Top 15 Best Budget Friendly Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Having a good bathroom can impress you and your guests as well. While home improvements might be expensive, there are many budget friendly bathroom decor ideas that can give your bathroom the boost you’ve always wanted. We’ve selected the best budget friendly bathroom styling tips and hacks. If you want to give your bathroom a new look, you can follow these hacks to improve your bathroom.

Best Budget Friendly Bathroom Decoration Ideas

You don’t really need to spend a lot of money to update your bathroom. Your bathroom can be refreshed while still being budget friendly with a few simple design tips and tricks. Simple aesthetic updates allow you to update a bathroom on a tight budget, whether you choose to add small indoor plants, change the hardware on your vanity, or design a gallery wall that displays your style. Prepare to take on one of your house’s most often-used rooms by finding inspiration from our collection of inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas.

Read on to learn more about the best budget friendly bathroom decoration ideas:

Consider Paint

What a fresh coat of paint can do to improve a bathroom is remarkable. Although mildew- and mold-proof primers and paint are a bit more expensive than standard formulas, you won’t need more than a gallon to cover an average-sized bathroom’s walls and ceiling. And the additional expense includes added security for bathrooms that are prone to wetness. Any dirty surfaces, such as window trim, baseboard molding, and scuffed cabinets, should be covered.

Finally, think about painting outdated fixtures. You can spruce up a medicine cabinet or refinish a cast-iron bathtub with the right materials. However, you should seek expert assistance for these tasks. To add privacy to your windows, use spray paint with a frosted glass effect, or paint the base of an old vanity to give it a fresh look. Paint can be used to refresh even floors: Vinyl flooring can be painted as long as the surface is roughed up first and sealed afterward.

Stick to White Fixtures

Choose neutral fixtures and finishes in a bathroom renovation to reduce costs. Simple white fixtures like sinks, tubs, and toilets are available at low prices and are simple to live with. By selecting white tiles for the floor, tub surround, and backsplash, you can save a ton of money. However, this does not imply that the space must be boring. If you go with plain white field tiles, you might have more money to spend on a border like a glass mosaic. Choose inexpensive elements to add color to the neutral background, such as vibrant towels, eye-catching window treatments, strong wall art, and new wall paint.

Replace Old Hardware

A bathroom has a lot of hardware, such as towel bars, sink faucets, cabinet knobs, and flush handles. Spend some of your budget on updating these things. The bath may glare like a showroom with new hardware. By replacing yellow polished brass with oil-rubbed bronze, classic brushed nickel, or matte brass; you can instantly update outdated décor. You can also improve the fixtures’ appearance, feel, and functionality by substituting parts with more weight, style, and personality for builder basics. Similar to how jewelry may spice up an outfit, these accents can transform a commonplace setting into something spectacular.

Lighting Fixtures

It may be less expensive to replace old lighting fixtures when updating the look of your bathroom. There are many different reasonably priced lighting fixtures that can be found in shops and online. Keep in mind that it is wise to leave large electrical projects to experts. However, replacing lighting fixtures is a simple DIY bathroom project you can complete in a single day with some direction. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion when changing the lighting in your powder room. Modern bathroom lighting options include light bars and hanging pendants that spread light across the space. Since LED lighting fixtures are the most energy-efficient and don’t generate additional heat in your bathroom, they are a wise choice.

Bathroom Wall Art

You don’t have to stare at the blank walls in your bathroom. Affordable and water-resistant treated canvas prints are available. For the most visual effect, choose large sizes. Have a local printer enlarge a favorite photo to create personalized wall art for a distinctive appearance. Custom printers can now produce canvas prints and even laminate them to make them waterproof. Consider options other than a canvas print when creating art for bathroom design ideas. A unique and energizing approach to adorn the walls of your bathroom is to create a wall gallery of your favorite items, such as baskets or starfish. Consider creating your own art or shopping at online stores with reasonable prices.

New Powder Room Flooring

Modern, user-friendly flooring solutions are available for DIY projects at an affordable price. Most home improvement retailers offer reasonably priced, durable vinyl floor planks in various wood species and designs. Like a real wood floor or stone tile, they have texture and surface flaws and have a realistic appearance (white-washed oak is an example). To install, simply score with a blade, peel, and stick. The best aspect is that vinyl floors frequently have long guarantees against wear and tear and are waterproof. A braided vinyl floor rug made is an additional option. The rugs have a rubber base that gives padding and comfort to your bathroom floor, are made of industrial quality material, and can be purchased in custom sizes.

Multi-Functional and Storage in Bath

Organizing and decluttering your bathroom will give it a brand-new appearance right away. Think about how you can increase storage if your bathroom is small. A quick weekend enhancement is to add pull-out drawers to a cabinet, which makes it easier to sort items. Most home improvement retailers offer pull-out drawers in common sizes. There are also wall-mounted baskets and floating wall shelving that can be used to increase storage—a little furniture-style cabinet for storing. Consider installing your home washer in the bathroom if you’re short on space. Most washers can fit under the skink.

Try Shower Caddie Organizer

Are you someone who finds it hard to organize? Are you aware that a cluttered environment has a damaging impact on your productivity? Do you believe that installing an organizer requires tools and trained labor? After utilizing adhesive stickers, do you dislike sticking things to surfaces?

Going to the bathroom is typically the first thing most people do in the morning, and because it is one of the first things you see, clutter may significantly affect the rest of your day. The shower caddie organizer offers a coordinated way to keep many materials in a room, which can help with this issue.

The wall shell is incredibly simple to install because it is totally supported by suction cups and requires no drilling or other tools. You do not need to drill or use additional tools because this uses suction to compel the fluid to cling to the wall.

Add Plants

If you’re upgrading your bathroom, you don’t have to go all out. Sometimes all a space needs to brighten up and feel new is a small addition. The simplest remedy? Buy some greenery! Depending on your tastes, these can be false or real.

Simply said, enhancing your bathroom with greenery and houseplants is a quick and fairly affordable process. Plants will bring much-needed color and texture to the room, whether you choose a modest vase filled with your favorite vibrant blossoms or want to cover your windowsill in succulents.

Living plants may give your bathroom a peaceful, natural feel if you choose them, which could work wonders.

Try Themed Accessories

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy new fixtures and furnishings to implement this concept. Instead, we recommend you swap out your minor accessories for ones that fit a particular theme!

As an illustration, you can go with a maritime motif and include a porthole mirror, a bathroom ceiling fixture, and a matching soap dispenser.

Ideally, you should be able to look for inexpensive accents to design your bathroom and make it appear like a cohesive space in your neighborhood dollar or thrift stores. You need to apply a little paint to improve the theme, but it’s not always necessary.

Try Tile Stickers

We had to add tile stickers to this list because they are such a revolutionary idea! Tile stickers can assist fix messy grout issues without the need to install pricey patterned tiles. Whether you’re searching for a dark marble backsplash or a vibrant Moroccan mosaic pattern, tile stickers are available in a variety of designs. Be on the lookout for ones that can be matched with your current shower, sink, or bathroom floor tiles and are water-resistant.

Try Glass Shower Doors

Keep the area as open as possible, which is a good rule of thumb for small spaces and bathrooms in particular. Clear glass shower doors allow the eye to see the entire room without obstructing the line of sight, making your small bathroom look airier and more spacious than shower curtains, which divide the space and restrict light. One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a small bathroom is opting for a curtain rather than a transparent glass shower door. Glass shower doors may cost a little more, but they are definitely worth the extra money because they not only last a lot longer, but they also maintain an uninterrupted line of sight throughout your compact bathroom.

Use Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a beautiful, adaptable, and unbeatably affordable solution to organize and store all of your small bathroom necessities. Even if you don’t have a matching set, baskets are durable, affordable, and particularly simple to match into an attractive set. Use storage baskets in the bathroom to keep anything from extra toilet paper rolls on a floating shelf over the toilet to hairbrushes under the sink.

Keep it Simple

It’s crucial to keep in mind that less is more when decorating a small bathroom. Be very careful not to load your small bathroom with too many items, and stay away from color and texture-heavy design schemes. As previously noted, select a single accent hue and go with a light, airy color scheme to avoid shrinking and dampening the room. Finally, keep anything you can tucked away to keep your bathroom counter as clear as possible in order to reduce visual clutter in your small bathroom and keep surfaces clean and organized.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great option for small bathroom decor and work well for both bathroom nooks and walls. They can be used to exhibit attractive items like small trinkets or indoor plants and increase storage space. Nothing ruins a morning like bashing your head on a shelf corner while you’re getting ready for the day, so make sure to position them somewhere that they can be both useful and stay out of your way.

Final Words

Your bathroom can be given new life without undergoing a full remodel. Your bathroom can have an instant facelift with a few inexpensive upgrades. These affordable bathroom decorating ideas are a tried-and-true way to freshen up the look of your bathroom. With the help of discount retailers and creative repurposing, bathroom décor on a budget is now more feasible than ever. After all, ideas that can be used to design a bathroom while saving money are ideal.


Why is Bathroom Decoration Important?

A well-thought-out bathroom design may give you a soothing spot to rest after a stressful day and an efficient way to meet your daily demands. For example, adding cool design elements and ambient lighting can give your home a spa-like environment and atmosphere.

What Kind of Decorations Go in a Bathroom?

Beadboard, a collection of oddities, brass picture frames, and vintage lighting fixtures can give a bathroom an old-world environment. Embrace your bold side with graphic flower wallpaper, which is perfect for a small bathroom. Fresh flowers and a braided mirror will complement the decor.

What Materials Can You Use for a Bathroom?

Bathroom flooring and wall surfaces made of ceramic tile, marble, and granite are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. Ceramic tiles look great on both floors and walls, while marble and granite tiles (slabs are too heavy) create a bathroom of unparalleled elegance and beauty.

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