Top 7 Best Hose Reels to Buy for Your Yard

A good hose reel keeps your garden hose handy while preventing you from tripping over it and your hose from damaging your lawn or garden. Hose reels come in a variety of styles, but some can help you transport your hose around the yard and even add a fun touch of decor to your space.

Best Hose Reels 2023

Hose reels are an essential gardening tool because they provide a convenient and organized way to store your garden hose. With so many different styles and materials to choose from, it’s simple to find the ideal hose reel for your gardening needs. There is a hose reel to suit everyone’s budget and preferences, ranging from simple manual reels to more advanced automatic models.

One of the primary advantages of using a hose reel is improved garden hose organization and storage. No more tangled messes or tripping over the hose in the garden. You can easily wind up the hose and store it in a compact and organized manner with a hose reel, freeing up space in your garden.

Another advantage of hose reels is that they extend the life of your garden hose. You can protect your hose from damage caused by tangling, twisting, and kinking by storing it on a reel, extending its life and saving you money in the long run.

Hose reels also make watering your plants easier because you can easily unwind the hose and reach every corner of your garden without moving the reel. This can save time and effort while also increasing the enjoyment of gardening.

Consider investing in a hose reel if you want a convenient and organized way to store your garden hose. With so many options, you’re sure to find the ideal hose reel for your gardening needs. Choose a hose reel today to avoid a tangled mess of garden hose ruining your gardening experience!

Read on to learn more about the best hose reels to buy for your yard :

Gorilla 200 Ft. Aluminum Zero Rust Premium Mobile Hose Reel

Key Features

  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Rubber Grips on Handles
  • Maneuvers Easily on Different Terrain
  • Simple to Use


The Gorilla Aluminum Hose Reel is an excellent choice if you need a high-quality hose reel to store and transport your hose (up to 200 feet). After testing 22 other reels of various shapes and styles, this product stands out for its durability and design.

We found this reel to be simple to assemble (though the screws may require a little extra effort) and the aluminum frame to be well-made and long-lasting. The rubber wheels on the reel made it easy to maneuver on various surfaces. We also liked how the rubber grips on the handle made the reel comfortable to use and easy to steer.

In general, we think it is good for a variety of heights. Our tester was 5 foot 2 inches; therefore, someone higher could have a different experience and might have to bend over more to move the reel around.

It was also simple to connect and thread the hose onto the reel. A side loop aids in guiding the hose around the reel in addition to the sliding threading guide. Since there is already a spigot on the reel, it almost felt like these alignment cues weren’t necessary. Our tester did see that the loop improved the stability and seamlessness of reeling and unreeling.

best hose reels 2023

Frontgate Beehive Hose Pot

Key Features

  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Unique Design
  • Has a Drainage Hole and Lid
  • Easy to Use


The Frontgate Beehive Hose Pot gives a lovely focal point to your outdoor space and keeps your hose neatly kept thanks to its entertaining, fashionable design. We valued its practical elements, such as a drainage hole and its lid, to increase weather resistance. The Beehive weighs 21 pounds, so you could move it into a covered area yearly with a little work to protect it from the elements or from being bumped into and chipped while not in use. Simply coil your hose in the pot to use it; it comes completely built with the top.

The Beehive’s slightly higher price is its other significant drawback, so if you’re searching for a more affordable alternative or something portable (or if you don’t like bees), you might not think it’s worth the expenditure. The manufacturer states that it can take hoses up to 100 feet in length but not any longer. Coiling your hose into the item may be difficult, depending on how it kinks. Overall, we believe the Beehive is a worthwhile option if you have the space because of its distinctive, naturally inspired form and useful features.

Suncast Mobile Hose Reel Cart

Key Features

  • Plastic Material
  • 175 Feet Hose Capacity
  • No Assembly Required
  • 5 lbs. Weight


Many models of hose reels cost more than $100, which may startle those who are unfamiliar with them. We advise the Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart if you’re on a tight budget and want a hose reel that will only do the essential necessities. This pick, which is reasonably priced, can handle a 175-foot hose and has a compartment on the top of the reel where you may put gardening equipment. According to our tester, this gadget is “lightweight and very portable,” with a “no-frills reel that easily winds your hose.”

However, there are several downsides associated with the low cost. First, our tester, who is 5’1″, claimed to have no trouble comfortably dragging the reel about, although taller people might have more difficulty. The second is that this item is entirely constructed of plastic, which will deteriorate with time in direct sunlight. So, even though you can store this hose reel outside, it needs to be in the shade. The third is that because the wheels are made of plastic, our tester found it more difficult to maneuver it on grass. Despite all, it “gets the job done,” and the price is “amazing” for what you get.

best hose reels

Giraffe Metal Hose Reel Box

Key Features

  • Aluminum Material
  • Good Hose Capacity
  • Easy Winding
  • Sturdy and Durable


Check out this Giraffe hose reel box, which can hold a 200-foot 1/2 inch garden hose or a 130-foot 5/8 inch garden hose if you like to completely conceal your hose. The box’s metal construction, which also includes a rust-resistant coating, makes it fairly strong and able to withstand weathering outdoors. Additionally, the aluminum was painted green to blend in better with your yard. It also has a significantly less mechanical aspect than the other hose reels we evaluated, which makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for gardening tools that are both attractive and useful.

In comparison to others, this type is unquestionably “less of an eyesore,” and according to our tester, it “would look pretty well in someone’s yard or driveway.” Additionally, they enjoyed how “everything is kept under wraps inside the box” and discovered that once built, the hose was rather simple to wind up. The grips on the side of the box made this hose reel easy to move around, even though our tester prefers hose reels with wheels personally. If you buy this, use gardening gloves because the unpadded handles were painful for our tester’s hands.

KLZ 150 Ft. Hose Reel Cart and Hideaway

Key Features

  • Plastic Material
  • 150 Feet Hose Capacity
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lightweight


KLZ’s Hose Reel Cart and Hideaway is the finest hose reel for individuals who prefer a straightforward, plastic solution.

All you need to do to begin watering is connect your hose because the device is already completely constructed. Additionally, it was lightweight and simple to operate, according to testers.

The straightforward style is made of plastic and has a two-tone appearance to fit in with your yard. According to tests, the hose reel was relatively lightweight, so you might want to consider keeping it in a shed or garage between seasons.

The 5-inch plastic wheels that make it easy to carry the hose cart about the yard make this choice one of the top hose reels to take into account. While it was simple to use on concrete surfaces, testers discovered that grass presented more of a challenge.

This hose reel, in contrast to some of the other options, has a compartment close to the handle. You can set your gardening gloves or a pair of clippers there so that you have access to them while taking care of your yard.

best hose reels to buy

Eley Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

Key Features

  • Aluminum Material
  • 125 Feet Hose Capacity
  • Durable and Stable
  • 33 Pounds Weight


Eley’s Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart is the ideal hose reel to consider for individuals who may have a few faucets scattered across their yard. The wheeled design, which is built of sturdy aluminum, makes moving a heavy-duty hose around your garden simple.

The 10-inch rubber wheels on the reel make it simple to move this hose cart across any terrain. The performance of the two tires alone impressed one tester, but if you choose the quad-wheel kit option, you can add two additional wheels.

It took 35 minutes to set up, which is longer than some other testing-related assembly durations. However, once it was put together, testers praised the reel’s appearance, enjoyed that it was a taller design, and discovered that it rolled well.

Brass and copper connections on the hose reel make it simple to connect the hose to the cart and inlet hose. Although it has a 125-foot hose capacity, if you have a longer hose, you can choose the extra capacity kit option. Remember that the extra capacity choice will cost a little more, just like the quad-wheel package.

GroundWork Hose Reel Cart

Key Features

  • Steel Material
  • 400 Feet Hose Capacity
  • Winding Hose
  • 24 Pounds Weight


The GroundWork Hose Reel cart is the ideal hose reel to think about if you need a hose reel that can travel over a range of terrain and hold a large hose. This sturdy steel cart will ease your garden tasks, whether you have a sizable plot of land or simply a lot of plants to water.

This hose reel cart has the biggest hose capacity of any reel on our list, holding up to 400 feet of hose. The cart is reliable, and according to our tester, reeling in and out a hose was simple. Despite being heavier than other choices, a tester discovered that it was nonetheless simple to move through the grass and uneven terrain, in part because of the four rubber wheels. The design also has a wire basket, which is a fantastic spot to keep gardening equipment while you work in the garden.

Overall, testers thought the reel was well-built and that, while being more expensive than some other options, the expenditure was worthwhile. Just be aware that it’s a little bigger than some of the alternatives, so be sure it will fit in your room.

best hose reels for garden 2023

Final Words

In conclusion, a garden hose reel is a must-have accessory for any garden enthusiast. It helps to keep your garden organized, protects your hose from damage, and makes watering easier and more efficient. Based on the products reviewed in the blog, it is evident that there are various best hose reels available in the market, each with its unique features and benefits. Whether you are looking for a simple and affordable option or a high-end and durable reel, there is something for everyone. We highly recommend investing in a garden hose reel to enhance your gardening experience and take the first step towards a more organized and efficient gardening setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a garden hose reel?

A garden hose reel is a device that stores and organizes a garden hose, making it easier to use and extending the life of the hose.

What are the types of garden hose reels?

There are three main types of garden hose reels: manual, automatic, and wall-mounted.

How do I choose a garden hose reel?

When choosing a garden hose reel, consider the length and type of hose you have, the space you have available to store the reel, and your budget.

Do garden hose reels come with hoses?

No, garden hose reels do not usually come with hoses. You will need to purchase the hose separately.

Can garden hose reels be used for hot water?

Some garden hose reels are specifically designed to handle hot water, but not all. Check the product specifications before purchasing to ensure that it can handle hot water.

What is the average lifespan of a garden hose reel?

The lifespan of a garden hose reel can vary greatly depending on the quality of the product and how often it is used. High-quality reels can last for several years, while lower-quality reels may need to be replaced after a season or two.

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