Top 8 Best Massage Chairs to Buy

One of the healthiest things we can do for our physical well-being, athletic performance, and mental wellbeing is to prioritize relaxation and physical recovery. The greatest massage chairs can significantly affect how quickly our bodies heal, how well they function physically, and how we feel mentally.

A massage chair is a fantastic method to improve your physical and mental health while relaxing at home. Massage chairs provide the utmost in total relaxation and are a proven method for easing stress and aching muscles.

Best Massage Chairs

You may want to think about purchasing an at-home massage chair if you are always craving deep-tissue kneading, acupressure, and heat therapy. We compared the top models on the market right now and selected a few that stood out for their settings, features, and overall value.

These at-home massage chairs perform the job for you, even if you could certainly enlist a partner or give yourself a massage. There are a ton of options and features to consider when deciding which massage chair is best for you, including body scan technology for personalized sessions, massage pads for on-the-go relief, compression boots for recovery from intense workouts, and zero-gravity chairs with voice control so you can relax without moving a muscle.

Learn how massage therapy can improve your overall health as you scroll down to choose the best massage chair for you.

Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Large LCD Remote Control Screen
  • Three Levels of Adjustable Back Heating
  • Dual Tracking Rolling
  • Faux Leather


For first-time massage chair buyers, we recommend the Real Relax massage chair because it offers the majority of users a little bit of everything, doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort, and is more affordable for most people shopping in the market due to its lower-end of average massage chair price range.

The S-track design of the chair allows for the major target regions to be the neck, back, and waist. However, what we really enjoy about this chair is that the S-track has two sets of rollers on each side, replicating a two-handed massage by a professional. It delivers three forms of massage (shiatsu, kneading, and knocking), lets you operate the chair with your voice, and includes a zero gravity recline for maximum pain treatment. Its intensity and heat features may also be customized to your tastes.

The Real Relax massage chair is a well-balanced option appropriate for almost all users thanks to an extended footrest that allows small, average-sized, and tall people to fit comfortably.

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner

Key Features

  • Extendable Footrest
  • Lower-than-Average Cost
  • Faux Leather
  • Heating Capabilities


The SMAGREHO Massage Chair shares many of the same features as our best overall pick, including a zero gravity design, multiple massage modes that target your neck, back, and waist, heat treatment, and an extended footrest with height adjustment.

The primary distinction? Over $200 less is spent compared to the Real Relax. While there is no voice control, there is Bluetooth, and even though the massaging rollers are not on a dual-core track, there are still eight massaging heads at predetermined positions down your spine for a thorough massage.

The SMAGREHO chair is a cost-effective option of comparable quality and style if you desire the adaptability of the Real Relax but are willing to make a few concessions to save some money.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full-Body Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Lumbar Heat
  • L-Track Massage for Buttocks
  • Full-Body Stretching Targets Spine
  • Leather Material


With 16 million Americans suffering from chronic back pain, it’s no surprise that manufacturers of these chairs have prioritized back massage over all other varieties. Nearly all massage chairs on the market target the back as a primary focus.

The RELAXONCHAIR Plus has the standard massage chair capabilities and a few extras that really improve your back massage experience, which is what we like about it. This chair has an L-track that is deeper down to help massage your lower back and buttocks in place of a full-body S-track (which is incredibly helpful if you have sciatica or tailbone pain).

Airbags are available to massage your hips and pelvis, and heated pads for the lower back to increase alleviation. Last but not least, the chair’s reclining function stretches and decompresses your legs and spine to relieve lower back strain.

Comfier Portable Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Less Expensive
  • Foldable, Heating, Seat Vibration


A massage chair that you may use all day rather than just during designated work breaks has some merit. You may bring this folding chair with you to the office, on excursions, or other rooms in your home, even though it isn’t as luxurious as some other alternatives on our list. If it’s affecting the Feng Shui of your living room, you can even fold it up and put it away quickly. Compared to full-body massage chairs, it offers an economical alternative and a lot of power in a little container. Additionally, it is adjustable and has a reclining back, several massage nodes, and heat treatment.

With a 4.4 rating and some really good Amazon reviews, there weren’t many complaints about this portable massage chair. “With a brisk rotating ball set that is never harsh or uncomfortable, Comfier offers great relief. The chair has easy detachable cushioning on the back and neck massage devices in case you need to reduce the intensity “A reviewer contributes. Due to my frequent exercise routine, I was really pleased with the massage’s strength and used it virtually every day.

iRest A306 Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Automatic Body Scan
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • AI Voice Control
  • Zero Gravity


This is one of the most astounding massage chairs on the market right now, including three degrees of zero gravity and exceptional automatic body scan technology to give you the customized massage you’ve been dreaming of. It offers 12 automatic massage modes, including whole-body sedation, tiredness recovery, stretching, and two pairs of massage tracks that mimic a professional’s hands-on vibration. Oh, and you can switch between the 12 functions using AI voice control without lifting a finger.

Despite being one of the most expensive choices on this list, this one falls within the typical price range for a high-quality massage chair. This is undoubtedly a popular favorite, as seen by its 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and the plethora of reviews supporting this brand’s reliability. A reviewer claims, “We experimented with the twelve distinct massage auto routines, each of which offers a unique form of massage. We struggled to decide on a chair because I prefer a vigorous massage, and my wife prefers a mild one, but we both liked the massages, and some of them were gentle enough for my wife. The range of massage and stretching programs were excellent. I wholeheartedly endorse this massage chair.”

Kahuna EM Arete Superior 3D Elite SL Track Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Full-Body Heating
  • Arrives Assembled
  • Huge Selection of Massage Programs
  • Body Scan for Personalized Massage


This is the finest massage chair to purchase if you have the money to do so. It offers 24 preloaded massage programs, five-speed settings, five levels of compression strength, and three zero-gravity recline positions. It also has a 3D roller mechanism for precise targeting. Customizing your massage is simple with the AI voice control and touchscreen remote, and the chair’s memory function saves your choices for further use. Other noteworthy features include calves, foot rollers, Bluetooth speakers, and all-over heating. It has a two-year manufacturer warranty and is delivered completely constructed.

There have only been a few reviews of this chair on Amazon so far, but they are all 5-star ratings. One person reviewed, “The message is superior to getting one from a person. It has a more realistic, yet encompassing, feel than a typical massage.” One more adds, “A chair with a stunning design and a fantastic remote that has many presets for every part of your body. The neck and upper back preset are great. Also fantastic is the heat option. This massage chair is fantastic.” The specs state that the required height ranges from 5-foot-1 to 6-foot-3, even though no reviews have ratings lower than 5. So you might think about a more height-appropriate chair if you’re shorter or taller.

OWAYS SL Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Key Features

  • Multiple Styles of Massage
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Zero Gravity
  • Faux Leather


If you have arthritis pain, you understand how challenging it can be to accomplish almost anything some days. Even resting in bed might place too much pressure on your joints, making it tough to just unwind (let alone cook, clean, work, or do household chores).

We like the following features of the OWAYS massage chair for people with arthritis: It not only has a zero gravity feature that makes you genuinely weightless—free of joint pain and pressure—but it also scans your body to fit your specific size and shape, ensuring that you receive a personalized massage rather than a generic one. Additionally, a wider area of your body can benefit from the combo SL track, from your neck to your shoulders and your back all the way down to your hips and buttocks.

The OWAYS chair is capable of much more, including heat therapy, rolling foot massage, and moderate Thai stretching to help your spine loosen up. Most arthritis sufferers should be able to find everyday alleviation at home with the help of this diverse array of techniques.

Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Key Features

  • Heating Included at Neck Level
  • Targeted Neck and Shoulder Relief
  • 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu Massage
  • 3 Massage Functions


Here, we’re going outside the norm and recommending a massage chair pad rather than a typical chair. Even though many chairs have rollers that can reach your neck, it can be challenging to concentrate on releasing the tension in your stiff, sore neck muscles when you’re seated in a full-fledged massage chair with a padded headrest.

However, the flexible, silica-based massage nodes in this chair pad from Snailax allow for tighter contact between your neck and the massaging rollers, allowing you to receive focused relief where it is most needed. The pad’s height may be adjusted to fit a wide range of user sizes, and its cover can be removed and cleaned.

If you’re looking for neck relief, it’s not quite the same as a complete massage chair, but it might even be better! Additionally, unlike many rival brands that merely provide heat along the back, the Snailax model warms your neck and back along the entire range of the chair.

Final Words

The Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair would appeal to anyone looking to purchase an all-purpose massage chair with several of the most well-liked features on the market (such as voice control, zero gravity, and multiple massage modes). With dual-core S-track massage rollers that target your back, neck, and waist, it mimics the sensation of receiving a skilled, hands-on massage.

We enjoy how the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Full Body Massage Chair stretches and decompresses your spine for optimal massage relief if your lower back is your main worry.


How Does a Massage Chair Work?

With the use of rollers, nodes, or airbags that move up and down your spine like a masseuse’s hands to release knots, ease muscle tension, and boost circulation, massage chairs operate on a track system.

How Long Can You Use a Massaging Chair For?

Although there is no formal recommendation, the broad consensus appears to support keeping sessions to no more than 15 minutes. Many massage chairs have an automatic shut-off mechanism that makes it simple to keep track of how long you’ve been using the chair and operate it securely.

Can I Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

On the subject of using a massage chair while pregnant, opinions vary.

However, many advise against using one during your first trimester and recommend you to keep any sessions you have to a minimum if you use one to treat your lower back pain from pregnancy.

Naturally, you should see your doctor before starting any treatment.

How Do I Choose a Massage Chair?

Hopefully, our reviews will be useful. Make a list of the features you must have and a reasonable budget estimate to get started, and go from there.

Finding the chair that best suits you won’t require you to spend more money than you have because different chairs have varied roles.

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