Top 7 Best Camping Chairs to Buy

There are various camping techniques. Some people like to disconnect from the grid. Others set up camp anywhere they can find a parking space with a view and leave their van there.

But no matter what, every camper wants to take a weight off at the end of a long day of hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or even just swimming in the neighboring lake, and the cold, hard ground won’t do. There is, thankfully, a camping chair for everyone; options for folding sitting range from heavy, very luxurious seats that require a car to transport to extremely lightweight chairs that can fit easily into a backpack.

Best Camping Chairs 2023

Imagine yourself in the middle of the forest, breathing in the revitalizing alpine air as a bonfire toasts delicious marshmallows to form the ideal winter dessert. Is something lacking? The camping chairs we’ve chosen for you here will enhance your outdoor excursions and make your vacation even more fun because they’re incredibly comfortable, portable, and durable. Possibly the best camping chairs for giving you a better view of your wonderful surroundings and preventing you from having to sit on unsteady ground.

Your goal is simple while you’re camping, tailgating, or barbecuing in the backyard: maximum relaxation. Sure, you could use a hard picnic table or the ground for sitting on, but why would you do that when there are so many dependable and reasonably priced best camping chairs available? Of course, the term “camp chairs” refers to a wide range of products, and your typical outdoor merchant is likely to provide alternatives that range from plush two-person loveseats to stool-style chairs. Therefore, we researched and assessed every form of camping chair, from ultra-light and swinging to two-seaters and recliners, to help you focus your search.

Read on to learn more about the best camping chairs to buy :

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Key Features

  • Padded Seat
  • Big and Comfortable
  • Decent Storage
  • Sturdy and Durable


Our favorite camping chair, and one of the two we consider to be the most comfortable, is the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong. Every time our test team gathers around a campfire, King Kong is always the first chair snatched. The seat is quite large, albeit a little slouchy, with an incredibly stable structure, and the gently padded fabric makes it perfect for long periods of lounging. The reinforced material is extremely durable and has an 800-pound weight capacity specified on it. The two cup holders, two side pockets, and another small pocket under the headrest were all well-liked storage options by testers. This chair is quite easy to assemble and does so in just a few seconds.

There is a cost associated with all of this comfort and strengthening. The King Kong is one of the heaviest single-person models we evaluated because of the added amenities that come with many extra pounds of weight. It’s also not the best chair for an afternoon nap because it doesn’t have a headrest. However, we believe this model will meet all your requirements whether you’re going camping, tailgating, fishing, or doing anything else. We highly recommend the King Kong if you require a comfortable chair or frequently use a camping-specific chair and don’t mind a little extra bulk.

best cmaping chair

GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro

Key Features

  • Tall Seat and Back
  • Simple Setup
  • Inexpensive
  • More Supportive


The GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro is a straightforward chair that performs admirably for less money than you might anticipate. It has a pretty tall seat and back that complement the widely spread-out arms, giving you lots of room to sit up high. Although it wasn’t the most supportive seat we tested, it performs better than most of its rivals when it comes to supporting your entire weight, leaving slouchy folding sports chairs in the dust. As you sit for an extended period of time, the angled back maintains that amount of support without making you feel like you’re caving in on yourself. On a hot day, a mesh panel helps keep air moving across the spine, and a single cup holder fits your preferred 12-ounce canned beverage nicely.

There is nowhere to store a large tumbler on the Comfort Pro if you choose to drink from one. There is only one little pocket, which is only big enough to fit your smartphone; there are no roomy compartments for snacks, books, or magazines. With full-length crossing steel bars running the entire back of the chair, this chair becomes a pretty long item, made a little more unpleasant by its carry strap’s lack of adjustment. Additionally, the 20-inch high front border may result in dangling feet for people with shorter legs. However, if you’re taller, heavier, or older and need a comfortable seat that’s simple to get out of, this affordable choice readily meets your needs.

REI Co-Op Camp X

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Versatile Comfort
  • Simple to Use
  • Cup Holder Fits Large Vessels


The REI Co-op Camp X is a very adaptable chair despite having what we would call a slightly unappealing design. Although it sits a little lower and has a shorter back than comparable models, this design doesn’t significantly diminish overall comfort. It provides a great experience for anyone sitting in it, thanks partly to its height-adjustable armrests and very breathable mesh. The Camp X is more robust than it appears to be, with clever reinforcements that support the body without putting uncomfortable pressure points on it. It sets up and collapses quickly with a straightforward accordion fold and then slides back into a sturdy carry bag that can be carried by the hand strap or over the shoulder.

Although we appreciate that a large 1-liter Nalgene water bottle may fit into the cup holder, these pockets are not the most secure for smaller drink containers, such as a 12-ounce glass bottle or can. The peculiar shape can also be easily grabbed when putting the chair back into its carry bag. Additionally, the seating platform is a little lower than average, which can be a problem for taller people. With a conventional seat slump and an upright back, this chair isn’t the most supportive. Nevertheless, we consider this chair to be one of the most remarkably adaptable, cozy, and transportable choices we tried.

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Kelty Low Loveseat

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Two-Person Capacity
  • Stable and Durable
  • Great Cup Holders


We are astonished by the Kelty Low Loveseat’s extraordinary two-person comfort. This model was particularly stable, with a lower seating height than most conventional camping chairs. Although Kelty also manufactures a variant that is several inches taller, the feet of our shorter testers were still comfortable on the ground. This chair can withstand the challenges of accommodating several people and even pets for extended periods of time because it is made of robust materials. It’s fading a little but is still as comfy as the day we first bought it after three years straight of regular use and some harsh sun exposure. The more time our lead tester has spent with this chair, the more comfortable and durable it has shown to be.

The Low Loveseat was really popular among our friends, which left us with less time to appreciate its exceptional qualities. This was our major issue, aside from the general size and weight. It is also less breathable on a hot day than a padded chair, although the bright colors made us hardly notice. We believe this chair is well-considered for its comfort, toughness, and capacity to accommodate a few pals.

Yeti Trailhead

Key Features

  • Backpack Style Carry Bag
  • Fabric Conforms to Your Body
  • Cross-Over Design to Increase Stability
  • Comfortable Armrests


The Yeti Trailhead is the place to go if you want a plush camp chair to improve your glamping experience. Our test subjects wanted to swap their office chairs for this camp chair due to its maximum comfort and ultra-durable, ergonomic design. Because it is perforated, the FlexGrid fabric supports the body while simultaneously allowing for ventilation.

Everything about this chair exudes luxury, from the simple and quick setup to the cross-over form, which increases stability and sturdiness. The carry bag has two straps, offering alternatives depending on how far you need to carry, and it is smartly made. Even the carry bag’s zipper is robust and made to last. Unfortunately, this chair is big, weighs 13.3 pounds, and has an unexpectedly high price. However, if you want to buy something long-term, our testers are confident that you won’t be dissatisfied with this investment.

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Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Key Features

  • Carry Strap Attached to the Back
  • Very Supportive
  • Easy to Get in and Out of
  • Locking Mechanism Increases Stability


The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair is the design you’ve been waiting for if you’re weary of the slouching that comes with sports chairs. The frame locks open to give a solid base and holds the seat and back fabric taut. A back panel that is comfortably angled encourages relaxation rather than rigidity. The Kijaro is among the most comfortable chairs to stand up from, thanks to all this additional support and one of the higher seat heights we tested. An adjustable shoulder carry strap is on the back of this chair’s frame. You may also leave the bothersome carry bag at home. It’s simple to hoist it up after it’s latched shut so you can leave without carrying a separate storage bag.

This chair’s intriguing form results in an unusually lengthy folded package that is just under four feet long. Even though it’s still more than possible, the length makes it less optimal for stuffing in the trunk. We had concerns regarding durability with earlier models, but we had none during our most recent testing. It’s time to give up your slouching-inducing chairs and enjoy the ergonomic support and upright posture that the Kijaro is famous for.

Helinox Sunset Chair

Key Features

  • Durable Frame
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Great Back Support
  • Well-Designed Carry Bag


The Helinox Sunset offers incredible comfort and back support in a small, lightweight package thanks to its high back frame, ergonomic design, and 14-inch legs. Our test subjects appreciated not having to give up performance for a chair that is incredibly portable. When we needed to save weight or had limited capacity, we frequently turned to this one.

We adore how the well-designed carry bag can be transformed into a custom headrest, serving a dual purpose. To improve comfort, simply tuck a puffy jacket or additional layer into the carry bag. Although this chair lacks armrests and is not particularly inexpensive, we are convinced that you will use it for many years to come because of its sturdy construction. The Sunset is the benchmark for lightweight and compact performance, measuring 18.5 inches long and weighing just 3.24 pounds.

best camping chairs 2023

Final words

Camping or relaxing in your lawn with the pleasure of a comfortable seat may greatly enhance the outdoor experience. You may enhance your experience of lounging in addition to making it more comfortable to relax, eat, and drink. We evaluated each brand’s comfort level, size, mobility, durability, and ease of use in order to identify the best overall competitor in our fleet. The ideal model for you will ultimately rely on your lifestyle, whether you want to sunbathe after diving in the deep blue, spend your time over a campfire, or go automobile camping. Read this blog about the best camping chairs and find the best one for your next adventure.


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