Top 12 Best Christmas Books for Kids

A good book is the best method to keep kids occupied during winter break while they’re out of school, which is just around the corner. Reading aloud to children as a family not only fosters a love of literature but also enhances their literacy and cognitive development. No matter their reading ability, your children can get into the holiday spirit with a variety of board books, picture books, and chapter novels.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

Although Christmas comes around at the same time every year, something about the holiday seems different to a child. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas with children, such as Christmas crafts and watching the best Christmas movies on Netflix, but there are also the best Christmas books for kids that may help everyone get in the holiday spirit.

Even while reading together is a gift in and of itself, books made for some of the best Christmas presents available. Look no further than our list of classic Christmas books if you’re seeking a nice Christmas book to read with kids. Some of these books are true classics (and the inspiration for numerous Christmas phrases), while others are more up-to-date tales about the winter season, Christmas, and other holidays that young readers will adore.

Although they’ll undoubtedly love one of the best books , even adults might like receiving one of these books as a present, especially if it’s one of the beautifully illustrated or anniversary editions. Find the perfect Christmas read for your family by shopping around, and be ready to enjoy all the joy reading has to offer.

Read on to learn more about the best Christmas books for kids :

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

The Caldecott Medal-winning picture book by Ezra Jack Keat masterfully captures the magic and awe of winter’s first snowfall. It also makes the ideal Christmas present. Every child’s bookshelf has to contain this beloved classic, which generations of readers and listeners have enjoyed.

A young kid named Peter entered the hearts of millions of readers in 1962 when he donned a snowsuit and left his home. This story, which has a universal appeal, illustrates a child’s astonishment at a new world and the desire to preserve that wonder forever. Peter’s tiny adventures in the deep snow are the ideal book to read aloud on a chilly winter day because of its subtle humor and charm.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

The heartwarming tale of the mother tree giving the youngster selflessly imparts an important lesson about giving to others without asking anything in return, even if this classic book isn’t always considered a holiday read.

Most people will recommend The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein’s charming tale of a tree that will stop at nothing for the boy it loves if you’re seeking a kid’s book that promotes giving or unselfishness. This timeless piece is a great place to begin.

the giving tree

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

The family tree is home to Stick Man. three of their stick kids, and his stick lady love. But one day, a wicked dog that wants to play fetch drags Stick Man off! As Stick Man is transported further and further from home, things get worse and worse. Stick Man is lonely and lost; all he wants for Christmas is to return home. And when he bails out Santa Claus, he discovers the ideal return ticket!

Eight Candles and a Tree by Simone Bloom Nathan

All kids and households that observe both Hanukkah and Christmas should read Eight Candles and a Tree. The fact that their holidays are spent with loved ones is ultimately what matters most to both kids. According to recent surveys, one in three American couples is in interfaith unions, and half of Jews wed non-Jews. The vibrant and lively picture book Eight Candles and a Tree fills a gap in the literature available for young children. With the help of colorful images and easy-to-read prose, Sophie introduces Tommy to her unique combination of Hanukkah and Christmas customs.

A Very Mercy Christmas by Kate DiCamillo

Stella struggles a little to get someone to go caroling with her when the thought suddenly occurs to her. Frank, her brother, struggles with spontaneity. The Watsons are actively engaged in a risky fruitcake endeavor (but happy to send their pig, Mercy, out for the occasion). Horace Broom is too preoccupied studying the planetary movement to play the accordion, while Eugenia Lincoln politely declines to play the accordion. Will Stella need to sing by herself, with the pig, cat, and horse she picks up along the journey providing enthusiastic accompaniment? Or may Stella be in for a surprise miracle this evening? Kate DiCamillo and Chris Van Dusen give a picture book homage to the holiday season that is ideal for family sharing—possibly with some cups of hot cocoa and a stack of well-buttered toast. They do this with tender affection for Mercy Watson and all of her Deckawoo Drive friends.

a very mercy christmas

The Crayons’ Christmas by Drew Daywalt

Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers, the duo with the #1 New York Times best-selling book, invite you to celebrate the holidays with the Crayons in this cheery tale. This unique book includes letters, games, decorations, a poster, and even a pop-up tree for the holidays!

It’s time for everyone to make their holiday wish lists. However, everyone is aware that the finest gifts are the ones you give, even crayons. This book is the ideal present for the holidays and for fans of The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home since it includes actual, folded letters from the Crayons that you can remove from their envelopes and read, games, punch-out ornaments, a poster, and a pop-up tree. This unusual book will teach readers about Duncan, the crayons, and their families’ holiday celebrations.

The Nutcracker in Harlem by T.E. McMorrow

This jazz-inspired adaptation of The Nutcracker pays respectable homage to the magical and hazy splendor of the holiday season.

In this unique retelling, which is set in New York City at the height of the Harlem Renaissance, a young girl discovers her voice as a singer via her wonderful encounters with a magical toy.

T.E. McMorrow, a first-time picture book author, and James Ransome, a recipient of the Coretta Scott King Award, vividly bring this classic holiday story to life. Additional details regarding the Harlem Renaissance’s history and the author’s motivation for this musical reenactment are included in the author’s note at the end of the book.

the nutcracker in harlem

The Christmas Owl by Gideon Sterer

Little Owl is unsure whether she wants anything to do with Christmas, whatever that means, after hearing that her house would be destroyed so that it can be turned into a lovely Christmas tree. She is subsequently saved by a woman named Ellen, whose home is festively decked for the occasion and full of birds that require care. Little Owl begins to consider whether or not Christmas might not be such a bad thing after all when she is surrounded by compassion and helpful new friends.

The Christmas Owl is a sweet tale about friendship, compassion, and the genuine significance of this particular time of year that was co-written by Ellen Kalish, the owner of the real owl that can be found inside the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston

The costume Ruthie’s mother makes from a wedding dress for her role as an angel in the church Christmas play is nothing short of magical. Since Ruthie’s father is away at war, Ruthie and her mother must follow local customs and find a Christmas tree for their small town. This tale emphasizes the value of hard labor and community, with drawings by Caldecott Award winner Barbara Cooney.

This timeless story of bravery and the strength of family, illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Barbara Cooney, has become a holiday classic.

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

There was a young boy who believed in the impossibility before there was Santa Claus. In this hilarious Christmas classic-in-the-making that sparkles with wit and charm, Lemony Snicket meets Klaus!

There is currently a Netflix film starring Maggie Smith, Henry Lawfull, and Kristen Wiig!

Eleven-year-old Nikolas, sometimes known as “Christmas,” has only ever had one toy in his life: a turnip-carved doll. However, he is content with his turnip doll because it was given to him by his parents, who adore him. Then, when his father suddenly vanishes, Nikolas is forced to journey to the North Pole in order to find him.

Along the way, Nikolas makes friends with a grumpy reindeer, defeats a pesky troll, and explores a mysterious magical realm in the icy settlement of Elfhelm. The Christmas spirit and goodwill among the elves in Elfhelm are at an all-time low, and Nikolas may be the only one who can turn things around—but only if he can get to his father in time.

“Incredible to read. A Christmas classic that can be enjoyed at any time before or after Christmas!” – Chris Grabenstein, author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, a New York Times bestseller

“The complete (and hilarious) history of “ho, ho, ho” My kids adored it.” Life of Pi author Yann Martel, bestselling novelist.

a boy called christmas

Monster Christmas by Giles Andreae & Nikki Dyson

This endearing rhyming book tells the story of a little Monster who wants to be a nice boy this Christmas and receives a chance from none other than Santa Claus (who needs a break!). Monster bids his parents farewell and departs for the North Pole, where he prepares to take over as Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, Monster is prepared. However, as he travels the world, people yell and scream at him because they think he looks odd. As Monster returns home, he meets a young girl who embraces him lovingly and accepts him for who he is. A very wonderful story of generosity and friendship.

Wishyouwas: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters by Alexandra Page

A sweet tale of Penny Black, a young child who feels more alone than ever since her mother and uncle, Frank, are too busy operating the post office as Christmas approaches. One night, Penny finds a little, fluffy, humorous, bouncy, and—most importantly—talking creature trying to steal a letter from the post office. On the other hand, the evil Royal Mail Rat Catcher is on the lookout and out to capture the sorters! Wishyouwas is not a thief though. He is a Sorter, and he soon takes Penny to a fascinating underground realm that is concealed beneath the streets of the city.

kids christmas books

Final Words

Christmas is all about being close to your loved ones. Christmas is an occasion to spend time with your family and make memories. This is the time when you spend with every kid and adult of your family. Here we have reviewed the best Christmas books for kids that you can buy for your kids this holiday season. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about the best book accessories and reviews about the best books to buy.


What Type of Books Should a 10 Year Old Read?

Middle-grade books are ideal for this age group, and there are many choices available to ensure your child finds something he enjoys. There are countless possibilities, including graphic novels, realistic fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. Just let them wander around and make their own decisions at the library!

What Makes a Children Book Appropriate?

The narrative is simple enough for the age group you’ve selected. The pictures are expertly done and of the highest quality. A variety of kids can relate to it. Adults can be amused while doing it.

What is the Most Famous Christmas Story?

The most well-known Christmas tale of all time is Charles Dickens’ timeless A Christmas Carol. The most popular story to read over the holiday season was first published in 1843, has been read by generations of adults and children, and has been frequently adapted for plays, films, and television.

Why is it Important to Choose Children’s Book?

Positive reading experiences help kids expand their vocabulary, improve as readers, and do better academically. It’s crucial to choose books that are perfect for a youngster, so they don’t read anything too simple, difficult, or uninteresting.

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