Top 6 Best Bike Multi-Tools to Buy

The best bike multi-tools may save you a lot of frustration, not to mention the ever-embarrassing “can you come and pick me up” phone call, whether you’re tightening a rattling bottle cage, lifting your saddle a little, filling a tubeless tire, or replacing a broken chain. On the other hand, using the incorrect multi-tool may result in rounded-out bolts, a few too many expletives being used in public, and a humiliating journey home.

Best Bike Multi-Tools 2023

The best bike multi-tools come in a variety of sizes and designs; some have almost an entire workshop’s worth of tools, while others are compact and minimalist and contain only the bare minimum. It’s important to strike a balance between size and functionality, and carrying your best bike pump and multi-tool with you at all times can help you stay self-sufficient when riding.

They aren’t designed to be the major tools in your toolbox; instead, they are only meant to be used for minor changes and unanticipated crises, such as when testing out new parts or experimenting with seat heights. While using lightweight materials for the body, the greatest bike multi-tools are likely to use stronger steel for the portions that come into contact with the bike since you don’t want a badly made tool to strip the heads of your fasteners.

However, different cyclists have different requirements. For example, a commuter may desire a straightforward tool to quickly and effectively tighten a wheel nut. In contrast, a road cyclist with a carbon frame costing thousands of dollars is more concerned with using the proper torque to tighten their seat post. On both counts and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn more about the best bike multi-tools to buy :

ToPeak Mini PT30

Key Features

·         All-Metal Construction

·         Feature-Packed

·         Tubeless Plug Insertion Tool

·         Neoprene Carrying Case


ToPeak’s Mini PT30 emerged as the winner and the top cycling multi-tool after several weeks of testing. This model’s 30 features are contained in a reasonably sized, stylish package. It includes all of the common Torx bits, common screwdrivers, and standard-size hex bits from 2mm to 10mm. It also has rapid link storage, all of your chain maintenance equipment, and even a small knife.

In addition to its variety of features, this beautifully proportioned tool has superb ergonomics and a secure grip that allows it to fit precisely in the palm of your hand. When carried in a pocket or pack, the neoprene case wraps the tool neatly and tightly for protection and improved comfort. This updated model also includes a tire plug insertion tool to help in tubeless tire repairs, as if that weren’t enough.

The Mini PT30 is not the lightest model we examined, even though we loved most of its features. Despite this, we consider the weight to be respectable in light of its variety of tools and features. It is also one of the priciest alternatives we tested, but we think it is well worth the money. The Mini PT30 is an ideal multi-tool for bike, whether it be for road, gravel, or mountain biking.

Pro Bike Tool 17 in 1

Key Features

·         Lightweight

·         Simple Design

·         Ergonomic Frame

·         Sleek Profile


We weren’t sure what kind of quality to expect from the 17-in-1 because it had one of the lowest sticker costs in the test and was made by a new tool maker, but Pro Bike Tool met our expectations. This compact, lightweight tool has a traditional bike multi-tool style, a straightforward structure, and tool bits that are clearly labeled to assist you in doing short repairs on the road or trail.

Finding a better alternative available for riders searching for a straightforward, lightweight instrument that won’t break the bank will be difficult. The toolset isn’t the most flexible, but with a nearly complete range of hex sizes, a T25 Torx, and a capable chain tool as its foundation, it has all the functions required for basic mid-ride mechanicals. This tool feels comfortable in your palm and allows you to apply pressure without discomfort because of its smooth, rounded edges and good width.

Like most multi-tools, the 17-in-1 has some trade-offs. The tool bits are rather short due to their compact construction. This can make working on difficult-to-reach bolts in confined spaces or hollow cavities a little bit awkward. Although the tool could perform any task, some tasks, such as mounting bottle cages, configuring brake calipers or adjusting derailleur limit screws, may be a nuisance. The chain tool handle is relatively small and has poor leverage because of its compact construction. To release a chain pin, some effort is required.

bike multi-tool

ToPeak Ninja 16+

Key Features

·         Small

·         Super Lightweight

·         Feature-Packed for its Size

·         Reinforced Polymer Frame


With the Ninja 16+, ToPeak struck another grand slam. The Ninja 16+ maintains an intuitive, simple-to-use design that enables quick modifications and repairs in the field despite packing so many features into its small size. With 16 important features packed into a tool that weighs only 93 grams and is slightly longer than two inches, it makes the most of its space. It includes T10, T15, and T25 Torx bits, each of the most used hex sizes with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm wrenches, a chain breaker, two spoke wrench sizes, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, and a chain hook. This collection of tools ought to be sufficient to let you fix the majority of mechanical problems that may arise while you’re out riding.

This tool’s featherweight feel is made possible with a carbon-fiber reinforced polymer frame, which also maintains stiffness and durability that should last a long time. Including this instrument in their quiver would be beneficial for riders who are aiming to keep a minimal kit.

The Ninja 16+ sacrifices a few minor ergonomics in order to include so many features in such a compact, lightweight design. Larger hands don’t fit comfortably into the small, narrow body, and some of the tools attached to the frame’s sides can cause pressure spots while applying tension. Despite this, it ranks among the better ergonomic products we tested. For most riders, the compromise between comfort, mobility, and functionality is well worth it.

OneUp Components EDC V2

Key Features

·         Extra Storage

·         Lightweight

·         Unique Design

·         On-Bike Integration


We continue to think that OneUp’s upgraded EDC V2 is one of the best multi-tool inventions. This twenty-function tool conceals itself in the steerer tube of your mountain bike or OneUp’s frame-mounted EDC pump, saving you from having to think about another item while you get ready for your ride. With a virtually complete variety of hex wrenches, a T25 Torx wrench, a chain breaker, a flat head screwdriver, a fast link breaker, and an EDC top cap tool, the V2 version has the same tool set as the original. The tool’s main body has two sealed storage capsules with room for tubeless plugs and a few extra riding necessities. The chain breaker design has been modified and is more ergonomic than the original. You might even be able to leave your pack at home for short to medium-length journeys if you have this tool kit on your bike.

Although we enjoy not having to worry about forgetting our multi-tool at home, there are certain limitations to this on-bike tool kit when compared to a conventional multi-tool. The tool itself needs to be disassembled before use; however, it is always accessible in your steerer tube or pump. The chain breaker/tire lever, the tiny tool, and the main body with the storage capsules make up the entire kit when it is disassembled. When doing a trailside repair, there can be a lot to remember, and unless you get used to it, reassembling the entire device might be a little challenging.

One of the most expensive tools in the test becomes much more expensive when you consider that you must thread your steerer using OneUp’s tap kit or buy the new Threadless Carrier, both of which will set you back a few extra dollars.

oneup components multitool

ToPeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX Tool Kit

Key Features

·         Magnetic Bit Holder/Extender

·         Fine Tooth Ratchet System

·         Great Leverage

·         Thumbwheel for Rapid Threading


The ToPeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX has much to give the mid-ride mechanic beyond its obnoxious name. This is the only ratchet-equipped tool we evaluated, and we believe it provides significantly better ergonomics than the conventional multi-tool. Thanks to the socket-and-bit design, ratchet, and magnetic bit extender, there is no bolt on your bike that this wrench can’t easily access. Every size of hex wrench you could possibly need is included in the set, along with some of the most popular Torx sizes. The magnetic bit holder can be mounted to the back of the socket wrench for greater leverage during high-torque activities like removing pedals. The thumbwheel on the socket can be used to quickly thread and unthread fiddly bolts in confined spaces, such as bottle cages. We were so impressed with this gadget that we discussed including it in our home workshop setups.

There are a few issues with the Ratchet Rocket Lite DX. The main issue with the kit is that it is missing a chain breaker, which is essential for a multi-tool. You don’t want to be left stranded when your chain breaks far from home without a way to fix it. Chain breakers are available in ToPeak’s “plus” tool set for a modest additional cost, but it would be wonderful if they were also in the basic kit.

The Ratchet Rocket Lite DX also includes several tiny parts that must be kept watch off while out on the trail. For the majority of one-bolt changes and modifications, it’s not a problem, but if you’re not cautious, huge fixes could leave parts all over the place.

Blackburn Switch Wrap

Key Features

·         Flat-Repair Kit Storage

·         Frame-Mounted

·         Ergonomics Wrenches


Among the tools we tested, the Blackburn Switch Wrap has a particularly portable and functional design. It is an attractive minimalist choice for mountain riders who want to get rid of their pack because it has 15 functions and on-bike storage for a tube, CO2 cartridge, and tire lever. The Switch Wrap comes with a tool kit that includes a socket handle and various bits like 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches, T25 and T30 Torx bits, and a flat head screwdriver, as opposed to being a single-piece folding multi-tool like the majority of the models in our evaluation. A chain tool with 0 spoke, 1 spoke, and 2 spoke wrenches is also provided.

During testing, the socket-bit system’s smart T and L-handle capability offered excellent leverage, let us reach bolts in confined spaces, and reminded us of ergonomic workshop equipment. The Switch Wrap quickly won over those who love riding without a pack, and we would suggest it to anyone seeking a little bit of extra storage.

While the Switch Wrap provides excellent portability, it also gives up some speed and usability compared to more conventional multi-tool designs while making repairs and adjustments. Every time you want to adjust, you have to unwrap your bike, take the tool kit out of the confined velcro pocket, and put together the necessary wrench. This process doesn’t take very long in the big scope of things, but riders who value speed in their repairs can eventually grow impatient. The socket-bit method used by Blackburn also results in a number of parts that need to be kept track of while doing repairs. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the Switch Wrap wanders around, it may eventually scratch the paint on your frame.

blackburn multitool kit

Final Words

When looking for a new bike multi-tool, there may be several factors to take into account. There are several solutions available to suit your goals, regardless of whether you want to be ready for any situation or just the essentials. The tools used in this test offer varying advantages in terms of comfort, speed, and portability. Your ideal pedaling tool might not be the same as the next rider’s, depending on your value. The ability to make quick modifications quickly and on the spot will make your life much easier; therefore, we also advise learning how to use your multi-tool before you go out there. We hope this article on the best bike multi-tools will help you find the best one for your needs.


What Do You Need in a Cycling Toolset?

For cyclists, hex drivers, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and T25 extensions are required tools in every multitool set. If you’re trying to find an all-in-one solution, you could additionally need chain breakers and splitters.

What Does a Chain Breaker Tool Do?

By pushing a new connecting pin into the chain, chain breaker tools make it easier to disconnect and replace a chain. Unfortunately, chain breakers are frequently absent from minimalist toolkits, so if you want one with them, you might need to pay close attention to them.

What Size of Hex Drivers Do You Need for a Bike?

Hex wrench extensions may be required in various diameters, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 millimeters. For the majority of bike fasteners, you can have better leverage with these.

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