Top 10 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights to Decorate Your Garden

The ideal approach to start the holiday season is for many people to decorate the front lawn. Outdoor Christmas lights can turn the exterior of your home into a festive illuminated display, whether you want modest accents or the biggest, brightest embellishments. But with so many possibilities, it can be difficult to pick the best Christmas lights.

We spent hours reviewing the available options while considering elements like bulb type, power source, safety testing, and length to identifying the best outdoor Christmas lights.

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights 2022

Holidays are a happy time filled with food, family visits, and festive décor. Hanging Christmas lights is a common way for most people to get into the holiday spirit, but this activity is frequently accompanied by hassles like burned-out bulbs, tangled wires, dull colors, or—worse yet—a bad set of lights that came with the package.

Starting with the correct lighting is the greatest way to start the season off without a hitch, along with getting a head start on your Christmas shopping. There are many different types and designs of bulbs available today, and some sets come with entertaining (and even practical) features. There are novelty lights, miniature incandescent lights, multicolor LEDs with various lighting modes, vintage-style sets, and more. Additionally, there are sets designed specifically to cover bushes and shrubs and solar- and battery-powered models.

Finding a set of Christmas lights that suits your setup and aesthetic tastes can be a daunting endeavor, though, because there are so many options available. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of our top options and the most crucial factors to consider before shopping.

Read on to learn more about the best outdoor Christmas lights to buy right now:

Brizled LED Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Warm White & Multicolor
  • Outdoor & Indoor Use
  • LED Lights
  • Corded Electric


This set of Christmas lights is ideal for anyone who enjoys switching up their holiday lighting display. The 66-foot string of lights contains 200 lights, 11 illumination modes, customizable settings with four brightness levels, and colorful and warm white LEDs.

The colorful LEDs are on the pastel side, as promised, and the warm white is a pleasing shade—not too yellow. There is an integrated timer that can be adjusted for various durations, and up to three sets can be connected end to end.

Although the lights can be used outside (they have an IP44 classification), water protection for the plug, transformer, and control box is required. Furthermore, since the wire is silver, it is a little visible in the sunlight.

Amazon Basics 100 LED Commercial Grade Outdoor Christmas String Lights

Key Features

  • LED Lights
  • 33 Feet Length
  • Multicolor Lights
  • Christmas Theme


You can’t go wrong with the AmazonBasics Commercial Grade Outdoor Christmas Lights if you want traditional holiday lights that can withstand the worst weather. The bright white, warm white, and multicolored options for these string lights are available in either 16- or 33-foot strands. Our tester was very pleased with its high-quality construction, especially given the affordable pricing.

100 5mm wide-angle bulbs make up each 33-foot strand of these commercial-grade LED lights, strung on green wire and wrapped in weatherproof material. Their constant and strong light, which is enhanced by the bulb shape, impressed us during testing. They also had no issues with heavy rain or wind.

The one drawback is that you can only connect three strands of these lights together on one outlet, even though they are both UL- and wet-rated.

christmas lights

Prextex White Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • Incandescent Bulb Type
  • White Color Options
  • 20, 40, and 60 Feet Length
  • UL Certified


Christmas decorations must include white lights because they serve as a neutral foundation or a complement to ornaments and lights in other colors. We adore the Prextex White Christmas Lights because they are so versatile and have high-quality, long-lasting bulbs. These three-length, three-to-five-set, UL-certified lights have a lifespan of about 2,500 hours. Because of their warm brilliance, Bucur suggests these indoor-outdoor lights for usage in private residences.

To make your lights flash or twinkle, simply swap a standard bulb for a flasher bulb. These lights have a unique feature in that per 50 lights, one red-coated flasher bulb is included. Since these lights are incandescent, your room will feel warm and inviting thanks to their shine. It’s also important to point out that they have a green wire that blends well with shrubs and trees.

Purtuemy Meteor Shower Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • LED Light Type
  • 8 Bulb Count
  • 5 Feet Wire
  • Up to 5 Sets of End-to-End Connection


These Christmas lights might be the answer if you’re looking to enhance your holiday lighting game this year. They look fantastic strung from tree branches or along the bottom edge of a roof. Although they are intended for outdoor use, there is no reason they cannot be used indoors.

The lights perform just as promised, with each tube starting at a random interval and the LEDs lighting up in a downward pattern. The double-sided nature of the bright white LEDs makes them visible from all directions.

Eight tubes totaling 12 inches each make up the 10.5-foot-long string. With watertight connectors, you can connect up to five sets together, but the plug needs to be connected to a protected outlet because it is not waterproof.

meteor shower christmas lights

Home Accents Holiday 100-Light LED Mini Warm White String Light

Key Features

  • LED Bulb type
  • T5 Mini Bulb Shape
  • 5 Feet Length
  • 30 Maximum Connected Strands


The Home Accents Holiday LED Mini String Lights are a good, traditional option for decorating your Christmas tree or other areas of your home to get the most bang for your buck. Even though these indoor-outdoor lights are not the most robust, you can link up to 30 strands of them together for extensive décor, and they are incredibly inexpensive. 100 bulbs are strung on each 29.5-foot-long strand of traditional green wire.

The average brightness of these lights, according to our tester, who also loved the warm small lights’ vintage appeal. She mentions that they have a little strobing effect, brought on by the LEDs’ absence of rectifiers, but claims that when they are hung up, the effect is less obvious. These lights aren’t commercial-grade, so there’s always a chance that moisture will enter the bulbs, but if you’re decorating on a tight budget, they’re a terrific value.

Wintergreen Lighting C9 OptiCore Commercial LED Christmas String Lights

Key Features

  • LED Bulb Type
  • C9 Bulb Shape
  • 50 Feet Length
  • 1,000 Feet Maximum Connected Strands


You’ll need large bulbs to match the scale if you’re decorating a large outside object, like your roofline or an enormous tree. The Wintergreen Lighting C9 OptiCore Commercial LED Christmas Lights are unrivaled in terms of style and craftsmanship. They have huge, faceted C9 bulbs built from sturdy polycarbonate. Our tester found these lights to be really attractive and powerful, lighting up the entire yard. Or, using a suitable switch, they can even be dimmed if you’d prefer them to be less bright.

There are many lengths available for these huge lights, and the 100-foot strand has 100 bulbs. However, because the cables and bulbs are packaged separately, you have to screw in each bulb manually. The lights come in a number of colors and even include clips on each socket, making it quite simple to hang them along your roofline.

christmas lights

Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • LED Bulb Type
  • T5 Mini Bulb Shape
  • 66 Feet Length
  • 30 Maximum Connected Strands


With the Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights, which come in almost every hue imaginable, you can make a happy and vibrant outdoor display. Our tester found the colors of these colored lights, which include 200 tiny LED bulbs on a 66-foot line, were vivid and lovely, especially at night.

These UL-certified colorful Christmas lights performed flawlessly throughout several days of strong winds and rain during our testing. Our tester did observe that the structure isn’t nearly as sturdy as other options, even though they have a “Stay Lit” design that keeps the entire strand from going dark if one bulb burns out. For decorating your home or yard, you can plug up to 30 strands into one outlet. The lights also come with six extra bulbs and two fuses so that you can fix any problems fast and easily.

MZD8391 Christmas Lights

Key Features

  • LED Bulb Type
  • 105 Feet Length
  • 4 Maximum Connected Strands
  • 300 Light Sources


The MZD8391 Christmas Lights are 105 feet long, allowing you to cover more ground with just one strand if you’re decking out your entire yard. There are 300 tiny LED bulbs per strand, and the lights come in a number of color schemes. However, because of their small size, they are not ideal for large-scale decoration, such as along a roofline.

The vibrant colors of these lights were a hit with our tester, and she also appreciated the choice of eight different lighting effects, including sparkling, gradual fade, and chasing. The waterproof indoor/outdoor lights may be connected in up to four strands to span a distance of more than 400 feet, and they perform well in bad weather.

outdoor christmas lights

Touch of Eco Solar-Powered Wide Angle LED Mini String Light

Key Features

  • LED Bulb Type
  • 68 Feet Length
  • Solar Powered
  • 125 Light Sources


The Touch of Eco LITEUP125 Solar String Lights are an attractive and practical solution if you want to put up Christmas lights somewhere where there isn’t an accessible power outlet. This 68-foot-long string of 125 tiny LED bulbs is attached to a small solar panel that you can spike into the ground or clip into a nearby surface.

These lights aren’t the brightest option available, as you might expect, and according to our tester, they are especially dull in overcast or wet conditions. The lights have solid or flashing light modes that can be selected from the rear of the panel, and they automatically switch on at dusk and stay on for up to eight hours. The strand contains a 12-foot lead wire, which our tester felt was excessively long because it reduces the length that is lit to only 56 feet.

The Holiday Aisle LED Christmas Rope Lights

Key Features

  • LED Bulb Type
  • Rope Bulb Shape
  • 150 Feet Length
  • Unique Modern Appearance


The Holiday Aisle LED Christmas Rope Lights are incredibly brilliant and vibrant for a bold, modern look—they’re guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention that drives by your home this holiday season! These translucent PVC tubes that resemble ropes and contain LED lighting can be bent and twisted at any angle to match the space you’re decorating effortlessly.

According to our reviewer, these outdoor lights are the brightest of all the goods she tried, and she especially liked that you may shorten them if necessary. The maker warns that the power cords and connectors aren’t waterproof, and the instructions for these lights are so bad that it can take some trial and error to find out how to connect strands. Last but not least, a word of advice: Be sure to completely remove the lights from the spool before plugging them in. If the PVC gets too heated, it could melt, as our tester discovered the hard way.

best led lights for christmas

Final Words

We understand your need to decorate your home for Christmas every year. There are many different things that you need to buy for your home at Christmas. Keep reading our blogs to learn about the best gardening tips and reviews about other products for the garden. In this article, we have reviewed the best outdoor Christmas lights for your garden. You can check these reviews to make your choice accordingly. Hopefully, this article will help you make a wise decision based on your budget and needs.


When Should You Put Up Christmas Lights?

When Thanksgiving arrives, you can start to question whether the time has come. It’s unnecessary to wait until all the leftover turkey has been consumed before hanging Christmas lights, but a week’s delay is also acceptable. In conclusion, starting to hang Christmas lights whenever you feel like it is a fantastic idea.

Are Christmas Lights Safe to Use?

Christmas lights can generally be used without risk. But you should always abide by the safety precautions listed in your Christmas light manual. Most will specify how many lines of lights can be connected if your lights have a male and female socket and can be strung together. Make careful you don’t go over this limit because doing so could overload the circuits and possibly cause a fire.

Additionally, it is a good idea to exercise caution when connecting one set of Christmas lights to another through a string of lights from a different manufacturer or style because they could not be designed to transfer the proper amount of power to the subsequent strand. If not, a dangerous situation can arise.

Additionally, using a timer to prevent your Christmas lights from going out too soon might be an excellent safety precaution.

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