Top 8 Best iPhone 14 Pro Cases to Buy

The finest iPhone 14 Pro Max cases guard against an unfortunate drop turning your $1,099 purchase into a collection of chipped and scarred surfaces. And although getting a case is mostly done for protection, these accessories also have other uses.

Some cases are useful since they double as wallets and carrying cases for your smartphone. Others focused on design, enhancing the appearance of Apple’s new phone with vibrant colors and patterns.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Cases

Phones are becoming a necessary component of daily life. This indicates that they are frequently used in indoor and outdoor settings and various situations. The easiest approach to prevent your phone from breaking due to falls, scrapes, or drops is to cover it with a phone case.

Thankfully, iPhone cases have advanced significantly over time and now come with distinctive features like integrated kickstands that are extremely practical. Similarly, because many iPhone users choose MagSafe accessories, it’s crucial to pick a case that will work with them.

Finding the best iPhone 14 Pro cover can be difficult, but don’t worry—you’re in good hands. We’ve gotten very good at locating the top phone cases available from reliable, high-quality brands. From pricey premium leather wallet cases to the seemingly unattainable deals you could come across from a third-party Amazon seller, we’ve tried and tested a wide range of cases.

Buying the best iPhone 14 Pro cases is a breeze when you know what to look for. Do you place the security of your iPhone 14 Pro’s camera above all else? Then you might want to think about a case with raised corners or a lip to provide advanced drop protection. As an added safety measure, you might even like a separate camera lens cover for your new iPhone 14 Pro.

Let’s take a look at the best iPhone 14 Pro cases to buy :

Mous Clarity 2.0 Phone Case

Key Features

  • Slim and Lightweight
  • Feels Very Durable and Sturdy
  • AiroShock Defensive Technology
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


For those looking for something straightforward, practical, and protective, this MagSafe compatible case from Mous is the best option. The transparent cases, which are equipped with the incredibly protective AiroShock impact absorption technology, proudly display the original color and branding of your phone as well as the Apple logo.

The case has a sturdy design, complete MagSafe compatibility, and an N45 magnet array to enable a secure connection to Apple and Mous’s phone accessories. The phone is the ideal case for showing off your new iPhone 14 Pro without worrying about it getting damaged because of its extremely tough and sturdy construction.

This high-end case is lined with microfiber and has a clear backplate that is improved with anti-yellowing technology. If you choose the Iridescent Dawn color, however, the case will reflect a magnificent spectrum of iridescence that ranges from yellow to bright pink wherever you go. All Mous cases are incredibly thin and light and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Kate Spade New York Hardshell Case

Key Features

  • Protective Button Coverings
  • Shock-Absorbing and Scratch-Proof
  • Antimicrobial Technology
  • Recycled Materials


This gorgeous case from Kate Spade New York is perfect for those looking to add a touch of glitz to their iPhone 14 Pro with a cover that provides both style and protection. Even though it might not offer the greatest military-grade protection for the iPhone 14 Pro on the market, it does contain a shock-absorbing cushioned bumper that can adequately protect the device from drops of up to 12 feet.

The unusual dual-layered bumper case has built-in magnets for MagSafe and other wireless charging technologies and is co-molded for protection against bumps and drops. Although it is coated in diamonds, this case is both sturdy and light. If you live outside of the US, you can get this case straight from Kate Spade New York through Incipio, which enables shipping to all countries.

With additional antimicrobial technology that guards against 99.9% of surface bacteria that may occur on your phone case without you even recognizing it, scratch-resistant coatings keep the cover looking glamorous. This cover is fantastic for the environment because it was made using recycled materials, but it may not be so great for our wallets because, like nearly all designer brands, it is quite pricey.

best iphone 14 pro case

OtterBox Strada Series Wallet Case

Key Features

  • Premium Leather and Luxury Feel
  • Magnetic Clasp and Cord Slots
  • Excellent Protection
  • Premium Leather, Recycled Materials


Otterbox is a company renowned for its extraordinary layers of protection and premium, long-lasting smartphone cases. No exception, Otterbox’s Strada Folio series wallet case offers 3 times as many drops tested to military-grade standards. It has a raised camera edge and a vertical slot for holding cash and up to two cards.

The case is perfectly compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging. Still, because of its thickness and leather components, it had difficulty connecting to my Benks power bank and magnetic car mount. Additionally, as the case has no inbuilt magnets, MagSafe charging is only moderately effective.

With a helpful magnetic latch that keeps the folio case closed to avoid unintentional touchscreen use when in pockets, this case provides good overall protection in a fashionable format. In most cases, including this one, OtterBox furthermore provides a limited lifetime warranty.

Encased Wallet Case Set with Screen Protector

Key Features

  • MagSafe Compatible
  • Protective Bumper
  • Includes a Tempered Glass Screen Protector + Magnetic Wallet Kickstand
  • Faux Leather, Tampered Glass


This Encased collection includes not only a transparent, crystal-clear, MagSafe-compatible phone case but also extra fantastic accessories packaged in! It may be the best value-for-money cover we’ve seen for the iPhone 14 Pro!

Encased offers a huge selection of cases to fit any need, including lanyard-ready cases, tough cases with built-in kickstands, and cases with geometric patterns. No matter what your taste, Encased has you covered.

Your device will have some level of protection against the inevitable drops and damages that may occur, thanks to a protective bumper around the case’s edges and a reinforced camera protector. The back of the case also has a scratch-resistant coating to prevent marks from appearing. A tempered glass screen protector is included in this package specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro, providing complete 360-degree protection for your gadget.

A stylish magnetic leather card wallet that can magnetically attach to the rear of the phone cover and carry three to four cards is also included with this Encased set. It is embedded with strong magnets to keep it securely fastened to your phone. Additionally, the wallet features a built-in kickstand that will prop up your device, making it ideal for watching videos and holding your cards and ID. Did we also mention that it is vegan-friendly?

best iphone 14 pro case 2022

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Pro and Pathfinder Cases

Key Features

  • Feather-Light Composite Construction
  • 25 ft. Drop Protection (Monarch) and 18 ft. Drop Protection (Pathfinder)
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Material


In environments with a greater danger of injury, such as rock climbing or working in construction zones, these cases from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cases are ideal for protecting your iPhone 14 Pro. To protect the phone’s screen and lens, the cover has soft, raised corners all around it.

Both of these cases are very similar in terms of appearance. Still, the Monarch Pro case has a few extra advantages, including better drop protection (25 ft.) and five layers of protection, including UAG’s renowned tough armor frame, a shock-resistant core, additional layers of leather, a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware, and an impact-resistant rubber surround, not to mention a hex pattern for increased shock absorption.

The Monarch case’s impact-resistant soft core increased corner protection with strong TPU and feather-light composite construction is all included in the Pathfinder case. Torsion screw details are what set the Pathfinder case apart from the Monarch case.

Both cases have traction grips around the cases to make them easier to handle, ultra-responsive tactile buttons that offer a clear and crisp click, and an inbuilt lanyard anchor that enables operation and attachment while the cases are being carried about.

iphone 14 pro cases 2022

Moment Case for iPhone 14 Pro

Key Features

  • Grippy TPU Material
  • Perfect for Using Moment’s Range for Professional Lenses and Filters
  • (M)Force Magnet Array for Connecting to Moment Mounts for MagSafe
  • Perfect for Photographers


With the ability to buy drop-in lens mounts for moment lenses to fit snugly to your phone cover, these Moment cases for the iPhone 14 Pro are fantastic for devoted smartphone photographers who routinely use additional detachable lenses like macro and fisheye. These cases are generally offered in the US. However, Moment does ship internationally when making a direct purchase.

These cases are ideal for photographers and adventurers with busy lifestyles who rely on Moment’s range of standard mounts and accessories, such as those for your car, bike, and office phone stands, for easier access and browsing. They are equipped with a super strong (M) Force magnet array and are compatible with the full range of Moment Mounts for MagSafe.

Three locating pins are built into the drop-in Lens Interface to maintain tight, secure, and clear attached lenses. The new CineClear Protection Filter and 67mm Filter Adapter from Moment are also easily mounted to your case using the company’s patented front-mounting snap feature, enabling you to add filter effects to your camera and safeguard your camera lenses.

Incipio Grip, Idol, and Forme Cases

Key Features

  • Drop Protection
  • MagSafe Protection
  • Multidirectional X-Grips
  • Made from Molecular Recycled Materials


Each of the three cases I received for review from Incipio is remarkably similar, with only a few minor design differences, so I decided to group them all together in this review because, no matter which Incipio model you choose, you’re assured of getting the best protection for your new iPhone 14 Pro device.

With form-fitting and grip technology built into the Incipio Grip case (clear/white), drops can be stopped and avoided before they happen, keeping your phone safe and secure in your palm as much as possible. The clear cases are also fitted with scratch- and discoloration-resistant (anti-yellow) coatings, and this case also feature Multidirectional X-grips to prevent sliding in all directions.

These Incipio cases each offer antimicrobial surface protection that kills and prevents 99.9% of bacteria and drop protection of at least 10 feet. Additionally, these cases have ultra-responsive buttons with Impact Struts technology to lessen impact forces in the event of drops and mishaps, which are unavoidable.

Incipio makes these cases to an exceptionally high standard, and each one feels solid and long-lasting with raised edge, screen, and camera protection. Although the Grip case provides the finest protection, the Forme case is unquestionably the nicest for those who prefer basic levels of protection with a dash of style.

iphone 14 pro case

ESR Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock

Key Features

  • Shockproof Bumper
  • Military Grade Drop Protection
  • Compatible with Magsafe
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane


This clear case from ESR is a great option for anybody looking for straightforward protection for their new Apple smartphone. It also has a special feature that other cases might not have: an awkwardly placed kickstand in the shape of a Camera Guard. You can feel safe knowing that the hinge on this guard/stand has reportedly been tested to endure 3,000 uses.

The case offers the absolute least that you may expect from a phone case, including MagSafe compatibility and full bumper covering, despite being strong and long-lasting. The camera protector and stand are constantly in brand-new condition thanks to their zinc alloy construction.

Military-grade drop protection, “Air-Guard” corners, scratch-resistant acrylic back, and raised edges are the major characteristics of this case that work together to safeguard your phone from drops, bumps, and scratches.

Final Words

When you spend a lot of money on the phone, it is always important to keep your phone safe. No matter how much you care for a phone, you can drop it several times, resulting in major damage. To protect your expensive iPhone 14 Pro, we have prepared a list of the best iPhone 14 Pro cases to buy . After reading the reviews, you can decide which one is best for your needs.


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