Top 17 Best Remodeling Projects on a Budget

Renovation of an existing home may be quite satisfying, whether you want to upgrade the property you’ve lived in for years or you’ve bought one that needs improvement. You can add architectural glory to your beloved home while still enjoying its comfort. There are several features that will raise the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

Best Remodeling Projects for Home

Are you sick of seeing the same old furniture and paint job all around your house? Consider selling your home soon. Ready to make some adjustments but unable to spare the necessary funds for a full renovation? The best remodeling projects for your home can improve your home’s curb appeal, regardless of whether you want to raise the property value of your home, flip a recently purchased house, or simply want a change of pace.

Homeowners are increasingly trying to update the areas they use every day, whether to increase the value of their property or improve their quality of life. DIY home improvements can be a cheap way to update your home, but if you’re not careful, they could end up costing a lot of money. There are endless methods to give your home a face-lift without borrowing money or spending a fortune, though, with a little knowledge and preparation.

Consider the top 17 best remodeling projects for your home that you may complete on a budget.

Add a Sliding Barn Door

Although opening and shutting doors consume space, it is important to block views from one room to another or cover storage. An attractive alternative is a sliding barn door, which is employed in this case to hide storage space for the neighboring dining area and kitchen. Doors like these roll-on sliding barn door hardware that is easy to install; choose one with elements that complement existing room accessories, or paint your sliding barn door a contrasting color for a pop.

Upgrade Your Ceiling

Right, nobody bothers to look up? Unless your ceiling has unique elements that make it stand out, that is likely the case. In reality, a room can be significantly improved with a little TLC for a spectacular ceiling. Consider tin or stained wood beams for a cottage-style interior; if the space is small, run the beams one way to make it appear larger. Alternately, in a traditional or modern setting, use geometric patterns like uniformly spaced and sized boxes.

Screen and Revamp the Outdoor Space

While open-air outdoor areas are wonderful, a screened-in porch can increase utility in interesting ways. Screens provide modest but welcome privacy and serve to keep out animals and insects, which may make using space on warm-weather days even simpler. A few additional screens can also inspire a redesign of other accents and finishes, such as soft shades to block views and sunlight, even more, a new light fixture and ceiling fan to increase the usable hours, and a refinished floor to handle foot activity.

Revamp a Closet

Consider the daily irritants in your life; one of them is undoubtedly a closet. But a quick DIY closet makeover can improve the appearance and usefulness of this room. Start by cleaning out the closet and repainting the internal walls in a vibrant pattern and color scheme, with wallpaper on the bottom half and bright yellow on top. Pick useful items with a variety of storage alternatives, such as shelves, hanging rods, open storage, and drawers or baskets. Consider replacing doors with soft, multipurpose window coverings to conserve space.

Remake Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet remodeling is sometimes a labor-intensive project with potentially high expenditures because kitchen cabinets can be pricey. What is a quick and simple approach to updating the kitchen cabinets in your home? Remove upper cabinet doors to reveal bright, airy shelves. To further open up the area, fill and sand the hinge holes and paint them a brilliant white color. (Added bonus: The project will compel you to organize the items in those cabinets.)

kitchen cabinets for storage

Connect One Room with Another

Even if a wall cannot be removed, interior windows or pass-throughs can be used to link spaces like kitchens and dining rooms. To determine what kind of structure you must maintain or operate around, a structural engineer must examine your support beams. For added convenience and flexibility, consider tying the countertops together on either side. Although this kind of home improvement job will require some time, it will be well worth it.

Remake Your Fireplace Front

Any perfectly designed space can feel old if the fireplace fronts are tired and worn. However, installing a new fireplace front is neither expensive nor complex. The majority of brick can be painted quite easily, and fireplace faces can be covered with readily available tiles. Make sure any of the materials you use to renovate your fireplace are fire-resistant and adhere to local building codes. You’ll soon have the fireplace of your dreams.

Repaint Cabinets

Repainting the cabinets, especially if they are decades old, can drastically refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom in addition to updating the backsplash or tile flooring. Repainting them will take some time, but it won’t be as expensive as buying new cabinets from scratch.

Make an additional investment in new cabinet hardware if you want to go further. The simplest kitchens may instantly become beautiful with the addition of brushed gold knobs and handles. However, you should be ready to fix any minor dings and scratches that may appear as you remove the old hardware when undertaking such a project.

Revamp Your Backsplash

Your decor and aesthetic preferences will determine which backsplash design you go with for your small kitchen renovation. Tile, granite, and even tin are just a few examples of materials that are suitable for backsplashes. Make sure you can seamlessly link the kitchen backsplash and the countertop if you decide to keep the countertop.

Spruce Up the Shower

A standalone shower can feel brand-new with fresh tiling and a few more comforts. If you have strong tiling and grouting skills and plan to keep the faucet, you can probably finish the project on your own. Create a shower bench out of the tile to ensure it is waterproof. All of your bottles, soaps and loofas can be stored on a built-in recessed wall shelf.

bathroom home remodeling

Change Stair Treads

Take on the staircase in your upcoming home renovation without hesitation. You’ll need to sand, coat, and seal paint to refresh it; treads require more labor-intensive investment (and some savvy DIY skills, too). There are a few ways to update stair treads; one is to repaint them, and another is to install new treads. You can choose a hue or stain that matches the room’s design or repeat one already there.

Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island may fit even small kitchens with the right traffic flow, and they don’t always have to be expensive. Counter-height tables that are readily available provide a useful work surface for preparation and, in a pinch, serving. To take advantage of the vertical space, find a small kitchen island with open storage and attach wire baskets and other storage items. An added benefit is that a pre-made unit requires no labor.

Shelving Unit for Storage and Display

If you need more organization but lack the funds for expensive built-in storage, opt for a versatile piece of furniture that includes extra shelves and drawers in addition to unique design features. Choose one that is pre-stained or that you may paint to provide a vivid contrast to other furniture already in the room. An armoire-like piece can be placed inside an entryway, in the family room, or up against a wall in the kitchen to create a ton of storage space without requiring a disruptive makeover.

Upgrade Display and Storage in a Laundry

Regarding home remodeling, washers and dryers sometimes receive the short end of the stick. After all, they are just workspaces—frequently used but without much difference. However, a well-designed environment makes all that toil a little less taxing—and the improvements don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here, open shelves that are supported by softly curved brackets provide the first modification.

A vase or a bright rug will make a huge difference in the transformation of your laundry room. They are practical and, when painted bright white, prevent the room from seeming cramped. Instead of stuffing items like these with a lot of junk, carefully choose your accessories and add a few lovely extras as well.

laundry room storage

Swap Out Light Fixtures on a Floor

New sofas come and go, side chairs are reupholstered, and rugs are changed, but what about light fixtures? There is far too little focus on these crucial room components. And replacing the light fixtures should be at the top of the list for a small home improvement project with a big impact.

Start by picking a room or a floor in your home, then select lighting fixtures that are both functional and an expression of your individual style. It’s acceptable to choose materials and colors that go well together, like, in this case, metalwork, wood, and textured tones, even though sticking with a single family of fixtures is an alternative.

Enhance Your Home Office

Depending on the current layout of your home, adding a home office may require varying degrees of modification. Still, the results can greatly improve your family’s daily life efficiency. To begin with, attempt to remodel a room with enough counter space for at least two seating areas, allowing several children to accomplish their homework or a child and a parent to work side by side.

Furniture for home offices should be durable as well. Drawers and cabinet doors, as well as open shelves, provide a helpful storage combination to unify family information. A chalkboard, corkboard, or magnet board is essential for displaying schedules, to-do lists, and family memorabilia.

Upgrade Your Vanity, Sink, and Accessories

Normally, a room will include components that function satisfactorily, such as a bathroom floor, toilet, or shower. By carefully choosing specific items and reworking them for impact and utility, your bathroom might feel like it underwent a much larger redesign without the cost or hassle.

For example, purchasing bathroom vanities in packages saves money and removes the trouble of having to make various decisions. If at all possible, upgrade the mirrors, light switches, and lighting fixtures as well.

bathroom remodeling projects

Other Tips for Remodeling on a Budget

Spend money on house upgrades that will add value over time. Any renovations you make to your home should ideally raise its value. That includes “invisible” improvements like sealing cracks or putting in energy-efficient insulation, for example. These add to the value of your property without costing a fortune and lower your energy costs while you are still living there.

Include resources you already have. Utilizing recycled or upcycled materials, such as pallets or leftover lumber, is one of the most efficient ways to cut costs on DIY home repair projects.

Be prepared for every expense. You can prevent pressurizing yourself and lower your risks of maxing out your credit cards or emptying your checking account by properly planning your projects, setting aside money, and creating a budget.

Final Words

You can brighten up your home with a variety of DIY remodeling solutions. Thinking smartly rather than structurally is the key. Many of the ideas mentioned above are really minor tweaks. A little bit of purposeful improvement, like a freshly painted front door or refinished kitchen cabinets, may do wonders for the appearance of a room, a space, or even the entire outside. Your area can be changed without spending a lot of money on modifications if you put a little effort and creativity into it.


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