Top 7 Best Beanies to Wear This Winter

The best beanies and winter hats are unquestionably the best cold-weather accessories you can buy this season. They come in a plethora of colors, knits, and fits and can easily complement an outfit while also keeping your ears and head warm when it’s bitterly cold outside. (As an added bonus, you can avoid doing your hair.) In addition to satisfying our desire for maximum coziness, so many beanies are inexpensive.

Best Beanies to Buy This Winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to dig out your favorite cold-weather accessories and layer up. A warm winter hat is a must-have in your carry-on for any chilly destination. The best beanies are easy to wear and pack, keep your head and ears warm, and add a casually cool touch to any outfit. We’ve compiled a list of winter beanie options from some of our favorite brands in a variety of prices, styles, and colors to help you find your new go-to beanie. The best beanies to keep you warm this season are listed below.

Beanies are a wardrobe staple because they keep your head and ears warm in cold weather and add a layer of coziness to any outfit. They can be paired with sweaters to create classic fall looks that will keep you warm enough for the season’s best outdoor activities, such as Oktoberfest celebrations. When the temperature drops below zero, a beanie becomes an essential accessory for keeping your head dry from falling snow. Furthermore, these hats are ideal for traveling because they take up little packing space and can be worn with heavier winter coats.

Read on to learn more about the best beanies to buy this winter:

Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Warm and Solidly Weather Resistant
  • Folded Cuff
  • Stretchable Rib-Knit


Our preferred hat for chilly weather is the Knit Cuffed Beanie, which epitomizes classic Carhartt. You get exactly the kind of product you’d expect here, constructed with robust and high-quality materials for which the brand is known. While the other beanies we examined employed a similar construction method and material, this one consistently performed better.

The acrylic rib knitting has a good design and construction, and it fits most head sizes snugly without being too tight. This beanie kept us warm and cozy, offering excellent weather protection while still having the capacity to keep you dry from sweat on those hot, strenuous days. This is an excellent hat for when the going gets tough since it endures well in the rain, snow, sleet, and wind.

This is undoubtedly one of the most breathable of the synthetic rib-knit beanies we examined. Synthetics can occasionally get a little stuffy. During extended durations of physically intense exertion, it can still get quite warm inside. The majority of the time, we felt at ease simply rolling it up a little higher and continuing. The style is timeless, chic, ready for anything, and still comes in at a reasonable price. Our favorite option by far is the Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie.

Top Level Cuffed Beanie

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Folded Cuff
  • Simple Design
  • Warm and Weather Resistant


This is as traditional and straightforward as a beanie can be. People most likely picture something similar to the Top Level Cuffed when they think of a beanie. This is a wonderful deal on a typical winter beanie made of synthetic materials and tightly knit. Strong weather and warmth resistance, adjustable cuff, and elastic construction make this hat suited to any head size.

Although the warmth is excellent, this model’s construction makes it one of the least breathable from our test group, which could cause it to become a little too warm if you start to exert yourself vigorously. The fabric itself isn’t the most breathable, and wearing it for an extended period of time can cause itching. This beanie should be a standard for everyone living in or simply going through colder climates if they need to be warm and dry and require something easy and uncomplicated. This is a terrific addition to your winter wardrobe for the affordable price and variety of colors it comes in when the chilly and rainy days really hit home.

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Connectyle Classic Winter Hat

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Tons of Colors Available
  • Thick Double-Layered Knit
  • Warm and Breathable


Connectyle, a great alternative with a traditional appearance and excellent functioning, is cozy, inexpensive, and fashionable. The Connectyle Classic Winter Hat uses a double-layered synthetic beanie to keep you warm, dry, and stylish. Wide rib knitting gives a hat that can keep up on the trail or in the city a larger and wonderfully comfortable design. You can express your personal style by choosing from a variety of colors for this beanie. Connectyle made this one feel incredibly comfortable all day long, whether getting up and doing anything active or just relaxing.

The beanie could feel a little slack on smaller heads due to the broad hole, but on larger skulls, it fits well and stays in place. Although the thread pilled quite quickly, it added some personality. Although this didn’t affect the aesthetic or comfort and didn’t disturb us during testing, the inside seams appear to be a little ragged. Overall, the Connectyle provides warmth, comfort, and style at a reasonable cost.

The North Face Salty Dog

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Very Warm Thick Knit
  • Soft Lining Stay Comfortable Over Long Durations
  • Aesthetically Appealing Design


On the docks or at camping, The North Face Salty Dog is equally at home. This beanie looks amazing and feels even better, making it ideal for regular wear. A synthetic exterior aids in keeping you dry, while the jersey cotton lining provides a ton of comfort and additional warmth. Even when the weather dips well below freezing, the strong weave and plush lining will keep you warm enough. The construction allows your head to breathe without overheating. Since the liner is rather thin, the cuff may be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes without compromising the comfort that the jersey cotton gives for your forehead and scalp.

The North Face doesn’t hold anything back, combining premium components and flawless workmanship to give it a premium look and feel. This one even tends to look better and nicer with some wear and tear as it ages and breaks over time. A Salty Dog Beanie might just keep you a cozy and warm while, as a bonus, earning you some compliments.

The Salty Dog Beanie is fantastic in terms of practical utility in a wide range of circumstances, although we believe it may be better worn in less extreme circumstances. While it can withstand the weather, the jersey cotton lining does not have the moisture-wicking properties of wool or synthetic materials. It can stay wet for a lot longer if the interior gets wet or you sweat excessively, and the temperature drops too low. We would wear this pretty much anywhere we could get away with wearing a beanie, with the exception of situations where you might be getting the inside damp, and the moisture gets trapped there.

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Neff Daily Beanie

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Incredibly Soft
  • Thick Material for Great Warmth
  • Loose Rib-Knit Style


The Neff Daily is just the kind of hat we enjoy for the next cold season because it is lighthearted and informal. This beanie is incredibly toasty and soft. The slouchy design keeps it comfortable in any setting, while the thick and soft weave keeps wearability and warmth at an all-time high. This is the loose fit that will keep your head warm from the time you have your morning coffee until you go to bed at night, from the ski lodge to base camp.

The overall slouchy appearance of this beanie isn’t to everyone’s taste, and despite the fact that it can be cuffed if necessary; it doesn’t appear to be designed to be worn that way. The loosely woven fabric of the Neff Daily sheds easily and can eventually appear rather hairy. The fact that this one is available in so many colors and that Neff is a brand that is generally associated with super-chill and toasty winter style makes it a wonderful purchase for anyone looking for a casual look at a reasonable price while yet maintaining function and comfort.

Meriwool Merino Cuff Beanie

Key Features

  • Merino Wool Material
  • Dries Quickly
  • Highly Functional for Many Uses
  • Folded Cuff Style


Gear that can adjust to your needs, no matter what they may be, is necessary for an active lifestyle in a climate that changes. In our testing, we discovered that the Meriwool Merino Cuff beanie could withstand anything we threw at it. High-quality merino wool is exceptionally soft and regulates body temperature in hot or cold climates. This beanie is very remarkable due to its capacity to drain moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer’s head dry inside and out in almost any weather.

Knowing you have a beanie you can put through it all, over and over, makes it all the better, knowing the build is good quality and appears built to last. Meriwool gives clothing options for all of your outdoor interests. This beanie passed our tests when used for running or as lightweight warmth on a strenuous hike when the temperature lowers.

Even though this hat is designed to be worn in any climate, it is not our first option when wanting to look fashionable. It has an unusually slouchy alternative and a slim, athletic fit when uncuffed. If you’re heading back into society and need to keep your head warm after a long day, it can be sufficient in a pinch because it still has a plainly well-made appearance and is available in attractive color options.

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Under Armour Tactical Stealth 2.0

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Stylish and Sleek
  • Folded Cuff Style
  • Mid-Weight and Ideal for Moderate Temperatures


You need a beanie that can keep up with your active lifestyle and keep you warm in whatever weather comes your way. The Tactical Stealth 2.0 was designed by Under Armour to withstand numerous uses. Synthetic material that is breathable wicks sweat from the head while keeping you toasty warm. This one is meant to last and maintain its nice looks, thanks to the sturdy structure and well-crafted seams. This beanie has a clean, businesslike appearance and comes in muted colors.

This one is an all-purpose treasure for daily wear or uniform use by first responders, military, athletes, and casual hikers. The Tactical Stealth 2.0 is best suited for temperatures that are no more than moderately chilly and has minimal downsides. The permeable construction can become a little chilly when exposed to the weather.

Final Words

Our men’s beanie review was created to assist you in finding the best beanies for your lifestyle. Our in-depth reviews revealed each product’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to identify the features that are right for you. Countless hours were spent researching and testing to ensure we could assist you in selecting the best beanie for your needs this winter and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Beanie Material is Best?

As previously stated, the best beanie material is determined by the activity and environment in which it will be used. However, wool is an excellent fabric choice for a number of reasons. It effectively absorbs and releases moisture. When participating in sweat-inducing sports, this material will pull moisture away from your body, allowing you to regulate your internal temperature. Wool also produces heat while drying, which helps to insulate your body.

Why Are Beanies Good to Wear in the Cold?

Beanies and hats, in general, help to keep your body heat warm. Beanies, compared to other hats, cover your entire head and ears, helping trap heat. Beanies are excellent at keeping heat close to your body, which is beneficial when it’s cold outside.

Are Beanies Bad for Your Hair?

Before buying one of the best beanies for men, consider this: Are beanies bad for your hair? Beanies, according to experts, can be used as a stopgap to cover up a bad hair day and keep the chill at bay.

Even the best beanies, however, can have some unwelcome side effects. Wearing a too-tight or too-hot beanie may cause your head to overheat, stressing the hair follicles and potentially leading to hair loss. Of course, a beanie can affect a well-coiffed hairstyle, and beanies can also prevent your scalp from breathing if worn excessively.

However, if you’ve found the right beanie cap and are wearing it properly, allowing your hair to air out every now and then, this shouldn’t be a major issue.

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