Top 6 Best Compost Bins to Buy

For your soil, compost functions like a multivitamin. It promotes healthy plant growth, strong roots, and an abundance of blossoms and fruit because it is made of thoroughly decomposed organic material used as fertilizer. Composting is beneficial for the environment as well as your garden.

Best Compost Bins 2023

Composting is an important part of any successful garden, and a compost bin is a simple and effective way to make compost at home. Composting aids in the reduction of waste, the improvement of soil quality, and the reduction of the need for chemical fertilizers. A compost bin can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, or repurposed materials.

A good compost bin should be big enough to hold a lot of organic waste but small enough to fit in your garden without taking up too much room. It should also be strong and long-lasting, able to withstand outdoor elements and retain the heat required for decomposition. A good compost bin should also have adequate ventilation so air can circulate throughout the compost pile, promoting healthy microbial growth and preventing foul odors.

Consider the type of composting you want to do when selecting a compost bin. A tumbling compost bin may be a good option if you need to compost quickly. A stationary bin may be a better option if you want to compost at a slower rate. Worm composting bins, which use worms to break down organic waste quickly, are also available.

Finally, a compost bin is a must-have tool for any gardener looking to improve soil quality and reduce waste. It’s critical to select a bin that meets your specific requirements, such as size, durability, and composting style. You can turn your food scraps and yard waste into rich, nutrient-dense compost for your garden with a little time and effort.

Read on to learn more about the best compost bins to buy :

FCMP Outdoor Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

Key Features

  • Two Chambers
  • Adjustable Air Vents
  • Promotes Faster Breakdown
  • Resistant to Pests


We were delighted by its user-friendly and robust construction when we evaluated the FCMP Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter in one of our backyards. It comprises two quick-curing chambers and numerous aeration holes to hasten decomposing. Black recycled plastic that is UV-inhibited and BPA-free, which absorbs heat and speeds up material disintegration, makes up the tumbling chamber. Many cutouts on the barrel’s side also make it simple to spin. In addition to its effectiveness, we valued the elevated and sealed construction of this composter, which keeps bugs and pests out of the chambers.

We did experience some difficulty with assembly, particularly given the inclusion of numerous extra pieces and screws. A Troubleshooting Guide with answers to queries regarding the initial setup as well as useful information on the composting process is provided by the manufacturer in addition to a step-by-step tutorial with photographs. After putting this composter together, we were impressed by how unassuming yet functional it was. We believe that this composter is still tiny enough to be tucked into a corner out of sight. Yet, some homeowners may think it is an eyesore, particularly if they have a small backyard and like to entertain.

Remember that this composter can only contain 37 gallons of compost, which may not be enough if your family consumes a lot of vegetable scraps. Also, you must add lawn clippings each time you add new food scraps. Given its effectiveness in decomposing materials and tough structure, we believe this tumble composter is a fantastic option overall.

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The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin

Key Features

  • Odor Free
  • Low Maintenance
  • Helpful Set-Up Instructions
  • Plastic Material


Vermicomposters are an effective and low-maintenance type of composter, even though they may not be acceptable to all gardeners. Everything you need to build a worm compost pile is included in the Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Container. Instead of being one big bin, this compost bin is made up of multiple stackable trays, giving it a more compact option.

This package includes starter bedding, mineral rock dust, four stacking trays, a thermometer, a hand rake and scraper, a worm ladder, a bin foundation with a spigot, and an extensive instruction booklet. In our opinion, this kit is worth the higher initial cost. Squirm Firm guarantees that this kit will be odorless when maintained properly.

Red wiggler worms are not included in the kit, but you can buy them at the majority of pet stores or even online. According to the manufacturer, the first tray needs roughly 3 months to be completely composted by the worms, and each succeeding tray can take as little as a month to decompose. It just takes 15 minutes a week to gently rake the materials, which is very minimal maintenance required for running the Worm Factory.

For those who are unfamiliar with this method of composting, it’s crucial to know that worms require a temperature range of 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus gardeners in colder or warmer regions of the country shouldn’t use this compost bin. We advise storing this kit in a well-ventilated, temperature-controlled area if you reside in a place with harsh winters or summers but decide to buy it.

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GEOBIN 246 Gal. Compost Bin

Key Features

  • Promotes Airflow
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Can Buy Additional Lining to Expand Pile Size
  • Recycled Plastic Material


The GEOBIN Compost Bin has a 216-gallon capacity, making it a great option if you need a composter with a lot of space. The nicest aspect about this composter is that you can change and increase the size as your compost pile increases. It is quick and simple to set up. It is simple to secure to any size you require with the closing keys. It’s composed of recycled plastic, making it a weather-resistant solution, but if you frequently suffer strong winds or heavy rain, you may strengthen it with garden stakes. Also, the ventilation holes improve airflow to hasten decomposition.

For setup, it’s best to have a second person nearby to hold the frame as you clip it in. If you don’t feel like scooping out your compost when it’s ready, the quick closure keys also make it simple for you to get to it. When your compost pile increases, you may also buy more plastic liners to increase the size of your container. Although we think this design is fantastic for its simplicity of use and huge capacity, we have some reservations about how well it will hold up against bugs and pests.

To prevent household pets from getting into this compost bin, we advise keeping a constant eye on it. When your compost decomposes, you could notice increased pests, which is typical but not always pleasant. This container should be strategically placed when it is first set up to avoid disturbing any outside gathering areas.

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Lifetime 80-Gallon Rotating

Key Features

  • 80 Gallons Capacity
  • Well-Constructed
  • Very Easy to Turn
  • Huge Door for Loading and Unloading


This rotating model is our favorite: the big enchilada of self-contained rotatable compost bins. This compost bin has a single, sizable chamber with perforations in the support bar that runs through the center for added aeration. It is easily rotatable and has numerous gripping surfaces to make turning easier. This one was the only tumbler we examined that had a simple locking pin to keep it from rotating.

Our favorite feature is the large door, which you can open from the top and quickly shovel leaves or other materials through to balance your carbon-to-nitrogen ratio or add some fresh food scraps. It couldn’t be simpler simply to open the door and put everything on the ground for distribution in your garden beds when it’s time to reap the rewards of your (or the microorganism’s) labor.

It takes a while to assemble this beast; therefore, we strongly advise having a power drill on hand for the countless fasteners holding everything together. Although tedious, assembly isn’t difficult. The pieces are neatly labeled and organized, and the instructions are fairly simple to understand. The time invested in creating it, in our opinion, was well worth it. This bin might be a bit huge if you live in a small flat or house with a restricted room. Yet, it has the ability to produce top-notch compost while keeping out small animals and the elements.

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Algreen Soil Saver

Key Features

  • 94 Gallons Capacity
  • Three Access Panels on the Bottom
  • Huge Locking Lid
  • 35 Minutes Assembly Time


The Algreen Soil Saver is a simple way to compost that keeps it safe from skunks, squirrels, and rats if you have a small yard with a shovel. You may compare it to a large trash can without a bottom. You can spread your finished compost by shoveling it out via the three access doors that swing up. Plus, the top is completely detachable, making loading a breeze. There is also enough space to turn your pile with a shovel or pitchfork. While the microbes work their magic, the Algreen Soil Saver keeps the unattractive muck of a compost pile contained.

This kind is not leakproof because it composts right into the earth. As a result, odors will be more noticeable if your ratios are off than they would be with one of the more covert, self-contained tumblers. A huge dog or a bear could easily knock it over and eat its decaying contents, which would be a security concern. It will take some effort and a pitchfork to turn this composter, but it might provide a more thorough and equal mix than a tumbler. The Soil Saver can be the best choice for you if a large garden requires a significant amount of compost.

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Squeeze Master Large Compost Tumbler

Key Features

  • 43 Gallons Capacity
  • Effective Aeration Tube
  • Chamber for Composting and a Chamber for Curing
  • 40 Minutes Assembly Time


With its multiple chambers, the Squeeze Master Large Compost Tumbler provides a wonderful option for the bigger models and a secure location for your compost to cure. You cannot add more food scraps to your compost while it is curing. After your compost has reached maturity, it must cure. With this design, the celebration may continue. You can begin a new batch in the second chamber after the first batch is finished. Although it takes some time to put this composter together, and you’ll need a socket wrench and screwdriver to tighten all 56 of the small fasteners, the instructions are clear, and our testers thought the construction was very simple.

There is a little, flimsy plastic sliding door on each of the 21.5-gallon chambers. Due to this, it is challenging to add scraps to your compost and even more challenging to remove the entire batch after it is finished. Little animals can’t enter because the doors are impenetrable enough. Because the chambers don’t rotate separately, turning your active compost also turns your curing compost. Although it’s not a big concern, it’s better for curing compost to stay still as it cools and the composting cycle comes to a close. If outside compost curing is not possible where you live, the Squeeze Master might be able to help.

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Final Words

In conclusion, a good compost bin can be a game-changer for any gardener. It helps to reduce waste, improve soil quality, and ultimately leads to healthier and more vibrant plants. With so many options available on the market, choosing the right compost bin can be overwhelming. However, by reading reviews and comparing different products, you can find a bin that fits your specific needs and budget. The reviews provided in this blog cover a range of different compost bins, each with its own unique features and benefits. We encourage you to take the time to read through these reviews and consider which compost bin might be the best fit for your garden. By investing in a quality compost bin, you’ll be taking an important step towards creating a more sustainable and productive garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a compost bin, and why is it important for a garden?

A compost bin is a container designed to hold and decompose organic matter, such as food scraps, yard waste, and paper products. Composting helps to reduce waste, improve soil quality, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

What types of materials can be composted in a compost bin?

Common compostable materials include food scraps, yard waste, paper products, and small amounts of wood chips or sawdust.

How long does it take for compost to be ready?

Compost can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fully decompose, depending on factors like temperature, moisture, and the size of the compost bin.

How often should a compost bin be turned?

Compost should be turned or aerated every few days to promote healthy microbial growth and prevent foul odors.

Can compost bins attract pests like rodents or flies?

Compost bins can attract pests if not properly maintained. It’s important to add the right mix of materials, maintain proper moisture levels, and avoid adding meat, dairy, or other animal products to the compost.

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