Top 10 Bicycle Trends

Riding a bicycle is the trend. Although cycling has a long history, the industry still generates headlines every year. Whether riding an e-bike, a cargo bike, or a mountain bike, the sustainable activity fits both the urban outdoor lifestyle and the mountains. We list the most intriguing inventions, wearable technology, and gadgets for the year 2022’s bicycles.

Top Bicycle Trends that Will Dominate 2022

Given that more and more individuals around the world have been health-conscious over the past two years take a look at the top cycling trends that will be dominant to learn about various wholesale cycling chances. Considering the need for social distance, cycling has been a popular alternative method of transportation in many cities as of last year, and many statistics from around the world predict that this trend will continue.

Beginning in 2020, cycling has been steadily increasing. The global bicycle market is anticipated to increase from 2022 to 2030 at an average annual rate of 8.2%, from a projected total market value of USD 59.33 billion . During the global lockdown, the bike is seen as a healthier alternative to gyms and other public sports facilities and a safer mode of transportation than public transportation.

A cycling enthusiast organization and a sports industry analyst are both optimistic about 2022 due to the expected bike surge. Bicycles continue to establish themselves as a wonderful choice for transportation and exercise needs worldwide due to their low cost and easy portability, which has opened up promising business opportunities.

Read more to know about the best bicycle trends that will dominate 2022:

Integrated Cockpits

In recent years, the bike industry has developed a bit of a passion for hiding brake cables, gear wires, and merging bars and stems for aerodynamic reasons. If 2021 is any indication, this obsession appears likely to continue. CdA be damned, consumers wish to maintain the option to exchange stems, stack spacers above or below without disconnecting everything, or even modify handlebar tilt—which is obviously impossible if a bar/stem is made of a single piece of carbon—have reacted somewhat negatively.

However, an integrated-cockpit middle ground is starting to emerge. We anticipate more component manufacturers to adopt the Vision/FSA ACR system, which has the bar and stem separate but cables running inside them and into the bike’s head tube. This system offers more adjustability than the Vision Metron 5D, one of the one-piece bars/stems that started the trend in the pro peloton. This configuration is used by both the new Cervélo R5 and the Specialized Tarmac SL7 Expert, although specialized proprietary components are used.

Creative Aero Additions

Since the 1980s, specifically shaped, properly placed bottles have been an important component of a bike’s aerodynamics. The most well-known is Campagnolo’s renowned white, flattened bottle.

But more recently, manufacturers like BMC have experimented with using a unique “Aeromodule” box to occupy the space between the down tube and seat tube, on top of which the water bottles are placed. Take a look at the Timemachine model from the Swiss company.

Time trial bikes have also tested faster with them than without, stealing storage box concepts from triathlons.

The ‘Cargo Foil’ box on the Orbea Orca Aero, located between the front wheel and the down tube, was perhaps the most extreme solution, one that may have smoothed the air but undoubtedly divided opinion.

More Tire Clearance

Since disc brakes are now the standard for lightweight race bikes, designers have realized they can incorporate virtually infinite tire clearance.

Larger tire clearance has evolved over the past two years into one of the hallmarks of a new bike’s launch specification, along with reduced wattage and higher stiffness, and this trend will continue.

The outside limit of clearance on road cycles used to be the walls of a 28mm tire, but now we’re seeing space for 34mm rubber and beyond. The advantages of larger tires will be progressively appreciated from this point forward, including lower rolling resistance, increased comfort, and a higher likelihood that tubeless sealant will function well due to lower pressures.

Folding Helmet

This minimalist helmet maintains the original intent without losing form or style. Additionally, it doesn’t complicate operations in any way, making it the ideal complement for emergency scenarios across various industries.

The folding helmet’s logical design, which Tokyo-based R&D Mak created, disintegrates like flat-pack furniture. It is essentially a helmet that can be folded like a burrito and stored in a closet, drawer, or backpack. Its unfolding method is the easiest I’ve come across thus far. Simply pressing the button on the back area causes it to condense into a small size.


Vento is an attitude. As Bestenheider puts it, Vento is “a power plant, a tool to challenge energy usage, and an item to unite like-minded people,” and it was created out of his ambition “to reimagine the ways we use and produce energy” on small-scale levels. Vento resembles a tiny wind turbine since it is made up of four major parts.

In addition to on/off and blinking switches for daytime use, Vento is conveniently located just between the handlebars. Vento’s microturbine, made of recyclable plexiglass and aluminum, collects wind energy while the bicycle is moving. The energy is then transformed into electricity in the turbine’s generator using electromagnetic induction. The LED bulb produces light after being stored in the bicycle light’s battery. The light will always be functional when needed because the wind is constantly rushing past you as you move along on your bike.


Someone who enjoys long morning bike rides for exercise or spends a lot of time pedaling to the mountains. A special bicycle gear called the Omnilock multifunctional Bike Lock also serves as a brilliant taillight and tire inflator. If the rider is a frequent cyclist, the accessory’s numerous uses mean that he or she needs to worry less.

The bike lock also solves the safety issue since the taillight provides additional visibility for drivers to notice when driving. In other words, when you commute, the bike lock is located directly beneath the saddle, and when you need to park it, all you have to do is pull out Omnilock and lock the back wheel.

Electronic Bicycles

In 2022, the use of electric bikes will increase significantly. In order to put the development of e-bikes into perspective, battery-powered bikes now make up 17% of the European bike market, up from 4.2% in 2012.

In fact, the market for e-bikes increased by 23% in 2020 over the previous year. More than six million bicycles are added annually compared to 2019. Naturally, 2020 was an odd year, and a large portion of the bicycle industry experienced a surge. By 2030, however, we can anticipate that 10 million electric bikes will be sold annually if the current ebike trend continues.

If that seems unlikely, consider this: The largest e-bike business in North America, Rad Power Bikes, reportedly recently obtained a $154 million investment. And that came immediately after a $150 million investment made in February 2021.

Obviously, consumers are willing to spend a significant sum of money in this expanding bike market segment. More than anything else, though, these investments reveal another aspect of the future growth of the electric bike business.

After all, more individuals will have access to reasonably priced (and environmentally friendly) transportation options thanks to cheaper and generally more useful electric bikes.
Although electric bikes are changing how we travel on roads and trails, the future of transportation lies in making it simple and accessible.

Garmin Bike Computer

If you ever find yourself trapped on a hiking trail, the next Garmin computer has a novel design from industrial designer WuShuai. The convex display clearly indicates that his design has a more curved appearance. This Garmin bike computer veers off the path of the company’s current offering of Edge GPS bike computers for cyclists.

Wu sought to develop a softer design language for a future Garmin Edge product because he is a bicycle lover. However, he acknowledges that in this new configuration, the screen is more prone to breaking in the event of an unintentional fall. If Garmin references this design for consideration, that’s a tale for another day.

Evolution of Gravel Bikes

Personally, I’m interested in seeing gravel bikes develop into something other than the ambiguous category it is now classified as. It’s good that dirt bikes are becoming more and more popular as competitive, quick machines.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I have nothing but respect for riders who wish to pack their lives onto their bikes and embark on bike-packing expeditions; these riders require bikes with a variety of accessories.

But that’s not for me, to be honest. Instead of hurrying under the canvas after an energetic day in the saddle, there are too many wonderful hotels, taverns, and comfortable places to rest.

This implies that I prefer my dirt bikes to be bare-bones, light, and designed for speed and enjoyment. Fortunately, that was acknowledged last year with the introduction of quick, light bikes designed for day trips rather than cross-country journeys.

The new Specialized Crux, Cannondale SuperSix Evo SE, Wilier Rave, and a few other models have joined this new and developing class of the drop-bar off-roader, continuing the trend established by 3T and Cervélo.

Currently, it’s confusing to purchase a dirt bike because the category is so broad. It’s like being given the option to select between a Dawes Galaxy touring bike and a Trek Madone aero bike when choosing a road bike.

Or, for mountain bikers, being asked whether to get a Trek Supercaliber, as used by cross-country star Jolanda Neff, or Greg Minnaar’s Santa Cruz V10 downhill sled — they aren’t the same thing, plain and simple.

I know that there are many different bike sub-genres, but gravel cycling is the one that most desperately needs them.

Evolution of Tubeless Tires

I only want the freedom to use whichever tubeless tire I choose with my tubeless wheels . Compatibility isn’t where it needs to be if you want to take advantage of the best tubeless road tires and have a reasonably current set of wheels.

Tires can be overly tight in some circumstances, or they could blow off in others.

On my Cannondale Synapse long-term test bike last year, I utilized a set of brand-new, very excellent ENVE Foundation 45 wheels. However, because the rims are hookless, I was only able to use tires that ENVE had approved as acceptable.

Although ENVE has evaluated a huge variety of tires, I prefer a global standard.

Road rims used to have an internal width of 13–15mm, and riders with even moderate performance aspirations regarded tires larger than 25mm with distrust.

Zipp’s new 303 Firecrest shows that the most recent generation of road tubeless wheels have internal widths ranging from 18mm to a staggering 25mm. That is now similar to what you could have seen on mountain bike wheels not so long ago.

Final Words

Here are some of the emerging trends in bicycle trends that cyclists can follow . We will see more advanced technology and advancements in the bicycle industry. You can check these bicycle trends to uplift your bicycle. We hope these reviews will be helpful for you to make a better choice. It always feels good to have a bicycle having the best accessories that make your trip fun and comfortable. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about the best bicycle accessories, trends, and reviews.


What are the Reasons for the New Popularity of Bicycles?

Bicycle sales dramatically increased due to Covid-19 in response to the pandemic. A so-called “bike boom” has occurred due to the increased use of one of the most fundamental modes of transportation and increased interest in physical activity.

Do You Think Using Bicycles Should Be Encouraged?

For people of all ages, biking is a safe, enjoyable, and low-impact form of exercise. Cycling can help protect you from major conditions like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, stroke, and some malignancies. You may easily incorporate cycling into your daily routine by cycling to the store, park, school, or job.

Is the Bicycle Industry Growing?

Bicycle demand will still be high . Following are some sales insights that show the bicycle market’s recent, rapid growth: By 2030, the market for bicycles is anticipated to be worth US$180 billion. In 2021, the bicycle industry in Asia and the Pacific was worth US$17.69 billion.

How Does Cycling Improve Your Shape?

Burning calories and causing weight reduction, cycling can assist change body shape. It can also help in the development of lower and upper body muscles. However, cyclists must include strength training if they want to significantly improve their body form, especially if they’re going to boost their speed over shorter distances.

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