessory for anyone looking to make the most of their beach experience. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, there is a beach chair to fit every need and preference. Our reviews have highlighted some of the best beach chairs available, from simple folding chairs to more luxurious lounge chairs with adjustable positions and built-in features. These chairs are designed to provide comfort and convenience, whether you’re spending a few hours at the beach or an entire day. By investing in a quality beach chair, you can enhance your outdoor experience and create lasting memories with friends and family. We encourage you to choose a beach chair that best suits your needs and preferences, and to make the most of your time at the beach. So why wait? Add a beach chair to your summer essentials today and get ready to soak up the sun in style!

best beach chairs to buy in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a beach chair?

A beach chair is a type of outdoor chair designed specifically for use at the beach. They are typically lightweight, portable, and made with weather-resistant materials.

What are the different types of beach chairs?

There are several different types of beach chairs, including simple folding chairs, lounge chairs with adjustable positions, and even chairs with built-in coolers and sun umbrellas.

What should I look for when buying a beach chair?

Consider factors such as material, design, and features when buying a beach chair. Look for chairs made of lightweight, rust-resistant materials and featuring weather-resistant fabrics. Also consider the chair’s design and features such as cup holders, attached sun umbrellas, and adjustable positions.

How do I clean and maintain my beach chair?

Most beach chairs can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Be sure to dry the chair thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew or mold growth. Store your chair in a cool, dry place to prevent rust or corrosion.

Can beach chairs be used for other outdoor activities?

Yes, beach chairs can be used for other outdoor activities such as camping, picnicking, or watching outdoor events. They are designed for easy transport and can provide comfortable seating in a variety of outdoor settings.