Top 10 Best Kitchen Islands for Stylish Storage

Sometimes having an empty area makes cleaning it easier. However, it’s difficult and heavy to move your kitchen island. Kitchen islands with casters may easily be rolled away to be cleaned, then rolled right back. This is also a fantastic addition to a kitchen if additional room is required in some sections. Just shift the island to make up for it. Additionally, lockable casters hold it in position.

The busiest room in a house is the kitchen. It is mostly where food is prepared and cooked. The necessary tools and components for a functional kitchen system must be present in the kitchen. The kitchen island is one place where food is cooked fast while you can store your kitchen supplies and other necessities. It’s also crucial to understand how to pick the best kitchen island because of its adaptability. It is essential, especially if you intend to remodel or renovate your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Islands 2022

The quickest and simplest way to improve your kitchen’s appearance and functionality is to install a kitchen cart or island. In addition to creating more space for cooking, kitchen carts and islands usually have shelves and storage that can be used for pantry items or commonly used equipment. They can also be used as additional room for accommodating bigger groups of people, particularly if you have barstools or other chairs available to set up around them for additional seating.

An island might be a wise investment for your house if you frequently find yourself wanting more prep or storage space in your kitchen. Although many modern homes already include kitchen islands, you can also purchase them separately from various online stores, which is useful if you live in an older house or apartment. Based on the materials, dimensions, and unique features, we conducted research on the best kitchen islands.

Keep reading to learn more about the best kitchen islands to buy :

Crate & Barrel Belmont Kitchen Island

Key Features

  • Engineered Wood
  • Solid Rubberwood Counter Material
  • 2 Drawers
  • 1 Shelf


The Belmont Kitchen Island is a great option for any home since it has intelligent features that make it multifunctional and a classic design that will fit in any room. This island is available in black, white, and lively mint green. Its top is made of a butcher block made of solid rubberwood that has been given a food-safe oil finish. If those features weren’t enough to make you fall in love with it, one side even has a drop leaf that can be folded up to make room for two bar stools for eating while you sit and enjoy watching your partner prepare food.

Use the huge storage area for pots and pans or additional food storage, and hang a seasonal tea towel on the side. You can change the internal shelf to suit your tastes because it is movable. Two drawers and two enclosed cabinets are included in the engineered wood foundation of this island, which also features a rubberwood veneer. Legs made of tapered wood support the island. For more portability, it can be mounted on caster wheels, although they are offered separately.

Gracie Oaks Delesha Multifunction Prep Table

Key Features

  • Steel Base Material
  • Manufactured Wood Counter Material
  • 7 Pounds Weight
  • 2 Shelves


This small prep table is a cost-effective solution if your kitchen needs a little extra prep space, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. With its metal base, exposed screws, and faux-wood accents, it has an industrial style. Its two open shelves, one of which is solid and the other slatted, offer enough space for storing pots, pans, small appliances, cookbooks, and other items.

Despite being stylish and reasonably priced, this product has a few important limitations. Its top is composed of engineered wood. Thus you should probably avoid setting hot or damp objects on it. It’s not the best place to store large appliances because each of the shelves can only hold up to 30 pounds.

best kitchen island

Kleidman Kitchen Island

Key Features

  • Manufactured Wood Base Material
  • Solid Wood Counter Material
  • 80 Pounds Weight
  • 2 Shelves


The Kleidman Kitchen Island is incredibly small, measuring only about 30 by 24 inches, making it ideal for small kitchens. But despite its small size, this piece of furniture packs a powerful utilitarian punch. It has two open shelves for keeping dishes, appliances, and other items on one side and a pull-out storage drawer that can accommodate a trash can of up to 10 gallons on the other.

This prep table includes two metal towel racks on both sides and a solid wood butcher block top where you may prepare your food. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that each of the shelves can only support 10 pounds of weight and that the installation is fairly difficult and time-consuming.

Williams Sonoma Cooper Double Kitchen Island

Key Features

  • Solid Spruce Base Material
  • Polished Limestone Counter Material
  • 12 Drawers
  • 9 Pounds Weight


Although the Cooper Double Kitchen Island is expensive, we believe it is a high-end product that is well worth the cost. The island’s top is made of a sturdy and attractive polished limestone inlay and is made from solid spruce wood with a lovely natural finish. The island also features a double-sided design with an incredible six drawers on each side, giving you plenty of room for storing all of your kitchen supplies and linens.

The island includes a low shelf with slats for additional storage in addition to all of its drawers and towel bars on both sides. The piece has levelers on the bottom of each leg for stability on uneven flooring.

Williams Sonoma Barrelson Kitchen Island with Marble Top

Key Features

  • Solid Wood Base Material
  • Marble Countertop Material
  • 4 Drawers
  • 4 Shelves


With a staggering 7 feet in length, the Barrelson Kitchen Island is a huge option that will look gorgeous in any open kitchen. The island contains two enclosed cabinets and four drawers on one side, and a sit-in area on the other where a bar stool can be used to relax comfortably. The high-end item is made of solid wood, comes with two hardware choices, and is topped with a stunning Italian piece of white marble.

On each end of the island, stately columns support it, while four open shelves provide extra storage. Additionally, towel bars are on each side, and the large cabinet has an adjustable shelf inside. The only drawback to this gorgeous island is that the marble needs to be cleaned carefully because it might stain when exposed to acidic foods like wine or coffee.

best kitchen island 2022

Pottery Barn Indio Metal Outdoor Kitchen Island

Key Features

  • Aluminum Base Material
  • Stainless Steel Counter Material
  • 1 Drawer
  • Caster Wheels


With the Indio Metal Outdoor Kitchen Island, you can transform your patio into the ideal entertaining space. This chic piece is made of weatherproof aluminum and stainless steel and is mobile, thanks to caster wheels. You can actually remove half of the top to reveal two detachable ice racks for convenient entertaining. The island has one storage drawer, a bottom-slatted shelf, and one storage compartment.

If you want to design a coordinated outdoor kitchen, the business also offers a large selection of complementary furnishings, such as outdoor cabinets.

Crosley Kitchen Cart with Granite Top

Key Features

  • Wood Base Material
  • Granite Counter Material
  • 2 Drawers
  • Caster Wheels


The Crosley Kitchen Cart, which is placed on robust locking caster wheels, is a great option for an island you can easily move around your kitchen as necessary. The cart is made of wood with a granite top, and it’s wonderful that there are many different color/finish options available, including tops made of natural wood and stainless steel.

Two drawers, two enclosed cabinets, and three movable shelves provide storage space inside this portable kitchen island. You can easily store necessities close at hand with to the exterior’s paper towel holder, towel bar, and spice rack. The sole drawback of this island is that it is only 18 inches deep, which leaves you with only a small amount of workspace. On the plus side, the piece is slim enough to be pushed up against a wall when necessary. It’s also convenient for renters because it’s so portable.

crosley kitchen cart

IKEA Vadholma Kitchen Island

Key Features

  • Solid Wood and Particleboard Base Material
  • Particleboard and Veneer Counter Material
  • 2 Shelves
  • 25-Years Warranty


The VADHOLMA Kitchen Island has a handy storage rack over the top so you can keep all your pots and pans close at hand. Renters who want a pot rack but can’t hang one from the ceiling should use it! Like other IKEA furniture, this island is made of solid wood, particleboard, and veneer. The countertop is made of a thick oak veneer with a rustic end-grain pattern.

The island has two open, slatted shelves for storage on one side, and you can slip chairs below it on the other side. It has a 25-year limited warranty and comes with 10 hooks for hanging goods from the rack.

West Elm Frame Kitchen Console

Key Features

  • Iron Base Material
  • Solid Oak Counter Material
  • 2 Shelves
  • 8 Pounds Weight


This modern island, which is topped with a stunning piece of real oak butcher block, is perfect if you enjoy butcher block counters. The island features two full-length open shelves on one side and a fairly straightforward design with a white base and a natural wood top. The frame is composed of sturdy powder-coated iron, and the reverse contains an aperture where you can tuck two stools. Linseed oil was used to polish the butcherblock, and the island’s legs have adjustable levelers to keep it steady on uneven ground.

Rosecliff Heights Cytheria Kitchen Island Set

Key Features

  • Wood Base Material
  • Granite Base Material
  • 6 Shelves and 1 Drawer
  • 320 Pounds Weight


You may save the headache of looking for seats that will work with your new piece by purchasing the Rosecliff Heights Cytheria Kitchen Island Set, which includes two matching stools. The island’s construction is made of wood with a regal black finish, and a sleek granite inlay covers its top. A simple drop leaf allows you to expand the dining area as needed, and the base has beadboard paneling for a traditional appeal.

With three open shelves on each end and a two-door cabinet with two doors, this kitchen island provides plenty of storage room for kitchen necessities and decorative items. Its chairs have a straightforward, traditional form with a full back for support and black vinyl upholstery.

Final Words

There is no shortage of mobile kitchen island styles, and they are available in various sizes and shapes. But if you’re at a loss for inspiration, pick a piece whose color and quality match the rest of the decor. Your final decision will be unique to you.

You can choose between a traditional look with woodwork and fine details and a more modern look with incorporated industrial design elements. A drop leaf pattern might be quite helpful when serving and performing activities like rolling dough.

Read these reviews to know which kitchen island would be perfect for your needs and budget. Keep reading our blogs to learn about the best home improvement tips and product reviews.


Are Kitchen Islands Still Popular?

Kitchen islands are probably always going to be popular. Kitchen islands are regarded as the workhorse of a modern kitchen because of their popularity since the 1980s when houses (and thus kitchens) expanded in size. They give you more storage room, counter space, and maybe even a spot for a sink or appliance. They also provide a dining area where you can sit on bar stools.

What Material Should I Use to Build My Kitchen Island?

You can create a kitchen island in a variety of designs, hues, and materials. It depends on the general aesthetic you’re going for or how you want to use your island. The style for a wood kitchen island if you want to go for a classic and conventional look. A marble countertop island, on the other hand, is a better option if you favor an opulent atmosphere.

What Appliances Do You Need in Your Kitchen Island?

Small appliances will fit on your kitchen island. For convenience and easy access, place your food processor, blender, and mixing bowl underneath the counter space if you mostly use it for meal preparation.

How Will an Island Fit Into Your Kitchen Layout?

While an island may be the focal point of your kitchen’s design, it can also easily blend in with and enhance the rest of the room. Make sure your island cabinets and drawers match the color and finish of the rest of your furnishings for a seamless transition. This has a unified appearance and feel.

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