Top 8 Best Lawn Sprinklers to Buy

One of the nicest features of your property is healthy grass, but maintaining it takes routine mowing and watering, at the very least, especially in the hot summer months. Determining when and how much to water your lawn can be difficult, and if it is vast or irregularly shaped, you might worry about missing some areas. We tested various lawn sprinklers to help you choose the sprinkler that will keep your lawn green throughout the summer.

Best Lawn Sprinklers

Consider purchasing one of these sprinklers if you’re sick of manually watering your lawn, garden, or landscaping with a handheld hose nozzle. Unlike underground sprinkler systems that need professional installation and digging, these handy little devices will connect directly to your garden hose and are far more convenient than manually spraying. Some can even be daisy-chained together, allowing you to buy more than one device and cover a bigger lawn or garden. Consider investing in an automatic timer that can be connected directly to your hose spigot if you want even more ease.

Installing one of the best lawn sprinklers in your yard is the quickest and most effective way to water the lawn—and remember to do it frequently. Depending on the size of your property, you may need one or more, but a good sprinkler system will save you time and effort while maintaining the healthiest possible lawn.

Lawn sprinklers come in a variety of styles, including traveling, stationary, and moving sprinklers. Some sprinklers may rotate and oscillate to distribute water across the lawn better.

Read on to learn more about the best lawn sprinklers to buy:

Spear & Jackson Oscillating Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Enormous Coverage
  • Great for Low-Pressure Areas
  • 18 Brass Nozzles


There are no other oscillating sprinklers that I am aware of that have a larger reach, so if you have a medium-to-large garden that is at least 150 meters square and don’t want to continue moving the sprinkler around, choose this model.

This oscillating sprinkler, which is made entirely of metal and has 18 brass nozzles and a brass hose connector, astounded us with its improbable wide coverage, even in low-pressure locations. The spray pattern is very broad and tall, so the first time I set this thing off, I had to dash all the way inside rather than just stand at the edge. Of course, I could have just attached the one-way Gardena connector before turning the tap off, but I prefer to take risks. Because the S&J will water both of your neighbors’ lawns in the process, I wouldn’t suggest it for small urban gardens.

It has no fancy bells and whistles besides an adjustable flow angle and a small pressure dial regulating its reach. It’s true that after a few months, you will need to poke each nozzle to remove the calcium buildup, and because it’s so quiet, you might not even realize it’s on. However, if you’re looking for pro-spec oscillating sprinklers that are exceptionally well crafted and can quickly cover a large area, this is the one to choose.

Gardena Comfort Pulse Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Pulse Sprinkler
  • Great for Large Gardens
  • Long-Range Watering Capabilities
  • Creates the Sound of Summer


The major reason we enjoy pulse or impact sprinklers is that, in addition to being suitable for big lawns up to 490m2, they represent the sound of summer, particularly in the countryside. Who doesn’t enjoy the tranquil tsk-tsk-tsk sound of an irrigation system on a farm or stately estate on a hot summer evening while taking a stroll along a bridleway? If you spike this model into the grass, you can always feel like you’re in the country.

Pulse sprinklers are like the product of someone who gathered a collection of plastic and metal pieces and put them all together in a man cave. They dislike being trampled on and are also fairly fragile. However, they rank highly as possibilities for long-range irrigation.

The Gardena Sprinkler Spike is made of durable plastic and has a high-precision nozzle that consistently generates a barrage of dependable squirts. Additionally, you may connect a number of them to create a full-fledged squirt symphony. The sector may be set from 25 meters to 360 meters using a separate swivel adjustment, and its wide side knob makes adjusting its 10 to 25 meter range simple.

pulse sprinkler 2022

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Rotating Sprinkler
  • Sturdy Design
  • Reliable
  • Even Coverage


This side-to-side sprinkler will work well for smaller gardens that need a dependable job done. It is undeniably the most well-liked and dependable sprinkler on the market. The 15 water jets cannot be adjusted, unlike the Kärcher, but you may change the reach on each side by pulling open the two red levers close to the water entrance. To avoid being thoroughly soaked, make careful to space your fiddling Ethan Hunt-style between oscillations rather than adjusting reach on the run.

If your lawn is as mountainous as the South Downs and preferably rectangular in shape, you might want to try the Hozelock because of its wide sled-style construction, which keeps it firmly in place even on steep inclines.

Karcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Impressive Design
  • Easy to Adjust and Customize
  • Exceptional Versatility


This oscillator has a full array of bells and whistles, in contrast to the typical common or garden oscillator. It has twenty jets on board, which results in good coverage from all angles. Even better, you can alter the coverage by deactivating a few of the nozzles on either side to create a more focused zone.

With the Kärcher Oscillating Sprinkler, you can choose the best squirt distance without having to stand by a tap because the water pressure can be adjusted via a knob. In a small stroke of genius, the SplashGuard, a plastic cover that rotates to cover the jets closest to your face while you make additional adjustments, is located underneath the unit.

The Kärcher isn’t as far-reaching as the Spear & Jackson (you get approximately 4m of soakiness on either side) when all nozzles are open and using standard London water pressure. Still, if you close a few jets on both sides, the throw increases to about 8m on either side, although in a smaller configuration. Given that it will completely cover the plot in one sweep, this setting is appropriate for the typical long and slender urban London lawn. That implies that you can just let it do its thing while focusing on other, more important activities.

Cost Wise Lawn Bar Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Super Cheap
  • Good Coverage
  • Easy to Set Up and Operate


This oscillating type embodies the ideal straightforward garden sprinkler. You may buy numerous units for less money than you would spend on some competing models, and it works by simply plugging it in.

This sprinkler’s operation, like that of the majority of less expensive versions, is driven by the water that flows through it, and its coverage is a direct function of water pressure. This means that you only need to open or close your tap to alter the nozzle spray’s spread and distance. Additionally, you may lock the angle and direction of the spray, allowing you to water only a certain, constrained area of your garden, like a flowerbed.

Don’t expect this product to survive for decades because of the average build quality and undeniable plastic material. Still, we’re not sure that’s a cause for concern at this price.

best lawn sprinklers 2022

ENJSD Garden Lawn Sprinkler

Key Features

  • Rotating Sprinkler
  • Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Very Affordable
  • Good for Jumping Through to Cool Off


This really affordable device is definitely worth checking out if you believe you would benefit more from a rotating sprinkler. It is incredibly simple to take up, costs less than ten pounds, and blends seamlessly with your yard while in use.

There are a total of 12 water jet nozzles on the three rotating arms of the device itself. We’re talking about a moderate spread rather than an extended reach because the reach of the nozzles varies depending on the water pressure forced through them from 2 to 10 meters.

There are two options available: a faster rotation, which is appropriate for watering lawns, and a slower mode, which fires water higher but in a smaller spread and is good for watering border plants.

Gardena Aquazoom

Key Features

  • Oscillating Sprinkler
  • Adjustable Nozzles
  • Works on a Variety of Lawn Shapes
  • Produces Large Drops of Water


Depending on the size and form of the garden, this Gardena model’s 16 water jets, like the superb Kärcher mentioned above, may be set for either a wide or limited reach. While the Gardena system uses two banks of permanently on nozzles that can be aimed side to side to provide a narrow or wide zone or even adjusted so one bank of jets forms a straight line, while the other bank waters the rest of the lawn along with possibly a flower bed on the side, it differs from the Kärcher system in that it uses 20 nozzles that can be turned on and off.

Because the Gardena’s nozzles are wider than average, their reach is significantly less than that of the Kärcher or the superior Spear & Jackson, with two of its jet banks turned off. On the plus side, the increased flow of water from each jet is quite comparable to that of raindrops. Therefore this sprinkler effectively delivers more water with every squirty oscillation.

As a result, skip this model and choose Spear & Jackson, which has a huge range even in low-pressure areas if your garden has a surface area larger than, say, 10m x 5m or your water pressure is low. On the other hand, this sprinkler is the one to choose if your lawn is small and irregularly shaped and you want to saturate the lawn and beds with more water per pass.

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Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro

Key Features

  • Rotating Sprinkler
  • Secure Fit
  • Large Area Coverage
  • Works Well with Different Water Pressures


The Round Sprinkler Pro from Hozelock is another outstanding option on our list; consumers report that it performs admirably regardless of water pressure. You can either get the identical model with a sled base in place of the spike design, which allows it to be set down securely in the grass and on even the steepest inclines.

By simply moving the red setting ring, this sprinkler’s five available nozzles can be configured to cover a full circle (up to 20 meters in diameter) or a broad arc. The ability to cover the entire garden with a single spray or to target particular regions with a heavier flow is also stated to be a strong quality. It is a fantastic option for little lawns.

The Best Garden Sprinkler Makers

A few well-known manufacturers of garden sprinklers, as well as many new manufacturers, are currently churning out goods. Hozelock and Gardena are the two most famous brands in garden sprinklers. After examining a wide variety of sprinklers from each of these two companies, we can declare with certainty that you should buy with them in confidence.

Kärcher, a manufacturer with a strong history, has aggressively extended its product line in recent years. These days, a variety of sprinkler models, including revolving, pulse, and oscillating ones, are available. Another strong rival that manufactures both sprinklers and sprayers is the gardening equipment manufacturer Spear & Jackson. For extensive coverage, its oscillating sprinkler is our best choice.

There are also many other manufacturers who focus more on affordability, like Aolun, Silverline, Onarway, Amlion, Hotelvs, ENJSD, Aiglam, and others. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, these manufacturers, who specialize in manufacturing very economical sprinklers, are definitely worth checking out.

Final Words

A good garden adds greatly to the beauty of your home. When it comes to lawn care, you always need the best garden accessories that help keep your garden in shape. In this article, we have reviewed the best lawn sprinklers to buy . After reading these reviews, you can decide which one is ideal for you, depending on your budget and needs. Keep reading our blogs to learn about the best gardening tips and reviews about the best garden products.


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