Top 10 Best Floating Bookshelves to Buy

If you like contemporary and modern decor with clean lines and want to add some visual interest to your walls, installing floating shelves will make a big impact with little effort. They’re great for storing books and desk accessories in the home office, rolled towels and beauty products in the bathroom, and displaying keepsakes in the living room. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive—a simple way to give your living space a designer looks without spending a fortune on a designer.

Best Floating Bookshelves 2023

Floating bookshelves are a trendy and fashionable way to display your book collection. They’re called floating because they appear to float against the wall with no visible support. These shelves are hidden bracket-mounted to the wall, giving them a clean and minimalist appearance. They’re ideal for small spaces or those looking to make a design statement.

One advantage of floating bookcases is that they take up less space than traditional bookcases. They can be mounted at any height, which makes them ideal for high ceilings or for creating a gallery wall effect. They also make it simple to change the layout of your books because you can simply move the shelves on the wall.

Another benefit of floating bookshelves is that they are customizable. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from sleek and modern to rustic and vintage. You can also choose from different materials, such as wood, metal, or acrylic. This makes it easy to find a floating bookshelf that fits your personal style and the aesthetic of your home.

If you are in the market for a floating bookshelf, we highly recommend checking our reviews before making your purchase. We have done the research and compiled a list of the best floating bookshelves on the market. Our reviews include information on each shelf’s construction, design, and function, as well as pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. By reading our reviews, you can be sure to find the perfect floating bookshelf to display your collection and enhance the look of your home.

Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Key Features

  • Top Weight Capacity
  • Best for Heavy Items
  • Only Tiered-Shelf Option
  • 50 Pounds Weight Capacity


When it comes to simple home design improvements, floating shelves are a must-have. To avoid a cluttered appearance, measuring the space between various shelves is a hassle that not everyone wants to deal with. However, if you’re also considering putting heavy objects on a floating shelf, weight capacity can become a problem. As the only tiered choice in our list and the best floating shelf for big objects, we’ve chosen Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wall Shelves as our top pick.

We appreciate that this floating shelf set can support 50 pounds, which is the highest weight limit. It’s a terrific choice for shabby chic and country-inspired décor themes because of its rustic style. Additionally, because of the tiered design, there is plenty of room between the shelves, and the lower shelf can hold goods up to 10 inches tall. And most of all, environmentally conscious customers will appreciate that the actual wood used in this tiered shelf is sourced sustainably and has received certification. The wall mounting hardware is also provided, as is custom. With the best window treatments, these shelves appear good.

Brightmaison Nursery Décor Wall Shelves

Key Features

  • Excellent Quality
  • Built-in Safety Feature
  • 3-Piece Set
  • 4-Piece Set


For many parents, adorning a baby’s nursery is a fun experience. You must consider safety and what won’t endanger your little bundle(s) of joy when it comes to storage, though. A three-piece set of floating bookshelves for nurseries, the Brightmaison Nursery Decor Wall Shelves serve to increase organization while also supplying a crucial safety aspect.

We appreciated that these shelves include an integrated bar that stops those objects from falling over and harming your child and keeps little or potentially dangerous products (like diaper ointments) out of reach for the baby. Each shelf is crafted entirely from birch wood and is painted a neutral white that looks great on anyone. The mounting hardware is also supplied, as is customary. When you use the best window cleaning kit, these shelves are just as simple to clean as your windows.

best floating bookshelves 2023

Wallniture Denver Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Key Features

  • Wood Material
  • Easy Installation Process
  • Minimalist Picture Ledge Design
  • Easy Installation Process


Not everybody is attempting to fit their heaviest possessions on their floating bookcases. Particularly, many people utilize shelves like this as the ideal solution to showcase small decorative elements or images without clogging bookcases and tabletops. If this is the reason you desire a set of floating bookshelves, the Wallniture Denver Wall Mounted Floating Shelves is a fantastic choice. This four-piece set of white floating shelves with a picture ledge caught our attention.

As a result, you can put picture frames or even spherical objects on the shelf without worrying about them rolling or sliding off because the ledge will stop them. We believe the individual shelves are an excellent alternative for accent design needs even though they have one of the lowest weight recommendations in our guide (12 pounds per shelf). Assembly is also made simple by the straightforward installation procedure and provided mounting hardware. Similar to setting up the best window air conditioner.

NIUBEE Acrylic Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Key Features

  • Acrylic Material
  • Can be Mounted Upside Down
  • Supports Up to 48 lbs.
  • Supports Up to 20 Pounds Per Shelf


If you’re not involved in the beauty industry, you might not be aware that acrylic cosmetics storage is the height of ideal organization. However, beauty experts, influencers, and makeup artists are constantly searching for the best acrylic storage options that will both organize their sizable makeup collections and produce the ideal “Instagrammable” visual backdrop for videos and photographs.

The best floating shelf kit for creating a wonderful invisible visual effect to display your makeup collection is the Niubee Acrylic Invisible Floating Bookshelf. You’ll like that these floating shelves with storage have rounded edges for increased safety and are constructed of five-millimeter thick acrylic. This 16.5-inch-wide shelf can accommodate 48 pounds. Although this is the only single-shelf option in our guide, we liked that it included a full installation kit with a screwdriver. You might also want the best air purifier to keep your air pure.

best floating bookshelves to buy

MAINEVENT Set of 2 Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

Key Features

  • Wood Material
  • Vintage Design
  • Can be Mounted Upside Down
  • Supports Up to 20 Pounds Per Shelf


Most people believe that wood-barred shelves serve only one purpose. The most versatile choice in our list, however, is the Mainevent Set of 2 Rustic Floating Shelves, in our opinion. You may place these unusual floating shelves upside-down and use them to store jewelry or crafts.

The vintage style also works well with rustic decorating ideas. We also liked that this two-pack of shelves has a combined weight rating of 40 pounds, with each shelf rated to support 20 pounds. The usual mounting gear is provided, and installation is quick and simple. To ensure they are level on your walls, you will appreciate that these shelves come with a bubble level. They complement the best ceiling fans well.

EWEI’s HomeWares Floating U Shelves

Key Features

  • Engineered Wood Material
  • Great for Bathrooms
  • Hardware Included
  • Semicircular Shape


You might not want to purchase any of the more expensive options if you’re just getting started with floating bookshelves. Being a reasonably priced three-piece floating shelf set, we’ve chosen Ewei’s HomeWares Floating U Shelves as our Best Budget pick. In our opinion, it also ranks among the top floating shelves for bathrooms. This set has three shelves that range in length from nine to 17 inches, which you’ll like.

Additionally, this wall shelf set is constructed of laminate and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) for easy installation. The necessary mounting hardware is also provided, and you may pick between a white or espresso finish. Additionally, they can handle a combined weight of 22 pounds, making them excellent for holding lighter goods.

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Umbra Conceal Bookshelf

Key Features

  • Minimal Design
  • Durable Material
  • Includes Three Shelves
  • Installation Hardware Provided


With Umbra’s smart Conceal Shelves, you can turn your books into shelves by themselves. It only requires a hardback book to be placed on it after a straightforward piece of hardware has been installed. The lip of the shelf will then keep the cover in place, allowing you to stack additional books or accessories on top to create the appearance of a truly floating shelf.

Three metal shelves are included in the package and are all the same size. The set’s eight shelves can each support up to 20 pounds, making them ideal for heavier embellishments like candles and plants, additional coffee table books, or cookbooks. When hung together, the set makes for an eye-catching display, but they’re also great for adding extra decor and storage to various areas of your home.

Ebern Designs River Ridge 6 Shelves Wall Shelf Set

Key Features

  • Metal Material
  • Available in Multiple Finishes
  • Includes Six Shelves
  • 20 Pounds Weight Capacity


A set of floating shelves will always be useful, whether your home office needs more storage or your living room needs a place to display your favorite pictures. Consider the six identical floating shelves in this Ebern Designs River Ridge Wall Shelf Set, which fit in every room of your house.

Each shelf is made of sturdy metal and has a U-shaped structure that can support 20 pounds of books, pictures, candles, and other home decorations. In addition to being constructed, the shelves also come with all the essential installation tools, making setup a joy.

best floating bookshelves 2023

Three Posts Baby & Kids Rutter Solid Wood Alder Floating Shelf

Key Features

  • Chip-Resistant
  • Solid Wood Material
  • Includes Three Shelves
  • Includes Mounting Hardware


This shelf set is intended to keep children’s toys, books, and accessories organized, but they are unquestionably worth considering if you’re trying to arrange your own library or office. The trio of shelves are constructed from solid wood and have a rich stain that will enhance any room in your house.

Each shelf is 28 inches wide and 4 inches deep and can support 25 pounds, making them a fantastic place to store books and other accessories. The chip-resistant shelves look great when grouped together, but they also look great hanging alone on a wall.

Ebern Designs Giullia 2-Piece Floating Shelf

Key Features

  • Glass Material
  • 3 Pounds Shelf Weight Capacity
  • 6 Pounds Overall Weight Capacity
  • Chrome Hardware Finish


Glass is the way to go if you want floating shelves that are simple yet attractive, and the polished chrome mounting brackets provided with this pair only enhance the impression.

The 16-inch-wide glass shelves have modern beveled edges and look wonderful both in the bathroom, used to store wrapped towels and toiletries, and displayed a collection of curios in the living area.

The sole disadvantage of glass is that it frequently has a limited weight capacity; they are capped at 3 pounds.

best floating bookshelves online

Final Words

In conclusion, floating bookshelves are a great option for displaying your book collection in a stylish and space-saving way. They offer a variety of benefits, including being customizable to fit your personal style and being able to mount them at any height, making them great for small spaces or high ceilings. They are a perfect addition to any home, whether you want to create a gallery wall or just add a touch of elegance to your living space.

If you want to buy a floating bookshelf, check our reviews about the best floating bookshelves before making your purchase. Our reviews are based on thorough research and provide detailed information on each shelf’s construction, design, and function, as well as pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. By reading our reviews, you can be confident that you are getting the best floating bookshelf that will not only meet your needs but also enhance the look of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of floating bookshelves today and find the perfect one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are floating bookshelves?

Floating bookshelves are shelves that appear to be suspended on the wall without any visible support. They are mounted to the wall using hidden brackets, creating a clean and minimalist look.

What are the benefits of floating bookshelves?

Floating bookshelves take up less space than traditional bookshelves; they can be mounted at any height and are customizable; you can choose from different sizes, styles, and materials.

How are floating bookshelves mounted to the wall?

Floating bookshelves are mounted to the wall using hidden brackets. It is important to use the correct hardware and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

Can floating bookshelves hold heavy books?

Yes, most floating bookshelves are designed to hold heavy books and have a weight capacity. It is important to check the weight capacity of the shelf before purchasing to ensure it can hold your books.

Are floating bookshelves easy to install?

Some floating bookshelves are easy to install, while others may require more advanced DIY skills. It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and check the level and stability of the shelves before installation.

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