Top 14 Best DIY Reading Nook Ideas for Book Lovers

Reading books are the latest trend in home decoration. It means you can dedicate a small home surface to books and tranquility. If this is something, you are looking for but don’t have enough to pay a contractor to get it done, here are a few DIY reading nook ideas to help you get started.

Why You Need a Reading Nook?

Before you start building a reading nook, let’s briefly discuss what a reading nook is and how it should be designed:

  • There are two ways to choose the ideal location: either choose the area with the most natural light, near a window or choose a secret place, away from prying eyes, such as a converted pantry.
  • What should be in my reading nook? Of course, a cozy reading location (such as a love seat, sofa, ottoman, couch, swing, etc.) and books.
  • Could I make one on my own? Don’t worry; we’ll show you different reading nook styles and how to recreate them! Of course, choose a nice location away from your home’s major gathering spaces (the kitchen and living room) so you may read in peace. The choice then is yours whether you truly construct walls dividing you from the rest of the house or simply give a corner of the space a makeover.
  • The issue with DIY reading nooks is that they may seem simple to construct, but they actually take some effort. But if you follow our guidelines, you’ll be OK!
  • How much money will I spend on creating my own reading nook? Well, nothing unless you have books and a love seat. However, you’ll need to spend at least $100 if you have a certain item in mind.

Let’s get started and see how you can use your space to create a beautiful reading nook.

Built-in Library

There is no need to hire a contractor for this project as long as you have a few screws and some wooden boards lying around the house. All of your favorite books should be placed on them; nail them to the wall. That’s how simple it is! Converting an old or unused pantry into a little library is the greatest solution for this type of reading nook.

You will require a comfortable chair or sofa in the middle of your books and excellent lighting (for reading, avoid bright lights as they may impair your vision). Lack of light is harmful to your health. Take a mirror and check to see whether you can see every hair on your brow in it. If you can, the light is good.

Room With a View

Are you a free-spirited person? Okay, so this is probably your favorite concept for a reading nook! Of course, everything will need to be constructed around a fantastic window. Bring a love seat close to the window or set up a seating area there. Add some sponge or an old mattress on the top. Add some books (just in case you want to take a cup of coffee or some pen and paper with you).

Useful tip: Wash that window and all the other windows once a week. Unfortunately, so few people take the time to do that because natural light is essentially the best type of light available. You can also use this reading nook whenever your best friend visits you and you are in the mood of gossiping.

The Nest

Want to experience exceptional safety and protection? Say no more, say no more! If you are unable to purchase a physical home for you and your passion, there are still options available for you. For starters, how would you feel about reusing a barrel? Cut it in half, and then use the bottom half as a support for your nest.

A couple of pillows and faux fur to cover the barrel will do the trick. You could make a wonderful reading table out of the remaining half if you’d like. Another suggestion is to search for large baskets online to see if anything fits your search and price range.


The word we were looking for is color! Even though this is your reading corner, it need not be dull. Additionally, there are many ways to use color. Your nook should definitely show your love of fun if you are one of those people!

Take the walls, for example (a colorful wallpaper, a striking paint shade, or just your own artwork—anything goes!). Add a few pieces that are solid and one color only (some blue velvet pillows, a yellow seat, and a white blanket). Color is interesting, but to outline everything, you need monochrome elements. Otherwise, you risk having a nasty case of the spins.

The Swing

Reading while rolling? Okay, so why not? Go for it if you have strong balance and won’t risk passing out from the movement. And you don’t want to do this outside. All you need is a chair with no legs, a length of thick rope, some screws, and knowledge of the location of the ceiling beams.

All you need to do is secure the rope ends to the ceiling and adds the chair, a couple of pillows, and a blanket. If your home is older, you might want to choose a different reading nook design because a broken ceiling could result in great damage.

Victorian Touch

Every girl’s fantasy comes true with this reading nook design, especially if Jane Austen is one of her favorite authors. How can you portray the sophistication and elegance of that time? You’ll need to start by finding a fantastic chair or sofa.

Consider purchasing wallpaper to match your gorgeous chair, a table for your afternoon tea, and you’re ready to relax and read! Amazon has a lot of similar items, but if you want the real deal, check out an estate sale. If you’re lucky, you can find one for a couple hundred dollars (yep, being Victorian pays off!).


This reading nook concept is especially popular with kids, so pay attention if you have a young child at home! Building a tee-pee is the simplest method to create a hiding place for their books (and toys!). A large wooden circle, around five thin wood beams, a few screws (or rope, depending on your expertise), and enough cloth to cover the tee-pee are required for this.

Attach each beam to the circle (which will serve as the foundation of your reading nook) and join them all together at the opposite end to create a structure that resembles a cone. Once you’ve covered everything in cloth, you’re done! You may make an entry for the door and use a zipper to close it again.


This proves that you can read outside. In reality, “bookworms” prefer to read outdoors rather than in a stuffy library. How about using a certain area of your gorgeous backyard for your reading sessions if it doesn’t actually add much to your home’s curb appeal? You’ll need a large umbrella if it rains, a comfortable chair (a rocking chair, perhaps), a little stool to put your books and drinks on and some planters, however, they are not required.

Your proximity to your neighbors is one factor that you might want to think about. Hide behind a tree or create your reading nook at an awkward angle if you don’t want to feel like you’re being observed all the time. Tricky for them; not you!


We have some reading nook ideas for you if you are a rule-breaker at heart, don’t really enjoy following the rules, and love the word “creativity.” First off, how would you feel about being inspired by a Disney theme or a well-known artist (like Frida Kahlo)? The key is to pick something you find interesting and not worry about whether or not these things work together.

And here are some examples of breaking the law: You could just put a mattress on the floor, make some old books into a cup holder for your coffee, hang some wind chimes over your head, and bring in an old record player instead of a love seat or an armchair. Consider this! Why not draw something on the walls? Better still, how about adding a few fake flowers here and there using glue?

Using Old Tires

Old tires make great ottomans, coffee tables, stools, planters, and other furniture. You might want to reconsider if you have any old tires lying around your home and were considering throwing them away. Instead, how about converting them into a comfortable reading nook?

Tires can be used for various purposes to add elegance to different places of your home. The first suggestion would be to paint the outside of your new reading seat with gorgeous color and stuff the hole in your tires with a giant pillow. To create a little table, you can also include legs and glass. Using old tires depends on your creativity.

Building a Book Shelf with Items Your Already Own

Do you have an awkward space in your home that feels it is too small for a regular bookshelf? The good news is that you can use this place to create a bookshelf without putting any holes in the wall.

You need some wood and board having ideal length for your book nook. However, you can also get pine planks cut to the perfect size and build a nook on your own.

Try Window Bench

Because they are simple to incorporate into pre-existing window structures, window benches are popular for adding seats when designing a reading nook. They are also a wonderful choice if you want to create a reading nook big enough for multiple people.

Making a window bench needs some basic carpentry skills, but the outcome is well worth it. This inexpensive window bench seat from Amazon is a wonderful way to provide a place to relax and read.

DIY Bean Bag for More Comfort

Although reading nooks are fantastic places to read, many homeowners also want a reading nook where they can relax or even take sleep. Large bean bag chairs are a fun way to add sitting to a nook area and are comfy enough to rest or take a nap on.

They can be easily moved around the house to add seating as needed. Any reading nook may become the coziest spot in the house with the help of a homemade large bean bag.

Add Some Candles for Ambience

One of life’s little joys is to burn a candle or two while relaxing in your reading nook with a good book, but making your own candles can give you even greater satisfaction. You can make your own candles using a selection of essential oils and waxes in various colors.

Any home library or corner would benefit from the warmth and perfume of these fragrant DIY candles. Just be careful not to let open flames come close to your books.

Final Words

Reading nooks are great for making use of unused spaces in your home. Here are the best DIY reading nook ideas that you can try to make use of awkward and little spaces in your home. All of these ideas won’t cost you much, and you don’t need to pay any contractor to get the job done. Just read the reviews and try an idea that attracts you.

You can use this customized space to read and relax whenever you want. It is a place where you can find your peace. Keep reading our blogs to get more DIY reads and reviews about best sellers in the market. If you have any suggestions we can try, please comment, and we’ll surely try your ideas.


What is the Purpose of a Reading Nook?

In the classroom, there is a place called the Reading Nook where kids can read quietly. This area of the room is furnished with literature, inviting places to sit, and a tranquil atmosphere. Students should be encouraged to read here. Any classroom can make use of the Reading Nook.

How Do You Make a Comfortable Reading Space?

The easiest and most straightforward approach to turning a spare room into a nice reading nook is to get a padded accent chair with armrests and place it there. Better still if you have bookcases installed. If not, put some books on the table beside the chair!

How Do I Make My Nook Private in My Room?

A blank bedroom wall, such as the space between the dresser and closet, can feel just as private. Add shelving, a floor cushion, pillows, and some entertaining accessories, such as a wall decal and string lights, to make the space appear to be a dedicated space.

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