Top 10 Major Home Renovations to Add Value

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Remodeling may be a major task, whether you’re getting ready to relocate or just want to modernize your house, so you need to consider whether the results will be worthwhile. It’s crucial to understand which improvements will pay for themselves the fastest so you can demand a better price when it’s time to sell. Making the best home upgrades will ultimately increase the value of your house. What improvements, then, have the most effect on a home’s value? Consider the cost and value of a remodel project before choosing it, and decide if it is a worthwhile use of your time and resources.

Major Home Renovations in 2022

A major home remodeling is, well, extensive. It’s a big endeavor with a lot of different things to think about, from choosing the right contractor to how to stay in your house while renovations are being done. With so many details to consider, we have compiled our top advice for home renovations to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Maybe your house appears a little shabby. You don’t have the money for a significant remodeling, but you can still improve the appearance of your home. Fortunately, several easy DIY projects will completely transform the appearance of your house. And some don’t even call for DIY knowledge.

Your only investment other than time is in deep cleaning and decluttering your property. Changing window treatments, shower curtains, towels, bedspreads, and towels may make a significant change with little effort. Adding decorations like throw cushions and wall art can also create a fresh appearance.

Read on to learn about the major home renovations that help to add value to your home.

Minor Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two main room kinds that sell properties. However, it turns out that upgrading the bathrooms offers the best return on investment for house improvements. An easy bathroom redesign might be preferable to starting small projects in each room. It’s not necessary to completely redo the space, but updating the appearance of each bathroom might make a big difference. Replace the shower head with a rain shower; most purchasers will like this feature. Replace the vanity as well because nobody wants to feel like they are using an outdated bathroom. Try modernizing the lighting at the same time to make the space brighter.

bathroom remodeling


Few renovation funds are as effective as those used on a home’s exterior. If nothing else, curb appeal promotes home sales. The home may only require new landscaping to seem attractive and new. Make an excellent first impression by updating the landscape. Potential buyers may first notice the front and backyard’s aesthetic appeal. There’s no need to take things too far. The simplest landscaping plans work the best, but the “lines” must be neatly manicured. In addition to looking lovely, effective landscaping should not give the impression that a lot of labor needs to be done.

Do a Minor Kitchen Remodeling

No pun intended, but different people have diverse interests in kitchen design. Your kitchen should be practical and reasonably modern, regardless of the style. Whether you have worn-out cabinetry, damaged countertops, or difficult-to-eat backsplashes, outdated kitchens are a major bummer.

Don’t worry if the thought of spending so much money makes you uncomfortable. This doesn’t have to be a big task. In reality, a small kitchen renovation that can be completed for an affordable price will suffice. Add a fresh coat of paint first.

Then, update your outdated cabinets and cupboards by adding brand-new hardware, new door fronts, and wood panels in a shaker-style design. Include a new sink and faucet that are reasonably priced, new laminate countertops, and resilient flooring that can withstand heavy traffic, spills, and other mishaps. A slide-in refrigerator and a new cooktop or ranges are two energy-efficient replacements for your old equipment.

Add a Manufactured Stone Veneer

Fear not if you are unfamiliar with artificial stone veneer; many people are. There is a considerable probability that you have seen it, even if you have never heard of it. A man-made substance created to resemble actual stone is called manufactured stone veneer. That’s probably why the majority of businesses call it faux stone. To appeal to homes, it is manufactured using cement and combinations that have been colored with a range of colors after being blended.

Stone veneer can be used in a variety of ways to give your façade a much-needed facelift. Remodeling Magazine advises installing imitation stone veneer along the front—that is, the area that is visible from the street—in place of a continuous band of your current vinyl siding. You might also think about doing this along an entrance archway. To prevent rain and other weather-related damage, you’ll need to construct water-resistant barriers underneath.

Enhance Deck with Lighting

Although installing low-voltage lighting systems may seem like a difficult DIY task, a novice can do it. Due to the system’s reliance on a transformer plugged into a typical GFCI outlet, low-voltage systems are far less hazardous than ordinary domestic wiring. This reduces the voltage from 120 to 12 volts, and the current then passes through outdoor lines to power the fixtures. Additionally, if your deck is the main attraction, the increased visibility will raise the overall degree of safety.

deck lighting

Replace Garage Door

A garage door gives you the opportunity to add a wonderful decorative element to your house in addition to serving a practical purpose for your property. Remember that it’s one of the first things guests see when they arrive at your home, even though it doesn’t often rank at the top of lists of the most popular projects.

The door may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, damage to the current door, or simply because it is no longer functional. In other instances, it can just be outdated and require replacement—especially when a fresh coat of paint simply won’t cut it.

The door(s) must be replaced, and the tracks must be replaced with robust galvanized steel ones. Most brand-new doors are made of steel, have seals, are insulated with foam to keep any heat in, and typically have lifetime warranties. Reusing your current opener can help you save some money as long as it is still functional.

Siding Replacement: Fiber-Cement

Another renovation that will improve your home’s curb appeal and provide a good return is this one. Fiber-cement siding mimics the appearance of wood, stone, brick, and shingles. But it does have one advantage over these materials—it is significantly more robust. It is resistant to harm from wind and rain and won’t be attacked by pests like termites. The best part is that it won’t break the bank and typically arrives informed and painted.

Replace the vinyl siding on your home with fiber-cement siding. To shield your house from water damage, you must be sure to create a barrier there. Make sure to provide money for fiber-cement boards as well. You might also wish to consider employing cellular PVC as a substitute.

Entry Door Replacement

The entry door replacement is the simplest thing on the list, but possibly one of the most significant. An entry door will usually be one of the first things purchasers see, much like landscaping. The owner has the opportunity to make a strong first impression now. Keep in mind that the majority of individuals determine whether or not they want to purchase a property within the first few minutes of viewing it. Therefore, it’s in a homeowner’s best advantage to improve curb appeal and present them in the best possible light.

entry door

Major Bathroom Remodel

It’s time to move forward with the small bathroom remodel that was previously mentioned. Homeowners should think about increasing their home improvement ROI with a comprehensive remodel rather than merely replacing amenities and upgrading a few things. Everything in the bathroom should be examined and evaluated; if it doesn’t improve the room’s aesthetic appeal, it detracts from it, from the shower pan and flooring to the lighting and plumbing. Consequently, it could be a good idea to start over. Complete bathroom renovations, especially in the master bath, can actually persuade purchasers that they are making the right choice.

Replace Windows

Nothing can improve the outside appearance of a home more than brand-new windows, with the possible exception of a fresh coat of paint, a new front door, and possibly a replacement garage door. A home can very quickly look better on the inside and outside thanks to the modern, clean lines of new windows. Furthermore, new windows must be significantly more energy efficient. New homeowners could significantly reduce their energy costs with the help of good windows, which is always appreciated.

major home replacement 2022

Check the Trends in Your Area

Another intriguing aspect to consider while altering or modernizing your property is trends. This could refer to everything affecting your area’s housing market, not only design trends for homes. For example, individuals have become considerably more environmentally sensitive in recent years. If this is the case in your region, you can discover that smart home features and energy-efficient equipment have substantial returns on investment. These components not only help homes save money on utility expenditures but are also becoming more in-demand features. Investigate a few recently sold homes in your neighborhood using listing services like RedFin or Zillow. These might give you further suggestions for enticing makeovers or home trends in your neighborhood.

Other Improvements to Consider

You might actually get a great ROI on some worthwhile home improvement tasks that aren’t at the top of the list. Consider making these changes if you want to get the most return on your investment.

Hardwood floors: As opposed to carpets, most purchasers prefer hardwood floors. You can avoid this home repair chore if your carpet is in decent shape. However, it will be worthwhile to spend the extra money on installing new flooring if your carpets are worn out, or you have pets.

Exterior Sliding: The appearance of your property greatly impacts how much people think it is worth. If the siding on your home is outdated, replacing it with a long-lasting material will improve curb appeal and result in a higher return on investment. After all, a buyer’s initial image of the property will be formed by the outside of the house.

Smart Thermostats: Modern purchasers are drawn to energy-efficient homes and smart technologies, like smart thermostats. With the help of a smart thermostat, homeowners may manage the amount of electricity used in their residences and potentially cut their monthly electricity costs. An improved smart thermostat can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and offer purchasers a fantastic return on their investment.

Décor: The property’s perceived value rises when it is staged with appealing decor that allows potential purchasers to see the space’s potential. Invest in furniture and accent items that may be used in any property you intend to stage in the future or clear the area of any extra clutter or sentimental items. This makes it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves living there and making it their own if they were to acquire it.

Final Words

If you plan to stay in your home for five years or longer, you should feel free to make renovations that suit your tastes and way of life; nevertheless, if you want to make money when you sell, try raising your home improvements ROI. The best home upgrades for ROI can increase value and demand at the same time. As a result, homeowners must make the appropriate upgrades rather than just any upgrades. The home improvements with the best return on investment will be the most effective and valuable. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about the best home improvement ideas and product reviews.


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Even if the appearance of the property may be a touch run-down due to peeling paint, a worn back door, and scuffed floors, you’d like to save money on repairs and upgrades if possible.

What Should I Renovate First?

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