Top 10 Best Dressers to Buy for Your Bedroom

Dressers are a need in any bedroom. Dressers are fantastic for storing underwear, socks, t-shirts, and other wardrobe necessities that don’t really need to be on a hanger, even if you have a large walking closet.

Your bedroom, as well as your morning, night, and washing routines can be improved with a good dresser. They add extra storage, make the most of a small closet, and in a studio apartment, they can serve as a television stand.

Even while you can always buy the bedroom dresser you had as a child, unless you have the expertise to renovate it, it definitely won’t fit your current sense of design. Fortunately, there are many reasonably priced, fashionable, and unique dresser options out there. They’re all available online, so they can all be delivered right to your house.

Best Dressers for Bedroom

A good dresser can transform your bedroom, adding extra space for clothing storage, making the most of a small closet’s lower half, serving as a TV stand, and more. Finding a nice dresser underneath, though, might be extremely difficult. So we decided to save you from scrolling for hours.

Whether or not your entire wardrobe fits in your closet, a dresser—especially a low-cost dresser—is a need for bedroom furniture. In addition to providing additional storage, they also give you a distinct area to showcase anything you choose, from family photos to that old perfume bottle you stole on your most recent vacation. Additionally, it’s our personal opinion that a bedroom seldom seems finished without what we believe to be a significant piece of furniture, no matter how trendy the duvet cover, area rug, and lighting may be.

There are many various kinds of furniture items available on the market, some of which can cost thousands of dollars, ranging from conventional horizontal dressers to several feet-high armoires. There are many inexpensive dressers available if you don’t want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars on your new case, so there’s no need to accept a life without a six-drawer double or cabinet combo. Consider this your search cheat sheet because we’ve gathered all of our best finds—in all various shapes and sizes—in one place.

Read on to learn more about the best dressers to buy for your bedroom :

Pottery Barn Cayman 6-Drawer Wide Dresser

The Cayman Wide Dresser from Pottery Barn is the perfect example of classic design. Clean lines, a low profile, and recessed drawer handles combine in the roomy design to create a functional piece you’ll keep for many years.

Warm black or biscotti are the two available color options for the dresser, which is built of sturdy wood. However, Pottery Barn gives swatches of each color, so you may try it out before making a decision if you’re unsure which hue is best for your home.

Six equal-sized compartments in the design make it simple to store anything from t-shirts to pants to underwear. The drawers merge perfectly into the unit for a simple appearance because they don’t have any noticeable pulls. Additionally, it includes an anti-tip kit, adjustable floor levelers, and white-glove delivery when it is delivered completely constructed.

Anthropologie Wallace Cane and Oak Six-Drawer Dresser

Although Wallace Cane and Oak from Anthropologie is a splurge, Forehand thinks the investment is worthwhile. She mentions texture and shape as important features you’ll want in your home in addition to a roomy layout.

The dresser’s front caned veneer offers a nice texture and is made of solid wood. It is coated with transparent protective lacquer and reinforced with engineered hardwood. It is a fantastic option for larger areas because it also has six roomy drawers.

It’s important to note that the item doesn’t need to be assembled, making home setup simple. You may return it within 30 days, giving you plenty of time to decide if it works, so don’t worry if you’re hesitant to commit to the item and its cost.

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Tvilum Studio Collection Portland 3-Drawer Dresser

Consider the Portland Dresser from Tvilum’s Studio Collection if you’re seeking a cost-effective solution. This gorgeous three-drawer chest is made of wood with a modern laminate finish for cleaning convenience.

Grey, black, white, and light brown are the four versatile colors that are available for the dresser. It has a contemporary style that blends well with any design sensibility and three roomy drawers with silver knobs. Although the unit is on the smaller side, it’s a wonderful choice if you only have a tiny amount of space available.

CB2 Beaufort Bleached Wood Low Dresser

The Beaufort Bleached Wood Low Dresser from CB2 can blend in if your home has a modern design approach. The low-profile device, created in partnership with designer Nicholas Obeid, will add a subtle yet striking touch to any room.

The dresser is made of whitewashed acacia wood with charcoal mango wood added as a striking contrast on the edges. It also includes four equal-sized drawers, each with a secret handle built into it for convenience.

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Urban Outfitters Caroline Rattan 6-Drawer Dresser

The Caroline Dresser from Urban Outfitters is a chic way to incorporate texture into your house. The unit offers storage and doubles as a great decorative item thanks to its striking geometric shape.

The dresser has a Mindi wood veneer over rattan wood construction. It has six roomy, equal-sized drawers that provide enough room for storing clothing and other items. Additionally, each row of drawers has a distinct design, providing an eye-catching quality that will be the center of attention wherever you place it.

However, this piece will need some assembly, so keep that in mind. It comes with hardware and building instructions, so you’ll have everything you need to put it together quickly.

Article Nera Dresser

A double dresser will be handy if you share a home with someone else or simply have a large wardrobe. And if you want a fashionable alternative, Article’s Nera Dresser also meets the criteria owing to a chevron design that will look lovely in any room it is in.

The dresser has six drawers and is available in low or normal and oak or walnut wood stains, respectively. It is composed of wood, which naturally features a chevron pattern, adding an additional touch of flair and design. The low-profile alternative, however excellent for storing clothing in bedrooms, can also be used as a buffet in the dining room or a television stand in the living room.

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AllModern Twedt 7 Drawer

The Twedt 7 Drawer Dresser from AllModern would look fantastic in your home if you value a unified style. The dresser has plenty of space for storage and a matching mirror that looks lovely next to it.

The dresser is composed of wood and has seven drawers, each of which is a bolder color that contrasts with the natural hue and differences of the wood in two different sizes. Luxurious gold hardware is added, but you may take it off if you prefer a different style. Additionally, felt is used to line the drawers, safeguarding your clothing and other items you store inside.

The matching mirror with the dresser is one of its most significant features. Although you are not required to use the mirror, it is a simple method to give your home a well-designed appearance. The square-shaped mirror will brighten any room and has rounded corners and a natural wood finish.

Hayley 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Dressers are something you’ll most likely own for ten years or more. We advise choosing a timeless classic because it won’t date. The elegant double dresser by Kelly Clarkson Home fits in nicely with a range of aesthetics and manages to be timeless without becoming stuffy.

This dresser has a vintage feel thanks to the weathered white finish on the front, and the ball-bearing glides in the drawers, which also happen to be built in the USA. The several drawers, bracket feet, framed drawer fronts, and brown wooden top are all wonderful features. Every time we open a drawer in this piece constructed of solid and engineered wood, we also adore how very lovely we feel.

For assembly, detachable hardware is provided; jealous glances from house guests are not, but they will undoubtedly follow anytime guests take in its captivating beauty.

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Frontgate Etienne 3-Drawer Chest

You can’t go wrong with Frontgate’s Etienne Chest for a dash of aged elegance. No matter where you place it, the dresser with a farmhouse aesthetic has a worn-in appearance and will be a unique element in your home.

Three treatments are available for the dresser: French linen, French patina, and indigo. Along with three roomy drawers, it is made of wood and has brass hardware. You might be surprised to learn that the unit has a built-in power outlet and USB port as well, so it can even function as a television stand, given the conventional dovetail construction and fluted legs.

Latitude Run Combo Dresser

Consider Latitude Run’s Combo Dresser if you want a dresser that offers the best of both worlds. The dresser includes plenty of cabinet space in addition to drawers, giving you a variety of storage options that you may arrange in any way you choose.

The inexpensive dresser has a cupboard and a few drawers. Even if you may use it in a bedroom to store some apparel and accessories, the adaptable item also works well as a bar cabinet. Regardless, the piece will last for many years because it is made of rather scratch-resistant wood.

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What to Look for in a Dresser


The size is arguably the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a dresser. Forehand advises asking yourself how much storage you require in addition to carefully measuring your available space.

While traditional six-drawer models need a little more wall space, they provide plenty of storage. Chests, on the other hand, can fit in the majority of bedrooms but don’t offer as much space for storing your things. Measure the area where you intend to put it before making your choice to ensure it will fit against the wall without bulging out.


Think about the appearance in addition to the dresser’s type. Dressers come in a variety of styles, including conventional, midcentury modern, industrial, rustic, farmhouse, glam, and minimalist. If you’re looking for something that you can use for several years, keep an eye out for versatile colors and designs that go well with a variety of interior design styles.


Both conventional double dressers with two rows of drawers and taller variants with a single stack of drawers are available. Then there are armoires, chests, and dresser-cabinet combinations.

The long dresser offers many storage possibilities and has much additional room to display a beautiful lamp or flowers. There is nothing like an arched wardrobe with a wonderful textured or patterned front to add height and curves to your room.

Final Words

Here are the best dressers for your bedroom. We have checked every single of these and reviewed them accordingly so our readers can find the best dresser for their bedroom. You can check these reviews and choose the best one for your needs. Keep all the factors mentioned here in your mind while choosing a dresser for your bedroom. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments section.


What Else Can You Use a Dresser for?

Dressers aren’t merely for clothes, as was already mentioned. They can be used to store almost anything else that would fit, including additional bed sheets, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty supplies. The top also functions as a shelf, offering space for a TV, miniature plants, candles, framed photos, or a mirror. Dressers make excellent bathroom vanities besides serving as storage in bedrooms.

Can You Put a Dresser in a Bedroom?

Following the bed itself, the dresser is arguably the second-most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom. A dresser can be placed anywhere in a bedroom, or it might be avoided altogether.

How Do You Know if a Dresser is of Good Quality?

Easily moving drawers and gliding components, such as those on office furniture. It’s best to sand even the interior of drawers neatly. If you sit down, the object should feel sturdy with no creaks or wobbles. Rub your fingers over the finish to feel how even, bubble-free, and smooth it is.

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