Top 6 Best Pressure Washers to  Buy

If you’ve ever seen a viral video of someone steam-cleaning a tile floor, you know how satisfying it is to see a surface transform from filthy to spotless in a matter of seconds. A high-quality pressure washer will provide you with the same sense of accomplishment on the outside of your home.

Best Pressure Washers 2023

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning machines that use high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn substances from a variety of surfaces. They are commonly used for cleaning driveways, decks, patios, sidewalks, and the exterior of homes and buildings.

Pressure washers come in a range of sizes and types, from small portable units to large commercial models. They are powered by either an electric or gas engine and feature a pump that increases the pressure of the water being sprayed. The amount of pressure generated by the pump is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), and the volume of water being delivered is measured in GPM (gallons per minute).

When using a pressure washer, it’s important to choose the right nozzle for the task at hand. There are different nozzles available for different types of cleaning, such as narrow fan nozzles for spot cleaning and wide fan nozzles for larger surface areas. The type of detergent used can also make a big difference in the effectiveness of the pressure washer.

Pressure washers can be an effective and efficient way to clean outdoor surfaces, but it’s important to follow safety precautions when using them. Always wear protective clothing, such as gloves and safety glasses, and be aware of the potential dangers posed by high-pressure water. Using the right pressure setting for the task at hand is also important, as using too much pressure can damage delicate surfaces.

Finally, pressure washers are effective cleaning tools that can save time and effort when removing dirt, grime, and other stubborn substances from outdoor surfaces. A pressure washer, with the proper equipment and safety precautions, can be an indispensable tool for maintaining the appearance of your home and property.

Read on to learn more about the best pressure washers to buy :

Sun Joe SPX3500

Key Features

  • Quiet
  • Large Plastic Wheels
  • Very Powerful for Electric
  • 42.6 Pounds Weight


The Sun Joe SPX3500 is a powerful pressure washer that does not emit fumes or use gasoline. You won’t have to deal with gas cans, choke levers, pull cords, or prime bubbles with this electric model. You also save money in the long run because you won’t have to constantly refuel — not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly. For an electric option, this model has powerful cleaning capabilities. It also has convenient onboard storage slots for the included nozzle options and a set of hooks for organizing the power cord and high-pressure hose. Furthermore, the hard plastic wheels are large enough to easily roll over grass, pavement, and some rough terrain. The SunJoe SPX3500’s acoustics are one of our favorites. This is the pressure washer you want if you want a strong one that won’t disturb your neighbors or wake up your kids who are napping.

The SPX3500 isn’t ideal despite all its positive features. For starters, electric models struggle to match the pressure generated by a gas-powered washer if your projects call for sheer power. This pressure washer is heavy in comparison to alternative electric choices. Choose a more compact washer if you want one that you can store on a shelf or in a closet. However, we believe that for individuals looking for an electric pressure washer with the finest performance, the SunJoe SPX3500 is a fantastic option.

best pressure washers 2023

Westinghouse Pressure Washer

Key Features

  • Large Wheels
  • Onboard Storage
  • Superb Cleaning Performance
  • 63.6 Pounds Weight


The Westinghouse WPX3200 is the pressure washer you need if you want one that can handle any job. Despite its massive look, this machine is surprisingly light and portable because of its substantial, high-quality wheels. It also comes with convenient built-in storage for the supplied 25-foot hose. The cleaning power of the WPX3200 is where it really shines. When our testers turned it on, “beastly” was the first adjective that came to mind. During our tests, this pressure washer handled every task with ease. We advise this washer for both short, light-duty rinses and challenging chores.

The Westinghouse WPX3200 has incredible power; however, there are a few flaws that we found. It weighs a lot, is bulky, and has a noisy gas engine. The engine has drawbacks that are common to all gas-powered engines. Consider odors, smoke, oil leaks, and upkeep. Even if you might avoid many of these problems by using an electric pressure washer, there’s no denying that this particular type is among the best available. Whether they are gas or electric, the competition is in its rearview mirror.

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Wholesun 3000PSI

Key Features

  • Compact and Easy to Carry
  • Impressive Cleaning Abilities
  • Easier to Maintain than Gas Models
  • 16.3 Pounds


One of the most reasonably priced versions in our test fleet is the Wholesun 3000PSI. Despite being inexpensive, it performs admirably in our cleaning tests. This washer moves a lot of water while having a low pressure per square inch. It cleans quicker and more effectively when it sprays more gallons per minute. When we used it to remove activated charcoal from a carpet many times in a span of four to five minutes, we saw this personally. With one of the most compact dimensions and a weight of 16.3 pounds, this washer is also lightweight. We value how much less upkeep an electric engine needs compared to a gas alternative.

The Wholesun’s little plastic wheels aren’t ideal, so it’s a good thing that it’s lightweight and portable. It’s too short to push or pull at 27 inches tall easily. Another problem is that it is unstable and has no built-in storage for its five nozzle options. Four of the nozzles offer spray angles of 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees. A fifth spray soap is cumbersome because a detergent container must be screwed into the sprayer. The garden hose attachment point can be challenging to reach in a similar manner. Despite these minor shortcomings, we think the Wholesun is a great deal for a cheap washer with a lot of cleaning power.

best pressure washers 2023

Greenworks 2000-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Key Features

  • Electric Power Source
  • 2,000 psi Pressure
  • Easy to Assemble and Use
  • 11-inch Surface Cleaner Attachment


For most light- to medium-duty cleaning jobs around your house, the Greenworks 2,000-PSI Pressure Washer is an excellent option. The included 11-inch rotating surface cleaner makes it even better when you have a long flat surface to clean. We tested this device on three of these surfaces—a driveway, a fence, and home siding. We also successfully used it to clean an automobile.

The pressure washer produces 1.1 gpm at 2,000 psi. It includes a 35-foot power line, three nozzles, a cleaning wand, a 20-foot heavy-duty hose, and an 11-inch surface cleaner. The machine is quite simple to set up and use, taking us only 24 minutes from opening the box to having the unit ready. Onboard storage makes it easy to keep everything in place. Also, it is fairly quiet.

The pressure washer was easy to use and move, but what really amazed us was how effective it was. It swiftly and simply cleaned up all of the messes we tested it on, effortlessly removing dirt, bird droppings, tree sap markings, mud, and general grime. At the conclusion of our tests, everything appeared better; the fence essentially appeared brand new. We really enjoyed the surface cleaner because it effectively removed an old rust stain from the driveway.

Any homeowner who wants to keep a patio, fence, deck, siding, or other large area clean would love this moderately priced pressure washer. It uses water effectively and has enough pressure to handle almost any mess. For the performance it offers, this machine is a fantastic deal.

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DEWALT 4400 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Key Features

  • Gas Power Source
  • High-Performance Engine
  • Very High-Powered
  • Five Nozzles


A device like the DEWALT 4,400-PSI Gas Pressure Washer is what you need if you require a commercial-grade machine for cleaning graffiti, scrubbing damaged concrete, or doing other heavy-duty jobs. This sturdy piece of equipment was made with specialists in mind. It can also easily remove dirt, grime, mold, paint, and other obstructions because of its powerful Honda GX390 engine. We tested the device on patio furniture made of plastic, concrete, and home siding. Nearly quickly, everyone came clean. Few typical household messes can survive the pressure with this power level, yet the usual user may not need this much pressure washer.

We assembled and prepped the pressure washer for usage in around 30 minutes, and while we found the process to be rather hard, the internet tutorials for assembling and adding oil proved to be more beneficial than the written instructions that came with the machine. However, once it was put together, we found that it was quite simple to move the pressure washer to the required location; the hose was extremely durable, and changing out the attachments was simple. The noise was noticeable, as with other pressure washers, especially gas ones, but it wasn’t much worse than that of other gas pressure washers.

4,400 psi at 4 gpm are produced by this DEWALT pressure washer. Additionally, it has a robust, 50-foot steel-braided line that is more resistant to abrasion than rubber hoses. The ergonomic spray pistol is simple to use and includes five quick-connect nozzle tips that can be changed out. It features a AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that applies pressure to the nozzle.

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Black + Decker Electric Pressure Washer

Key Features

  • Electric Power Source
  • Lightweight
  • Very Quiet
  • Compact for Easy Storage


The BLACK+DECKER 1850-PSI Pressure Washer is more than capable of handling duties like washing your car, cleaning patio furniture, hosing down siding and pathways, and other routine tasks; if needed, a portable, somewhat quiet pressure washer. We assembled this cheaply cost pressure washer in only ten minutes and then used it to wash a car, a wooden fence, and a deck. This pressure washer isn’t the strongest one on the market, with 1,850 psi and 1.2 gpm, but it’s a good option for light to medium cleaning tasks around the garage and yard.

When we first started using the device, we weren’t sure how strong it would be, but we were absolutely blown away. The cord was long enough to allow for simple handling, and it efficiently removed all kinds of dirt and grime off the deck and fence. Additionally, it did a fantastic job of washing the automobile, effectively blasting away dirt and insects. The car was spotless by the time the test was over, thanks to the soap dispenser’s assistance. Plus, we discovered that this pressure washer was quieter than the majority of comparable products.

The pressure washer contains three nozzles, an onboard detergent tank, a 35-foot power cord, and a 25-foot high-pressure hose. The fact that this washer is so lightweight (just 22 pounds), with a telescoping handle and substantial wheels, is a plus. Best of all, unlike many other pressure washers of comparable size, this small pressure washer offers onboard storage for the nozzles, hose, and cord when you are through cleaning, and its shape and size make it simple to store.

best pressure washers to buy

Final Words

In conclusion, best pressure washers are an efficient and effective way to clean outdoor surfaces, making them a worthwhile investment for both homeowners and businesses. A pressure washer suitable for any cleaning task is available in a variety of sizes and types. When selecting a pressure washer, consider factors such as power, size, and portability. According to the reviews on this blog, users should consider buying a pressure washer with a high PSI and GPM for maximum cleaning power, as well as a durable construction and simple-to-use features for added convenience. A pressure washer can make cleaning driveways, decks, patios, or the exterior of your home much easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pressure washer, and what is its purpose?

A pressure washer is a powerful cleaning machine that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn substances from a variety of surfaces. Its purpose is to make outdoor cleaning tasks faster, easier, and more efficient.

What are the different types of pressure washers?

There are several types of pressure washers, including electric pressure washers, gas-powered pressure washers, and portable pressure washers. Each type has its own unique benefits and is designed to meet specific needs.

How do I choose the right pressure washer for my needs?

When choosing a pressure washer, consider factors such as the size of the task, the type of surfaces being cleaned, and the level of portability required. Additionally, think about the power requirements of the machine and choose a pressure washer with a high PSI and GPM for maximum cleaning power.

What are the safety precautions when using a pressure washer?

When using a pressure washer, it’s important to wear protective clothing, such as gloves and safety glasses, and be aware of the potential dangers posed by high-pressure water. Using the right pressure setting for the task at hand is also important, as using too much pressure can damage delicate surfaces.

Can pressure washers be used on all surfaces?

No, pressure washers should not be used on all surfaces. For example, high-pressure water can damage delicate surfaces such as wood and glass, so it’s important to choose the right pressure setting for the task at hand. Additionally, some surfaces may require specialized cleaning solutions or techniques.

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