Top 6 Best Cargo Bikes to Buy

There are a variety of practical, ethical, environmental, and logistical benefits to riding a bike rather than a car. The cost of petrol is rising. The planet is on fire. Nevertheless, when you’re running late for work and haven’t yet put trousers on your crying kid, it’s simple to dismiss all of this.

I strongly advise acquiring a cargo bike if you’re attempting to balance your current life as a family chauffeur with your former carefree biking days—or even if you don’t have kids and just want to go to the hardware store. My own has completely changed my life, transforming my routine daily errands into a multi-tasking combination of fitness and joyride.

Best Cargo Bikes 2023

Cargo bikes, also known as freight bikes or utility bikes are bicycles that are designed to transport large loads. They are becoming more popular as a sustainable and efficient mode of urban transportation, particularly for those who need to transport goods or children.

Cargo bikes come in a variety of styles, but they all have a few features in common. They typically have a longer frame and a sturdy cargo rack or box attached to the front or rear of the bike that can carry anything from groceries to furniture. Some cargo bikes have multiple cargo racks to accommodate larger or more awkwardly shaped loads.

The versatility of cargo bikes is one of their main advantages. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including running errands and transporting children to school. Cargo bikes are also environmentally friendly, emitting no pollution and using no fossil fuels. They can also save money on transportation because there is no need for petrol, insurance, or parking fees.

Cargo bikes, despite their size, are surprisingly easy to ride and handle. They have low, stable centers of gravity and are designed to maneuver in tight spaces. Many cargo bikes also have electric-assist motors, which can make pedaling easier and provide extra power when carrying heavy loads.

To summarize, cargo bikes are a practical and sustainable mode of transportation that provides numerous advantages for city dwellers. They are versatile, environmentally friendly, and can help you save money on transportation costs. A cargo bike allows you to transport heavy loads while also reaping the many benefits of cycling.

Read on to learn more about the best cargo bikes to buy :

Tern GSD S10 LX G2

Key Features

  • 5cm Width
  • 200kg Carrying Capacity
  • Electric
  • Built-in Lights


Tern has a well-established reputation for producing electric cargo bikes that are incredibly dependable and capable. A robust frame and ingenious construction that places the luggage compartment on the back of the bike allow the GSD S10 LX G2 to carry a remarkable 200kg.

It is well-liked by parents since it can fit two Thule Yepp Maxi seats, making the school run simple. Flat bench seats are also an option when the kids become a bit older.

With a fantastic variety of high-quality parts, including a Shimano Deore 1 x 10-speed hub, a Bosch Cargo Line Motor that offers up to 85Nm of torque and 400% support, and a Bosch dual-battery system (500Wh) that offers a range of up to 128 miles, it’s also a breeze to ride.

Even though it isn’t the most affordable option, Tern doesn’t skimp on the amenities, including powerful disc brakes, front suspension, and built-in lighting to increase comfort and safety. Instead of thinking of this as a one-time purchase, spread out the cost over the bike’s lifetime because it is in fact made to last that long.

best cargo bikes to buy

Larry vs Harry Bullitt

Key Features

  • 43cm Width
  • 180kg Carrying Capacity
  • 3kg Weight
  • Highly Customizable Deck Area


The Larry vs. Harry Bullitt, the first and possibly one of the best cargo bikes, is a modern interpretation of the traditional Danish Long John, where the large load space stands at the front of the bike.

Far from it, this isn’t some bolt-on shed construction. The Bullitt has a thin, strong, three-dimensional frame that deftly integrates a front deck space that is very adjustable.

This sleek, quick vehicle weighs only 22.3kg when unladen (light for a cargo bike), yet it has a carrying capacity of 180kg. There is a Bullitt for everyone, thanks to the variety of gearing options and the inclusion of an electrified model.

Almost anything you need, even two children and furniture, can be chosen for that front cargo section. But be aware that adding chairs, boxes, and other accessories to customize the cargo room can quickly add up. But of all the cargo bikes we’ve tested, this one felt the quickest and most maneuverable, making it a pleasure to ride even when the front cargo area was empty.

best cargo bikes to buy

KBO Ranger

Key Features

  • Fast
  • Great Price-to-Performance Ratio
  • May Fit Some Bike Racks
  • Great Range and Power


In this category, the KBO Ranger is a wise investment. You can buy a nice cargo e-bike with plenty of power and a long range for hundreds less. The Ranger boasts the highest top speed (24 mph in our measurements) of the test fleet because of its powerful 750W engine, and its sizable 840-watt-hour battery supplies plenty of power for an amazing range. It’s a little more maneuverable than the competition because of its smaller wheels and more compact dimensions, and it’s one of the few cargo bikes that might fit onto some bike racks. It also has a ton of fantastic features, like fenders, lights, and running boards with wood tops.

Similar to the bike’s overall length, the Ranger’s rear rack is a little shorter than those on other models, which marginally reduces carrying capacity even though it can support up to 120 lbs. Also, this bike is a little less stable than the other bikes we examined, with longer wheelbases and bigger wheels. And when you purchase attachments to help with transportation, cargo bikes really realize their full potential. KBO, however, doesn’t provide as wide a selection of extras as other manufacturers. Even so, you get a bike that performs well and is speedy for a reduced cost, so people on a limited budget will probably be okay with these compromises.

best cargo bikes 2023

Blix Packa Genie

Key Features

  • Stability and Smooth
  • Fair Price
  • Great Ride Quality and Power
  • Dual-Battery Options Adds Massive Range


We believe that the Blix Packa Genie is a fantastic choice for the vast majority of people looking for an electric cargo bike because it offers a very well-rounded performance. Riders will be impressed by how smoothly and steadily it travels through town, and a strong feature set adds riding comfort. You can tote huge goods thanks to the 400-pound weight capacity, and you can buy a number of extras to customize it to your unique requirements. The 750W motor is strong and swiftly throttles or pedals to its maximum speed. The capability to add a second battery to the frame, which doubles its range and increases its ability to go long distances, is a significant advantage this bike has over others.

The Packa Genie’s range without the additional battery is respectable but not review-leading. You can travel longer on other bikes with a single battery charge. There aren’t many issues with this model aside from that. The majority of people looking for a high-quality cargo bike at a reasonable budget should find this bike to be of good service. There are specialized variants that give special capabilities or specialty performance in one or two areas.

best cargo bikes

Bunch the Original

Key Features

  • Ability to Carry Large Items
  • Huge Front Box with Space for Kids, Pets, Etc
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • Sturdy and Well-Made


Let’s go on to something entirely different: Bunch The Original. This front-box model offers a distinctive perspective on cargo carrying for moving loved ones, pets, or other objects. It has a family-oriented design. This bike can transport a lot, with a total weight capacity of 350 pounds and a front box weight limit of 220 pounds. With features like the two detachable benches and the four seatbelts that come with the cargo box, Bunch advertises it as “the family bike.”

The 652.8-watt-hour battery slips easily into the back rack, and the 500W motor delivers sufficient power when used with the throttle or pedal assistance. On its steel frame, the complete device is well-built and long-lasting. The display and controls are among our other favorites.

This model has some clear shortcomings. First, it is somewhat of a specialized approach that may not match everyone’s demands. Its three wheels offer it a very large turning radius and behavior that is very different from choices with two wheels. It takes some getting used to riding this bike, and turning and riding on rough terrain require extra caution. Although the lack of suspension can potentially be unsettling to the rider and luggage, we discovered that it works best on typically flatter terrain and smooth pavement. It is also difficult to transport, weighs 152 pounds, and takes up a lot of space in a garage.

best cargo bikes online

Yuba Spicy Curry

Key Features

  • High Max Weight Limit
  • Smooth Power Delivery
  • Accessory Options
  • Premium Display and App


A luxury cargo bike with the potential to take the place of a car is the Yuba Spicy Curry. The extra-long rear rack offers plenty of room for a lot of cargo, and its staggering 440 maximum weight capacity puts it ahead of the competition. Despite its carrying capacity, the Class 1 bike’s mid-drive Bosch Cargo Line motor delivers power with each pedal stroke incredibly smoothly. We pedaled 44 miles while evaluating this model’s range before the battery died.

The high-end display screen is distinctive because it combines with the Bosch app to offer special possibilities, and the quality components operate flawlessly. In addition, Yuba sells a variety of chic and practical add-ons that you may purchase to customize your bike to your specific requirements.

The Spicy Curry is a Class 1 e-bike with a 20 mph peak speed restriction and no throttle. To start the motor assistance, the rider must pedal, which can be a deal-breaker for some. Another potential deal-breaker is the hefty cost. Moreover, despite being comfortable and smooth for long distances, its big wheelbase makes it less maneuverable than others. If you don’t mind these shortcomings, this is your bike, and you value having a stylish and useful baggage transporter.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best cargo bikes are a great investment for anyone looking for a sustainable and versatile mode of transportation. Whether you’re running errands or transporting children, cargo bikes offer a practical, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution. With their sturdy cargo racks and easy-to-ride designs, cargo bikes make it easy to carry heavy loads while enjoying the many benefits of cycling. By investing in a cargo bike, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on transportation costs, and enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits of cycling. We have provided reviews and recommendations for some of the best cargo bikes on the market to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right bike for your needs. We encourage our readers to take the time to read through our reviews and consider which features are most important to them when selecting a cargo bike. We are confident that by doing so, you’ll be able to find the perfect cargo bike that meets your needs and helps you achieve your transportation goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of loads can a cargo bike carry?

Cargo bikes are designed to carry heavy loads and can transport anything from groceries to furniture. Some cargo bikes are designed specifically for carrying children and come with built-in seats and safety features.

Are cargo bikes difficult to ride?

Cargo bikes are designed to be easy to ride and handle, even when carrying heavy loads. They have stable, low centers of gravity and are designed to be maneuverable even in tight spaces. Many cargo bikes also come with electric-assist motors, which can make pedaling easier and boost power when carrying heavy loads.

Are cargo bikes expensive?

Cargo bikes can be more expensive than regular bikes, but they offer many benefits that can make them a worthwhile investment. They can save money on transportation costs, reduce carbon emissions, and offer a versatile and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Can cargo bikes be used in hilly areas?

Yes, cargo bikes can be used in hilly areas, but electric-assist motors may be particularly useful in these conditions.

Are cargo bikes safe to ride with children?

Cargo bikes for children usually have built-in safety features, such as harnesses and roll bars. It’s important to follow safety guidelines and ensure children are properly secured when riding a cargo bike.

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