Top 14 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas to Enhance Your Living Room

Our homes’ living rooms serve as their center. They are where we spend our family time, amusing our visitors, throwing various parties, relaxing after work or school, and spending time with one another before it’s time for bed.

But in order to liven up these bare walls for all these activities, you’ll need some DIY Wall Decoration Ideas for your Living Room.

DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

While many people might prefer to buy expensive artwork to adorn their living rooms, there are plenty of things you can make yourself that will save you money and enhance your DIY skills. You can add a wide range of DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For the Living Room to your house.

Some of these wall design ideas may need some work, while others just need some time and effort. This article is for you if you’re serious about adding personality to your home, updating your decor, or filling up the living room’s empty walls.

Here is a list of the top 11 DIY wall decoration ideas you can follow to enhance your living room walls. Read on to learn more about the best ideas:

Yarn Wall Hanging

One of my favorite ways to spruce up a plain wall is with wall hangings. Although you can purchase these lovely wall hangings from an internet retailer, why not try your hand at creating something original yourself?

If you’re not sure where, to begin with DIY wall hangings, you can simply purchase a thick bamboo pole or, if you don’t have one, use any stick and arrange the yarn on it.

Place it now carefully against a white wall in your living room. It appears to be cool-looking.

Fabric-Covered Walls

Consider covering one side of your walls with fabric for a cozy appearance. Additionally, materials can be used to cover up wall imperfections!

This DIY wall decoration idea works well when you merely cover one side as an accent wall while leaving the other bare to maintain harmony in your design concept. Again, feel free to use any material or color you desire as long as it falls within your budget and looks well when combined.

Velvet, cotton textiles, tapestry, and numerous more options are a few of the more popular ones. Before applying them to the walls, just ensure they go nicely together!

Book Shelves or Showpieces

Making shelves is one of our DIY wall decoration ideas!

In this way, you can very stylishly display your books and valuables. It is great if you can find ancient, vintage suitcases. Then, you can use it for all sorts of fun! You’re right,

You can display it any way you desire by just using wood glue and paint. Use colored tape instead if you want to go for something more decent. Simply add some wallpaper or cloth if you wish to add more color.

These DIY wall decoration ideas for living rooms will undoubtedly help brighten up your living room, no matter what you decide to do!

best DIY wall decoration ideas

String Lights

Although string lights aren’t particularly known for their contemporary attractiveness, why not try them? The simplicity of string lights is part of their appeal.

Installing lighting fixtures on bare walls is the simplest method to transform them into works of art. String lights will provide a distinctive style to your living area and make your home seem warm and friendly.

They come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, allowing you to pick from multiple options that go with your interior decor.

Stick-on Mosaics

Due to its artistic appeal and simple installation procedure, mosaic art is growing in popularity among interior designers. Anyone with a little time and creativity can complete these DIY wall decoration projects!

Stick-on mosaics are much simpler to work with because you don’t need any artistic ability at all—just adhere to the tiles anywhere you like! You may have considered this idea before, but this is the right time to apply it and make your living room walls attractive.

Picture Frames

Framing photos is the simplest and least expensive method to add some life to your walls. Instead of going out and purchasing pricey frames, simply cut them yourself using a picture frame as a template.

Choose pictures that most accurately represent your personality, taste, or hobbies. White space on a wall is just as vital as the items you show, so ensure you leave enough space between your photographs.

Your friends will believe this wall has artwork from an art gallery if you hang all of these framed pieces at various heights on it!

Why not get a pre-made set of old wooden frames if you don’t want to bother making your own frames? Although they are more expensive than DIY alternatives, they have a distinct and genuine appearance.

Elegant Mirrors

They can be a great way to enlarge and brighten your living area. Why not use mirrors to create light in your large windows if you have some in your living area?

To let in even more light, hang small mirrors on either side of huge windows. It will not only improve the light but also provide color and beauty that express your sense of fashion and personality.

Mirrors are a fantastic solution if you want to give an old object a fresh look. For example, if your family room’s old TV stand is starting to seem worn out, put mirrors on either side of it to cover up its defects and reflect color onto any blank walls that might need to be given some life.

Adding Elegant Wallpapers

While adding wallpaper to your walls wasn’t always considered cool, today, it’s all about personalization.

Changing your wallpaper whenever you choose is a huge benefit and can liven up your home. There are probably already several patterns and ideas in your head that you might choose from.

There are several places that provide DIY instructions on how to make your own bespoke wallpaper if you’re feeling creative; if you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to take on that challenge, there are also some ready-made solutions.

DIY wall improvement ideas 2022

Try Different Paint Colors

One of the numerous ways to make your home uniquely yours is to paint the walls a new color. It’s a simple and affordable method to update the look of your walls.

You can paint or decorate your home without hiring a professional if you have a few basic tools and maybe a little assistance from friends and family.

Make sure to pick colors that match your interior design aesthetic. Whether you want a traditional or modern look, there are many hues available in a variety of finishes that will work.

Always choose color combinations that work well together because clashing colors appear unpleasant and may detract from other objects in your home.

Wall Family Tree Frame

Making a charming family tree wall is another enjoyable project you and your family can accomplish together. Why not use the various photos you and I have of our loved ones and pets to create something special?

All you need are some frames and tree wallpaper. Place picture frames anywhere you like after pasting your tree wallpaper to the wall.

Now enter your photos, and you’re done! You won’t ever have bare walls once more. You can truly improve your decor with these easy DIY wall decoration ideas for your living room.

Wall Decals

A great way to glam up your home is using wall decals. You can easily choose one that complements your decor because they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and themes.

Additionally, if you get bored with something later, you can always replace it.

Your home may be made beautiful in a variety of ways, and there are numerous benefits to doing so. I decided a few years back that my main living room walls needed a little bit extra because they were plain and uninteresting.

I consequently purchased these lovely colorful flying flowers in flower cages. When that time came, applying them to the walls was next. And simply take a look at how stunning it is.

Add Some Paintings

You don’t need to spend much money on paintings, and you don’t want to make your living room look like an art gallery. However, a large-scale work of art is undoubtedly eye-catching. The artwork will make the space feel more unique if it has some emotional importance or a personal tale behind it. Additionally, it makes for a good conversation opener.

You can even hang your design if you have a creative streak. You only need a big canvas, some paint, and some acrylics.

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Add Decorative Molding

The best approach to make your living room feel opulent can be with moldings. Actually, it’s also among the least expensive ways to give your area a luxurious appearance. You might even set aside some time to do some DIY and make your own moldings.

Ornate and beautiful moldings can be installed even in builder-grade homes. Since molding is not expensive, it is also not a major deal if you decide to hire a professional.

Make sure the walls, moldings, and trim are all the same color.

Add Curtains

You can apply a small trick to make it appear as though you have a high ceiling even though your living room and your complete home may not have one like some costly locations. Make sure the curtains are hung tall enough to reach the floor.

Short curtains have a cheap appearance. Make sure you have long, floor-to-ceiling drapes because we’re attempting to make the space rich and gorgeous. Measure the window before heading to the store to buy drapes. Additionally, check to see if the curtain rods are too bright or obtrusive.

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Final Words

Whatever your budget, you may decorate your walls with inexpensive and really easy-to-produce stunning DIY Wall Decoration Ideas for your Living Room. Any of these DIY Wall Decoration Ideas for the Living Room can be readily implemented if you have an empty wall in your living room.

Everything from paintings, prints, and posters to clocks, boxes, and shelves made of recyclable materials will add a touch of elegance to your area. Don’t pass up these incredible ideas if you’ve been looking for some outstanding living room design ideas! So why are you still waiting?

Start looking at these 11 DIY living room wall decoration ideas! Keep reading our blogs to find the best home improvement ideas and reviews about different products. It should help you in choosing the greatest DIY living room wall decoration ideas.


Making or selecting a DIY wall decoration project can be challenging, particularly when you lack creativity or don’t know what to do. To make an informed choice, you must read these frequently asked questions.

What is DIY?

Do It Yourself (DIY) refers to the ability to produce a good on your own without having to buy it. A product is frequently referred to as “Do It Yourself” if you can use special customization tools to make a customized version.

Do It Yourself gift baskets have long been prevalent and well-liked by consumers and anybody else looking for a cheap solution to make their loved ones happy. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to purchase a lovely, adorable basket from any shop? In any specialized store that sells party goods or home decor, a medium-sized one is about $30. Here is an illustration of a DIY project.

Actually, you can create your own DIY gift baskets. Since all you need to get started are those common household things that everyone has in their home, the process is incredibly easy and won’t even cost you any money. If all goes as planned, it will probably only take one day or less.

How Can I Decorate My Living Room Walls?

Numerous methods to decorate and add an amazing and lovely touch are included in this article. Therefore, read the entire post to quickly select the best DIY wall decoration ideas for the living room.

Who Can Do DIY Projects?

Anyone can accomplish it, regardless of whether they are a creative person who enjoys doing DIY projects or is simply trying their hand at it. All that is required of you is a little ingenuity and some patience.

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