Top 14 Best Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The majority of individuals spend a lot of time looking for the most comfortable mattress, picking a color scheme, and finding the ideal set of sheets. Even though it’s crucial, the perfect combination of bedroom lighting can make the room feel more positive.

The appearance of your bedroom can be dramatically changed by bedroom lighting, making it both serene and inspiring. Finding the best bedroom lighting ideas and putting them into practice properly will allow you to precisely coordinate all the features of your space and turn it into your own private haven.

Best Bedroom Lighting Ideas 2023

Your list of home improvements may not include bedroom lighting. After all, you sleep here most of the time. But you can simply set the mood with the correct lighting, and your bedroom should be a personal haven.

Do you read late into the night? Do you also use your bedroom as a home office? Depending on how you intend to use the area, you may need to look for various light sources. We’ve compiled a collection of simple, inexpensive bedroom lighting ideas for your specific tastes.

There are lights that you may put on the floor, install on the wall, or hang from the ceiling. Each source of light offers its own contribution. Before deciding on the ideal lighting for your bedroom, consider your budget, the amount of space you have, and your skill set. “Aim for the room to have at least one major source of light. For example, a stunning centerpiece like a chandelier.

After that, add ambient lighting to slowly flood the remaining space with light. Wall sconces or bedside lamps are both suitable options for ambient lighting. A floor lamp next to your chair is good if your room is spacious enough to have one.

Read on to learn more about the best bedroom lighting ideas:

Black Retro Lighting

Retro reading lamps in the Anglepoise style are a trend we’ve seen encroaching into bedrooms, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for bedroom wall light options.

Adding black retro style lighting to this earthy bedroom theme may seem strange, but mixing up styles helps keep the area looking new and fascinating.

It makes sense to blend black, dark grey, and grey-brown with rich terracotta and olive green because these colors are frequently found in nature. I believe that using earthy tones like ivories and yellows can feel somewhat dated, but using black gives interiors a modern air and is expected to remain popular into 2023.

Modern Bedside Light Designs in Traditional Bedrooms

You can use contrast to establish a focal point that can elevate particularly classic bedroom ideas. Bedside lighting ideas typically mirror the style of the bedroom itself.

Modern, sculptural bedside table lamps give a bedroom personality while also serving a practical purpose.

Modern bedside lamps have a lovely, clean profile that increases visual impact. Its contemporary design contrasts harmoniously with some of the room’s more traditional features, including the antique bedside tables.

Bedroom Chandelier

These days, chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room. Chandeliers are being installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas that may use stylish lighting.

With bold mirrors, metallic table and floor lights, and a crystal chandelier, this stylish bedroom lighting idea create a dramatic effect. A beautiful upholstered headboard and warm neutral colors finish the elegant yet lavish room.

Pendant Lights

A fantastic method to add lighting to any space is with pendant lights. They have such a wide range of designs that they may complement any design aesthetic. These lights are typically hanging from the ceiling by a chain, rod, or rope, raising them to the ideal lighting height. When illuminating spaces with higher ceilings, pendant lighting is extremely helpful.

A chain, rod, or cable is typically used to hang pendant lights from the ceiling, raising them to the ideal illumination height. These lights are particularly helpful for illuminating spaces with high ceilings.

There are numerous styles available for bedrooms that are specialized for the bedside as well as statement pieces for the room’s focal point. Overall, there are particular models that can be used to create sculptural artistic media on their own or to light art when necessary, illuminate the art, produce patterned light and shadows, etc.

Pendant lights can be installed separately. When a larger area needs lighting, you can choose a single pendant light fixture with numerous lamp fittings or a group of pendant lights.

Wall Lighting and Bedroom Sconces

Sconces and wall lights in bedrooms are typically great accent lighting options. Wall lights for bedrooms can be installed to achieve the required uplighting or downlighting effect. For balance, you can put wall sconces on either side of the artwork, or you can choose to place an extended wall-mounted light above it. In either case, it works wonders for drawing attention to your statement piece of art.

Bedroom wall lights are frequently positioned at eye level to emphasize a specific area of the room. Instead of mounting it directly on the wall, this lamp for the bedroom can alternatively be installed to light the headboard.

Track Lights

Every contemporary home’s go-to lighting solution for artwork has been track lighting. Track lights’ key selling point that sets them apart from the competition is how simple it is to adjust them both horizontally and vertically.

Your artwork can be moved whenever you need to, and you can then modify the lighting so that it is illuminated in its new location.

The versatility of track lights and framing projectors and their capacity to accommodate numerous track heads make them the ideal choice for lighting both collections and big works of art.

You can suspend track lights to the necessary level for spaces with higher ceilings or place them directly onto the ceiling. If you only need one track light, think about placing it as a single point on the ceiling to provide classy highlighting without using any other equipment or track setup at all.

bedroom track lights ideas

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Some of the best bedroom lighting ideas include recessed ceiling lights, especially LED fixtures. Although they are typically used for ambient lighting, you may install them in the ceiling above your artwork to provide a wash of light over the wall decorations in your bedroom.

When even placed with the ceiling, recessed ceiling lights direct light to the desired surface. Installing LED lighting for bedrooms as headboard lighting might be one of the best bedroom lighting options.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting works well if you need to display your paintings on a display shelf or cabinet. Although they are typically used as job lighting, you may use them to highlight the artwork on your shelves by selecting the proper specifications. Mounting these lights to your cupboards is a smart and unique way to illuminate the art in your bedroom, whether it’s a family portrait, a printed piece of art, or a painting.

Panel Lights

A modern or minimalist decor might benefit from an innovative technique to add personality: light panels. By combining your light panel with a cutout panel of your own design, you may make an excellent lit screen for your bedroom. Because laser-cut displays can be customized, you have a lot of options to consider. Even though decorative screens are a lovely complement to any bedroom’s decor, the panel lights are what really set it apart. The best approach to backlight a cutout is, without a doubt!

bedroom panel lighting

Picture Lights

Picture lights are made especially for lighting up photos. You can choose the ideal option based on the type of art piece you have because they come in various sizes, light sources, and finishes. They hang above the artwork, directing the beam to its center. You can choose a picture light that mounts to the wall or go with a frame mount that fastens to the frame. To avoid damaging your artwork, be sure to use a bulb type that doesn’t produce a lot of heat.

For your needs in art lighting, Perfect Picture Lights offers a selection of premium, hand-made and personalized picture light fixtures. You can never go wrong with a light fitting that uses a direct wire, plug-in, or battery as its power source to illuminate your bedroom wall art.

Spotlights, Mono Lights, and Mantle Lights

Spotlights, mono lights, and mantle lights are options to consider if you’re looking for bedroom lighting fixtures and some wall lighting ideas for your wall décor and art. These can be placed as wall lights in bedrooms, although they are typically mounted on ceilings to illuminate the artwork. They are ideal for framing light for your wall décor design because they have a variety of beam angles.

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp can also be used to create a simple yet elegant lighting scheme. The bedroom walls can be made to appear taller, and the room can appear broader by using floor lighting. These lighting fixtures look wonderful in a modest reading corner across the room or just next to the bed frame. Put them right by the bathroom door to make your excursions in the middle of the night a little easier, or place them next to your vanity always to have the perfect makeup when you’re getting dressed!

bedroom lighting ideas

Neon Lights

Neon may make you envision loud company signs or flashy nightlife lights when you hear the word. However, neon lights are movable strings of brilliant lights that are great for bedroom lighting ideas. These are excellent for hanging a unique message or quotation on the wall. You can use neon lights to spell out your name or just express one word that means a lot to you, such as “love” or “happy.” Such expressions represent how you feel in your bedroom and feed these feelings.

Other Lighting Fixtures

The other light fixtures you can install in your bedroom for extra lighting include ceiling lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. Despite not necessarily being applicable to art lighting, they come in a variety of beautiful styles that can accentuate the creative beauty of any area. Sculptural and distinctive lighting fixtures with ornate patterns are beautiful and will undoubtedly change the look of your bedroom settings.

Final Words

There are many best bedroom lighting ideas that you may use in your home to change the look of the area. Any type of wall art, from framed pieces to old posters, can be changed to suit your preferences and style.

Art lighting is essential for enhancing your décor, whether it is on the focal wall, above the bed, or on a gallery wall that is solely dedicated to art. Choose a work of abstract art, an art print, a painting, or any other wall hanging, and then add the ideal picture lights to give it a distinctive lighting effect. Additionally, there are numerous locations in your bedroom where you can hang your paintings. Keep reading our blogs to learn about the best home improvement ideas and reviews about the top products.


What Types of Lighting is Best for Bedrooms?

A cozy but practical bedroom is created by using warm or neutral white light. In order to prevent clashing, all lights should have the same temperature or be close to them. She suggests a color temperature in the incandescent bulb-typically associated range of 2,700 to 3,000K.

How Do You Plan a Lighting for a Bedroom?

No matter how small, every bedroom needs both ambient and task lighting. Both a bright general light and a dedicated reading light are necessary. Accent lighting should also be used in larger spaces, and if at all possible, install dimmer switches on all of the lights.

Is it Important to Have Natural Light in the Bedroom?

Our ability to fall asleep is critically dependent on natural light. According to research, the most significant external factor influencing sleep is light. Natural light has a direct impact on the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock. Natural light can improve sleep quality and lessen eye irritation.

How Do You Space a Room with Lights?

Divide the height of the ceiling by two when choosing a location. The outcome determines how much room should be left between each light. For instance, the distance between each recessed light in a room with an 8-foot ceiling would be 4 feet. This will give the general room lighting good spacing.

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