Top 7 Best Printers to Buy for Your Office in 2023

Printing all of your documents, photos and other hardcopies is simple with the best printers. There is a printer out there that suits your needs, whether you need basic document printing for homework assignments, high-quality photo printing for framed portraits, or something that can handle scanning, copying, and even faxing. Do you prefer a monochrome laser printer or an all-in-one inkjet? In this post, we’ll assist you in making a decision about what you need and finding the printer that best suits it.

Best Printers in 2023

Printers are necessary office equipment for producing hard copies of documents and other materials. There are numerous types of printers available, each with its own set of features and advantages. When choosing a printer for your office, keep in mind your printing requirements, such as volume, quality, and speed.

Laser printers are a popular choice for high-volume printing. Toner cartridges and a heated fuser are used to produce high-quality prints quickly, making them ideal for printing large amounts of documents. They are also more cost-effective in the long run, as toner cartridges frequently outlast inkjet cartridges.

On the other hand, Inkjet printers are a good option for businesses that need high-quality color prints. They print detailed images and text using liquid ink, making them ideal for printing marketing materials or graphics-heavy documents.

Because they combine printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in one device, all-in-one printers are a convenient option for offices with limited space. They are a low-cost, space-saving option for small to medium-sized offices.

Whatever type of printer you choose for your office, other factors such as cost, connectivity, and maintenance requirements must be considered. Regular maintenance, such as replacing ink or toner cartridges and cleaning the printer, can help to extend the printer’s lifespan and ensure peak performance.

Overall, a well-chosen printer can make a significant difference in your office’s efficiency and productivity, so it’s critical to choose a printer that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Read on to learn more about the best printers to buy in 2023:

Brother MFC-LC2750DW XL

Key Features

  • Laser Printer
  • Very Fast Printing and Copying
  • Fast Document Feeder
  • Low Cost Per Page


Duplex printing and copying are both quick, but speed isn’t at the expense of quality; every time, documents come out clear and sharp. A quick automatic document feeder, faxing capabilities, and a second paper bin are just a few of the features that the Brother MFC-L2750DW XL multifunction laser printer is equipped with. So long as you don’t need to print in color, it’s unquestionably among the best home printers overall and our favorite laser printer.

The MFC-L2750DW XL produced excellent document quality and the quickest print and copy times for text and mixed text/graphics files to date. The printer even printed pages on both sides more quickly than some models can. The MFC-L2750DW XL delivers a cost per page of just 2.7 cents when using its high-capacity toner cartridge, the lowest we’ve seen in this category. It’s hard to top that offer.

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Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

Key Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Extremely Low Ink Costs
  • Very Fast Performance
  • Four Ink Tanks


The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is the best small business inkjet printer we’ve examined, thanks to its remarkably cheap ink costs and wealth of business-friendly features. The EcoTank design has enough extra ink bottles to print hundreds of pages and employs refillable ink tanks. A small office printer with a monthly capacity of more than 3,000 pages is more than up to the task of handling anything your team may throw at it. The printer features a big, user-friendly 4.3-inch touchscreen for easy navigation, dual 250-page paper cassettes, a 50-sheet automated document feeder, scan, copy, and fax capabilities, and other convenience features.

The Epson ET-5850 produced a text that was crisp and clear and printed at some of the fastest speeds we’ve ever seen during timed printer testing. Copying and scanning displayed the same speedy, high-quality performance, making it the go-to printer for offices in need of a robust multifunction printer. The main appeal, however, is the ink cost savings, with text pages costing just 0.4 cents and color pages costing just 1.6 cents each. Although the initial cost may be considerable, the quality, features, and extremely low operating costs make this one of the best purchases you can make for your workplace.

Canon Pixma TR8620

Key Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • High Image Quality
  • Fast Photo Printing and Copying
  • ADF and Duplexer


A 20-page automated document feeder (ADF), a duplexer for two-sided printing, and two paper trays for keeping two types of paper on hand are just a few of the office features that the Canon Pixma TR8620 offers. The printer is simple to use and enables a smart home connection with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a large 4.3-inch color touchscreen. A 20-page automated document feeder (ADF), a duplexer for two-sided printing, and two paper trays for keeping two types of paper on hand are just a few of the office features that the Canon Pixma TR8620 offers. The printer is simple to use and enables a smart home connection with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a large 4.3-inch color touchscreen.

With print speeds that are above average and excellent print quality all over, it makes a fantastic home printer as well. Text and color graphics all print beautifully, but we noticed that glossy photographs printed quickly and with high-quality precision thanks to the use of a 5-ink cartridge system and two different types of black ink: colors that appear natural, details that are precise and seamless transitions. The Pixma TR8620’s above-average ink costs, which are largely attributable to the purchase of the additional ink cartridge, are really our only major criticism.

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HP Envy 7855

Key Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Fast Multipage Copying
  • Fast Text and Photo Printing
  • Dedicated Photo-Paper Tray


The HP Envy 7855 is a chic all-in-one inkjet printer that lives up to its jealousy-inflected moniker. It provides reliable print performance across the board, making it one of the best printers for home offices. Yet in addition to printing documents, using the flatbed scanner to scan and copy items, and even faxing, the Envy 7855 is also a very competent photo printer, capable of producing everything from borderless 8 x 10s to small, wallet-sized photos.

We were particularly impressed by the photo print quality, which included accurate, vibrant colors and sharp clarity in photo samples. The Envy’s photo printing speed wasn’t the fastest, but the quality was good, and the cost per photo was cheap. Additionally, if you use HP’s Quick Ink subscription ink service, you can print 8 x 10 images for as little as a penny, but only if you print a lot of them.

Canon Color ImageCLASS MF741Cdw

Key Features

  • Super Fast
  • Customizable Interface
  • Excellent Text and Image Quality
  • Multiple Connectivity Options


You need to go no further than the Canon Color imageCLASS MF741Cdw if you need a home printer that can provide a range of services at a high level. This device excels on every level, including image quality, speed, and use. We discovered that this machine can print at an astounding rate, in particular. We recorded an astounding 24 seconds per print in our test of a nine-page composite color image and document. Each print created beautiful, high-resolution color photographs despite the quick print time. A winning combination occurs when quality and speed are combined.

Although having some of the top qualities and features in its class, this device is expensive. It’s not a portable device you take on a business trip, the MF741Cdw. Since this enormous printer weighs about 64 pounds, it is ideally suited for workstations that are more permanent. You are better off exploring elsewhere if you want a cheap device that won’t break the bank. This device is the best in its class despite these shortcomings.

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HP DeskJet 2755e

Key Features

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Color
  • Consistent Performance
  • Budget Friendly


An excellent printer that produces high-quality prints affordably is the HP DeskJet 2755e. While being considerably less expensive, this device approaches some of the top models in our home printer category in terms of print quality, usability, and speed. Prints from the DeskJet 2755e come out with clear color profiles and crisp text. Although it is ideal for routine printing, we do not advise using this machine to print pictures that are appropriate for framing. Last but not least, the DeskJet 2755e also has straightforward instructions that simplify setup.

This device is generally fantastic for anyone looking for consistently high-quality print results at a reasonable price. The most appealing aspect of this device is its low initial cost, but compared to other products on the market, operating costs are high in the long run. However, the DeskJet 2755e may be used with ink cartridges from other manufacturers, making this printer more affordable, especially for individuals who print frequently. The DeskJet 2755e’s lack of automated duplex printing is by far its most noticeable flaw. We advise people who frequently print double-sided documents to look elsewhere because this device can frustrate them more than it will help.

Prusa i3 MK3S+

Key Features

  • Great Print Quality
  • Wide Range of Compatible Materials
  • Very Easy to Use
  • High-Quality 3D Prints


The Prusa i3 MK3S+ is superior to every other filament-based 3D printer on the market. This behemoth has a massive build base, a great range of material compatibility, and upgrade choices. Excellent prints are also produced with the i3 MK3S+, which likewise has a wealth of instructional materials available on the manufacturer’s website. We were particularly pleased with the automated extruder motor’s simplicity in switching filament; there was no need to laboriously feed filament through a Bowden tube. Also, you don’t need to bother about the time-consuming bed-leveling procedure typical of most 3D printers. Before each print, the i3 MK3S+ automatically examines the bed and corrects for any irregularities.

The i3 MK3S+ is no exception to the rule that high-quality 3D printers are pricey. Due to the fact that there are so few retailers selling this gadget, extra costs like shipping or import duties are frequently added. This device’s support was also lacking in certain ways. The manufacturer’s website has a ton of instructional manuals, but there isn’t a lot of video content that would interest a more visual learner. In spite of this, we still believe this tool to be very user-friendly and heartily suggest it to anyone looking to create 3D prints of the highest caliber.

best printers in 2023

Final Words

In conclusion, selecting the best printer for your office can be a daunting task, but it’s an important investment for the productivity and efficiency of your business. From high-volume laser printers to versatile all-in-one printers and high-quality inkjet printers, there are many options to choose from. You can find the best printer that fits your budget and requirements by considering your specific printing needs and priorities. After reviewing the information provided in this blog, we recommend you to consider key factors such as volume, quality, speed, and cost to make an informed decision. With the right printer, you can streamline your office tasks and save time and money in the long run. Don’t hesitate to invest in one of the best printers available in the market today to enhance your business operations and achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

Inkjet printers use liquid ink to create images and text, while laser printers use toner cartridges and heat to fuse toner particles onto paper. Inkjet printers are generally better for producing high-quality color prints, while laser printers are faster and more cost-effective for printing large quantities of black and white documents.

How often should I replace my printer cartridges?

The frequency of cartridge replacement depends on the type of printer and the volume of printing you do. Most printers will provide an estimate of the number of pages that can be printed per cartridge. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your cartridges when you notice a significant decrease in print quality or when the printer alerts you that the cartridge is running low.

What is an all-in-one printer?

An all-in-one printer, also known as a multifunction printer, combines printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in one device. They are a convenient option for offices with limited space, as they can save money and reduce the need for multiple devices.

What is the difference between a wired and wireless printer?

A wired printer is connected directly to a computer or network via a cable, while a wireless printer connects to a network via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wireless printers provide greater flexibility and convenience, as they can be accessed by multiple devices without the need for cables.

How can I maintain my printer?

Regular maintenance is important to keep your printer running smoothly and avoid common issues such as clogging or paper jams. This includes cleaning the printer regularly, replacing cartridges or toners when necessary, and updating the printer driver software. Consult your printer manual or manufacturer’s website for specific maintenance instructions.

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