Top 8 Best Indoor Christmas Lights to Buy

Christmas light strings are a necessary component of every holiday display, and no matter your decorating preferences, your home can be merry with a variety of indoor string lights.

It shouldn’t be any different at home from the first time the Christmas lights are turned on in the town. Any good holiday display starts with twinkling lights because they give off a cozy, homey ambiance as the nights grow longer and staying in becomes more tempting.

Best Indoor Christmas Lights 2022

Christmas lights frequently conjure up thoughts of high ladders and people slipping and sliding across the roof. Get those ideas out of your head since today’s topic is innovative methods to decorate your home with the best indoor Christmas lights. With this guide, you’ll discover that there are more ways to design lights than just hanging them around your tree. This crucial piece of décor has the ability to spread holiday joy instantly.

The range of smart lights that you may control with your phone is endless. One type of smart light is available in garland form. Whatever you decide, these vibrant strings of light are prepared to add festive comfort and warmth to your festive decor. Start browsing, find some inspiration, and make plans to host an interior lighting extravaganza this year. Even if your neighbors might miss some of the action, the friends and family you invite over will undoubtedly enjoy your presentation.

Today, we have rounded up the best indoor Christmas lights to light up your house in the best possible way. Let’s dive deeper to learn more:

Wintergreen Lighting 5mm LED Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Available in Several Popular Colors
  • Extremely Bright Lights
  • Able to Connect Up to 44 Strands
  • One-Piece Bulbs Resist Corrosion


We recommend the Wintergreen Lighting 5mm LED Christmas Lights if you want bright, festive indoor lighting that will last the longest. Out of more than a dozen models we tested, they were the lights with the brightest and most beautiful colors. These 24-foot-long Christmas lights include 70 bulbs per strand and come in various popular color combinations, including red, amber, cool white, multi-colored, and even red and white. Additionally, you may construct larger, brighter displays by using just one outlet to link up to 44 strands end to end.

When we tested them at home, we liked that the Wintergreen Lighting Christmas Lights had one-piece professional-grade bulbs, which keep moisture and dust out to prevent corroding. The lights have Energy Star certification, and the manufacturer also provides a 3-year seasonal guarantee.

Although slightly more expensive than our other options, our testers concurred that these were of the highest quality and appeared to last a very long time, so you won’t need to replace them as frequently. The fact that individual bulbs cannot be replaced is a drawback, and some reviewers wished these were available in longer strands. The variety and brightness are still unmatched.

Home Accents Holiday 100-Light LED Mini Warm White String Lights

Key Features

  • Classic Appearance
  • Good Value
  • Able to Connect Up to 30 Strands
  • Also Available in Multi-Colored Options


These 100-bulb Christmas light strings cost less than $10 and are a little under 30 feet long. Warm white T5 micro bulbs are used in the Home Accents Holiday Mini String Lights to create a traditional holiday display. (There is also a choice for them in multiple colors.) These LED lights have a maximum connection capacity of 30 sets and include a few spare bulbs in case one ever burns out.

While evaluating these Christmas lights, we observed that despite their traditional appearance, they have a little strobing effect (caused by a lack of rectifiers). When the lights are dispersed and strung from a tree, it’s less obvious, but if your eyes are pressed together tightly, you stare at them for an extended period of time, or you’re sensitive to flashing lights, it can harm your eyes. These lights weren’t the brightest of the bunch we tested, but they were still more than bright enough for a holiday show indoors and looked lovely on the tree.

home accents christmas lights

Pro Christmas T5 Smooth LED Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Bright and Colorful
  • Available in Numerous Colors
  • One-Piece Bulb Prevents Corrosion
  • 44 Maximum Connected Strands


The Pro Christmas T5 LED Lights are joyful and dazzling if you’re seeking traditional colored Christmas lights to decorate your tree. They come in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, and multicolored. They weren’t the most colorfully saturated during testing, but they are fairly bright and look good, encircling a Christmas tree. Additionally, the professional-grade lights have a one-piece bulb and socket design that resists corrosion and rust, extending the lifespan of your lights.

You can connect up to 44 sets end-to-end of these Christmas lights, each of which is almost 23 feet long and has 70 bulbs, to decorate even the largest displays. Although they are a little more expensive than some of the alternatives, we liked that the lights are full wave rectified, which means the LED bulbs don’t seem to flicker.

GE Energy Smart Colorite Miniature LED 100-Light Set

Key Features

  • Extremely Bright and Vibrant
  • Good Value
  • Strand Stays Lit if a Bulb is Out
  • 25 Maximum Connected Strands


Our testers suggest the GE Energy Smart Colorite LED Light Set to people who want pure white Christmas lights because it outshines the competition in terms of brightness. Traditional T5 tiny bulbs are used in these Christmas lights, but they are slightly larger than usual and incredibly bright, setting them apart from the competition.

Each stand has a total of 100 LED lights and is 33 feet long. Even though these aren’t lights for professionals, they appeared to be quite well made when examined during testing.

The white Christmas lights include “continuous on” technology, so you won’t lose the entire strand if a bulb burns out or comes loose. (However, they do include replacement bulbs and fuses.) These lights can be strung end to end up to 25 times.

smart christmas lights

Holiday Essence LED Mini Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Bright and Colorful
  • Durable One-Piece Colorful
  • Able to Connect Up to 45 Strands
  • LED Bulb Type


Upgrade to professional-grade lights, like the Holiday Essence LED Mini Christmas Lights, if you’re sick of your Christmas lights burning out after just one or two seasons. As the bulbs and sockets are one continuous piece, moisture, filth, and dust cannot enter the bulbs and cause them to burn out early, which is why many of the experts we spoke to advocate using this form of light.

There are 60 LED bulbs on each strand of these lights, which are just 16 feet long. You can join up to 45 strands of these together to finish your festive display, and they are available in both multicolored and white varieties. According to our testing notes, you would need at least two sets to decorate a Christmas tree, if not three.

Twinkly Gold Edition 250 Amber and White LED String Lights

Key Features

  • Able to be Controlled Via Smartphone
  • Extremely High Quality
  • Many Customization Options
  • AWW Bulb Shape


If plain lighting displays aren’t your thing, the Twinkly LED String Lights provide you with a wider range of customization options than you could have imagined. These fancy Christmas lights actually connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth, and the Twinkly app allows you to time them, change their brightness, and experiment with a variety of lighting effects. During testing, we discovered that connecting the light strands to the app was simple, and we were impressed that it can even “map” the light strands using the phone’s camera to create the best possible lighting patterns.

In order to cover a large tree, the Twinkly Lights include 65.5 feet of wire and 250 LED bulbs, but we found it odd that the string lights are actually divided into two distinct strands, both of which are connected to the main control box. The lights are a little challenging to set up, according to our testing notes, but thankfully both strands have a long lead cable to get them where they need to go. Make sure to handle the lights carefully because they have the brand’s AWW bulbs, which resemble a smaller version of 5mm conical bulbs and get a little warm to the touch if left on for an extended amount of time.

twinkly christmas lights

Twinkle Star 300-Count Curtain Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Outdoor & Indoor Use
  • LED Light Source Type
  • Corded Electric
  • Curtain String Lights


Want to add some festive lighting to your windows? Check out these 10-foot-long strands of dangling LED curtain string lights, which can be used to illuminate any window or wall in your house. Pushing a button allows you to choose between eight distinct light modes, and the 10-foot lead ensures that you can easily reach an outlet.

Christmas, a party, a wedding, a bathroom, a window, a festival, a holiday, a show, a restaurant, a hotel, a business establishment, a shopping mall, etc. Products from Twinkle Star add light to your space and serve as the setting for innumerable special occasions. They are ideal for decorating both inside and outside.

The waterproof curtain light is made to survive mild rain and is ideal for indoor and outdoor décor. You can create a romantic existence with the help of 300 WARM WHITE LED lights, a common lighting source.

JMEXSUSS LED Indoor String Lights

Key Features

  • Several Colors Available
  • 8 Lighting Effects
  • Clear Wire Blends in at Night
  • 43 Feet Length


The JMEXSUSS LED Indoor String Lights include eight lighting modes, including twinkling, chasing, gradual fade, and more, for a more exciting holiday show. Despite having smaller-than-usual bulbs, we found the lights to be warm, inviting, and brilliant throughout testing. The wires on the strand were thin and clear, which we appreciated because it made them nearly invisible at night.

Although the total length of these Christmas lights is 43 feet, it’s vital to remember that only 33 feet of the wire are illuminated. There is also a substantial lead wire that is 10 feet long (overly generous). You can vary the lighting effect by pressing a button on the plug. However, you can’t connect more than one strand at a time.

indoor christmas lights

What to Look for in Indoor Christmas Lights

Bulb Shape

Christmas light bulbs come in a variety of designs, with T5 tiny lights being the most widely used. Given that it is fashioned to resemble conventional incandescent bulbs and provides a mid-level brightness that is perfect for indoor displays, this traditional, elongated shape appeals to many people’s nostalgia.

5mm conical lights, similar in size to T5 bulbs but brighter because of their concave tips that intensify the light are a great option if you want your decorations to stand out. You can even choose larger specialty lights, such as teardrop-shaped C6 or C7 bulbs, for a more striking effect.


The minor flickering of LED Christmas lights, which frequently results in a mild strobing effect that might irritate your eyes, is a popular complaint. This occurs as a result of the 60Hz LED lights’ actual on/off cycles. 1 If the strobing bothers you, you might choose string lights with full-wave rectifiers, accelerating the flickering so that it isn’t perceptible to the eye.

Special Effects

There are a lot of straightforward, uncomplicated Christmas lights on the market right now, but if you want to put together a more elaborate show, you might prefer a set of lights with unique features. Common features include different light effects like twinkling, built-in timers, the ability to change colors, or even smart features like smartphone control.

Final Words

Christmas calls for home improvements and décor ideas; that’s why we are here to help you with all the ideas and suggestions you need for your home. In this article, we have reviewed the top 8 best indoor Christmas lights that you can buy . You can check our reviews to know which light will be ideal for your needs. Keep reading our blogs to learn more. If you have any suggestions or questions, please drop your comments below.


What Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

White Christmas lights are frequently used in professional displays since they go well with most decor and allow a lot of personalization. Warm white specialty lights, like icicles or twinkle lights, are also simpler to locate. Additionally, because LED lights consume less electricity and are less likely to present a fire danger because they do not get hot, professionals prefer to use them.

How do You Fix Indoor Christmas Lights?

There are a few troubleshooting procedures to do if your Christmas lights won’t switch on. The first step in fixing Christmas lights is to make sure the wall socket has power. If that isn’t the issue, you should examine the bulbs for any that may be loose or burned out and replace them as necessary. If it doesn’t work, you can also try replacing the fuses in the plug, which are tiny metal and glass cylinders that are found inside most string lights.

Can You Use Outdoor Christmas Lights on an Indoor Tree?

If a strand of Christmas lights is UL-certified for outdoor use, it ensures that it won’t catch fire or pose a safety risk if it rains. You may normally use these lights indoors as well, but it’s always a good idea to check the instructions on your lights just to be safe.

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