Top 10 Different Types of Pants for Men

You need to know what pants to wear and how to style them, whether you’re going to the office or on a first date. There are several types of pants, from chinos to tracksuit bottoms, that are suitable for a variety of events and offer a welcome variation from the usual denim. Here are a few of the most popular trouser designs you should consider for your wardrobe.

Different Types of Pants for Men

Men will always be drawn to statement jackets and the newest sneakers, but don’t let flashy clothing distract you from the necessities. Men’s pants can be the most subtly effective piece of clothing you own, but if you choose them incorrectly, the trendy items you spend so much time pursuing can quickly lose their luster.

Yes, it’s simple to reach for your tried-and-true slim-fit black jeans for the hundredth time, but plenty of other high-quality trousers in your wardrobe will look just as stylish, given a chance. Here are a few underrated styles of pants that you may not have thought about but should.

You could feel a little overawed when it comes to the different kinds of jeans for guys, and you wouldn’t be the only one. It can feel nearly hard to know what to choose and how to style jeans because there are so many options available. But do not worry! Knowing the fundamental styles of men’s pants will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right pair for any situation.

Read on to learn about different types of pants for men:

Corduroy Trousers

There has never been a better time to wrap your legs in the cord because the 1970s are also experiencing a rebirth in menswear. Corduroy is one of the most underused materials in men’s fashion and, if worn correctly, can make for an indispensable pair of trousers. Previously, it was solely the domain of imaginary (and actual) inhabitants of academia.

The cord is a fabric made of twisted, woven cotton or wool that forms parallel lines, or “wales.” The strongest and best-wearing corduroy is made of wool. Corduroy pants will therefore be able to resist some serious roughhousing in addition to giving off a little amount of superficial cleverness. The greatest time to use them is when the cold starts to bite since they can get a little heated if you love the Indiana Jones of legwear.

Despite its occasionally stuffy reputation, corduroy looks fantastic when toned down and worn casually. Try wearing a pair of dark corduroy pants with a hoodie and sensible leather sneakers to indicate that you are not an Oxbridge fellow.

Additionally, this striped fabric does a great job of infusing some flair into more formal clothes. Come party season, and a slim-cut corduroy suit will go great with a light-gauge roll neck and monk-strap shoes. However, ditch the shirt and tie because Doctor Who has made that ensemble inappropriate to wear anywhere other than Comic Con.

Wool Trousers

Wool men’s pants give a flashback to the days when jeans weren’t the undisputed king of legwear and are a solid favorite of fashion bloggers (the ones who don’t dress like anime astronauts, that is) and art directors everywhere.

The wool trouser has been a staple among industry insiders for years, and its appeal isn’t showing any signs of dwindling. It’s perfect for combining with other tailored separates or smartening a casual outfit.

This type of pant works just as well when styled more traditionally, even if you’ll frequently see them dressed down with a pair of sneakers by arbiters of cool hanging outside loft offices casually puffing on roll-ups. Look to Pitti Uomo for inspiration; they are frequently grounded with a pair of brogues, Derbies, or double monks.

different types of trousers for men

Twill Chinos

A good piece of workwear works wonders if you want to demonstrate your commitment to traditional masculinity. Twill chinos are a wonderful ménage à trews of chic that are yet incredibly wearable. They combine quality construction with dependability and flair.

Twill is a traditional fabric that, if invested in, will provide great cost-per-wear calculations due to its hardiness. It is made from heavyweight cotton and woven to form a surface consisting of diagonal parallel ridges.

Even if the only “work” you wind up doing in them is lounging on Twitter, every scuff on a pair of twill chinos tells a tale. In twill, the troubled chino also transcends the stereotype of “Ibiza guys on tour” and enters a far more sophisticated sense of location and tradition.

Wear them with a T-shirt or piece of knitwear, an easy-going pair of shoes (like anything with a contrast Vibram sole), and a top with an overshirt or denim jacket for an effortlessly stylish off-duty look. The style is still, strictly speaking, a casual type of pant.

Linen Trousers

In the past, linen pants were considered sweaty, crooked bloomers that had no place in a contemporary man’s style or wardrobe. Fortunately, designers have put a lot of effort towards rehabilitating them recently. The shapeless cuts have been replaced with tapered, contemporary leg lines that complement all body types. And while they remain as airy as ever, linen blends make them much more useful and less likely to develop difficult wrinkles.

For a dapper vintage vibe, try wearing them with a linen suit, but cropped, with shoes and a simple T-shirt, is a more modern option.

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Relaxed-Legged Trousers

The pushback against thin jeans has started. Relaxed-legged jeans and trousers are becoming more and more enticing as we grow tired of having our genitalia drawn out in an unseemly manner and attempting (and failing) to take off our skinnies with dignity after a night out.

The Levi’s 501 cut, evoking clothing from the 1950s, is once again on the radar of menswear’s most stylish, and the model has invited some friends along for the ride.

Looser-fit chinos and pants must break correctly, but they are ideal for serving as a base for a statement piece of footwear. Too high, and you’ll appear to be wearing three-quarter lengths; too long, and they’ll look like the floor-dragging bootcuts.

The primary goal is to prevent pooling, so we advise setting the hem to fall between the top of your shoe and its first row of eyelets. To avoid charges that you have been dressing up in your father’s clothes, contrast the additional fabric below by keeping your top half fitting.

Drawstring Trousers

Without intending to be overly dramatic, the best development in menswear in the past ten years has been the introduction of stylish drawstring trousers. Drawstrings and elasticized waistbands were formerly only found in sportswear and were viewed as symbols of carelessness. That is obviously foolish. It has been a revelation to eat a big plate of pasta without worrying that your pants would rip by the time the meal is over.

Today, fitted drawstring pants are available in many more materials than just jerseys. The greatest selections at the more upscale end of the spectrum are made of wool and linen. You’ll never go back after you’ve experienced the comfort of dressing up.

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Cropped Trousers

As some like to refer to them, ankle swingers are here to stay, and for a good reason. Cropped trousers are a terrific way to liven up what may be a boring formal ensemble because they let your ankles breathe in the summer and still give your shoes room to breathe in the cooler months. Not to be confused with pantaloons, cropped pants are defined as being shorter than typical and showing a substantial portion of your men’s dress socks.

There is nothing worse than puddling material at the bottom of your ankle. The right crop provides a platform for your footwear to shine and draws attention to the line of your trews. It’s important to get the length perfect, though. Go to a tailor and follow their advice if they don’t fit properly off-the-rack, but if you’re feeling more daring, anything up to three or four inches above the ankle is a safe bet.

Both professional and casual environments can benefit from cropped pants, albeit the former is unquestionably safer. A relaxed business-casual office setting calls for black cropped pants paired with a grey blazer, a charcoal roll-neck, and oxblood dress shoes. On weekends, sand-colored cropped chinos look great with a straightforward white shirt, a luxurious suede bomber, and white sports-luxe sneakers.

Slimline Trousers

Athleisure is a rare instance of fashion and function working together for the greater good. There have been several wonderful hybrids over the years, such as the shacket, the snood, and Kimye, but none have as much longevity as athleisure.

Although UK labels took a little longer to catch up, the sports-luxe movement is still popular in the United States, and young Britons have embraced the trend. They are equally at home in the bar or the gym since they combine the “it seems like I’m wearing nothing at all” ease of joggers with the slim fit of a more modern pair of work pants.

Although there is a case to be made for the proper jogger paired with the appropriate overshirt, we’d advise maintaining the streetwear vibe with a logo T-shirt from Palace, Stussy, or Undefeated, a low-profile lifestyle runner on foot, and a somewhat more sophisticated bomber jacket.

Put on a pair of brand-new white lace-up shoes and an Oxford shirt to add some sharpness to the appearance if you’re not on a streetwear bender.

slimline trousers men

High Waisted Trousers

It used to be a dead giveaway that you were either A: 90 years or older or B: Simon Cowell if you used your nipples to line up the waistband of your pants. But these days, wearing multiple pairs of cufflinks is much more likely to indicate that you’re the kind of gentleman who frequents Pitti Uomo and has a collection of them. The popularity of high-waisted pants is actually on the rise. And while the right pair can be your ticket to sartorial nirvana, the incorrect pair will make you appear like a child dressing up in his dad’s suit.

The cut and length must be perfect in order to touch the sweet spot. A cropped fit ensures you aren’t suffocated in fabric if you choose a wide-leg design. In contrast, a tapered cut will allow the leg openings of the pants to rest comfortably with your selected footwear if mankles aren’t your thing.

Although technically speaking, high-waisted pants are tailoring, they are still very casual, and the rest of your look should suit them. Choose a fitting polo or a loose T-shirt to wear up top and tuck it into the waistband. When the temperature drops, you may layer this with a coordinating unstructured jacket or even a wool overcoat. Try changing things up a little in terms of footwear by wearing a suede desert boot or a canvas high-top.

Cargo Pants

Over the course of their history, cargo pants have gone from being a necessity for the military to an overblown monstrosity in the early 2000s. Now that enough time has gone, things have somewhat settled down and are returning in a significant (and significantly more fashionable) manner.

Men’s cargo pants must strike a balance between being slim and being roomy, so think customized when choosing your pair. You could theoretically stuff their enormous pockets to the brim, but neat lines take precedence over practicality in this instance, so leave them empty.

Standard khaki pants go well with almost anything in navy, so for a weekend outfit that works, think about wearing an overshirt (another workwear workhorse). If light layers aren’t an option, a pair of modern black cargo trousers can be worn with a white Oxford shirt, a grey hoodie, and a blue overcoat for a polished appearance.

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Final Words

Here we have reviewed different types of pants for men. Now you know all the key categories of men’s trousers, including wool trousers, cropped trousers, relaxed-leg trousers, and pleated pants, in addition to chinos, joggers, and cargo pants.

To give your attire and personality a little extra edge, be sure to fill your closet with the aforementioned types of trousers. Without exerting any effort on your part, styling your t-shirts and shirts with various trousers will elevate your look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Trouser is Best for Men?

Choosing your pants should depend on the situation. The best clothing is that which is flexible, breathable, and composed of soft material.

How Many Types of Men’s Pants are There?

A man should have at least one pair of chinos, jeans, joggers, dress pants, twill pants, pleated pants, and cropped trousers in his closet for optimal adaptability. You can mix and match a large number of styles, from elegant and sophisticated to casual and cool, using a combination of those seven sorts of pants.

Which is the Best Jeans or Chinos?

Simply put, denim is not breathable. Stretch denim is even worse because the synthetic materials used to achieve the stretch further reduce the breathability. Conversely, chinos are lighter and more breathable, including stretch chinos. They are more comfy to wear, particularly in warmer weather.

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