Top 10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes to Buy

While there’s no doubt that the best hardtail mountain bikes are excellent choices for beginners, they’re also excellent choices for experienced riders seeking the lightest bike possible or seeking the most direct trail feel. Hardtails provide better pedaling efficiency and less mechanical complexity, resulting in a more responsive and easier to maintain bike.

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2023

The humble hardtail mountain bike appears to be experiencing a mini-revival, with the introduction of a slew of cross-country, downhill, trail, and even radder rigid frames. What are the benefits of a hardtail? When it comes to uphill speed, the direct connection from crank to axle, without any energy-inefficient suspension, is the quickest way to get up to speed.

Riding rough-and-tumble trails on a hardtail may be more taxing, but there’s something almost zen-like about picking the smoothest line between the chunder while pumping through rollers to generate free speed. Because there are fewer moving parts to add weight, service, or build in the first place, hardtails are often lighter, easier to maintain, and less expensive than full-suspension mountain bikes.

Continue reading to see our picks for the best hardtail mountain bikes, ranging from cross-country whippets to hardcore trail blasters. You can find our advice on everything you need to know about buying a hardtail mountain bike at the bottom of this page.

Specialized Fuse Expert 29

Key Features

  • Modern Geometry
  • Excellent Tire Specification
  • Confident in a Huge Range of Terrain
  • Precise and Fast Ride


The Specialized Fuse maintains its hold on the hardtail mountain bike market. This bike was completely redesigned for the 2020 model year, and it shreds harder than ever with 29-inch wheels. This bike does it all: it climbs well, has a high fun factor, descends well on a variety of terrain, and has a relatively solid build kit. This bike now has well-balanced geometry and 29 x 2.6-inch tires, which provide a precise and fast ride. Even better, the Fuse is a great buy with a low price point and a mostly stellar build kit. We adore it, and we believe you will as well.

The Fuse isn’t without flaws. While the build kit is mostly perfect, the RockShox 35 Gold fork falls short. The fork required immediate service after the purchase. When we dropped the lower legs, we discovered that the fork had almost no oil in it, and the seals were nearly bone dry. It felt marginally better after it was rebuilt. There was little else to dislike about this capable and versatile hardtail.

Ibis DV9 NX

Key Features

  • Sharp Handling
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Acceleration and Climbing Abilities
  • Tremendous Climbing Efficiency


The Ibis DV9 is a lightweight bicycle that is equally at home on a trail ride as it is in a cross-country race. This bike’s geometry is relatively upright, conservative, and cross-country oriented. This bike values pedal efficiency and quick handling over downhill ability. As a result, there is incredible climbing efficiency, zippy acceleration, and razor-sharp steering. The NX build we tested is on the cheap side, but Ibis didn’t skimp on the essentials, including a great fork, tires, wheels, and dropper post that improves its overall performance. This bike is ideal for the rider who wants a versatile hardtail and mostly rides smooth and flowy trails.

The negative? For riders who enjoy challenging or chattery trails, the DV9 is not the ideal option. The rider feels much of the trail surface because of the lightweight carbon fiber frame. You can certainly feel it when driving over bumpy terrain. As a result, experienced riders who can employ good form and soften their elbows and knees to finesse downhill are best suited to operate this bike.

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Commencal Meta HT AM Essential

Key Features

  • Hard-Charging
  • Versatile Geometry
  • Great Price to Build Ratio
  • Fun on a Wide Range of Terrain


During testing, the Commencal Meta HT AM truly knocked us off our feet and was a delight to ride in almost every circumstance. The adaptable hardtail travels on wheels and tires that are 27.5 inches or larger, charges hard across rough terrain, and is incredibly energetic and fun-loving. While without being too long or slack to make it difficult to control at slower speeds or in more constrained terrain, its design is aggressive enough to be stable at speed and confidence-inspiring on technical trails.

The bike is eager to get off the ground, manually dip in the trail, and slap some corners thanks to the 27.5-inch wheels and moderate reach and wheelbase. Additionally, it’s a cozy and reasonably effective climber that seemed to nudge our testers to get up and keep pedaling. Because Commencal sells directly to consumers, you get a lot from this bike for your money, and the Essential build we tested outperforms the majority of other bikes in this price range.

The Meta HT AM isn’t the fastest or most efficient hardtail in the world due to its plus-sized tires and very slack front end. On mellower trails and terrain, this bike can feel a little monotonous because those big, old tires do give a great, wet ride feel, but they aren’t the fastest rolling. This bike really impressed us, and we think it would make a fantastic addition to anyone’s bike collection or low-maintenance daily driver. However, the Meta HT isn’t meant to be an XC bike, and we believe that most riders will be having too much fun to give a damn.

Rocky Mountain Growler 50

Key Features

  • Progressive Modern Geometry
  • Insanely Stable at High Speeds
  • Ripping Tires
  • 29” Wheel Size


The Rocky Mountain Growler loves rough terrain and swift speeds. The geometry on this hardtail is extremely aggressive and is more often seen on bouncy enduro race bikes. This long bicycle has the angles to feel very secure on more difficult terrain and is insanely stable at high speeds. The Growler responds favorably to an assertive pilot and enjoys boosting off-trail rolls and bumps despite its length. The 2.6-inch WTB tires, which have a hard-charging attitude to match the Growler’s perspective on life, are the highlight of the build package.

Thanks to a sharp seat tube angle that places you directly on top of the cranks, climbing up mild and buff slopes proved surprisingly pleasurable. This is an excellent bike if you’re the type of rider who likes to get rad and accelerate quickly.

The Growler does have some obvious flaws. It has a little uncomfortable feeling and is more challenging to maneuver in confined situations due to the lengthy wheelbase and extremely slack front end. We found the outstanding ability to ascend gentle grades to be less than suitable for technical climbing.

Even on the descent, making awkward movements and tight turns can be more stressful than just descending on a shorter, steeper bike. The build kit itself was also a bit of a mixed bag. We experienced trouble with the Rocky Mountain Toonie dropper post, but it was swiftly replaced under warranty. Furthermore, the brakes are a little too weak, considering how aggressively this bike loves to charge. Apart from that, there wasn’t much to dislike about this hardtail that charged quickly.

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Marin Pine Mountain 2

Key Features

  • Comfortable Steel Frame
  • Incredibly Versatile
  • Sensible Geometry
  • Myriad Frame Mount Options


A versatile steel hardtail that can do it everything is the Marin Pine Mountain. This setup was obviously made with bikepacking in mind. The steel design of the frame and the numerous mounts give the ride a smooth, damp feel. The Pine Mountain climbs surprisingly well and has a rock-solid pedaling posture. Although this bike obviously prefers adventure rides, it performs admirably on regular after-work trail rides.

The geometry of the middle ground stays away from being either excessively long and slack or too steep and twitchy. It corners nicely, descends with assurance, then returns up the hill fairly quickly. A 12-speed Shimano SLX transmission and 4-piston brakes are just a couple of the features of this construction kit, which is surprisingly good value for the money.

The Marin is an adventure/bikepacking bike that performs admirably as a trail bike. It should be emphasized that riders looking for a hardtail mountain bike for everyday trail riding activities have far better options. The Pine Mountain is an unremarkable trail bike that is somewhat drab and uninteresting. This bike’s adaptability and positive outlook make it beautiful, not its trail riding skills.

Mondraker Podium Carbon RR SL

Key Features

  • Advanced Carbon Component Integration
  • Lightweight Bike
  • Mondraker Forward Geometry
  • 1 Kg Weight


Mondraker has chosen a more conventional appearance over the original Podium’s distinctive design.

With its forward geometry philosophy, Mondraker was one of the first bike companies to advocate for longer bikes, yet by 2022 standards, the Podium does not qualify as an especially long frame. Its reach, which ranges from 425 to 477 mm depending on size, is somewhat limited. It is also not the slackest bike in comparison to the new Cannondale.

It is nevertheless a remarkably light bike ideal for people who want to set personal records while climbing. The Mondraker Podium RR SL is even lighter than the model from the previous generation, weighing only 8.1kg when completed.

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Santa Cruz Highball

Key Features

  • Can be Run Single-Speed or Geared
  • Lightweight Frame
  • 1 Kg Weight
  • 100mm Travel


Santa Cruz’s Highball is another modern carbon hardtail that uses a 27.2mm seat post. It may have all the features of a lightweight racing machine, but it is not afraid to descend.

Trail and downhill bikes helped Santa Cruz build its name. The Highball shows that there are other options if you want to race a Californian cross-country frame that isn’t from the big red “S,” despite the company’s engineering focus being oriented toward descending.

Additionally, the Highball is single-speed compatible for those who want to supplement their training regimen with extra power miles.

The entry-level model uses less-expensive “C” carbon construction from Santa Cruz and weighs 11.2 kg when built. The frame comes with Race Face wheels, an SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed groupset, and a 100mm RockShox Sid SL fork.

Kona Big Honzo DL

Key Features

  • Ample Tire Clearance
  • Do-Everything Capability
  • Slack Geometry
  • 130mm Travel


The versatility of trail hardtails has been embraced by many businesses, and Kona’s Big Honzo has long been the market leader in the trail bike category. Kona used its trail carbon fiber to construct a frame with enough burly features to push through the harshest terrain while still being light enough to cycle all day. This resulted in a bike that can handle anything.

The flexibility of the Big Honzo is its greatest asset. In order to choose a bike size based on reach figures without being constrained by leg length, all frames have the same low standover height. The Honzo was built by Kona to fit 27.5+ wheels and has room for a 3-inch tire, but it also works with 29er wheels. Plus-size tires are used by riders who want to use lower tire pressure to increase traction since the smaller wheel size makes the bike handle more quickly.

However, if gravity-induced craziness is frequently on the menu, an angle set can be used to relax the Big Honzo’s 67.5-degree head angle, and ISCG05 tabs can be used as a chain guide.

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Final Words

Here is our in-depth analysis of the best hardtail mountain bikes. There are many benefits to purchasing a hardtail mountain bike over a full-suspension one. Since there is no rear suspension to catch you, these less forgiving bicycles teach appropriate form and technique. In addition, since they often cost less to maintain than complicated full-suspension bikes with a lot of squeaky bearings, bikes without rear suspension are more accessible to the general public. Yes, they are also a lot of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tire Size Particularly Important on a Hardtail Bike?

Any hardtail may easily get more ride comfort by sizing up its rear tire and allowing the extra air capacity to function as a rudimentary suspension intermediate. All bike manufacturers will list a maximum tire size on the specification of the frame/bike in order to run a larger rear tire; wider chainstay and seat stay spacing are required.

How Heavy are Hardtail Mountain Bikes?

Hardtails are logically superior because of their inherent simplicity and cheaper maintenance costs, but weight is their defining characteristic. The Cube Elite is the lightest bike on this list if you’re measuring grams. Even the lightest cross-country bikes can easily handle the most difficult downhills thanks to contemporary design and build kits.

Hardtail enthusiasts looking for a lightweight bike with winter weather endurance might think about the Santa Cruz Highball. Having a single speed can significantly lessen component wear and rider annoyance during a demanding block of muddy winter training. It is still one of the few carbon hardtails that can handle single-speed converts’ suffering.

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