Top 10 Best Reading Pillows to Buy on Amazon

People who like to sit up in bed while reading have pillows to support them. People who read, play video games, or watch TV in bed could find these useful.

One of the nicest joys is curling up in bed with your favorite book, right next to sleeping in on the weekends. Finding the most comfortable posture for reading in bed is not as straightforward, even though doing so is a simple pleasure. Your reading experience might be ruined by fidgeting with pillows to support your back, moving to ease numbness, or finding the ideal position for your neck.

Best Reading Pillows

A decent reading pillow can be useful. These pillows, designed to offer support when lying in bed for extended periods, can lessen stress on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Your upper back muscles may become strained from prolonged sitting, which could deteriorate over time and cause problems. Look for goods that are made to give you the precise neck, back, and arm support you require.

They are made with soft, high-quality materials like a foam to ensure that there are no pressure points while also assisting with spinal alignment. Invest in a durable product rather than a cheap, unpleasant one because the latter can make upper body issues worse.

Reading cushions can offer additional support to help maintain your neck and back in proper alignment. This makes it far simpler to maintain appropriate posture while you’re unwinding, which is essential for maintaining a pain-free living. Additionally, reading pillows can offer support for people who are recovering or who are experiencing back neck, or shoulder pain. Wedge pillows are one example of a form that may help with snoring and acid reflux.

Read on to learn more about the best reading pillows to buy right away:

Nestl Reading Pillow

Key Features

  • Plush and Supportive
  • Machine-Washable Cover
  • Three Sizes and 44 Colors
  • Shredded Memory Foam


The Nestl Reading Pillow is our top recommendation. It has a memory foam filling that has been torn to provide lots of support without sacrificing comfort. The material supports your back and neck as it molds to the curve of your body. 1 Additionally, the built-in armrests maximize comfort and reduce elbow fatigue, while the side and back pockets provide space for your phone, e-reader, book, and magazine.

This backrest has a velvet microfiber fabric that is machine clean and dryer-friendly and is offered in a staggering 44 colors. Petite small (14 x 13 x 24 inches), regular (18 x 14 x 31 inches), and premium big are its three available sizes (29.5 x 16 x 36 inches). A removable neck support cushion and a leg bolster are included with the premium model.

Before using this pillow, make sure to give it time to properly expand and air out because it has an up to 48-hour off-gassing duration.

LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Key Features

  • Soft Velour Cover
  • Removable Plastic
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Convenient Carry Handle


For all ages, the LinenSpa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow is available in normal and extra-large sizes. It can be used for a variety of pleasant activities, including reading, watching TV, relaxing, gaming, and laptop computer work.

A shredded memory foam combination that is CertiPUR US certified and moldable is used to fill this product’s interior for individualized and long-lasting comfort. It has a comfortable and sturdy velour cover that complements any decor and is available in either stone or navy. 100% polyester makes up the cover material, which is stain- and odor-resistant and easy to clean. It has a three-year warranty and is strong.

Superior back and shoulder support is provided by this shredded cushion, which can hasten the healing process following surgery and other procedures. It may also be moved with ease thanks to a useful cloth carry handle. Because it is shipped compressed and rolled in a box, there is no assembly required. Shake and fluff the pillow for a few minutes, then let it sit for up to two days to expand completely.

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Husband Pillow Backrest Reading Pillow

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Supportive
  • Generous Size
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Machine Wash Cover


If you’re a voracious reader, you might think about spending money on a high-end model like the Husband Pillow. This opulent backrest is stuffed with a thin but supportive mixture of poly fibers and memory foam shreds. The machine-washable, removable cover is offered in your choice of microsuede or faux fur and is available in close to 40 hues.

This reading pillow has built-in armrests, a removable neck roll, a tiny side pocket, and a carrying handle. It doesn’t compromise on size, measuring 39 inches broad and 32 inches tall with the neck roll connected. In addition, we value the three-year warranty even though we wish the Husband Pillow were more reasonable.

Vekkia Reading and Bed Rest Pillow

Key Features

  • Removable Velvet Pillow Covers
  • Detachable Bungee Neck Cushion
  • Built-in Side Pocket
  • Zipper On the Inner Shell


The Vekkia Reading and Bed Rest Pillow feature a special shape that eases tension in the upper body’s shoulders, arms, and back muscles.

It can speed up the healing process following surgery or injury by reducing slouching while reading, watching TV, using a laptop, or playing video games; it also aids in maintaining proper posture.

This product has built-in side and back pockets for the remote control of your phone and a detachable Bungee neck pillow. It may be moved with ease thanks to the useful cloth-carrying handle.

To customize your product, you can add a simple 200g piece of additional foam for the rest cushion. It has various distinctive characteristics for simple management, like a hidden zipper to wash the covers and remove the foam. The machine-washable velvet covers resist stains well.

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Brentwood Home Oceano Wedge Pillow

Key Features

  • Plant-Based Tencel Cover
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Foam Fill
  • Good for Reading and Working


Wedge pillows are quite adaptable; in addition to being great for relaxing, they are also a wonderful choice for those who snore or have acid reflux.

With this adaptability in mind, Brentwood Home created this hard wedge pillow: Place the long side against your headboard to support your neck and upper back while reading and working. Simply flip the pillow over, so your head rests on the long slope to take a nap. For a little height, you may also slide it beneath your knees.

It boasts a CertiPUR-US foam engineered to keep you cool and an incredibly soft, strong, and detachable knit cover. Additionally, it is 100% Vegan Certified, Climate Neutral, and Greenguard Gold Certified (i.e., excellent for both you and the environment).

Reviewers? They enjoy it as well, but some have complained that when they sleep for longer than a catnap, their heads tend to slide down the cushion’s slope.

Yogibo Support Pillow

Key Features

  • Body-Conforming Beads
  • Head, Neck, and Arm Support
  • Machine-Washable Cover
  • 6 Pounds Weight


The Yogibo Support Pillow is a favorite as well. To reduce tiredness, the U-shaped design props up your arms while supporting your head and neck. This book is 12 inches thick, 30 inches wide, and 37 inches long.

This intelligently made cushion can comfortably cradle you whether you put it on a bed, couch, or the ground. It is packed with EPS (expanded polystyrene) beads, which are hollow, ultra-lightweight thermoplastics that mold to the shape of your body. The stretchy cloth cover is conveniently detachable and machine washable and comes in 14 colors, from neutrals to bolds to stylish hues.

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Contour Living Flip Review

Key Features

  • Polyester
  • Versatile Bed and Lounge Pillow
  • It is Machine Washable
  • Wedge Shape


A versatile bed and lounge backrest, the Contour Living Flip Pillow may be used in a number of settings for support and relaxation. To make a wedge cushion that is incredibly soft and opulent, premium hypoallergenic fiberfill material was used in its construction.

This product can achieve up to ten different postures, including back support, headrest, elevation, stomach sleeping, low-profile, stomach reading, sofa support, and additional sitting support.

It works well as a back cushion, leg and knee pillow, standard bed pillow, and for using a laptop or TV. As it comes compacted, there is no assembly required. You can wash in the machine and dry for up to 30 minutes on medium heat.

WowMax Oversized Linen Blend Bolster Wedge Pillow

Key Features

  • Dense and Plush
  • Headboard Style Backrest
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • 12 Pounds Weight


Think about the WowMax Wedge Pillow if you want something bigger. It is available in five sizes, spanning in width from California king to size twin, each 20 inches tall and 8 inches deep. The triangular form and mild slope are ideal for reading when sitting or reclining back.

This backrest is shaped like a headboard and is coated in a linen-cotton fabric blend. The button-tufted exterior is removable and machine washable and comes in eight trendy hues. We only wish the WowMax Wedge were a little bit cheaper in the end.

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Urban Outfitters Amped Fleece Boo Pillow

Key Features

  • Exceptionally Soft
  • Overstuffed Design
  • Compact and Portable
  • Poly Fibers Fill Material


For children, teenagers, or college students, the Urban Outfitters Boo Pillow is ideal. With its thick layer of poly fibers, this overstuffed arm backrest maximizes plushness while supporting the back, neck, and elbows. The deep-pile Sherpa fleece cover is incredibly plush and fuzzy and comes in subdued rust or multi-toned beige.

Additionally, OEKO-Tex certified, this reading pillow was produced without the use of more than 100 potentially dangerous ingredients. The small size is simple to fit in a bedroom or dorm at 19 inches in height and slightly over 20 inches broad. It is also simple to travel with because of the built-in carrying handle.

Sunday Citizen Snug Waffle Lumbar Pillow

Key Features

  • Soft Textured Cover
  • Versatile Design
  • Plush and Supportive
  • Memory Foam Material


The Snug Pillow by Sunday Citizen serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The waffle-weave cover, which comes in eight stylish colors like warm sienna, cool charcoal, and crisp white, provides buttery softness and dimensional texture.

Plush, supportive memory foam that adapts to the curve of your body makes up the fill. The extended lumbar design, measuring 36 x 14 inches, provides excellent neck support while reading. It can also be used as a body pillow or to complete a bed with just the right amount of layers. Just so you know, once you take it out of the box, it will take around 24 hours to expand completely.

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Final Words

Reading pillows are a wonderful addition to any living room, office, or bedroom. But there isn’t a universally adored reading pillow that matches everyone’s needs.

Setting a goal before you shop will help you find the best reading pillows. You should be aware of the type of fill material you’re looking for (memory foam, shredded foam, or polyester fill) and whether you want to discover one with a detachable, washable cover.

Additionally, consider if you want a pillow that only one person may use at a time or one that you and a partner can share while reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Wash a Reading Pillow?

The coverings of many reading pillows may be removed, washed in the washing machine, and tumble dry. If yours isn’t detachable, you’ll need to use a clean cloth and a mild fabric cleaner to spot-clean it. The insert can typically be spot-cleaned if necessary. When in doubt, adhere to the brand’s advised maintenance guidelines.

Do You Need a Cover for a Reading Pillow?

It should feature a washable, detachable cover. This protects the underlying material while making cleaning simple. However, not all reading pillows have detachable cases, just like moveable backrests, upholstered headboards, and some decorative cushions. As previously indicated, if the case cannot be removed for washing, it can be spot cleaned.

Where Should You Store a Reading Pillow?

The size, form, and frequency of use all play a role in this. If you read in bed every night, the easiest spot to store your pillow may be in your bedroom closet or beneath your bed. If you don’t use it as frequently, think about keeping it in your guest room, laundry room, or linen closet.

When making the bed, you might put some reading pillows in front of your decorative pillows on the sofa or on the bed. You might also be able to keep yours in your living room or bedroom with more throw blankets in a large basket.

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