Top 10 Best Electric Bikes to Buy

Use the best electric bikes to reduce fatigue while riding and to assist you in reaching your destination. E-bikes are a great investment for people who are new to fitness as well as those who want to take cycling a little bit further because they minimize the physical component without completely eliminating it. With the help of these electric bikes, you can go without exhaling, panting, or sweating.

Best Electric Bikes 2022

Whatever you plan to use the e-bike for will determine which one is best for you. Some powered electric bikes are performance-engineered, providing you an extra boost when navigating tough routes at 20 mph, across rocky terrain, or up steep slopes. Others fold down for convenient storage and are commuter-friendly, while not being the most powerful ones. You’ll need an electronic mountain bike, or eMTB, for that.

Safety comes first. Keep in mind that the expense of high-capacity batteries is a major reason why electric bikes are more expensive than conventional bikes. Thus it makes more sense to spend your money on a reputable brand. However, it pays to be cautious since although you might be able to locate a very cheap bike offered online, it’s possible that it also has low-quality parts that could break at high speeds.

Using each one as our mode of transportation for commuting to work, running errands, and taking leisurely rides around the countryside, we tested a ton of e-bikes, some from well-known manufacturers and some from less well-known ones. As a result, we can guarantee a pleasant and safe trip by knowing which models genuinely pass the test. You can find something among our top recommendations below to suit your riding requirements, whether you’re searching for the best folding e-bikes or the most affordable electric bikes.

Read on to learn more about the best electric bikes to buy :

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 (2022)

Key Features

  • 90 Miles Maximum Range
  • 24Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor
  • Excellent Tech Features


With its revamp for 2022, Specialized’s Turbo Vado 4.0 is now the best all-purpose e-bike you can buy right now. With pedal assistance, it can travel up to 90 miles, which is outstanding, thanks to the huge capacity of the battery.

The excellent MasterMind ride computer allows for real-time power level adjustment, allows for over-the-air software upgrades, so you don’t have to take your bike to a service center, can be locked and unlocked using a PIN, and controls the smooth delivery of power assistance.

With a comfortable upright riding position that is ideally suited to negotiating city traffic, the new Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 boasts a durable, practical build that makes it excellent for everyday riding in practically all circumstances. Standard features include lights, fenders, and a front suspension fork to smooth out potholes and road imperfections.

The large battery implies that it is not a cheap e-bike and that it is fairly hefty. During our tests, we discovered it to be a delight to ride and incredibly practical in nearly all riding situations, but a little bit of a challenge to pull around when not in the saddle—highly recommended.

MiRider One

Key Features

  • 40 Miles Maximum Range
  • 2Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor


A foldable e-bike is the ideal commuting option because it is compact enough to fit under a desk or on a train, plus it has an added power boost to get you to your destination feeling rested and prepared for work. Here, the MiRider One achieves an exceptional balance at an astonishingly low cost.

Despite its diminutive size, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride because of its sturdy construction and a rear shock absorber that smooths out any tiny road imperfections.

The motor gives you lots of control with five degrees of power assistance as opposed to the typical three. It also has a boost button and throttles control to help you accelerate swiftly at intersections and crossings. With a reassuring degree of control over whether you want a moderate boost or a more forceful assist, we found the additional power levels to be helpful. It can go from empty to full in just two hours, charging even more quickly.

When you’re done riding, the MiRider One folds down quickly and is ready for storage in the provided case. By far the best e-bike for commuters on a tight budget.

best electric bike

Cowboy 4

Key Features

  • 5 Miles Maximum Range
  • 9 to 19.2Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor


The Cowboy 4 is unavoidable if you’re seeking an electric bike for city riding. Even if the Cowboy 3 from 2020 was a powerful machine, the new model pushes the envelope even further thanks to a more improved user experience and a choice of step-over and step-through frames.

The Cowboy 4’s simplicity is one of its best qualities. Even if you’ve never ridden an e-bike before, we discovered that because there are no gears, switches, or other controls, riding becomes incredibly intuitive and easy very quickly. When you turn the pedal, the motor instantly engages and adjusts the help based on how much pressure you’re using.

The internal wiring and carbon belt drive mechanism, which doesn’t need to be oiled or tensioned like a chain, make maintenance easy as well. There are built-in fenders, lights, and a charging port for your smartphone (which provides easy navigation with smart route suggestions via the Cowboy app).

Gocycle G4

Key Features

  • 40 Miles Maximum Range
  • 6Kg Weight
  • 500W US / 250W UK Motor


If money is no object, the Gocycle G4 is the greatest folding electric bike you can buy right now. It is a great premium alternative for commuters. We were delighted by the smooth power assistance of previous Gocycle bikes, and the G4’s new engine is the company’s greatest to date. The bike also has a very decent range, covering up to 40 miles on a quick charge, and you can adjust its settings using the nicely-designed Gocycle smartphone app to maximize power assistance and range.

The G4 feels reassuringly substantial to ride, but it folds conveniently for storage or carrying on public transportation. The bike weighs 1 kg less than the previous model because of Gocycle’s intelligent use of various materials throughout the construction process, which also ensures balance. A chain guard protects your clothing, all cables are internally routed, and mudguards and lights are installed as standard equipment.

WAU Bike

Key Features

  • 215 Miles Maximum Range
  • 22Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor
  • Smart Security Features


With the WAU Bike’s impressive range of up to 215 miles when a power pack is added, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice even on lengthy leisurely rides. Because of its durability, it’s a good option for commuters because you just need to recharge it on the weekends.

Whichever of the five pedal-assisted modes you select, the back hub motor is easy to pick up, and you can quickly switch between them whether you’re on a flat or hilly surface.

The rear also has an eight-speed cassette, which during testing, gave us just the perfect amount of adjustability to stop our legs from spinning freely.

Additionally, some thoughtful additions are present, such as a geofencing feature that prevents the bike from being ridden outside of a specific area, multi-function rear lights, and an anti-tamper alarm.

best electric bike 2022

Ribble Hybrid AL e

Key Features

  • 60 Miles Maximum Range
  • 1Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor
  • Smooth Power-assisted Ride


The Ribble Hybrid AL e is the best hybrid on our list and a terrific electric bike because of its road-inspired design and incredibly smooth ride. This electric hybrid might be just what you need if you’re looking for a way to make your daily commute less strenuous or a bike for lengthy weekend rides.

The Ribble Hybrid AL e may easily pass for a typical push-bike even though electric bikes are frequently not particularly fashionable, and malicious vandals often target their large frame-mounted batteries. The drive system weighs only 3.5kg, making the bike remarkably light (it weighs less than some electric bikes). The only indications of its weight are a covert power button and a down tube that is somewhat thicker than typical.

The Ebikemotion companion app offers turn-by-turn guidance and real-time ride statistics. Up to 60 miles of power-assisted riding over varied terrain are possible with it, and it can be fully charged from flat in 3.5 hours. There are three degrees of help to select from (but, in our opinion, the highest is the most enjoyable).

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

Key Features

  • 80 Miles Maximum Range
  • 7Kg Weight
  • 240W Motor
  • Excellent Performance


One of the most fashionable electric bikes available, the Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert offers sleek road styling and dramatic power assistance from its 240W motor when you need it.

With a carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Deore XT Di2 Shadow Plus, 11-speed rear derailleur, Shimano Ultegra Di2 Disc R8070 shifters, Praxis Alloy Cranks, and a Shimano XT, 11-speed, 11-42t cassette, the components are all of the highest quality.

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Mycle Cargo

Key Features

  • 5 Miles Maximum Range
  • 5Kg Weight
  • 250W Motor
  • Great Carrying Capacity


Want to move equipment around frequently while carrying your groceries home? The Mycle Cargo is a large, sturdy electric cargo bike with side and rear storage compartments. The bike is fantastic value for the money, strong, and well-designed, with a complex frame to better distribute weight and a second battery to increase range.

It’s not perfect, though; at 1.87 meters, it’s not advised for first-timers to ride, and it’s large, bulky, and highly heavy, making storage incredibly difficult. If you’re slaloming through traffic, the bike’s length and footrests on the back sides can trip you up. But it’s a great option if you want a sturdy cargo bike at a fair price.

Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon

Key Features

  • 5 Hours to 5 Hours Range
  • 18Kg Weight
  • Specialized SL 1.1 Motor
  • Lightweight & Solid Engineering


One of the greatest lightweight eMTBs we’ve ever tested, the Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon boasts excellent stats thanks to a potent mid-drive motor that is exclusive to Specialized, premium parts from manufacturers like Fox and SRAM and extremely responsive handling.

If you use it wisely and sparingly, you can get a whole day’s worth of riding out of it. The engine can sustain speeds of up to 20 mph, which is fine on trails, which is what this bike is designed for. The wheel and suspension construction is first-rate and will withstand any abuse you give.

This electric mountain bike has excellent gearing and a top-notch transmission to accommodate the battery and electric motor, and it is lightweight. Although practical and agile, the design is striking and is easily related to previous Stump jumper models.

Ride1Up Prodigy XR

Key Features

  • 30 to 50 Miles Range
  • 25Kg Weight
  • Brose TF Mid-Drive Motor
  • Hidden Battery


The affordable Ride1Up Prodigy is a mid-drive e-bike that increases the power you apply to the pedals. No throttle is needed; despite the amazing support and comfortable ride, all the effort still needs to be done by the user. The goal is to increase the strength of your efforts and enable you to ride farther.

It provides a comfortable upright riding position, and the clever torque sensor responds to input well. With significant use of its “turbo” mode, the range is decent, giving, during testing, 26 miles on a single charge.

Although there are better bikes, mid-drives in this class typically cost much more. Although it weighs 25 kg, the Ride1Up punches much above its weight class regarding value for money.

best electric bikes

Final Words

There is undoubtedly an ideal type of electric bike out there for you, but if you are new to the market, the sheer volume of choices may be too much for you to handle. In order to make an informed decision, it is necessary first to assess your lifestyle and conduct research; fortunately, we invested the time to lessen the burden. In order to spend less time in front of a screen and more time enjoying your electric bike, we hope to have gotten you a little bit closer to the bike of your dreams. Enjoy your ride.


How Long Can You Ride on an Electric Bike?

Expect most e-bikes to go 22–50 miles on a single charge while peddling slowly. You might even go beyond in some circumstances. Our bikes can travel more than 80 kilometers on a single charge. The battery’s capacity, the hills, the wind, and your size will affect the range.

What is Special about Electric Bikes?

You can travel farther on an e-bike than on a traditional bike. E-bikes are not inherently riskier than conventional bikes. Just different dangers apply to them. Because you can accelerate to move out of the way more quickly and travel at higher speeds while keeping up with traffic, e-bikes tend to be safer than traditional bikes.

How Do Electric Bikes Charge?

Most electric bikes may be charged using a 110V socket in the United States or a 220V outlet in the majority of European nations. You’ll need a charger to transfer electricity from the outlet to the batteries in your electric bike.

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