Top 8 Best Garden Rakes to Buy

A high-quality rake can be used for a variety of tasks, including collecting fallen leaves, loosening up compacted soil, and leveling mulch or gravel. With the right equipment, cleaning up leaves off rooftops, terraces, and townhomes can be a breeze. While looking into the best garden rakes, we talked to professionals and assessed each one based on its material, tines, weight, and comfort.

Best Garden Rakes 2023

If you have more than the smallest of plots, having the best garden rake for each job is a must. A good quality rake is something that every good gardener should have in their arsenal, from clearing up fallen autumn leaves to preparing the soil for planting and even removing moss or thatch from your lawn.

A yard rake is a strong, long-handled tool with a triangular fan-shaped head divided into multiple tines. A rake is a timeless tool and a model of form meeting function, designed to collect leaves and other detritus on the lawn, around trees and shrubs, and in flower beds.

What should you look for in the best garden rakes? Do they all do the same thing, or do different types tackle different tasks? Don’t worry; we’ve researched for you and compiled a list of top models on the market.

Our picks will assist with all of the usual tasks, each with its own set of clever features that may come in handy, and we’ve specifically chosen models at a range of prices so you can spend as much (or as little) as you like.

Read on to learn more about the best garden rakes to buy :

True Temper Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake

Key Features

  • Polyresin, Rubber, and Aluminum Material
  • Cushion End Grip
  • Clog Resistant Design
  • Rubber-Coated Handle


The time commitment and physical exertion required by raking are two of the worst aspects of leaf cleanup season. True Temper’s dual-tine poly leaf rake gets the job done quickly and easily thanks to its lightweight, efficient design. The rake is 27 inches wide and 71 inches long from the tine tip to the top of the handle and weighs only 2.75 pounds. It has an efficient dual tine design with alternating straight and curved tines that collects leaves and debris aggressively and resists clogging.

Because it performs as promised, we gave the True Temper 26-Inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake the title of “best overall.” In our experiments, the twin tines gathered more trash more quickly, including difficult-to-reach pine needles, acorns, and grass thatch, so preventing the need to double rake. Regardless of the user’s height, we liked that the working edge—where the tines hit the ground—is somewhat flat since it enables the rake to take up more fresh material with each stroke. The tines, however, are rather stiff, which limits their suitability for applications where “digging in” is not preferred.

Fiskars Leaf Rake

Key Features

  • Polyresin and Aluminum Material
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Flexible Curved Tines Resist Clogging
  • Budget Friendly


The Fiskars Leaf Rake upholds the brand’s reputation for comfortable, high-quality performance at an affordable price. It has a lightweight, durable construction that is designed for comfort without sacrificing performance. This rake is 24 inches wide, 67 inches long from tine tip to handle top, and weighs only 1.75 pounds.

The oval-profile handle of the Fiskars Leaf Rake appealed to us. The shape not only made the tubular aluminum shaft more resistant to bending, but it also fits our hands comfortably. The soft, pliable polyresin tines had a strong downward curve and a somewhat flat working edge that reached between the grass blades to remove settled debris without tearing up the grass. The soft tine material restricts this rake to light leaf cleaning, but it excels at it. This rake is suitable for all but the largest yards.

best garden rakes

Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake

Key Features

  • Steel and Hardwood Materials
  • Time-Tested Design
  • Durable
  • Useful for a Wide Range of Landscaping and Gardening Chores


The old-fashioned spring-tine rake has a long history in the yard due to its versatility. This classic tool from Ames is not only a great leaf rake, but it also works well for picking up small branches, spreading gravel and mulch, and preparing bare soil for planting. The rake is 22 inches wide and 65 inches long from tine tip to handle tip, and it weighs 2.52 pounds. Because of the flat working edge, it is ideal for all types of yard cleanup projects.

If we had to pick just one yard cleaning tool, this would be it. It moves fall leaves more slowly, but its compact design and long-lasting materials make it a better tool for year-round tasks like cleaning up after pruning or preparing a new garden bed. The Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake, on the other hand, has a smallish head and a 22-inch width that makes it less efficient for moving bulky dry leaves. However, its lightweight offsets the compact size, making the work less physically demanding. Users of smaller stature may benefit from the size. This rake could be an excellent primary leaf rake for small to medium-sized yards, especially when combined with a leaf blower/vacuum and lawn mower.

Professional EZ Travel Collection Folding Rake

Key Features

  • Steel Material
  • Easy-to-Use Head and Handle Adjustments
  • Great Design
  • Can be Stored Easily


For picnics and camping trips, a foldable leaf rake like the Professional EZ Travel folding rake is useful. It includes sturdy steel tines that can be adjusted in width from 7.5 inches for storage to 24 inches for raking bigger areas. The handle also telescopes from 37 to 63 inches. The rake weighs 2.31 pounds and, when fully extended, is 24 inches in width and 63 inches from tine tip to handle.

The adjustability features of the EZ Travel Folding Rake performed flawlessly and locked securely during our tests. When clearing a 200-square-foot area for a backyard bonfire of leaves, branches, pine cones, and other trash, the rake performed admirably. But there are a few problems that prevent it from being a standard tool for routine yard work. The handle is excessively flimsy and shaky when in use. Sometimes the widely separated tines miss particles, and other times they become jammed. However, the rake’s use certainly overcomes its flaws for sporadic use. Those looking for a small, portable tool might wish to take a look at it.

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Bond 2060 Adjustable Steel Rake

Key Features

  • Steel Material
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Good for Narrow and Open Spaces
  • Saves Space in Storage


This collapsible shrub rake and adjustable leaf rake from Bond Manufacturing perform the functions of two different tools: a standard leaf rake and a shrub rake. It weighs 1.69 pounds and has dimensions of 22 inches wide by 60 inches from the tine tip to handle when completely expanded. One of the simplest rakes to store, at only 7.5 inches broad when compressed.

We had never used a collapsible rake before, and it was a revelation. The rake was simple to store, and the tine spread was simple to change. Overall, the Bond 2060 Adjustable Steel Rake performed many of the same chores as a spring-tine rake with surprisingly good results. However, the round steel handle was too thin for comfortable, prolonged usage, and the widely spaced tines occasionally speared the leaves and became blocked. This would not be a fantastic choice for routine year-round yard work for the majority of users. However, it works effectively and simply folds away when not in use for people with small yards and just a few seasonal leaves to pick up.

Garden Depot Gardening Hand Rake

Key Features

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Tines are Densely Spaced
  • Well Proportioned for Up-Close Work


When taking care of details and cleaning up smaller spaces, a hand rake comes in handy. The Garden Depot Gardening Hand Rake has an ergonomic handle and a set of closely spaced steel tines for pleasant, effective use. It is 6.25 inches wide, 16.5 inches long, and 0.32 pounds in weight.

The Garden Depot Hand Rake resembled a larger spring-tine steel rake in our tests. The same type of steel tines are used, carefully spaced at approximately a half-inch apart for a springy suppleness that works equally well to smooth out a seedbed as it does to delicately remove dropped debris from a topiary that has just undergone pruning. Additionally, we used it to remove weeds from a raised bed and to level a mulch surface after weeding. We loved a lot of things about this rake, but the handle wasn’t one of them. Although it has adequate size, the texture of the surface was slippery when wet. Nevertheless, this hand rake was useful for a number of close-up gardening activities.

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Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake

Key Features

  • Polyresin and Fiberglass Material
  • Durable
  • Thick and Comfortable Handle
  • Broad Head


Large yards and thick or damp leaves require a big-duty rake. In addition to having a tough fiberglass handle that won’t bend, crack, or break, the Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake also has a smooth surface that is comfortable to hold. The rake weighs a substantial 3.4 pounds and measures 30 inches in width by 72 inches from the tips of the tines to the top of the handle. The rake is delivered dismantled, but it assembles quickly by just screwing the handle into the head.

The Bully Tools leaf rake was the subject of several interesting findings from our research. Its massive, curved head and thick, the robust handle can draw enormous amounts of leaves. Curved tips on the tines allow them to even pull up soaked, matted debris. This rake is especially useful due to its profoundly concave head and highly curved working edge when extremely heavy-duty construction is required. However, some users might favor a somewhat smaller headed rake in those circumstances. The tool is very hefty, even in light or moderate settings. This rake can be the perfect backup rake for situations or areas where the going gets really tough.

Gardzen Large Leaf Scoop Hand Rakes

Key Features

  • Polyresin Material
  • Fits Different Hand Sizes
  • Collects a Large Amount of Leaves and Debris
  • Protects Hands


Even after the leaves have been piled up, they must be loaded for disposal. This set of Gardzen Large Leaf Scoop Hand Rakes grabs more leaves than ever before, making quick work of loading leaves into bags or bins. The pair weighs 1.38 pounds and measures 17 inches long by 13 inches wide. The scoops are made of molded polyresin and have an ergonomic shape that is ideal for picking up large amounts of dry leaves. The kit also includes a pair of work gloves and a 72-gallon reusable leaf bag, in addition to the leaf scoops with removable wrist pads.

The Gardzen Large Leaf Scoop kit was tested on magnolia leaves that had been thoroughly infused with chunky, dried-up magnolia fruit. One of our testers is wearing men’s extra-large gloves, while the other is wearing women’s medium gloves. The scoops were a perfect fit for both testers. They were simple to use, capable of picking up nearly a bushel of leaves at a time and did not cause wrist or hand fatigue. However, because scoops are single-task tools that are usually stored, consider where and how to store them when not in use. This could be a solution for those who spend a long time picking up leaves after raking.

best garden leaf rakes

Final Words

Collecting leaves does not have to be a laborious task that consumes the entire weekend. We recommend the True Temper leaf rake for completing the task quickly and efficiently. Its unique tine design and lightweight, durable construction allow users to rake quickly and efficiently. We hope these reviews about the best garden rakes will be helpful for you in finding the right rake for your needs. You can buy a garden rake that suits your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raking Good for Your Lawn?

Keeping your lawn healthy by removing large leaves and thatch. Both types of organic matter can obstruct the nutrients, airflow, and sunlight required for lush lawns. Raking allows your lawn to breathe and receive more sunlight. If you despise raking, think about investing in a lawn mower that grinds the leaves into small bits of mulch. They improve the soil’s nitrogen level when left on the lawn. If you prefer to remove the leaves entirely, consider composting them or using them for other purposes, such as plant insulation. On a lighter note, raking leaves can be turned into an art form.

What is the Best Time to Rake Leaves?

The one rule to remember when raking leaves is to get them out before the first snowfall. Leaves left on the ground over the winter can cause turfgrass diseases. Too many leaves around the foundation of a house can harbor pesky insects and rodents.

Some gardeners like to rake leaves several times during the autumn season to keep the leaf piles at a manageable size. Others wait until late autumn to complete the task in one weekend. However, having leaves on your lawn is not a good idea because they can kill your grass by depriving it of sunlight. Rake leaves as soon as they are dry as possible before winter precipitation makes a soggy mess.

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