Top 8 Best Mailbox Alert Systems to Buy

Since most of us lead busy lives, it is a pain to check the mailbox every day in case mail has arrived. Fortunately, mailbox sensors are available in the age of the smart home, which you can install to receive notifications when mail arrives.

For those who would prefer not to check the mailbox several times throughout the day to see if their mail came, a mailbox alert system is an ideal option. Additionally, it is fantastic for seniors and other people with mobility issues for whom making multiple visits to the mailbox is neither ideal nor practical.

Best Mailbox Alert Systems 2023

In my opinion, the ideal addition to your home would be smart home technology. These gadgets not only make life much simpler, but they also give your normal duties an extra degree of security and privacy. Nearly every task you used to complete on a daily basis can be replaced by a clever alternative right now. Even the most elementary acts are included, like opening your mailbox.

Instead of manually checking the mail three to four times every day, you could install a mailbox alarm system. These systems, as their name implies, monitor your mailbox for you and notify you when you receive mail or a package, which is especially useful considering the rising likelihood of package theft.

The resident is notified when mail arrives by a mailbox alert system. Most frequently, the notification is sent via text message, email, an app, or a receiver device that is located in the home. Simpler mailbox alarms consist of mounted flags that rise when the mailbox door is opened.

Here are the best mailbox alert systems to buy :

Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System

There is no need to go any further if you want the most reliable mailbox alert system. The most well-known manufacturer of mailbox alert systems, Mail Chime, will be at the top of our list.

Our top choice for the best mailbox alert systems is the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 because it provides a wealth of options and higher protection standards. The Mail Chime MAIL-1200 is comparable in accuracy and dependability to your smartphone. The Mail Chime MAIL-1200 will notify you four times with audio cues and an LED light signal for each mail action. In addition to serving as a simple alert system, it also serves as a theft alarm to protect the privacy and security of your mail.

With a connectivity range of up to 350 feet, the Mail Chime MAIL-1200 transforms your regular mailbox into a smart mailbox. The sophisticated transmitter that powers the system makes it possible. The Mail Chime MAIL-1200’s settings can also be changed to meet your requirements, so you can tailor its performance to fit your routine.

Briidea 500ft Wireless Mailbox Alert

Additionally, Briidea contributes a great option to our list of the top mailbox alert systems. This choice’s unmatched dependability and useful feature set are the reasons it is at the top of our list.

The Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System is positioned third. The Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alarm System is a more reasonably priced option than the majority of other wireless mailbox alert systems on the market. Additionally, it still provides all the key characteristics you would expect from a mailbox alert system.

The over 500-foot wireless range of the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System ensures that you won’t miss any updates due to poor connectivity. This system can transcend up to 5 barriers and still provide coverage of up to 300 feet, even if there are walls between them.

Two AAA batteries power the sensor of the Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System to provide a long-lasting function. As a result, you won’t need to reset the system’s batteries as frequently as you would with others. The Briidea Wireless Mailbox Alert System’s extremely low power consumption also contributes to its reduced operating expenses. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any updates, the receiver within the home will play 10 audible notifications whenever the mailbox is used. The alerts’ volume can also be adjusted to fit your requirements better.

wireless mailbox alarm system

The Home Mailbox Notification System

If you want an all-in-one solution, THE HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE is another excellent alternative for a mailbox alert system you wouldn’t want to overlook. It is a premium choice from our list and is likewise loaded with features.

The Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System from THE HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE is placed in the second position. In order to convey the notifications, this wireless mailbox alert system also uses a wireless transmitter. Additionally, you will get both visible and auditory warnings to ensure you are informed each time your mailbox is opened. The HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system supports outside mailboxes with a range of up to 350 feet.

You may create a quick and secure mail alert system in your home in just two easy steps. You only need to attach a small sensor to your mailbox and link its receiver to a power outlet in your home to use The HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system. Due to the bright red LED fitted on the receiver, the HOME SECURITY SUPERSTORE alert system also provides visual assistance and double notifications for each and every mail delivery.

Tolviviov Mailbox Notification System

Moving on to the mailbox alert systems that are reasonably priced, we have a few choices from companies like tolviviov. It is a specialized brand that provides a variety of alarm systems and products for home protection.

When purchasing a smart home accessory, it is usually preferable to choose a brand like tolviviov that specializes in home security gadgets. A real-time alarm system for your mailbox, the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System provides audible notifications when an outsider accesses the mailbox. However, setting up the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

The tolviviov Mailbox Notification System has a battery backup that lasts up to 48 hours, serving as an emergency backup when the power source is cut off. The 200-foot communication range provided by this mailbox alert system is more than sufficient for most everyday tasks. As just its antenna will be exposed to the environment, the sensor of the tolviviov Mailbox Notification System will also provide uniform performance and weather resistance. As a result, this solution is also a good one for metal mailboxes.

mailbox alarm system

Mailbox Alert Wireless Mail Notification System

Another well-known name for smart devices focused on mail delivery systems is Mailbox Alert. One of its numerous options for such a system is the mailbox alarm system below from Mailbox Alert.

Next, we have a fantastic choice from Mailbox Alert for you. Another wireless mail notification system on our list is the Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime. Like the majority of the other choices, it offers a connectivity range of up to 450 feet. It is the perfect option for curbside mailboxes. However, if you have a huge metallic mailbox, you should generally steer clear of this choice.

When you get mail, The Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime additionally provides audio and visual updates. Along with a complete set of instructions, the package contains everything you need to set up the Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime. Therefore, setting up and using this mailbox alert system is really simple. Additionally, Mailbox Alert- Mail Chime is licensed by UL and the FCC. So, if you select Mailbox Alert – Mail Chime, you are undoubtedly making a wise decision.

DREYOO Mailbox Alarm

Previously, smart home systems and home security equipment were fairly pricey. Such systems are now more accessible than ever because companies like DREYOO sell goods at low prices.

Another affordable option on our list today is the DREYOO Mailbox Alert system. In actuality, it is the most cost-effective mailbox delivery system on the market at the moment. However, neither the system’s features nor its dependability is compromised. The DREYOO Mailbox Alert has an extremely adjustable feature set that offers up to 500 feet of connectivity range, just like the majority of other premium options.

On the DREYOO Mailbox Alert, there are roughly 52 distinct alert tones that you may choose from to find the best fit for your house. To ensure that you will be easily informed regardless of the installation of the base unit, you may optionally modify the loudness of the alerts within 4 preset levels. For additional changes, the sensor’s sensitivity can also be changed within 120 degrees of placement. Additionally, the DREYOO Mailbox Alert features a waterproof construction to endure weather issues.

dreyoo mailbox alarm

OUVOPO Mailbox Notification System

For a mailbox alert system on a tight budget, OUVOPO is a fantastic choice. Additionally, it contains several features that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Another excellent mailbox substitute with many useful features is the OUVOPO Mailbox Notification System. It is a wireless alert system that provides a connectivity range of up to 200 feet to guarantee a steady and dependable wireless connection. Because of its practical design, the OUVOPO Mailbox Notification System may be paired with the majority of mailbox types, including slot type, curbside, and even metallic mailboxes.

The OUVOPO Mailbox Notification System generates a 120 dB warning as soon as the mailbox is accessed, making it difficult to ignore its auditory alerts. Additionally, it does not require a WiFi connection to function because it relies on an antenna and a receiver. A base station, a sensor with an antenna, two security stickers, a power adapter, and the two hook and loop tapes required for installation are all included in the box.

Ring Mailbox Sensor & Bridge

A lot of mail is being stolen in the USA. Additionally, your chances of losing important deliveries and valuable packages increase if you reside in a dangerous neighborhood. To keep your mail safe and secure, use the Ring Mailbox Sensor.

It can be connected to other smart home appliances like Ring Smart Lighting, Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Cameras, and anything else that supports Alexa. To configure it, you don’t need assistance from a specialist. Only the Ring Bridge App is required.

Once the connection is established, you may use a routine to have Alexa announce that you have mail anytime someone opens your mailbox. Additionally, the Ring App provides real-time notifications to your smartphone. Additionally, you may program your Ring Smart Lighting to turn on.

Other connections are also possible. For instance, you might program your Ring Camera to begin recording whenever the Ring Mailbox motion sensor detects any movement.

best mailbox alarm systems

Smart Mailbox Wi-Fi Chime

One of the smallest mailbox sensors you may use for mailbox notifications is the Smart Mailbox Wi-Fi Chime. Additionally, the setup is quite simple. Simply add the battery, finish configuring the Wi-Fi connection, then mount the sensor on the mailbox for it to begin watching.

The Smart Mailbox Wi-Fi Chime may be a good option if you’re seeking a mailbox sensor with a small footprint. It provides wireless notifications up to 150 feet (45 meters). However, a Wi-Fi signal repeater is required if you want to increase the range.

Final Words

We know how hard it is to check your mailbox multiple times a day just to ensure there is no unchecked package. We understand your needs, which is why we have reviewed the best mailbox alert systems to make it easy for you to find the best one for your needs. All the mailbox systems reviewed in this blog offer different features and are perfect for your home.


Can I Connect the Mailbox Alert System to My Smart Home Network?

It is possible to link any smart system to your network, even a mailbox alert system, because modern smart home networks are versatile and widely compatible. If the product is approved by a smart home system like Alexa or Google Home, finding your artificial assistant’s skill for the system won’t be an issue. After that is over, it is simple to update any linked smart device to your smart home system.

Why is My Sensor Not Getting Detected?

Your mailbox may be to blame if you’re having trouble connecting your mailbox alert system to your network. Mailboxes are typically built of steel, which is not the best material for wireless networks. Additionally, because there might be a wide variation in the distance between a residence and a mailbox, the majority of mailbox alert systems are made to function using wireless networking technologies like WiFi or Z-wave. As a result, it has an impact on the sensor’s network connectivity. Place the sensor outside the mailbox and try again if you are having the same problems. But to avoid rain or moisture impacts, ensure it is covered by a shade or some other kind of enclosure.

What to Do if the Sensor is Missing Updates?

The incorrect installation of the device is one of the main causes of the sensors’ inability to provide accurate updates. Typically, it interferes with the sensor’s operation and messes up its coverage area. As a result, your sensor won’t be able to alert you to the delivery because it is unable to recognize the mail’s arrival. Make sure you check the sensor and see whether it is powered if that isn’t the case. Changing the unit’s batteries might sometimes cure the problem.

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