Top 7 Best Electric Commuter Bikes to Buy

While riding a bicycle might be a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, electric bikes offer all of the same advantages and more. Motor and battery power electric bikes offer varying degrees of pedal assistance to help you go forward and make biking more convenient and quick. Since most e-bikes can travel at least 20 mph, they’re more than just a fun way to get around town; they’re also a practical method to save money on petrol (just like electric automobiles) and commute to work without having to work up a sweat.

Best Electric Commuter Bikes 2023

By minimizing the effort required to ride a non-assisted bike, the finest electric bikes for commuting can make going to and from work less stressful and more pleasurable. As a result, you can anticipate arriving at work feeling more refreshed.

You’ll get healthier, and you could realize that biking is the only way to take shorter commutes than using a car or public transportation. Once the initial cost of the electric bike has been taken into account, it is likely to be less expensive as well.

You should choose a bike that is comfortable to ride, has a good range, and gives you confidence on congested city streets. It must be dependable, cozy, safe, and weatherproof while also having the carrying capacity you want.

Your choice of bike will rely on the demands of your commute, the kind of bike you feel most comfortable riding, and the amount of money you have to spend. While a drop bar electric bike is probably faster to ride and will provide you with more hand positions for extended rides, a flat bar electric hybrid bike is useful for staying aware of your surroundings. On the other hand, if your journey entails using public transportation with a ride at either end, a foldable electric bike is a simpler solution.

Read on to learn more about the best electric commuter bikes to buy :

Ride1Up 700-Series

Key Features

  • Powerful 750W Motor
  • Useful Included Features
  • Impressive Distance Range
  • Smooth, Comfortable Ride


In our valuation of electric commuters, the Ride1Up 700-Series received top scores across the board. With a 750W geared hub motor and rapid acceleration, this reasonably priced e-bike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph when using the throttle and up to 28 mph when using the pedal assist. In our testing, this stylish bike had a class-leading distance range because of its massive 720 Wh battery housed under the frame’s downtube. It has 27.5-inch wheels that roll quickly and steadily, and the fat 2.4-inch wide tires and 100mm suspension fork offer a smooth, pleasant ride.

This bike is equipped for anything with features like integrated lights, fenders, and a rear cargo rack. It also has high-quality parts, such as an 8-speed transmission and effective hydraulic disc brakes, and offers snappy and predictable handling. With a relaxing sitting position, lots of handlebar and seat height adjustment, and two frame designs to accommodate different demands, preferences, and user heights, comfort levels are also very good.

While we adored almost every aspect of the 700-Series, its assembly is a little more difficult than that of the other bikes we evaluated. We advise taking it to a bike shop if you’re doubtful about your abilities to handle it yourself. It may be finished at home with a little time and patience if you properly follow the directions. Thankfully, it only needs to be put together once. It is also a pretty hefty bike, weighing 63 lbs. and 11 oz., making it difficult to move up or down stairs or load onto a bike rack. Putting those worries to one side, we believe this bike to be an outstanding performance and a fantastic bargain.

Juiced CrossCurrent S2 Electric Bike

Key Features

  • Responsive Handling
  • 28 Mph Top Speed
  • Good Distance Range
  • Sporty Ride Feel


With a robust 750W motor, the Juiced CrossCurrent S2 is a quick and powerful Class 3 model that quickly reaches speeds of up to 28 mph when utilizing pedal assistance and 20 mph when using the throttle. Thanks to its dual cadence and torque sensors, it accelerates rapidly and seems like its power is delivered smoothly and consistently throughout. The CrossCurrent, which has a sizable 673 Wh battery, was a top performer in our testing of distance range and also had a high average speed. With its fast-rolling 700c wheels and tires, this commuter/city bike boasts excellent handling, terrific responsiveness, and superb stability at higher speeds. Its athletic geometry necessitates a more athletic body position, which adds to the feeling of speed and vigor. A single control/display unit with good ergonomics and a range of data readily available at a glance is mounted beside the left grip.

Although the CrossCurrent S2 is a quick electric bike, we believe it is best suited for people who need to get somewhere quickly. For those who prefer a more relaxing ride, its aggressive city-bike geometry and firmer seat might not be suitable. In comparison to some of its rivals, it also has fewer features. Although the headlamp is a welcome addition, fenders and a baggage rack are extras that you’ll need to pay for. In any case, we think that this speedy and agile vehicle is a great choice for commuting, zipping around town, and getting somewhere quickly.

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Blix Vika+ Flex Electric Bike

Key Features

  • Powerful and Quick
  • Well-Rounded Performance
  • Feature Pack
  • More Easily Portable


The Blix Vika+ Flex won over our testers with a strong overall performance, and we think it’s a wonderful choice for commuters looking for an easily storable solution or those looking for a conveniently portable e-bike. With a 500W motor, this bike’s potent small frame readily supports 20 mph on the throttle and up to 24 mph with pedal assistance. Its 614 Wh battery has enough power for extended rides, as shown by its 27.5-mile performance in our range test using only the throttle. It has predictable handling, decent speed stability, and strong disc brakes that offer great speed control. It provides enough flexibility to fit a wide range of user heights and has an incredibly low step-over height.

It has a ton of user-friendly features, including a bell, integrated lights, a strong cargo rack, front and rear fenders, and even a USB charging outlet. In comparison to other top-rated folding models, it is lower in weight and slightly smaller when folded, making it simpler to carry into cars and stow in tight locations.

The Vika+ Flex received a majority of perfect scores, although it is not faultless. It isn’t as forgiving on rough surfaces as some other folding models due to the rigid frame and relatively narrower tires. It is also naturally a little less stable than the larger wheeled, non-folding rival due to its smaller wheels and folding design. However, it stands out for its blend of all-around capability and mobility, making it the most comprehensive folding model we evaluated.

Ride1Up Core 5

Key Features

  • Reasonable Price
  • Integrated Battery for Clean Looks
  • Up to 28 Mph Top Pedal Assist Speed
  • Smooth Ride for a Rigid Frame


Our test subjects were really pleased with the Ride1Up Core-5, especially given its affordable pricing. This bike performs better than several more costly rivals in this review and is the top-rated model in our list of affordable bikes. With a strong 750W motor, this Class 3 model can accelerate to 20 mph at full throttle and up to 28 mph with pedal assistance. It has a svelte, streamlined appearance and a very reasonable distance range thanks to the frame-integrated 500 Wh battery. Given the sturdy frame, the 27.5-inch wheels roll quickly, and the high-volume tires aid in some vibration absorption and a pleasant ride.

Although it is remarkably stable, we noticed that its handling is nevertheless snappy and swift. This calm bike includes a nice seat and grips, plenty of seat height adjustment, and two frame designs (ST/step-through and XR/step-over) to accommodate different rider preferences and heights.

Ride1Up had to make some compromises in order to provide a high-performing Class 3 electric bike at this price point, and the Core-5 is noticeably lacking in incorporated amenities. It lacks lights, fenders, and a baggage rack but outperforms comparable budget versions in terms of power, range, and ride comfort.

Although the 750W motor is extremely strong, it makes slightly more noise than some of the more costly competitors’ motors. The fork and drive side crank arm must be installed by you, which adds a few steps and time to the operation and makes it slightly less assembled than some other models. Regardless, we think this bike is one of the greatest buys on the market due to its excellent performance and affordable pricing.

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Ribble Hybrid Al Electric Bike

Key Features

  • 250 Wh Battery Capacity
  • Offers Value for Money
  • Comes with a Rack and Mudguards
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame


In terms of cost-effective, high-spec, seamlessly integrated e-road bikes, Ribble is at the forefront. This hybrid bike, which should handle both your commute and leisure rides with ease, bears many of the markings of this knowledge.

The bike’s frame, which is made of lightweight aluminum and has a breathtakingly attractive design, houses a battery that is so cleverly concealed that you hardly even notice it is there. You can pick how much assistance you want and check how much battery is left thanks to a modest button and LED light on the top tube. You may modify the settings in Ribble’s app if you’d want even more flexibility.

The bike has a Mavic wheelset, a rear pannier rack, a bell, front and rear lights, and full-length mudguards, all of which are impressively equipped. You will need to ride this bike very close to a power source to charge it, just like with all bikes with non-removable batteries, such as the Orbea and the VanMoof.

Trek Domane LT+

Key Features

  • 250Wh Battery Capacity
  • Comfort-Enhancing Isospeed
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • Best for the Long Commute


The Trek Domane LT+ electric bike has Trek’s IsoSpeed seatpost decoupler to improve the isolation of your back from road vibrations. It was designed for comfortable as well as quick journeys. To increase comfort at the handlebars, there is a front IsoSpeed as well. In addition to increasing comfort and traction, broad 32mm tires can be fitted with mudguards or even wider rubber for more challenging office commutes.

You can fine-tune the Fauza motor’s output levels using the phone app, so you may upscale the power supply if you need more help for faster getaways or tone it down if you want to preserve battery life, depending on your power needs.

Trek’s endurance geometry makes the Domane LT+ a comfortable ride for the long commute. The Fazua drivetrain is detachable from the bike, so you can ride without help, reduce weight, and use the space that holds the motor for storage.

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Hummingbird Electric 2.0

Key Features

  • 158Wh Battery Capacity
  • Very Lightweight
  • Best Featherweight Folder
  • 4 Kgs Weight


Hummingbird’s folding electric bike has been designed to be as lightweight as feasible. The claimed 10.4kg overall weight is achieved with a carbon fiber main frame working in tandem with a cantilevered truss rear section and lightweight components.

The Hummingbird bike is not nearly as compact when folded as a Brompton Electric, it only has a single gear and a relatively short range of about 50 kilometers, but Humminbird has increased the torque from the 250-watt motor so that there is more pulling force to assist you in starting moving. But because of all that innovation, the Hummingbird bike is pricey.

Final Words

A high-quality e-bike is a great way to get you there, whether you’re riding it for transportation, running errands, or just for enjoyment or exercise. We know that selecting the best electric commuter bikes might be complicated, given the wide range of available options. Our in-depth testing process delves deeper than the technical intricacies and industry speak to determine how these bikes function in everyday situations. We hope that our thorough comparison research will assist you in selecting the ideal e-bike for your requirements and price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Electric Bike Good for Commuting?

Your commute can be far more comfortable with an electric bike. You should arrive less heated and exhausted than you would on a non-electric bike because it can make stops and starts more easier, help you over hills, and boost your total average speed while requiring less effort from you. Longer rides could also make you feel more at ease.

Additionally, it’s probably going to be a lot more comfortable than taking public transportation, you may travel whenever you want, and you’re less likely to experience delays due to traffic than if you were in a car.

What Should I Look for in an Electric Bike Motor?

The majority of e-bike motors have a power restriction of 250 watts. However, they can deliver a range of torque expressed in Newton meters (Nm). Some can reach 80Nm or even more. A motor with roughly 40Nm to 50Nm torque is likely to be acceptable if your commute is flatish and you’re in reasonable shape, but if you’re cycling somewhere difficult or anticipate hauling a lot, a motor with greater torque would be preferable.

Due to its low position and central location on the bike, a mid-mounted motor is likely to keep your e-bike the most stable. However, since your weight is over the rear wheel, a rear hub motor isn’t expected to have a big impact on handling.

Front hub motors are trickier since there is less weight on the wheel, which results in less grip, and the added weight might affect how the bike handles if it hasn’t been constructed appropriately.

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